Survivor Philippines…Malcolm WAS in the Middle

Last night’s Survivor wasn’t “WOW” exciting, but usually the beginning of these shows are slow.  I have to admit, it is bothering me that there are a number of contestants on the show that we haven’t gotten to know (or hear from) at all.  Survivor seems to be concentrating on a select few.  Sigh, so what else is new?

It didn’t take long at all for best gal pal Abi Maria to stab RC in the back.  She told Pete that RC had found the clue to the HII and the two of them went looking for it behind RC’s back.  Once again, a Survivor contestant miraculously realized where the HII was and now Abi Maria and Pete have it.  Pete, smart guy that he is, made an alliance with FOL (Facts of Life) Lisa to get out Mike as soon as they can.  Good thinking, Pete!

Meanwhile over at Matsing, there are only four players left.  Malcolm has his snuggle buddy Angie and his alliance partner Denise.  Russell is the only other guy left in the tribe.  Denise and Malcolm have a discussion about who to vote out if they end up at Tribal Council again…Russell or Angie.  Denise tells him, “you are Malcolm in the middle”.

Over at Kalabaw camp, Jeff and Dana realize that the top is missing from the rice container.  They ask around and everyone plays dumb, especially Jonathon who has the HII.  It doesn’t take the others long to figure out that it must have been the HII and that Jonathan has it.  Jeff tells the rest to play dumb and maybe they can still blindside Jonathan.  Jonathan knows the gang is on to him so he approaches Jeff and tells him that he has the HII.  He uses this to try to gain Jeff’s trust.  Jeff and Jonathan shake hands on an alliance, but Jeff tells us (the camera) that he used the “four finger” handshake so it doesn’t count.  Huh?  Am I the only one that thinks Jeff is an ass?

A quick aside…the Matsing tribe wakes in the morning only to realize that their raft is gone.  Really?  You didn’t make sure that your raft wouldn’t go out with the tide?

Time for the Immunity Challenge.  Each team has to send a contestant into the ocean to untie a puzzle piece and bring it up onto a raft.  There are eight puzzle pieces.  When all eight pieces are retrieved, the players must spell out a word.  Since Matsing is down to four players, the two other teams sit out two players each.  The puzzle pieces are tied in a vertical row, which means the more puzzle pieces you retrieve, the farther down in the water you are. The first place team gets a super dooper fishing kit and a canoe.  Second place gets a super (but not dooper) fishing kit!

To make a long story short, once again Matsing gets destroyed at the challenge.  Angie can’t untie the puzzle piece and loses a lot of time right in the beginning.  Russell seems like he’s drunk and can’t get up the ladder to get back on the raft and then on his second try has to quit without retrieving a puzzle piece.  Denise does an amazing job.  She’s an excellent role model for the over 40’s female crowd.  Malcolm is a young strapping guy, of course he does well.  Now this is where the other teams or at least team Tandang used their heads. RC was good at retrieving the puzzle pieces so she kept diving over and over.  This really helped out her tribe.  Matsing, as Malcolm said in Tribal was playing like it was Kindergarten and let everyone have a turn.  If Matsing had let Denise and Malcolm retrieve the puzzle pieces I think they could have won this competition.  Oh well.

For the third straight time Matsing returns to Tribal Council.  Russell is shown praying and all full of drama.  “Thy will be done.”  Etc, etc.  God really has become a big part of Survivor in the last few seasons, hasn’t she?  <grin>

So it’s now time for Malcolm to get OUT of the middle.  It’s up to him and Denise if they are going to vote out Angie or Russell.  I’m not too crazy about Russell, but from a game standpoint, he’s the one to keep.  I know there are a couple of guys that want to keep Angie around for the eye candy…I bet Malcolm was one of them.

