Survivor Micronesia “Superfans” vs “Superfavorites”

As Jeff announced at the Live Show after Survivor China, the next Survivor show will be back in Palau and be called Survivor Micronesia. It will take a group of SuperFans and have them compete against a group of All Stars. A different twist to the All Star idea.

Oh…and by the way ladies….JAMES IS BACK!

Peace, Jeff Probst

4 thoughts on “Survivor Micronesia “Superfans” vs “Superfavorites””

  1. Here are the Survivor Favorites

    Amanda from SURVIVOR: CHINA
    Age: 23
    Home Town: Los Angeles, CA
    Occupation: Fashion Designer

    Age: 34
    Home Town: Golden, CO
    Occupation: Nanny

    Age: 37
    Home Town: Norwalk, CT
    Occupation: O.R. Coordinating Nurse

    Eliza from SURVIVOR: VANUATU
    Age: 25
    Home Town: New York, NY
    Occupation: Law School Student

    James from SURVIVOR: CHINA
    Age: 30
    Home Town: Lafayette, LA
    Occupation: Grave Digger

    Jonathan from SURVIVOR: COOK ISLANDS
    Age: 45
    Home Town: Los Angeles, CA
    Occupation: Writer/Producer

    Jonny Fairplay — I Hope He Goes Home FIRST!!! from SURVIVOR: PEARL ISLANDS
    Age: 33
    Home Town: Danville, VA
    Occupation: Professional Wrestler/Reality Star

    Age: 26
    Home Town: Venice, CA
    Occupation: Freelance Photographer/Writer

    Age: 25
    Home Town: Los Angeles, CA
    Occupation: Non-Profit Organizer

    Yau-Man from SURVIVOR: FIJI
    Age: 55
    Home Town: Martinez, CA
    Occupation: Computer Engineer

  2. hey yall ….. did you miss me …..

    hope the new year has been treating all of you well.

    hey this twisted all stars …. should be a hoot…. James …. well I do like to admire what God gave him …. but personally I have happier about Yau being included …. and I am with you Big G …. I hope fairplay …. is the very first one to leave… hated him then and my opinion has not changed!

    Big Bro coming back early too …. love it …. but I can’t get to the blog site from work …. you know the suits got all big bro sites blocked…. just lucky I guess …. they have not found this one.

    American Idol starts tonight …. yep pee …. should be a good one this year from what I read on Ryan’s blog ….

    well anyways…. just wanted to pop in and say “hey” …..

    Thanks JP for the blog update !

    later taters!!

  3. I agree also, I HATE Johnny Fairplay, such a douche bag. I’m excited to see yau man and also Cirie she was cool.

    Can’t wait till the show starts.

    I’m also very excited about the new Big Brother.

    Oh yeah and Ozzy, he was great. To bad no Lex this time. He is my all time favorite player ever.

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