Two More Fans Bit The Dust on Survivor Micronesia

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Starting off on the newly back from Tribal Council Malakal beach, we seem to have some tension. Ozzy and Tracy don’t seem to be getting along as Ozzy is taking the leadership role a little to far it seems. She says he does everything around camp and basically tells them what and how to do things and well Tracy doesn’t like to take orders! There seemed to be an argument about the chickens apparently and when to kill them. Both didn’t seem to want to kill them yet so I was kind of confused on that one. I guess all they wanted us to figure out was Ozzy was a threat (who didn’t see that one coming) and Tracy can’t stand him.

Over at Arai things looked really bad. They were all shivering in their cave and all the girls were complaining. James didn’t like that too much as he hates complaining and basically told them to shut up and just ’survive’. Kathy was taking it the worst and let us know that she doesn’t really want to be there. They said it’s the worst decision she made, to go on Survivor, and tried to blink herself off the island ala ‘I Dream of Gene’.

The rain clouds seemed to steer clear over at Malakal as they had sunny weather and were frolicking on the beach. Erik and Ozzy bounded over climbing coconut trees and Cirie had a few good one liners describing their budding bond. She also had a few choice words about Ozzy’s demands as he forced her to help row out to deep water. We all know Cirie isn’t the best in the water and apparently this little move to make her go out further then she liked could change up the game as she re-evaluates who really is on her side and not.

The reward challenge was a very interesting one. The tribes were pretty neck and neck throughout the entire thing until the puzzle. Cirie really controlled her tribe well, except for the opposite directions a few times, and quickly got Malakal through the course. Eliza didn’t have much trouble getting them to move the wheel where she wanted, she just went a little slower. In the end Malakal FINALLY won a challenge as a new tribe. They won shampoo and a day with food and a hot shower. Ozzy basically said Tracy was going to Exile and screwed her over as she didn’t get to go to the reward. I guess that’s what she gets for wanting to kill the chicken.

At the reward Malakal pigged out and it seemed Erik and Ozzy’s bond is more then just friendship but could lead to an alliance. Ozzy seems to be taking Erik under is wing and doesn’t seem to be all about just the favorites anymore. Nothing too exciting happened at the reward, other then Ami and Amanda’s naked shower. Ok maybe something did happen after all.

Arai wasn’t having any fun it seems as depression set in. Kathy was having it harder then ever as the tribe didn’t sleep for a few days straight and were confined to their cave. In there we saw a few bugs and bats, the always unwelcome house guests. The next morning was sunny for once on the Malakal beach, but Kathy had enough. She was missing her family and couldn’t feel ‘vibrations’ from them. Jeff made a very rare appearance to their beach to catch up on what was going on and most likely take Kathy back with him. He tried to tell her how well she’s done, even though she’s had it rougher then most; but he couldn’t talk her out of it. Arai lost another tribemate thanks to a non-tribal council and was now even with Malakal.

Before we could get to the immunity we had a short view of Malakal post-reward. It seems Cirie was worried about Ozzy’s arrogance, similar to Tracy, and talked to Amanda about it. She seemed to agree, but I’m sure she doesn’t. They basically discussed how Ozzy would never vote for Erik to go, and would therefore be controlling one more thing in the vote. It was regles tournoi pokerjeu poker omaha en lignetelecharger poker,telecharger jeu poker,telecharger poker pour macjeu de texas holdem gratuitesjeux gratuitsstreap poker onlinepoker on line gratisjuego al instante portalesfichas poquerstreap pokerpoker flash gratis7 card stud en lineatexas holdem gratishigh stakes pokerpoker texas holdjuegos de poker gratuitoscomo jugar pokerbonos poquerjugar poker online gratis,juego de poker online gratis,poker online gratisjugar poquer lineastrip poker pc gamepoker con cartasjuegos cartas poker,juegos poker,juegos de poker online gratisjuegos streep pokercartas webpoker caribe portalreglas poker texas holdemel mejor poker onlinejugar card studreglamento poker texas holdemel poquerjuego al instante portal web,juego al instante,juego al instante paginas internetjugar 7 card stud gratisjugadas pokerpoker en linea,juego de poker en linea,poker en linea gratisstrip poker onlineel juego de pokerstip poker onlinejuego al instante portales webseven card studtrucos para casino empirejugar roulette gratisganar dinero casinobaccarat internetapostar dinero portales webjuegos interactivos portaljugar al instante pagina webruleta americana pagina webbest online casinossistemas ruleta interesting, to say the least, to see the power shift in that tribe. At first it was Cirie holding on the cards but now it seems Ozzy holds the power to decide who leaves.