At Tribal Council, Russell forgets about his God and his morals and trashes youngin’ Angie making the gal cry and Malcolm pat pat her shoulder.  With a vote of 3-1, Angie’s torch is snuffed.  This really was the best thing for them to do.  If by some chance the tribe has to compete again before a merge, Russell is going to be needed.  Besides, I was getting depressed looking at that perfect 20 year-old body!

So, did anyone else notice that twice Malcolm mentioned how many days had passed in the Survivor game and that twice Survivor producers bleeped him?  Evidently, the number of days the contestants had been in the game and the number of days the Survivor producers want us to think they are in the game are two different things.

One more thing, what is going on in the Matsing tribe when it comes to the hidden Immunity Idol?  Are they idiots or are they too depressed to even bother looking for it?  Most likely, Survivor has withheld this from us once again.  Russell couldn’t possible be that stupid, could he?  Of course, they did lose their raft…  I just don’t know what to think anymore.  I do think that y’all should have a beautiful, healthy, fun-filled week!!!  Bloggergal

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  1. WOW what a show! Where to start, so much drama, I agree with Bloggergal, Jeff is indeed an ass with his four fnger handshake with Jonathan, but then he made an alliance with Jonathan who is also an ass in my book.
    I think RC should be player of the week after all how many times did she dive for the puzzle pieces helping Tangdang win imunity ony to get stabbed in the back by Abi who I thought was going to break her arm patting herself on the back because she found the idol, is it me or does anyone else think she is a little psycho?
    Denise is indeed a role model for the over 40 people.
    Mike did it AGAIN Mr. AP spilled some more blood! Hopefuly he will get booted out before he has to be taken out via chopper.
    Last but not least there is Russell, wasn’t worth a flip in the challenge as was bubble head Angie!
    Hopefully the merge is going to happen soon, that is the only way Malcom and Denise will have a chance in this game.
    Can’t wait to read other people’s take on last night’s show. Hope everyone has a great week! Sherry

    1. Hi Sherry…
      I agree… Jeff should be in elementary school… maybe that’s what they do in baseball… probably not. I don’t think Jonathan is an ass… I think he is trying to be entertaining, and playing it a bit tongue in cheek. Jeff will piss people off soon enough.
      Abi is my girl in our pool, I like her, but I think her mouth will get her the boot… yes she is a bit psycho I think.
      I think Denise and Malcom will make a strong team and go deep. I predict that their team will not go to tribal next week and maybe some kind of merge the following week.

  2. Thanks Bloggergal for the excellent replay of last night.
    I’m agreeing about how some players are totally ignored. Normal I guess but how do we pick favorites when we don’t see much of all the people?
    There’s not much excitement so far so hopefully things will pick up. Maybe next week.

    1. I agree… this was a good recap. And I thought a good show. The others will be highlighted soon enough… I hope.

      My family had a huge Wisteria tree in our backyard when I grew up. I’m sure you are as pretty as the blooms…

  3. Well Angie will truly be missed. Seriously, she was a nice gal but unfortunately the challenges have been too physical. I think we can probably find some more eye candy or at least some contestants we can like. Russell next and then the two remainers will have to join the two other tribes.

    1. I agree… she was cute… and I will miss her. I do hope Russell goes soon… he is deluded and either on steroids or has only pumped iron in the gym to gain that physique… no stamina. Shelly’s worried about Mike being taken out by chopper… how about Swan?

  4. Ugh!! I was so disappointed in Russell’s performance at the challenge. He couldn’t even get up the ladder?!?!?!? However, I am glad Angie was sent packing–so tired of looking at her boob job. And it told me that Malcolm has a few brain cells firing, he didn’t completely shut down like I’d thought he had.

    I have a feeling we will be seeing 2 teams next week.

    Oh and I think last night’s vote took place on day 8?

    1. I’m sure that was the cause of Angie’s buoyancy problem diving down in the water. I think Malcolm is firing on all cylinders and will go far… it will be interesting to see who he and Denise hook up with when there is a merge.

