The Favorites Fall Apart on Survivor Micronesia

As Seean On

The night began with a return to the fans beach after they get back from Tribal Council. Mikey obviously knows that Joel pulled the strings for Mary to go and it seemed like he wasn’t too happy with that decision. Over at the Favorites camp we saw the division move even further as it seemed Cerie has joined Jonathan, Yau, Eliza and Ami but she let us in that she isn’t deciding which side she’ll move to until she figures out which side is best for her.

The reward challenge was a brand new one for the show and was very dramatic and crazy. Basically they had to steal pillows from each other, kind of like a hardcore pillow fight in the water. It was great to watch them fight it out and I have a feeling that challenge took forever and we only got to see 5 minutes of it. I wish they would put the full events online for us to watch, like challenge and Tribal Council, but alas we must put up with their cut out version. Of course the challenge was put together very well and made for a great showdown. The favorites pulled out another win and a very needed one for them I felt.

We then saw a few clips from both beaches. At the favorites beach we saw Cerie playing the game much earlier then she did last time. She began to favor the love foursome and told Amanda and Parvati that its them three to the end, screwing over the other four she just minutes ago claimed to be a part of. At the fans beach we saw their lack of shelter help them oh so much during the worst down poor yet. They basically have no idea what they are doing as they claimed to have not slept at all through the storm. They have been there for at least a week now in episode three, so you would think they would have things at least a little under control. Guess not.

It then came down to another physical challenge for immunity. Four of the tribemates had to hold a suspended net, while the other five had to shoot coconuts into the other tribes nets. It was another brand new challenge for the show and a very fun one to watch! Jonathan commentated the entire time which probably contributed to him losing. You would think James could have held that net all by himself, but the favorites struggled for a large portion of the challenge while the fans didn’t move a muscle. It was a no brainer for a win as the fans gained another victory, even on their lack of sleep. It was then off to Tribal Council for the favorites who had a lot of drama going on so it was kind of good they went so we could see it play out!

Cerie was the start of last nights pre-TC and during the Tribal Council. She basically told everyone she’s voting one way and one way only, and that was for Yau Man. This made the foursome love alliance vote with her just so they had her vote in the future, even though they could have voted off whoever they wanted actually. Jonathan wasn’t happy that Cerie (or as he calls her Sherie) wasn’t voting who he wanted her too and basically blabbed about his entire alliance to the entire tribe, good work Jonathan. I like both him and Cerie but I think they made majorly bad moves by voices such strong opinions and both trying to control the game so early.

When it came to the Tribal Council both Jonathan and Cerie fought once again, but this time in front of Jeff. It is kind of expected from Jonathan that he’d act like this but nobody really saw it coming from Cerie. Last time she was very subdue and really didn’t get into the fight but just sat back and watched. Yau Man took the fall in the end and wasn’t really shown much, meaning they were probably happy he went anyway.

Next week looks to be another showdown between Cerie and Jonathan and yet another one between Mikey and Joel. Plus someone apparently finds the Hidden Immunity, thanks for ruining it in the preview Burnett!