Abi Maria May Be Down But Don’t Count Her Out!

After last week’s Tribal, Abi-Maria realizes that her days on Survivor are numbered.  Everyone is expecting her to be the next voted off, so of course that’s not what happens, right?

This week featured the Survivor auction.  Each contestant receives $500 to use to bid on items that Jeff presents.  Denise uses her whole $500 on a complete breakfast.  Malcolm gets a plate of donuts and iced coffee.  Skupin buys a plate of cheese and wine.  Penner wins a covered item…fried chicken and fries.  Carter wins another covered item.  This one is a baked potato with all the fixings, but he is given the option to trade it for rice and beans for the whole tribe.  Carter unselfishly trades.  Lisa wins a covered dish which turns out to be a gigantic sandwich and soda.  Carter once again wins and this time gets veal shanks.  The whole tribe gets to share, but only for sixty seconds.  This is truly a caveman/woman moment.  Abi Maria has been sitting quietly throughout this whole ordeal.  When Jeff asks her why she isn’t bidding, she says that since she will be voted off soon, she will get to eat then.  This girl has such a ‘tude, but doesn’t seem to realize it.  Well, she bids her whole $500 when Jeff says the item up for auction is an “advantage” in the game.  Those donuts aren’t looking so good now are they, Malcolm?

When she gets time alone, Abi realizes that she has received a move directly to the finals in the next Immunity Challenge.  She tries to put one over on the tribe by saying she has another Hidden Immunity Idol, but I’m not sure if the others believe her or not.  The Immunity Challenge involves untying knots and climbing through an obstacle course.  The finals come down to Carter, Penner and Abi.  Did anyone else notice that the knots in the third round were all small–like in perfect for a girls fingers?  Abi wins the Immunity Challenge sending the tribe into a tailspin because now they must vote out one of the “final six”.

Abi has Carter and Penner voting against Denise.  Malcolm and Denise are planning on voting for Penner.  Up for grabs are the twosome of Lisa and Skupin.  Lisa is still playing the “I can play this game with morals” card and tells Penner that since she made an agreement with Malcolm and Denise to go to the end that she is voting Penner off.  This leaves Skupin who seems to be up in the air about which way he should vote.  Personally, I think he should have voted off Denise because she is such a strong, strong player.  However, he sticks to his final four deal and votes off Penner.  Penner puts on a bit of show as he exits.

This leaves us with Abi hanging out there with no true alliances.  Malcolm and Denise are as solid as ever and still in an alliance with Skupin and Lisa who are also a tight-twosome.  Carter has to realize that he’s in a bit of trouble, especially since he voted against Denise.

Thanks to BBBlogger for filling in for me once again!  I had a great time with my family in the fabulous Las Vegas.  See you next week!  Bloggergal

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  2. Yes, some of the challenges definitely seem designed to give specific players advantages, especially when they most need one. Since drama makes the show more interesting and keeps the ratings up, the show possibly wanted to keep Abi around longer. Without her, the rest of the remaining players get along too well and the show might get boring. Love to watch Survivor, but would never want to play it, LOL. I like my creature comforts way too much.

  3. She jumped as soon as Jeff mentioned the word ….so how did she know it would benefit her? Something not Kosher here…another episode of “they are all against me”..lets face it, if she manages to be one of the last 3.to face the ‘jury’…no one is going to vote for her anyway

  4. I’ve wanted Abi out since day one. I simply dislike her arrogance and the obnoxious way she expresses herself. The laughable part is that even if Abi were in the finals no one but her one “true” ally would vote for her. And he may not if he ever realizes that she’s the reason he was voted out.

  5. Here’s hoping everyone had a nice holiday weekend!
    At least we are no longer complaining about the season being slow.If you had told me that Abi had a chance to win immunity there’s no way I would have beleived it but like so many other great Survivor games from the past who can see the future? Good for her! Abi is such a lost soul I wonder if she sees the errors that she made as she is watching the season unfold as we all are.Will it change her? I seriously doubt it but it did make for a good episode last night. I think that either Abi or Carter will be the favorites to go out next week but after last night who can tell? I am still pulling for Malcolm as he still seems to be in his element.Does anyone else notice how strong Carter is in all the challenges? I would think that would make him a favorite to win but his IQ level may prevent it.That plus his strongest allie Jonathan is a goner now(What a bummer!) I would have no problem with both Scoop(Doesn’t it sound as if they are calling him stupid?) and Penner making it to the end but that’s redundant now. Still pulling for Malcolm with a small part of me hoping that Lisa makes it. I appreciate the blog effort but you should think about posing questions instead of recapping what we all saw last night. Thanks again for allowing me to participate!!

  6. Ugh!! I nearly cried last night when Abi won immunity. And I wanted so much for Jeff to ask her what she was talking about when she said that her note had “2 parts”. Did anybody notice that she “I am supposed to read the 2nd part…” then after reading about her advantage in the game, she tore the note up so that nobody could read “the 2nd part”? I’m sure she meant to “first part” one of those times, but the poor dear (gag) just got so confused.

