Parvati is the Juries “Favorite” and wins Survivor Micronesia

Aman???????? ????? ????????da is always the bridesmaid and never the bride. I think it really was her season to win but again, a weak performance during the Jury questions seem to have been more Amanda’s downfall than anything else. I honestly believe that if Amanda could have looked at the jury members, spoke confidently and told her that she has made it to the finals of that past 2 seasons and she is worthy of winning because of her strategy, game play and alliances then they would have had to vote for her. Instead she seemed quiet, defensive and more apologetic.

So congrats to all 4 of the final 4. Cirie dropped the (small metal) ball on her chance and I thought she played a wonderful game. Also congrats to Natalie. She was the winner of the “Fans” and that is impressive to me.

From the reunion show, James handed off the “Oops I made Survivor Hall of Shame” crown to Erik. Its ok Erik…it happens. Also Ozzy and Amanda are still a couple. James’ finger is better. James won again for favorite survivor (he is like Rupert…everyone loves the guy!)

Lastly, it looks like we are back to Africa where Survivor 17 will be set in Gabon. The subtitle (which they have been quite clever with) is “Earth’s Last Eden”. I hope they are able to keep it as entertaining as this past season has been.

So…what do you think? The comment section has been opened up for everyone….please share your thoughts with the world.

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9 thoughts on “Parvati is the Juries “Favorite” and wins Survivor Micronesia”

  1. I was very dissapointed when Cirie dropped the ball. I also agree that Amanda didn’t handle the jury well. She seemed to think the game was over when she made final two. She’s not a closer that one, more of an expert witness. Anyway I still would have voted for her over Parvati. What was with Ozzie dissin’ the lunch lady??? “I used to be a waiter but now I have to scrub toilets because I’m too recognizable” Kind of funny.

  2. We loved watching Survivor this year !! It was great as always.

    One of my favorite parts is always when the Jury has the chance to make their comments. And this year was right up there with “Snakes & Rats” from season 1

    Eliza started it all off with her intense comments.( Loved watching her face the whole time) Then Ozzy gave us a very memorable one.
    But… Natalie is the winner in the “Most Memorable Jury Comments” awards. Whew…!!!

    That’s what is great about reality TV !!! There is only so much that can be edited out and the rest you just have to let it fly.

    We all were pulling for Amanda at my house. But all Congratulate Parv. Good game!

    – Dale E.

  3. I’m really disappointed that Pavorti won. She rode the coattails of the popular kids through the entire season.
    While Cirie was involved with crafting the plans with the others. Pavorti simply went along with them.

    It’s for that reason Amanda didn’t choose Cirie – she was a better player.

    But to have the jury look at Amanda as the shallow one. That was just crazy.

    Natalie with her bedtime wishes (what was that about?) and Alexis saying that Pavorti would do
    great things with the money. Yeah, like go shopping.

    Great season though. Can’t wait for the next crew.

  4. Survivor! What has it all come to. Luxury items, to make beds, to cook with, to fish with, etc.
    Its not like the first Survivor anymore. What about when they had to rescue their food (rice) during the flood, or catch and eat rats. Long live the original Survivors.

  5. I felt bad for Eric. He got ridiculed mercilessly on the reunion and on the Ponderosa webisodes for the supposedly dumbest move ever. The fact is that is just short-term memories and excludes the less popular seasons. If you go all the way back to Palau, you’ll remember Ian gave up a definite final two appearance because he was in love with Katie. She had no interest in him either. It was certainly no Ozzy/Amanda situation.

    As much as I love this show it rewards the evil, manipulative people like Parv and punishes the trusting souls like Ozzy, James, Jason, and Eric.

  6. As soon as I could tell the women were eventually going to vote off James (didn’t know his finger would have him out sooner), I began rooting for Amanda. I was really disappointed that Parvati won instead of Amanda. I think Amanda’s biggest downfall was that she was just too nice to adequately state her case in front of the jury. People like Eliza and Natalie seemed to have a hard time buying that Amanda was actually as nice and genuine as she appeared to be. It really says more about them than it does Amanda. I don’t think there was anything Amanda could have done to get Natalie’s vote, but had she done a better job pointing out her strong game both mentally and physically, she might have been able to win over Eliza’s vote. I’m also surprised Amanda didn’t point out Parvati’s loyality to her in helping distract the tribe while she found the hidden immunity idol. It was a good explanation for why she chose Parvati over Cirie for Final 2, and I think everyone (even Cirie) would have respected Amanda for the decision. Perhaps it would have even gotten her those much needed two more votes.

    While I’m very sorry Amanda didn’t win, I have to say Ozzy telling her he thought he was falling in love with her during the Final Tribal Council has to be one of the most romantic things I have ever seen on television. It gave me the impression that those two crazy kids really did think it was worth it even though neither of them won the million dollars. It was rather sweet and refreshing after a pretty cut-throat season of Survivor.

  7. I love you Jeff Probst,you`re a stud!Parvarti is a social butterfly i am glad she won this

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