Survivor Philippines…”Don’t Get Booty Blinded”

Russell barely escaped being voted off first last week, so he returns to camp humbled and wary.  He thanks the tribe for keeping him and vows to take a step back and stop being so bossy.  What you say and what you do are sometimes two different things especially on Survivor.  I think Russell is in a good place because there are only two males on the tribe now that Zane has been voted off.  You sure don’t want to vote your muscle off too early in the game.

In the meanwhile, the chilly nights have drawn Angie and Malcom together like magnets or at least they are blaming the chilly nights.  They say that they are cuddling because it’s so cold and they want to keep warm.  The camera shows Malcom’s fingers caressing Angie which is probably NOT necessary to stay warm…although…well…never mind!  Malcom tells the camera that he doesn’t want to end up in a relationship because that definitely puts a big target on your back.  He says, “Don’t get booty blinded!”  Of course, as mentioned in the paragraph above…what you say and what you do are sometimes two different things especially on Survivor.

Meanwhile over at camp Kalabaw, the tribe members are suffering from the constant rain.  With nothing to do but wait it out, they decide to make a checkerboard out of rocks.  Fine for them, but Jonathan who holds the clue to the HII is hoping everyone will get the heck out of camp so he can search.  Coincidentally, all the tribe decides to go up to a cave nearby to try to get a fire going.  Jonathan gives a line that he’s going to go swimming because after all he’s already wet and he stays behind.  Now, this isn’t shown, but who in their right mind would believe that line?  If it were me, I’d know that Jonathan stayed behind to try to find the HII.  At one point, Dawson comes back to camp to get the flint–wait a minute…they went up to the cave to build a fire and left the flint at the camp?  Me thinks something is wrong here Survivor producers.  Anyway, Jonathan again gives a lame excuse when Dawson asks what he was looking for by saying he couldn’t find his glasses.  He says he needs his glasses because his contact lens had popped out.  Another aside…the players in Survivor wear contact lenses?  Where do they change them?  Where do they disinfect them?  Do they have a mirror?  I’m off track again, aren’t I?  Quick switcheroo…we next see Jonathan having a “light bulb moment” and realizing exactly where the Immunity Idol is.  To be honest, I knew from the very beginning, didn’t you?  Perhaps it did have something to do with the camera showing the box a number of times.  It turns out that the HII is the top handle of the rice container which has a bull design on it.  Jonathan picks the handle off and sure enough, its the HII.  Will the rest of the tribe realize that the handle of the box is missing?  Not that we see in this episode.

Tandang’s clue to the HII was found by RC.  When she went to dig it out of the rice bag, Abi Maria caught her so RC was forced to share the clue.  Nothing is shown as to whether the two look for the HII.  What is shown is Abi Maria not trusting RC because of RC’s closeness to Michael.  Heck, I’d be close to Michael too!  Oh wait…off topic again, huh?  Abi questions RC about her relationship with Mike and RC denies any hidden alliance.  Actually, she’s telling the truth as far as we’ve seen on camera.

The closeness of Angie and Malcom is really irritating Roxy over at the Matsing tribe.  She is very annoyed that they are cuddling and is worried that they are a “couple” and therefore trouble for the tribe.  Yes maybe, but she seems a little TOO obsessed with the Angie/Malcolm couple.  Could it be, she’s cold and wanted to cuddle with Malcolm herself?

Russell holds the clue to HII on the Matsing tribe.  Nothing is shown of him searching for the Idol.  That doesn’t mean he hasn’t.  That just means we haven’t seen it.

We’ve been teased all week with pics of Facts of Life Lisa crying.  Surprisingly, it turns out that Lisa is shy.  She says that when performing she is good because its not really her but she is self-conscious when it’s just her talking.  She feels very alone because she hasn’t made any relationships/alliances in her tribe.  Well, maybe Lisa if you would just listen to Michael and tell everyone who you are, maybe just maybe you can establish a connection to someone.  Have you watched Survivor?  Never mind Survivor…have you ever watched a Nature show?  The lone whatever ALWAYS gets picked off!

Yes, you should be suspicious that Roxy is being highlighted so much in this episode of Survivor.  She’s crying and unhappy with the rain.  She says she’s hasn’t slept since she arrived there.  She misses her family and friends.  It goes on and on.  She’s whining and whining.  When she threw in the “encountering Christ” line, I was thinking “Oh no, Brandon is back!”  THEN, when we see Roxy praying or speaking in tongues, I was like “What?”

