Survivor Micronesia begins TONIGHT!

Call your neighbor, tell your friends set your TIVO or your VCR!  (remember those things)

It starts tonight at 7:00pm CST!  Who will be the first one to go….will it be one of the 10 Super Fans or will it be one of the returning Favorites from Season’s Past?

I will be watching.  I will report on the show tonight after it airs on the West Coast so be sure to sign up for the email newsletter so  you know when the new post is up!

I am looking forward to a great Survivor season (along with American Idol and Big Brother 9)

Peace, Jeff Probst

31 thoughts on “Survivor Micronesia begins TONIGHT!”

  1. The whole Fairplay thing was strange and unexpected… one moment he appears as the Fairplay we all hate… next, crying over his baby girl… and what women would ever want to breed with him??? regardless, I am glad he is out early… The Favs may have let a bit of over confidense trip them up, but I think getting rid of Fairplay was for their best…

    as for the Fans, I just have one thing to say right now… Tracy and her High Beams — me thinks its gonna ge a good season… :) :)

  2. me thinks it is going to be a good too Big G …. doesn’t hurt that James looks like he has even more muscles. ….

  3. NOW!!…..I wish I hadn’t found out about JFP being voted off first! Made the show a little bit too predictable for me. I’m actually surprised that JFP was even able to procreate a human being and now he proclaims he has a heart. (Gave heck to JP at T.C. though) But STILL am very concerned (well, a little) for their new little one. It will never know when to tell the truth.

    Guess I was right about the two Showmances….still Parvati wasted NO TIME jumping on James. (Wouldn’t mind doing a little bit of that kind of jumping, either!) And Ozzy/Amanda? Yeah, they make the perfect NICE couple!

    Loved how Fans genuinely applauded James and Yau Man when they were introduced. ESPECIALLY LOVED!!!….how Yau Man attacked JFP for the I.I. and practically bashed his head in!

    Agree w/ Ozzy….Fans did win Challenge b/c they had more heart. Still Standing with my
    F3: Alexis, Natalie, and Cirie. Notice how Favorites didn’t clamor to Cirie to join their two groups of four? Will be important, later.

  4. I loved that yau tackled fairplay too …. I can’t get with ya on the Cirie thing though I did not like her at all.

  5. Agree, Sherre. I also didn’t like her. But watch what happens this season. Your opinion might change. Things will turn around for her and she actually plays a good game this time.

    And what the heck!! Yau Man definitely gave the I.I to the wrong player on the Fan side! She has a nosy mouth on her! Good thing she has the I.I. Unfortunately, she’ll only be able to use it once.

  6. Well, I survived (the test)… Woo Hoo!! Now I have to begin studying for a much harder test… sooner or later, I’m gonna get voted off this island…

    anyway, wow did the favs ever begin to form alliances fast… and what looks like 2 serious show-mances… and by the previews, if looks like ozzy may get a little action next week… I wonder how these relationships will survive the test of this show…

    as for Yau, he did put quite a nice move on JFP… then went and started a fire with water… how cool it that???

    as for Cirie, I don’t hold out much hope for her… one of the teams will bring her into the fold just to have a numbers advantage, but once they don’t need her, I can see them getting rid of her without any regrets…

    now sooner or later there is gonna be a physical match — James vs Joel… That should be interesting because Joel is a Big Guy, but I wonder how fit he is??? James is not only Big, but seems to be pretty fit… this could make a big difference…

    a note to the producers… please incorporate into the show as many shots of Tracy and her High Beams as possible… you don’t need a reason to show her… the High Beams are reason enough… ;)

  7. yeah I agree… why didn’t yau run to pick that one up to … could not figure that one out.

    Still don’t know about Cirie though … I am old and set in my ways … and opinions … we will see though…

    I am not sure I am going to do the spoiler thing this time around. I like not knowing. Makes it more interesting. I have not been to any of the spoiler sites so far …. but it is a long time to go so I might give in to temptation.

    Okay JP please put up some pics on the new survivors this week end sweetness. Been looking at the blacked out faces long enough now k .

  8. Sherre,

    Concerning the HII, I think that each team had a boat with a HII and you had to have the correct HII, that’s why JFP once he picked up the wrong one, he realized it, droped it and made a move for the correct one, but Yau beat him to the punch… hehehe… so the first FAN to come along benifited… which happend to be the Stick Foot In Mouth women… :)

  9. hi there everybody! looking forward to a great season…but now i don’t have the chance to hate Fairplay as much as you…from the sounds of it no big loss.

    my fav is yauman, i also like Cirie because she hung in there during her season even though sh was told she would be the first to go…although she seems to be just a floater right now!

    JP i vote wth Sherre & Big G PLEASE, PLEASE post those pics

  10. wow, I got so cuaght up with my test this morning, I clean forgot to wish everyone a Happy Mothers Day!!!

    and Hi Shannon, welcome back… now has anyone seen Tina???

  11. HEY, SHANNON!! Good to hear from you. Big G? Tina was asking about you a few posts ago on BBB. I think she forgot we have to “double-up” and move over here b/c of The Ban!
    Sherre…don’t look at the spoilers!!! A friend gave me a couple of sites and they tell all!!! That’s kind of why I’m trying to wrap my head around the idea that Cirie is going to surprise us all. I just won’t say how!

