Survivor Crowns Its Newest Millionaire Denise Stapley

Well, all that remains of Survivor Philippines is this recap.  By now I’m sure you know that the sole Survivor is Denise Stapley.  Here’s a quick review.

The final four contestants were Lisa, Denise, Malcolm and Mike Skupin.  The reward challenge gave the winner an advantage for the final Immunity.  Malcolm once again proved that he is a wiz at puzzles and wins the reward challenge and the advantage in the final challenge.  It turns out that the advantage is that he is able to get a second chance.  Let me explain.  I always find this challenge nerve wracking.  The contestants have to hold a series of pegs while balancing a little ball and of course, not dropping the ball.  Each time period involves more pegs making the challenge harder and harder.  You drop your ball, you lose…except for Malcolm.  Since he won reward, he gets a second chance.  This should hand him this challenge on a silver platter right?  Wrong.  Malcolm seems to have a bit of a tremor.  He cannot keep that ball balanced.  He drops it once and then yep, he drops it again.  He is first out of this one.  Denise is second to lose.  Funny how the two that needed to win the most are the first two to lose, huh?  It’s between Lisa and Skupin and Skupin eeks out the win.  I was disappointed.  I wanted to see Lisa win SOMETHING. Oh well.

So, with Skupin having Immunity the choice is between voting off Malcolm or voting off Denise.  Lisa is convinced that the right thing to do is to vote off Malcolm because they don’t have a chance against him.  Well truthfully, Lisa doesn’t have a chance at all so what did she care?  Skupin is up in the air because he has a final three with Malcolm, but in the end chooses to take Denise to the final three.  Oops!  Also, I don’t know if it occurred to Malcolm and Denise that they could have voted Lisa, thus making the vote tied 2-2.  In that case a final challenge is held to decide the winner.  In the past, it has been a fire starting challenge–remember Bob Crowley’s season?  Well, that’s neither here nor there because Malcolm is voted off and your final three will face the jury.

As usual, at the jury meeting some contestants are mature and handle it with aplomb and others show their feelings of regret and wishing they could get revenge.  On the whole, it was a pretty tame jury.  When the voting occurs, Lisa receives one vote and Skupin receives one vote and Denise wins with all the rest of the votes.  Lisa wins the fan vote and $100,000.

This morning I was able to talk to Gillian Larson from Survivor Gabon about her latest experience at the Survivor Philippines finale.  If you read my blogs regularly, you probably know that Gillian is the creator of Reality Rally, a fundraising event held yearly in Temecula California.  The event involves Reality Stars and Gillian makes a point to meet each and every new one and get them involved in her amazing charity work.  I’ll tell you more about that in a minute.

Gillian was able to meet this season’s Survivors.  She makes a point of mentioning that she feels that this season’s Survivor was one of the best because the players were “honorable” with very little dramatics.  She is correct in that this season the players played Survivor. Everyone was interested in the game and wanted to win and they sure played that way.  Of course, it’s debatable about what the public really does want.  Do they want to watch sincere players compete honestly and with dignity and maturity or do they want to see players make fools of themselves, for instance…well you know who!

Gillian had only good things to say about this new batch of reality stars.  She was thrilled with Denise winning Survivor and felt that she was authentic.  Gillian used the words “delightful” “real” and “engaging” to describe Survivor’s newest millionaire.  All the other contestants were over any hard feelings they had on the show.  They were interacting well with each other and seemed to be enjoying their brand new fan base.

Gillian specifically mentioned that Denise and Abi-Maria have no hard feelings toward each other.  Gillian is from South Africa and she says she can understand what Abi-Maria is talking about when she speaks of cultural differences.  She admits that she had to make adjustments here in America also.  It’s good to know that Survivor helped Abi learn how to relate to us Americans!

One contestant that Gillian felt didn’t get to show his true self was Artis.  She says he is very outgoing and funny–not at all as serious as he was portrayed on the show.  Sometimes editing makes you look different than what you are.

Let me take a few moments to promote Reality Rally–an amazing event that will be held on the first weekend of April in Temecula California.  Reality Rally raises funds for Michelle’s Place, a breast cancer resource center.  Michelle died at age 26 due to a missed diagnosis at 19 years-old. Reality Rally is produced by over 600 people who see the value of being involved. The event is in tribute to Michelle, Jenn Lyon from Survivor Palua and Gillian’s brother who all died too young of cancer. We have all been touched by this dreaded disease.  Reality stars from shows all over the world participate in Reality Rally to help fight this disease and help promote awareness.  Since my sister is a breast cancer survivor, this charity is very close to my heart also.