We move on to the Immunity Challenge.  This one’s not a very complicated one.  The members must pull a sled to pick up puzzle pieces.  When all the puzzle pieces are retrieved, one player stands above to help solve the huge puzzle while two members put the pieces into place.  Remember there are three males on Tandang and Kalabaw, but only two on Matsing.  Russell asks Angie if she can pull the sled twice, but she says no.  Russell then asks if Roxy can do it and she says that she hasn’t drunk enough water today.  What the heck show did these girls think they were on?

After Matsing being behind during the pulling of the sled, they catch up and it comes down to which team can finish the puzzle first.  Lisa is the caller on her team and she is doing a great job.  She seems to be a puzzle solver.  Tandang finishes first, wins immunity plus a tarp and blankets.  We are now between Matsing and Kalabaw.  Kalabaw wins immunity and a tarp.  Matsing heads to tribal council for the second straight time.  Russell throws the puzzle piece across the board.  Russell tells his team that they need to get their heads out of their butts or go home.  Yep, Russell that about sums it up!

By now I’m sure you realize that the choice of which tribal member will be leaving is Angie or Roxy.  Roxy is trying her best to convince all that Malcolm and Angie being a couple is going to cause trouble down the road.  When we get to tribal council and Jeff questions the team, Roxy is just obnoxious.  She’s rolling her eyes and talking smack.  She tries her best to throw Angie and her boobs under the bus.  Even if the tribe hadn’t decided in advance, I think after hearing her talk, they would be voting her out.  Roxy is the second player voted out of Survivor Philippines with a vote of 4 to 1.  I’m not feeling too much of a loss there, sorry Roxy!

So now that there are only four players on Matsing, do you think that the tribes will be redistributed?  If they aren’t, then that would mean that two players from each of the other tribes would sit out the next challenge.  Coming attractions show Michael with blood dripping off his face.  Eek!  Eh, it’s probably nothing.  You know how dramatic Survivor likes to make everything.  See you next week…Bloggergal


54 thoughts on “Survivor Philippines…”Don’t Get Booty Blinded””

    1. Angie is my pick to take it all. With the cookies comment she is playing it dumb but I’m sure she is very sharp. Don’t you?

    2. I don’t know, Mark. I think she was being honest and not throwing a red herring out there. But, I don’t think she is stupid… have never believed in the whole ‘dumb blonds’ thing. I think tribal is very stressful and some people are not too quick. Malcom was not too quick. I like Malcom and think he will go far. I sure would have gotten Angie in the bushes had I been there… and maybe 40 years younger…

  1. I feel bad for Lisa – and I find it interesting to watch the dynamic of the group “picking” her off because she feels like an outsider. Rather than just nodding along, I think Michael should try to reach out to her again. She’s a sweet lady and I always hate to see that “pack of wolves” mentality. To me, it looks like adult bullying. Just saying…..

  2. Roxy got on my nerves so BAD during tribal council. Glad she went home. She needs to re-evaluate her seminary training.

  3. luv2shootpics September 26, 2012 at 11:17 pm

    All I have to say is “COOKIES”!

    Roxy put a target on her back by being a big rat, she pushed to hard for something everyone saw and then played poorly at the immunity challenge. Her talking to Russell was as bad as the snuggling pair! She lost out when she got on Denise’s bad side!

    1. Cookies, Sal! :lol: I think she maybe just playing the dumb blond card! She may be a good player? Just saying……….. :mrgreen:

  4. Thanks Bloggergal what the great explanation of everything that
    happened. Even if you miss it, you mention it all! Keep up the
    good work!

  5. I think there will be one more immunity challenge before they merge into 2 tribes. Russell’s tribe will loose again next week, seriously he’s the only one on the tribe that can compete and then Jeff will tell them to drop their buffs.

    I’m in the mood for some cookies now.

  6. Angie is snuging ….. Malcolm is playing with the bootie! If they do have an alliance, Russell or Denise is in trouble.

    Jonathan has found and idol while the rest of team is plotting against him. Will he need to play it and will he be ready for a blindside?

    Lisa definately needs an alliance before they have to go to a tribal council! Michael IMHO can talk some of the others into keeping her!

    Tantang seems like the stongest team. Kalabaw is next and only because Matsing is down to 4 memberwho must play in all challenges. No special foods for anyone yet might start taking a toll also! Russell at one point during the challenge looked close to being ready to drop again! Lisa did well guiding the puzzle players.

