Dana Doesn’t Survive Survivor

I am so sorry to let my gang down last week and not get a blog done.  Would you believe I still haven’t found last week’s episode in full on the Internet?  I started watching Survivor last week and received a phone call that I couldn’t ignore, so technically I “watched” Survivor but I didn’t hear a word of it.  I did see “baby” Russell throw something in frustration when his tribe lost AGAIN.  It reminded me of when my kids were little and they’d strike out in baseball and get all puffy mad to hide their feelings of failure.  Oh well…bye, bye Russell.  Maybe you should try Amazing Race next time?

To be honest, it is very difficult to blog this season of Survivor because there really isn’t much to say!  Denise and Malcolm were the only two members of their tribe left so they were split up and put on the other two tribes.  Denise ended up on Kalabaw and Malcolm is on Tandang.

Next was a reward challenge which involved one player from each tribe facing off and attempting to knock an idol of a pedestal.  Reward was fattening sweets but also coffee and tea.  Caffeine has to be a plus when being on Survivor.  Tandang won the challenge and I couldn’t help but wonder if this is the way it would be for awhile now that Malcolm is on a new tribe.  The man is a fierce competitor.

Dana couldn’t survive Survivor.  She became very ill with dehydration, stomach pains, etc.  The medic said that she was physically able to continue in the competition, but she opted out.  I suppose it’s disappointing to realize that you don’t have what it takes to be a Survivor, but we all aren’t equal in physical and mental strength and stamina.  Her tribe felt bad for her, but they are also upset about losing a player.

The Immunity Challenge involved racing through an obstacle course and eventually solving a puzzle.  Since Kalabaw is down a player, Tandang had to sit out one of theirs.  Once again Abi Maria does not compete in a challenge.  Jeff asked her how many challenges she has competed in and she admits only two.  Since Abi Maria showed up at the Big Brother rap party wearing a knee brace, it’s obvious that she’s hurt and won’t be much help in competitions anyway.

Kalabaw’s Katie has a difficult time on the obstacle course and slows her team down.  They seem to eventually catch up, but Tandang pulls out the win.  Kalabaw now must head to Tribal and lose another player.  At first glance, it seems obvious that Katie should go since she was the reason they lost the competition anyway.  Denise is now included in the male alliance bringing their numbers up to 4.  The four, okay actually only the guys decide between Dawson and Katie.  Denise has no choice but to follow their lead.  In fact, Denise’s only chance is to hope she survives until the merge because those guys will turn on her quickly.  Dawson is the one that knows that Jeff was a professional baseball player.  From the tape edit, we see Dawson bringing up conversation about professional baseball just to see if Jeff squirms.  This could have been her downfall because Jeff wants her out of there to keep his secret safe.  Once again, I have to say…it’s all in the editing.  Nonetheless, Dawson is voted off.  She is very surprised as well she should be.  Katie smirks which annoyed me to no end.  I wonder why Dawson doesn’t turn around while leaving the area and yell back to Jeff that she knows he was a pro baseball player?  Maybe, she isn’t allowed to?  I sure would have.

So that’s it for this week.  Have a happy, healthy, safe week.  Bloggergal

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  1. Did anyone notice when Dana was taken away by the medics Katie was crying and her mascara was running. Hello Mascara??? What is up with that?



    1. You wonder don’t you Linda? Do they have mirrors, blow dryers, etc.? They can look pretty good sometimes!

  2. Dawson was another Roxie…a nut case…in all these years of watching Survivor and watching females getting booted, she kissed and hugged Jeff…seems to have the hots for him and not caring to show it…You can tell by Jeffs expression that ‘he’ was blind sighted..

  3. Dawson was actually staring at Jeff kind of freakishly if you ask me. Like she was trying to hypnotize him or something.

  4. This is the poores season I have seen and I have watched every seasson since it was aired ,sorry to say I hope itr picks up now


  6. With only Denise and Malcolm left, what a great time for the Producers to really mix things up. Why didn’t they make them the new team leaders and pick new teams. Mix everyone up again, break up alliances and move the immunity idols around. Maybe they would all start playing the game for a change…I agree with jerry, the poorest most boring season yet

    1. I thought they should have mixed up the tribes, too. Separating them to the other two tribes just puts them at risk of being voted off, and I don’t want them to be voted off.

  7. Linda & Tammy, yes that’s the first thing I said. What? She’s got mascara running down her face. Do they have one luxury item? I don’t know. Bill???

