Deja Vu Affects the New Malakal As Tribes Swap & Blind Slides Flop

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Well well well another Fans vs Favorite episode and another blindside controlled by Cirie. I must say she sure has learned from the best and is using all her Survivor knowledge to really dominate this game. The latest excursion to Micronesia began with the return of the fans from Tribal Council where Mikey B was voted out. It seems like they weren’t too happy with their choice to kick him out as they all of a sudden realize, once again, that Chet is the weakest link in the tribe. I mean seriously I saw that day one, what took you people so long. It’s pointless to complain about Tribal Council seconds after you get back from, they voted out the wrong person and must therefore pay the price.Over at the favorites it seems things where looking much better. It was time to kill off one of the chickens and we got a nice segment of them fighting over the idea of the actual killing and just how hungry they were for meat. It was nothing as bad as the kids on Kid Nation had it chicken wise but was still fun to watch none the less. Ozzy then decided it was a smart idea to let three people know that he had the idol, those being James, Parvati and of course Amanda. Now I don’t know if this could be good or bad, but with Parvati and Amanda not fully with the boys it may come back to bite him in the end.The tribal mix up then returned with a very Palau like pick’em. Ozzy and Natalie (who came out of her cave to participate once again) were randomly chosen as the leaders and started off the picking. The new Malakai ended up being Cirie, Ozzy, Amanda, Ami, Eric, Joel, Tracy and Chat while the new Aarai now contains Parvati, Jonathan, James, Eliza, Kathy, Alexis, Jason and oh…. Natalie. It is a very interesting mix up with the foursome love square being broken up with the individual couples still in tact. I think that is the only real alliance in the game right now so no others were really broken up.

In the most brutal reward challenge ever the survivors had to chase each other around somewhat of a maze. There were two from each tribe in the maze at one time and those two were attached at the hip, literally, by a rope. Most of the chases had someone getting injured but it was mostly the favorites who got beaten up the worst. Parvati got a huge fat lip, Ami twisted her knew while Jonathan was punctured by a stick through his knee that could take him out of the game next week. Chet, who was tied to the ‘mac truck’ Joel was basically drug through the course unconscious, at least it looked that way. Arai ended up winning the reward by one point, which was some meat and spices while Malakal took home nothing but beaten up bodies.

At the new Arai tribe the favorites quickly found themselves at a dump of camp. The fire and hut were located directly in the line of the rising tide. They quickly realized things had to change when the fire which was cooking their new found meat was put out by the ocean. The next morning they built a new hut and moved everything to a more secure spot. It didn’t seem like alliances were really building but the tribe focused more on camp life. Jonathan’s injured knee took full spotlight at one point as we learned it was worse then it looked. He got a few stitches but we learned that if his injury gets infected he may have to be taken out of the game for good.

Malakal, which is at the favorites old camp, was still living the high life as they have a dry place to spend the night and plenty of food. Amanda even got into the act of her bff Ozzy and caught herself a shark. Since the camp was basically finished on day one the new tribe focused on the game aspect. Joey and Ozzy made a pact to work together and hoped to get Chet out first. Joel was worried that it would be bad to go against a fan because of the ‘numbers’ but hates him so much he’d sacrifice those crucial numbers just get rid of him.

The Immunity challenge was rather subdue but I’m sure they did that just to give them time to heal after that crazy battle of a reward challenge. All they had to do was knock down plates by throwing rocks. The plates were connected to puzzle pieces and once all four plates were gone they could start the puzzle. Malakal was off to a quick start and had all their puzzle pieces several minutes before Arai. Chet was the eyes for Malakal and seemed somewhat stumped as he really didn’t say anything to help. Eliza, who was amazing with puzzles in Vanuatu, was the eyes for Arai and led them to a quick win even after being so far behind. The reason Malakal lost was Joel’s big mouth got into the act of the puzzle. He basically said the opposite of what Chet said each time and the puzzle makers had no clue what to do.

The new Malakal had an easy decision to make, or so I thought, and was about to vote out Chet until Cirie got wind of the plan. Eric, Ozzy and Joel had a crazy little scheme to vote out Chet this time and then the ‘weak’ next. Cirie realized she was part of this ‘weak group’ and once again switched things up by suggesting that Joel be the one to go. Is it just me or is this basically Yau’s eviction all over again? Cirie did bring up great points on why Joel should go though and I’m glad she did since it saves her for that much longer but seriously do this people just bow down to her and vote however she says? Joel ended up going and had NO idea it was coming while Chet lived to see another day.

Next week it seems Jonathan’s leg is much worse as the infection has occurred and it’s likely he’ll be taken out of the game. Oh and Ozzy’s fake idol apparently fools his carbon copy Jason who is as dumb as a rock to think a simply whittled stick is a hidden idol. Can’t wait to see how that plays out and hopefully he gets played even worse then Jamie did last season, here’s hoping he does!


6 thoughts on “Deja Vu Affects the New Malakal As Tribes Swap & Blind Slides Flop”

  1. Go Cirie!!!
    I Love it!!! She is playing the game. I just don’t understand how she can get away with it in a tribe of favorites. Are they not on to her or do they still not see her as a threat? If Penner goes next week, she will dodge another bullet and of course her tribe will get rid of Chet before her. She has at least two more weeks to work it in her favor. Girl rawks. Oh and Chet belly button ring can I just say ick.

  2. Cirie’s my Girl!!! What did I tell you? Man, she is on her game and she will go a lot farther than two weeks, with the help of Natalie and Alexis.

    Boy, Joel was pissed during his commentary….too bad!!

    Great Episode!

  3. It sucks for Ozzy that he revealed to James/Parvati that he’d found the HII right before the tribe switch. That might hurt him if they start talking, hopefully they won’t.

    Joel was mad, lol, his own fault.


  4. I don’t know about the meek inhearting the world, but they do seem to be inhearting the island… I haven’t look at any spoilers, so I would havew bet money on chet leaving last night… sure glad I didn’t… Cirie does have game, much more then last time… as for Joel being pissed, if he didn’t throw like a girl, maybe they would have won… but then, the whole tribe couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn…

    I don’t know how the HII will play in ozzy’s favor yet, be he’s sure is lucky that he went back to the same beech ater the tribe split… can you imagine hiding the HII and thn being sent to the other beech??? and as for the other beech, James is right when he asks, “why arn’t they dead?” Grilling Steaks only to have the tide come in an put out the fire… Sure hope they like them rare and moist??? LOL… the FANS were a pretty pathitic group and ther lucky to have the tribe split to keep them alive…

    well, Happ Mothers Day All and don’t forget to set your clocks this week end…

  5. You are so right Big G, that was a total disaster cooking those steaks and the tide coming in and raining on their win. What idiots. I feel sorry for James being stuck over at that beach.

    Have you been keeping up with BB9 G?


  6. Did anybody else notice how smug Tracy looked during and after TC? i think she is getting a little too cocky…definately playing to win..

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