    Love that “ebony and ivory” look that James and Parvati give off! I wonder if it will last past the game. Can’t see Parvati visiting James at work!! But, when you look at those two…all tangled up….sleeping in bliss on grass and sand!? Damn! I got the yummy shivers! No fair!!

    But SERIOUSLY!!! Don’t forget to set up a pop up for Survivor Micronesia Videos like you did with BB9! Thanks for keeping us happy, as usual! That’s why we luv ya!!

    So…JP? See what you can do about video clips for the Big G and his “HighBeams” and keep us grrlzzz “Happy” with as much of James’ bod as you can. Which by the way, JP? How is your Showmance with BB9Dish? Hopefully….smooth sailing!

  12. Maybe when YM knocked JFP into the boat at the beginning he knocked something loose in his head…whatever the reason, I’m glad JFP is gone. He is my second least favorite survivor…second only to naked boy wonder from the first season!

    Maybe they should have a Favorites vs. Least Favorites. Now that would be interesting wouldn’t it?

  13. Greetings mates, I’m in agreement with the majority that “heart” won the challenge for the fans. As for the reason behind my not posting, well, it appears I arrived at work early Friday morning to find out my job had been eliminated along with about 35 other folks. I’m still in a funk about it. And here I was about to order the live feeds for BB. I guess I am going to have to give that some consideration now.

    But not to worry, I will still keep in touch from home, probably more than before. :)


  14. fircken suites!!! Sorry to hear the news Tina… fircken suites!!! Were going through the same thing right now. My company just won a follow on contract, but everyone knows there will be job cuts on April 1st…. and the site manager won’t tell the employees which work centers are going to be effected… fircken suites!!! that is why I have been working to inhance my resume a bit and looking for another job… fircken suites!!!

    So, what are your plans??? you gonna take a little time off, or start scrambling to find another position right away??? and did the fircken suites at least offer you a severence package??? fircken suites!!!

    well, regardless of your plans, you know all the DNPers are wishing you well… and if you need any references, just have the perspective new employer read the posts here… That should impressm them… ;)

  15. WOW …. Tina … bummer about the frickin suits … you know we are going through the same thing… I come in every day wandering how long will it be before they send me packin.

    I am with Big G … frickin suits …. maybe they should cut the fat from the top … you know !

    Hey thanks JP for the new survivor pics man …. you’re the best ;)

  16. Hey … welcome to the survivor blog 9milemom … I like the idea of fav vs least favs…. that would be interesting !

  17. Welcome ninemilemom… I like the way you think with that theory of YM knocking something loose in JFP head… However, I have to say your theory is most likely wrong, as it has never been proven that JFP ever had anything his head to knock loose in the first place… but good theroy none the less… and I think I speak for everyone, that we look forward to more theories from you in the future…

  18. Shannon,

    your hireing… you know, I could work real good under a red headed green eyed gal from the far north… what kind of positions do you perfer… I mean have ;)

  19. Big G all my positions are in production…the faster the better……

    JP glad to see the new pics and happier so see JFP X’ed out..THANKS

    also a big welcome to ninemilemom and i agree about best and least favs…would be a good show

  20. Fast??? I can work real fast, but I am always afraid that I might finish too early, so I like to pace myself… sometimes a little slower, sometimes very fast… with a lot of attention to detail, I might add… and when the shift is over, the green eyed redheads are always very satisfied with my level of effort… one thing though, I have never been paid for “Production” before, so that will be a new experience… will I have a title??? Perhaps one that fits the “Big G” moniker??? ;)

    And I know, I am being very bad here, but I am having so much fun with this… ;)

  21. G the women here are very fast so you would have to keep up! (40-60 per day)

    BTW women :men ratio is 2:1

    title is optional, if you want one maybe we figure something out….i’m sure Sherre & Tina have lots of suggestions……..

  22. no laying down on the job… Not a problem, I do my best work standing… :)

    women to men ratio is 2 to 1 and I am expected to service 40 to 60 a day??? OK, it sounds like you may have worn out some of the men there… but, Im UP for a challenge…

  23. Thanks for all the kind words and Shannon if I were a tad bit closer to you I would surely take you up on that offer. :) I think Arkansas is a bit far to commute to Canada. But I do appreciate the kind words from everyone.

    I think I will take myself a little break from the world of work and corporate suit-dom. I’ll just sponge off the hubby for a bit. Yes, G, I guess what they gave me could be considered severance lol, but it could’ve been a LOT better. And I agree, they could have eliminated one fat cat and saved about 3 jobs in their place, you know folks who actually “do” the work.

    Nuff about all that, now as for a title for Big G?? lol I suggest we reserve that right until “after” we see the houseguests in action tomorrow night, then if we see someone that fits the bill….oops I’m getting my blogs messed up.

    I haven’t been venturing to the spoiler sites yet either Sherre. Except I heard that someone’s showmance gets more footage than they anticipated next week. That should be interesting. I’m seriously liking these showmances this time. Ozzy is a sweetheart and James is quite the stud himself.

    As for the fans, I really don’t have much of an opinion on them except that Kathy girl is a lunatic. How many people would acutally say “I’ve never seen implants up close”! Heck I thought she was going to ask to cop a feel.

    It will be a good season of survivor I think, looking forward to each and every episode. :)

    Thanks again for all the kind words!


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