  5. I pretty much agree. Angie was cute but that was all. She was kind of like Jessica Simpson. Empty headed. Russell was as useless as she was but I think the team is stupid enough to think that he actually might be up to some physical challenge some time in the near future. As far as the people on the island, I agree that if you know 2 names per team you are lucky. Most of them are non-entities.

    1. I don’t think they think much of Russell either, and have no hopes of him in a challenge… it was the best choice. Angie was too young, and I don’t mean in age, for this game.

  6. With the Matsing struggles production seems to center everything on them. Like I and many others have noticed, where are the other 12 players. Few and far between!!

    I’m not sure wether Abi or RC is bitchier. RC just wanted to talk but Abi wouldn’t have any of it, then she goes off and tells Pete. What a break for Pete! It did seem like a miracle that Abi walked right over to the rice box and figure it out!!! Lets see how long it takes the rest of the tribe to notice that it’s missing!

    Matsing is going down to self-destruction! Angie was to young and naive to be playing this game. I believe Malcolm and Denise have a very strong alliance and hope they don’t get split up!

    Jonathon is a veteran but it took him a lot of searching before he figured out where the idol was. Jeff isn’t an ass, he is simply playing the game and giving himself options. There are a lot of young’uns on his team and he may need Jonathons help or maybe not, time will tell.

    The lost raft was lost by the lost team. :grin:

    The Immunity challenge was easy for swimmers. The wheels weren’t tied, they had a bar that swiveled. You needed to push down on the wheel and then twist the bar and the wheel slid off. Angie couldn’t even get the very first one, all she had to do was stand on it and the bar would be very easy to turn, she truly was a wimp. Remember how Roxy and her both wimped out in the last challenge!
    Is it just me or has Russell seemed to be close to passing out at times? He might have an anxiety issue which causes him to get week in the knees. Then after Denise and Malcolm closed the gap, production made it look like they almost finished second!! I thought they had the word spelled out before Tandang!

    Angies age an innocence made it easy for Russell to get at her! She should have backed off a little and maybe he wouldn’t have gone after her?!

    Didn’t Russell find a clue to an idol? It is weird that none of them have been looking for the idol as far as we know!

    OK – to clear up the days they are there! Each episode is edited from a 2 or 3 day period. Last nights was from days 7 & 8. Next weeks will be days 9, 10 & 11. The reward challenge is from day 10 and is seperate from the immunity challenge which is day 11 along with the tribal council. Spoiler ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Day12 is the estimated day of the reshuffing of the teams.

    Mike is a walking danger zone!

    1. Same old Survivor, Snake… we’ll see them later, and a few we won’t see much of. I think RC is bitchier and Abi is more of a loose cannon.
      Russell did find a clue (I think) but they haven’t shown any of them looking or interested.
      They did make it look like they were close to getting second. But I think not.

  7. I read and i read yesterday the old one but i don’t think i said anything but i need to now.
    First off….i agree about Jeff. But if he were Russell i don’t think anyone would care. I don’t understand why some “asses” are accepted and some aren’t. I don’t care for Abi….she’s so mean.
    I think you can play sneaky without being mean about it.
    Also, yes Russ “in this game” prayed. SO WHAT. If a person most likely prays in real life as i do even about ‘God, don’t let me be an ass today’…I even pray for parking places….It’s just who i talk to so what if Russell prays alot in his real life I’m sure he would there also. Don’t think God is so small He cannot be everywhere. BUT I DO THINK RUSSELL is trying just too hard. He looks in great shape but with him getting tired so quickly (not that i can even swim) but it makes me wonder if he has high blood pressure or something we don’t see. How often do we see someone in perfect shape on the outside just all of a sudden die?….several times. So I wonder if he really IS in shape? I know if i were younger and dumb enough to put myself through that show I’d be working out a year ahead of time and learning how to eat a twig or whatever, ya know? I’d want to know how to start a fire with my fingernail….ok so i’m being silly but I don’t understand ppl going on there and not knowing how to do things or not being in shape and also…they need a member on Russell’s team with OCD…..i promise you, that raft would have been tied and ON Land.
    Angie was cute but though it was a hard choice Russell so far has the muscle but I don’t see him lasting. And i still like Mike but someone needs to get him a helmet and don’t let him take it off.
    still lernin’ who the other members are. It’s kind of confusing for me since as bbgal said…we’re concentrating on just a few of them..and i find myself up and doing stuff around the house becuz it’s not keeping my attention.
    I don’t understand why anyone who finds the HII tells someone else. I wouldn’t tell anyone.
    I still like Lisa and want her to hang in there. But i’m not crazy about whats his name telling her how to vote…..don’t like pushy ppl.

