Survivor..And Then There Were Five

Last night was family reunion time on Survivor.  Each of the remaining six contestants were able to meet up and compete with a member of their family.  Malcolm was teamed up with his younger brother.  Skupin was teamed up with his oldest son.  Abi Maria was teamed with her mother, who by the way hardly spoke a word of English.  Lisa was teamed with her younger brother.  Carter was teamed up with his mom.  Denise was teamed up with her very tall husband.  My husband was rolling his eyes when the families were introduced.  You would think they hadn’t seen a family member in years instead of just 30+ days.  Lisa was totally ridiculous in how she carried on.  The only two that I think should have been so emotional was Denise and her husband. Do I think that Survivor makes them play this part up?  Yup, I do!

The competition was a bit hard to watch since Abi-Maria’s mother was so out of her element.  I’m not crazy about Abi but that was just silly.  Of course Malcolm and his young strapping brother won.  Prize was to spend the night with your family member at camp.  Malcolm was able to pick two other contestants to do the same.  Surprisingly, at least to me, Malcolm picked Lisa and Skupin.  He says it was his way of thanking them for sticking by him last week at Tribal.  I think he was totally unfair to his partner from the start Denise.

This almost backfired big time on Malcolm because Lisa’s brother convinced her to start playing the game like a..well like a gamer.  He had her in agreement to blindside Malcolm at tribal.  Fortunately for Malcolm, he won Individual Immunity.  Teehee.  I love Malcolm and am pulling for him.  This left the choice of who would be voted off between Abi-Maria and Carter.  Carter is the stronger player, but Abi-Maria is a royal pain in the butt.  The players decide to play smartly and vote off Carter.  Every single one of them knows that taking Abi-Maria to the finals will insure a win.

So, do you think it would have been better to get rid of one of the stronger players like Skupin or Denise instead of Carter?  Tell me what you think!

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6 thoughts on “Survivor..And Then There Were Five”

  1. The stick challenge. How many times have we seen one variation of this stick challenge or another to know you have to tie each stick together twice to make it strong enough to do what you want it to do. I could tell Malcom was doing that because of the time he took making his rod. Carter, I could tell would never be able to finish because his front sticks were drooping.

    On a side note, the family members who show up to help with a challenge. I’m thinking the players write down a choice before the season begins on who they’d like to see and that’s who they do see because they seemed to know who would be there. I have a feeling some of the players figured this out and piced strong family members who would help them win a challenge if those family members did have to help with a challenge. Sometimes the family members just watch, but there have been other seasons like this where they assisted.

    Oh, well, Abi is still there, bitter like a cup of over brewed Brazilian coffee!

  2. I agree Kubla. Taking your time and constructing a sturdy lengthy pole will usually win this competition. But nerves gotta come into it and the contestants are on edge. I like to think I
    would know how to tie sticks together under pressure but alas it won’t happen.
    This season was boring at first, then got good and now is boring again. It was obvious
    when Abi “won” the necklace that Jonathon was gone and it was obvious that when
    Malcolm won that Carter was gone.
    I predict Denise will be booted next unless she wins immunity.

  3. I thought this was a good challenge(Sticks) as it allows the girls an opportunity to stay with the boys.So sad to see Carter get teh boot. Just as he said at tribal the group had been playing honorably and he should have been allowed to finish his game. But that’s now how this goes is it? It’s always about who has the atrongest alliance and Carter had none after Jonathon was voted off last week.Kinda like the writing on the wall ,
    you could see it coming! Didn’t want to but you really could.
    Oh well, tthe saddest part of all games for the fan is coming soon.End Game!
    Another thing I don’t like but I know I can’t control it.
    I do have a question for you Blogger, Why is there not a network that airs replays of reality shows? We have almost all of the DVD’s produced for sale of Survivor episodes and with Christmas coming I’m sure we will be getting the two latest releases, but I still would like to review this years episodes sometime next year before the next Survivor starts.

  4. Abi ran her mouth right of the island. What a rude, mean little _ _ _ _ _, and clueless, child. She is not typical of Brazilians. How in the world did she get picked to be on the show in the first place?

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