    I wish they would show more of the other teams and not just the dysfunctial ones!

  7. Fantastic Bloggergal, thank you. Don’t worry about the cookies comment, apparently it didn’t matter to the team either. :)

    As I said on the previous page, I sure hope Lisa’s positive participation during the puzzle solving will bring her into the fold more and she’ll be more relaxed. I like her but the “mean” girls are making comments like, “you can’t trust her” or “I wouldn’t trust her” when they don’t even have a clue as to her personality nor have they made any effort to get to know her. Just throw it against the wall and see what sticks. Can’t stand people like that. Back up your rhetoric or shut up!

  8. I went to the previous page to read some of the comments. Boodilishous comes to mind for poor Angie although maybe she’s playing dumb. Prolly not but could be…. Why would they pick someone with no physical skills whatsoever like Roxy & Angie and put them both on the same team? Makes no sense to me. SVR isn’t for wimps so it’s pretty obvious they don’t vet them very well for their capabilities. Then, of course, there’s the walking accident waiting to happen. :)

    Jane, I hope your mouth feels better. Ouch my dear, that does hurt. I’ve done it with pizza. As for your “people”, I wonder who applies because they sure do a poor job on BB with some of their HG choices and it seems SVR is no different no matter what color they are.

    1. Yeah I think its casting. When you try to cast stereotypes you get stereotypes. They even do it when they cast someone that’s gay.

  9. Just watch the show again! Very glad Roxy was sent packing, not because of her color or speaking in tongs but that was the right one for this tribe to go, maybe she can get some water to drink now!

    1. Tried Cynthia. Too difficult to access and way too much stress for something that should be so simple. It acts like I’m trying to break into Fort Knox or something. Will remain “The Man On The Bathroom Door,” like many others, in honor of or boy JT.

  10. I was very surprised to see that Russell had voted Roxy out.
    He was so sure that if she were voted out, he would be next.
    Nothing but surprises on Survivor!

  11. very interesting BBGal…noting the contact lenses in SVR….u know, lots of people think wrestling is real but in fact its fake, just play acting and now im starting to think that SVR is also fake…look at the contact lenses thing…..and ur right why would they leave the Flint…the producers made her come back to catch Penner…..all acting…but it does look real, right…just like wrestling, lol….☺….

    1. thanks Kevin, he’s really pretty good. I also watched the interview on The View which I missed before. Very cute and Danielle didn’t look like she’s forgiving Dan any time soon.

  12. @Bloggergal I totally missed the whole show this past Wednesday. :sad: Was about to try to watch it on CBS….but decided to come here first. So glad I did. With your most detailed rundown of the shows events…there is no need for me to waste an hour at CBS. :grin: Great job sweetness. And Thank You A MILLION times for your hard work.

    @Snake aka luv2shootpics Do I have to vote every week or just when & if my original pick gets booted???

    Catch ya next week. :grin:

  13. I am so excited that Amy Purdy is on Amazing Race!!!! First Ian on BB now Amy on AR… its a great year for Special Needs in Reality TV!! Go Amy!!!

    1. Hey Miss T! I think it’s great too. People need to see that because you have special needs does not mean you have to stop living… I hope your ‘little special need’ is doing well.

      I missed somewhere that Ian on BB has a special need… what is it?

  14. Can’t wait for the merge, hope Mike AKA (accident prone) can make it without a few scars!!!
    Like I said before Lisa coming on this show so soon after her divorce to find herself was a big mistake it is more like she is loosing hersef and if she makes it to the merge I hope she doesn’t have a melt down trying to deal with so many people.

  15. Hi Bloggergal and all my ‘friends’. Sorry to be so late to the party. I have been busy. But, I did get to watch Survivor. I like all the characters this time. Hope they wise up and send Penner, Swan and Skupin packing right away. I think we have seen that the people voted off so far must have been very annoying around camp 24/7. I had high hopes for Roxanne, but she didn’t pan out. Zane was just a dummy with big aspirations and no game play to back it up. He was pretty funny though. I thought Roxy was too at first, but she became way to complicated. I think if they want a good black contestant, they should cast our Jane… then they would have to cast Aggie to balance her out. I would pay for that lineup.

    I see Kevin11 from BBB got dragged over. I wonder if he watches Survivor or is just here to spew BB propaganda??? Get an avatar… and speaking of avatars… where’s Bloggergal’s!?!?

    I wonder if, like AC, we can mention JT’s name and he will appear?

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