The immunity challenge was VERY interesting and very fun to watch. It was a new one for the show and had the survivors swimming out for puzzle pieces, then being drug back to shore by riding on the pieces. Ozzy went out for most of Malakal and they once again had a very early lead. It all came down to the puzzle and this is where Arai caught up. Eliza and Jason laid out the puzzle and studied it before actually putting it together. This was a smart move and once again Arai caught up just in time to pull out another immunity win.

Malakal was once again all crazy with their voting. Ami had things thought out, kind of confusing though, and wanted herself,  Erik and Tracy to vote for Ozzy. Ami and Cirie would then vote for Erik to leave with Ozzy and voting for Tracy to leave. That would give Ozzy the big boot, but alas his new friendship with Ozzy wouldn allow that. It then came down to Erik and Tracy. Ozzy wanted Tracy gone and it all came down if Amanda would betray him or not and in the end she didn’t and went with her lover instead. Although Tracy put up a great fight at Tribal Council, she was voted out with all the votes but her own. She was a great player, being a fan, and will be missed.

Next week it seems Cirie and Ami go on a hunt for something. They didn’t really show what it was be apparently it’s food! The girls over at Arai seem to be on a hunt of their own, for a new alliance that is. Ami pulls Natalie aside and promises her F4 with the two to of them with Alexis and Amanda. Could an all girl alliance finally make it to the end?

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6 thoughts on “Two More Fans Bit The Dust on Survivor Micronesia”

  1. Ummm wait you didn’t cross out Michael’s face, wasn’t he gone a couple of weeks ago?

    Xgirl :)

  2. I thought I may have missed someone. I tried to make sure not too. Dang.

    I wont let it slide anymore….I promise.

    What was with Kathy? She was seriously doing that bad she had to leave the game. It is one of those things that you just have to get through. It was a chance of a lifetime and I thought she had a good chance of doing well. Go figure!

    So…..who do you think is going to win? There are a lot of very strong players still in this game!

    Peace, Jeff Probst

  3. Yeah a lot of good players left. I’ve left the spoilers alone but Navx seems to think Cirie has a real shot at this, personally I would love to see Ozzy win, but he’s already got this huge target on his back. I’m glad to see that Amanda and Cirie and the rest had his back last night.

    So what if Erik is in awe of Ozzy, he’s awesome. With that being said, its looking like an all girl alliance might be strong until the end.

    As for Kathy, she had just had enough apparently, but yeah its an opportunity of a lifetime and she wimped out.

    If Ozzy, James, Amanda, and Parvati make it to the merge, they will be a force to be reckoned with.

    Where the **** is Big G???? I think he’s been thrown onto exile island and Jeff, you forgot to send the boat for him.


  4. That is what this string on my finger was for…I KNEW I was forgetting something. Big G…hold on….the boat will be there right after the Easter holiday! :)

    X’ed out Mikey…anyone else I missed??

    Good season….wish it was not on during Big Brother though. I feel sooooo torn! Damn the CBS execs!

    Peace, Jeff Probst

  5. Am I the only one that doesn’t care about basketball interfering with my reality tv? lol

    And as for BB and Survivor Jeff, there is a solution DVR, Tivo, whatever, get with the program.

    Luckily there is WWIII going on in BB9 right now, just wish they’d get through with this POV comp.


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