    I too wondered if Dawson would spill the beans on Jeff as she left. That stare at Jeff looked to me like a bedroom invitation gone wrong. She’s spooky. I think she’s the one who blew it at the end trying to put the puzzle together.

  8. @Keith – Ya, I found that her staring at Jeff kind of strange too. It was like she all of a sudden just got all kinds of zomboitized there. Is zomboitized a word? LOL! Then she nearly tackled Jeff and put a death-hold lip-lock on him! Very weird!!!

  9. This has been a really boring season and I had hopes that this would be the episode that finally got everyone playing, but it was not to be. Dawson was basically a free elimination because she never really did anything. I was talking to a coworker at DISH about her leaving without telling them about Jeff, and he said that in an interview she did she said it was so he would lose as a normal person. That is just a crazy excuse if you ask me. I missed the last night’s show, but thankfully my Hopper recorded it for Primetime Anytime. I love how I can keep up with all of my favorite shows on the four major networks without having to worry about storage space on my hard drive. I am really concerned for the Kalabaw tribe since they are down 2 people, and this would be the worst season ever if they get picked off like Matsing.


    1. I can’t tell you how much I agree!!! Survivor isn’t a musical or an action movie, it’s a REALITY SHOW….you are supposed to hear the words, that’s the whole point of the show…not reading sub-titles at the bottom of the screen because the music is so loud!

  11. Has anyone seen the jeff Probst show? He has a talk show everyday at 2:00 P.M. on local NBC affiliate where I live.

    I do not think Jeff’s talk show will make it, it’s very feminine. It’s ruining Survivor for me seeing this side of him.

    1. Did you happen to catch the episode when he had Derek Amato on? He’s a good friend of mine. Spontaneous savant–hit his head when he dove into a swimming pool and now can play musical instruments as if he was trained from birth!

  12. I’m not sure about the kind and amount of luxury items. It used to be all they had was the clothes on their back when they were dropped off onto the sites. What is surprising is the “hoodies” and what seems like extra clothing that abounds around the camps!

  13. I’m just starting to get to know some of these people, and as a true Survivor fan am still expecting things will get more and more complex, compelling, interesting.

    I really, really like Denise – wish she were my next-door neighbor. Deserves to win – competitive, strong, disciplined, beautiful social game. Hoping editors begin to spread around the focus- some of these people are almost invisible to this point.

    Also like Lisa – hope she finds it less hard every day to hunker down and give it everything – forget the self-doubt. Stay smart, savvy.

    The guys? A lot of good ones, can’t help rooting for the vet, want the editors to show us more of who they are.

    Agree about Jeff – he is above all so very smart, has a level of depth that would be better served with a Donahue – type show (who else remembers?) tackling serious issues, getting past the knee-jerk stuff by spotlighting pro’s and con’s, not polarizing, but seriously exploring the backstories of this guests who are advocating one way or another.,. Jeff is good at getting behind the superficial.

    Well, I’m dreaming. He’s as captive to pop culture as most I guess.
    This is fun. Back to work!

  14. I’m having trouble getting excited about this season and I have to keep reminding myself to tune in. I hope it turns around soon with something worth watching.
    Denise and Malcolm are my favorites and I hope for another merge to bring them back together.

  15. I loved deet’s idea about Production mixing things up and making Denise and Malcolm team leaders and picking new tribes, that sure would have been an interesting twist in this BORING game.
    How many times can a player sit out in a challange? Abi should be close to the limit!

  16. Deet, I love your idea. Awesome. Wonder if the powers that be will ever get input from viewers and use some of it? It would be a good move on their part.

    I was shocked by Dawson’s good bye to Jeff too. She has a major crush but I don’t think she quite understands protocol and how to behave. He handled it well but looked pretty shocked. I agree with everyone who has been booted so far but it is not real exciting.

  17. Thanks Bloggergal for all your work here! I have been a bit under the weather & have not watch much of the show, I am caught up now thanks to CBS.com See you all soon ………… :mrgreen:

  18. Is it CBS or just the way things turn out. Most of the women that are young and sexy are completely useless when it comes to the physical stuff…and usually they eventually get booted out…that being said, makes me wonder it they know that they are not physically competitive and knowing this, enter these shows so that they can hope ‘better things can open for them after being viewed in scanty outfits, and parading around like they are in a playboy contest.

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