    Anyway, its shaking out to be an interesting season. Just like always, slow start that makes me (us?) want to stay away but we can’t and before long we can’t then all too soon its done.

  7. At the end of the show last week I said to hubby “watch I bet Abi gets saved next week” I do not like her. and I now do not like Lisa

  8. I knew that this week was goiing to be the Abi show and it’s ironic that when an entire episode focuses on one of the villians they somehow are able to squeak out a victory and stay of execution. And if it’s one of the good guys being focused on they usually get voted off. I don’t think for a second that Malcolm or anyone else believes she has a hidden immunity idol.

  9. Lisa’s “the game is too big for me” is getting old. She knows what the game is about and you have to turn on people. I really liked her and still do, sort of, but she’s getting old for me and fast. She’s truly out of her element. As for Penner befriending her, well he was doing his best to get on her good side and said as much but he did appear to be genuine at that moment anyway.

    As for Abi, she’s just a nasty person. Her “tude” is bad and she’s arrogant when she thinks she’s sharing. Yea, and I just turned 39 again. Hope she goes next week. Carter right behind her.

    I too still like Malcolm and also Denise who is a fierce player. Carter is basically boring but a genuine competitor in the competitions. Voting Penner out or Denise was a push in my opinion; they were pretty much equal in the game so Penner being gone was a pretty good move for Malcolm and Denise. Once Abi and Carter are gone, Malcolm and Denise can choose who should go next.

  10. Abi manages to stay around. I was sad when RC got booted out because she was unfortunately forced to ally with Abi early on. Pete was another who fell victim to an alliance with Abi – but that is just as much his fault as anyone elses because he already knew how unstable Abi was. This is like, what? The second challenge she has participated in, and something is up with those knots – it’s like the strings weren’t even tied that well on her course. The final 3 I’d like to see include Malcom, Denise and Carter. All 3 of them seem to be really fighting to win. Carter seems to be another of those quiet types no one notices in this game until the end of the game and it’s not new, those types seem to win this game a lot. I think Lisa and Skupin made the wrong move sticking with Malcom and Denise, I think both of them would have had a better chance of winning sticking with Penner. Not just that, but Penner also seemed to support Lisa and hold her up through most of this game. Ah, Lisa, it’s time to grow some cahoons and stop following!

  11. @Keithf – Oh ya, I meant to mention that. When Abi was telling Malcom she found an immunity idol, she didn’t even sound like she believed what she was saying herself as she said it. And who’s going to believe anyhow you got an advantage in an immunity challenge AND a clue to another immunity idol?

  12. Wouldn’t it be an interesting twist if Lisa is playing us all? She can’t win challenges, but she’s hanging in there, isn’t she?

    Stay tuned for an interview with a past Survivor contestant. He or she will be giving us their take on the final contestants.

    As I’ve mentioned here time and time again, Gillian Larson a past Survivor player insists that the entire game is mapped out prior to the start. She says that they have legal advice onset at all times to make sure that there are no shenanigans. It always seems like the game favors a player now and then though, doesn’t it? The first two sets of knots in the Immunity Challenge were on big ropes and then the final knots were tiny. That definitely was an advantage to a female contestant. I guess it was just coincidence that the female was Abi!

    Have a great weekend, all! xxoo Bloggergal

  13. Who would have thought that when Abi can’t sit out a challenge she wins it, I agree that this season is “staged” that twit could not find her way out of a paper bag!!! The way I understand it she will move directly into the finals in the next Immunity challenge, that being the case I hope that the Challenge is NOT rigged then MAYBE she will be sent packing that being the case I feel sorry for those in the jury house having to listen to her run her mouth.
    Thanks Bloggergal for keeping us updated, do you know when the interview with a past contestant will be I would like to see that.
    Hope everyone has a great weekend.

  14. Abi needs to go!! I don’t feel sorry for her at all. I have many friends from foreign countries and they never blame ignorance because of language! What a crock!! She is down right mean!!! I was sorry to see Penner voted out, but I would have been more upset had it been Denise. I like Malcolm and Denise, but I think Lisa, Mike and Carter will turn on them soon.

  15. Penner was great. He played with class. Maybe not so good at challenges which are obviously
    very important but he laid his heart on his shoulder and wasn’t too bad at the social game. I will
    remember him and his voice long after I’ve forgotten past contestants. All the best to you
    Jonathon. I will miss you.

  16. I like Lisa but I yelled at her for voting out Penner. I liked him. I was hoping it’d be the two of them to the end. NOW they’ve just given it to malcom and denise. Abi, I believe said there was a 2nd part to her advantage only to mess with everyone’s heads. That’s why she tore it up…to pretend there was a 2nd part she didn’t want anyone to know. I agree, she’s mean and needs to go home. I’m having a hard time getting real into the game for some reason….maybe it’s just the time of yr and so much on my mind….

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