Survivor videos to keep your excitement growing!

I saw that there are a couple of new Survivor Videos available getting everyone ready for the next Survivor season.  Here they are for your viewing pleasure!

The first one is very “movie trailer” in it’s presentation.

For the second video, get to know the contestants…in case you do not remember some of the Favorites!

Survivor is looking good once again….who do you want to see WIN?

Peace,  Jeff Probst

18 thoughts on “Survivor videos to keep your excitement growing!”

  1. WOW!!! This site is DEAD!!! Where the heck is everyone? Where are my DNPrs? GOOD NEWS!!! Looks like the prediction of over 2,000 votes to boot Johnny FairPlay out first was pretty accurate. My sources reveal that JFP is out on rather rapid order after quitting on a challenge on the first episode. He makes a WHINY EXIT!!!

    Yau-Man has difficulties getting anyone to ally with him.

    Girlz…….Guess what???? Our man JAMES and Ozzy are involved in an SHOWMANCE!!! Ooooo…this is gonna be good!

    And my predictions? I’m going with Alexis, Natalie, and Cirie in the F3. Who knows? I do know that one survivor loses over 30 lbs!

    Thanks, JP for the videos. Hey, good luck with YOUR SHOWMANCE w/ BB9Dish. Uh, be prepared for some of the DNPrs to be jealous with that news. I’m sure Wendy is seeing GREEN already. You gotta do what you gotta do. Anyway you can pilfer info is fine with us!! (Just Kidding!)


  2. helloooo …. out there….. wow is there ever an echo in here !

    I have been trying to post on the American Idol blog …. but there is no one over there. Not sure why it is a very good and informative blog. …. It just needs some exciting people to come over and get things going.

    I can’t get to the BB9 blog from work … which is where I like to do my bloggin … you know it seems to be more fun !

    Tina …. Big G …. where are you …. Big G …. you didn’t get caught in those awful mudslides did you.

    any whoo….

    later taters !

  3. I’ve been looking everywhere for Big G, but I can’t find him. I’m still here, just been a really busy week for me. I agree, the blogs are great, and we need more commenting going on! :)

    Have a great weekend all!


  4. zzzzzzzzzzz… zzzzzzzzzzz… zzzzzzzzzzz…. YAWNNNNNNN…

    Good Morning Everyone… Is Survivor on yet??? No… Wake me when it starts….

    zzzzzzzzzzz… zzzzzzzzzzz…

  5. Who is that snoring so loud???

    Its about time you showed up. :) And you only have 2 more days until we can start survivor blogging again. How ya been G?


  6. geeze, you sond like my wife with that LOUD SNORING comment… ;)

    as for how I’ve been… busy-busy-busy, but I wasn’t going to abandon this blog, just been eagerly awaiting Survivor and BB9… I haven’t even had time to look for spoilers on either show… In fact, the CBS web site still lists bb8…

    anyway, gottat get back to being busy, but it is kind of nice being missed…

  7. Good to know you are still lurking…and Julie Chen is supposed to announce the names of the houseguests on the Early Show tomorrow, so we can start assuming and supposing and all that good stuff. :)

    And of course you’ve been missed ;)


  8. Hey hey hey …. it won’t be long now ..

    just wanted to stop by and say …. Happy way all your fingers at your neighbor day ….

  9. Tonights the night….the long awaited return of Johnny Fairplay….lol….and hopefully the quick departure of him as well.

    I’m really hopeful for this season. I heard Amanda and Ozzy have a showmance as well as Parvati and James? This is going to be fun to watch.

    G, wake up its Thursday sweetie.


  10. Happy New Year Everyone… Chinese New Year that is… The Year of the Rat, which when you think about it is very appropriate, it also being an election year… Rats, Politicians, yeah, very appropriate… ;)

    And tomorrow is Survivor, Woo Hoo!!!!

    And Next Week is BB9… WOO HOOO!!!!!

    Here’s a thought, how about we lock all the politicians in the BB house or put them on some distant island, and then turn off all the cameras and then just leave them there to fade from our memories… OK, we really can’t do that, but wouldn’t if be interesting to see a bunch of them in the BB House??? they would make Evel Dick seem like a girl scout selling cookies… ;)

  11. Im awake… sort of… when you get up at 3:20am every morning, you’re never really awake… so Sherre, did you seem me in traffic this morning waving “a” finger at all the people (in traffic)??? LOL!!!

    well, I have to get busy and study… I have a cert test to take tomorrow… but I’ll be here later in the day to post my 2 cents… we need to start saving fo another beer… ;)

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