The reality stars participate in an Amazing Race type event.  This event gives fans a chance to not only meet and greet their favorite stars, but actually play a reality game with their favs!  Already signed up for this year’s event is this season’s Survivor contestant Mike Skupin.  A list of reality stars who have already signed up to attend Reality Rally can be seen by clicking here.  By donating to your favorite stars page you help not only the star but more importantly Michelle’s Place and breast cancer patients and survivors.  So please help by donating!

Gillian also tells me that she was able to get a piece of the ACTUAL SURVIVOR TRIBAL COUNCIL SET!!!!  This ornate (and heavy!) piece of wood has been signed by a large number of this season’s contestants along with the Survivor set designer.  This item will be auctioned off to benefit Michelle’s Place so keep checking the Reality Rally website or better yet–like it on Facebook so you are sure to know when this item is available.  If you are a Survivor diehard fan, this item will be very cool to have!

If you are looking to have some fun, raise money for charity and soak in some southern California sun, please consider attending this year’s Reality Rally.  Not only do you get to meet over 100 reality stars, but you even get to meet me!  LOL  What more can you ask for?

I’ve once again enjoyed hanging out with you here on the Survivor blog.  I hope each and everyone of you have a wonderful winter, Holiday season and healthy happy start to 2013.  I’ll be back here, along with BBBlogger in February for the next Survivor season of Fans versus Favorites.  Until then…Bloggergal xxoo


8 thoughts on “Survivor Crowns Its Newest Millionaire Denise Stapley”

  1. Maybe my old brain doesn’t remember very well, but it seemed to me that there was more bitterness among the jurors than in years past. I was so glad that Denise won and I was happy that Lisa won the 100,000. I liked Malcolm until he turned on Denise, but even if he had gone to the end it looks like he would have lost to Michael or Lisa.

    Great job Bloggergal. Thanks for all your hard work. I can’t wait until February.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!!



  3. Sorry to hear you are closing down your blog but happy to hear you are working on another. I’m really glad Denise won the mill but really didn’t want Lisa to win the $100,000. I was disappointed in the final show as Jeff, as usual, picks out one or two of his favorites and they monopolize the majority of air time..Lisa really needs an “I”ectomy …practically every sentence she uttered began with “I”, thank heavens for the mute button!

    I always looked forward to watching Survivor but also looked forward to the next day…reading the blog and especially everyones comments, it’s been fascinating seeing the different “takes” people have had each week…as much fun as watching the players themselves interact each week.!

    Merry Christmas to everyone and have a happy and exciting New Year.

  4. Heck, it looks like we’re going to have returning players again next season. It would be nice if at least every other season we got all new fresh players so we could see people play the game without being influenced by supposedly veteran players, wouldn’t it? Not just this show, but the others like it too.

  5. I appreciate the work you guys put in here, but you guys really need to get it together when it comes to this blog, it is never on time sometimes it’s a couple of weeks before a new page. If you care about survivor and this blog, make more of an effort to have the page on time. otherwise it is really not worth commenting here. you asked for comments I just gave you one. I will refuse to comment on any page that is late from now on. please get it together.

  6. I really liked Penner prior to the final tribal council. What he did to Lisa was mean and vicious. I didn’t think he was that kind of person. If he is truely a fan and student of the game, and a fearlous competitor, he should understand what happens when it is that close to the end. I lost all respect for him and where I would have liked to see him try again I would rather see one of the illustrious villains return. There are not enough explatives that I expressed when he went on his tirade. A very poor looser or in this case, just a loser!

  7. Thanks BG for the blog… I’ll try to pop on more next time. I thought this was one of the best in a long time… even with returning players. I’m not a fan of manufactured drama. Unfortunately with Brendon and Phillip next time, that’s what we’ll see. Hopefully they will get the boot quickly. Very excited to have Coreen return… one of my faves.

    I was very surprised at Penner… agree with Bill’s comments and could not add more.

    Glad Denise won… I would have been happy with any of the 4, but was rooting for her. Malcolm should have supported and sided with her… he may have won.

    See everyone next show… Ted

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