    1. Hi tdr!
      In regards to Russell Swan’s strength… see my comment to Mark up above. Big Muscles do not mean Big Strength… or Stamina for that matter, and that’s Russell’s downfall. I think the only real muscles are in Russell’s head.

      In regards to Russell praying… unfortunately he was ‘acting’ for the camera. The Survivors are prompted or ‘influenced’ by production, like the Housemates in the Diary Room on BB. I’m sure he was sincere in his thoughts, but the hallelujahs just rang false to me.

      And, in regards to God… you better tell Bloggergal to stop refering to Him as a she. Wouldn’t want to be on His bad side… he probably has His hands full trying to keep Russell from being voted off the island.

  8. also…..i do think Russell was mean to Angie. We who pray are ONLY human though. And Russell is acting very desperate.

    1. I cant stand Russel but he wasnt mean. He was.playing the game and saving himself. Since Angie was intimudated thaT easy she really had no business being there because its early in the game she hadnt seen nothing yet!

  9. Angie couldn’t free the puzzle piece since her fake boobs kept floating to the top. I still would have gotten ride of Russell. I just cannot stand his “holier than thou” attitude. He berates his tribe mates like they are the ones who continues to screw up. He needs a reality check since this is reality television and look in the mirror. His performance has been a joke.

    Michael seems to be a complete klutz. Get rid of him. I am tired of all of CBS’s shows and the continuing of bringing back former contestants. Enough already! Sick of Brendan and Rachel from Big Brother, not to mention Jessie. I much prefer all new casts.

    Thanks for the blog! Great job!

  10. Great replay! the four-fingered handshake was silly, indeed. And was a bit concerned when Malcolm (who is apparently smarter than he looks) gave Angie a pat. You caught it all!

  11. Hey, where’s my peeps? Miss T, Betty, Agnes, Frances, The Hillbilly, BoBo, Star, Fish, Margie and PK?

    Looking to see one of the other tribes at Tribal next week. I like how Pete is playing… smart guy I think. And Malcolm and Denise are my super faves so far… but then that’s who we’ve seen the most of, huh?

    I’m mixed feelings on Roberta… I don’t like that type, but I think she is very intelligent, I just think she will outsmart herself. Second on Pete’s list to axe… right after Skupin, which I think is smart. He is firmly in control of that tribe, and I was not expecting that of him. Nice to be surprised. That Abi is a spitfire, and I think will be kept around for awhile, but will piss off too many in the end. As will Jeff, unless he keeps it in check. He and Jonathan may have a nice alliance of mutual distrust. Penner cracks me up… you know he can’t be serious about what he says with a big Wink… exactly how I would play it. Lots of tribe mates we have not seen on his tribe… Carter (my guy in our pool), Sarah (who is probably the cutest woman there) and Katie (Miss Deleware).

    Is there anyone on this blog (with the exception of SnakeBitSal) who would have thought to pry off the emblem on the rice box, thinking it might be the idol? I don’t think I would have.

    1. I’m here Ted Better late then never! I did not get this E-Mail til this am….Must of missed it :lol: …………. :mrgreen:
      Got my Survivor Hat on for this Blog…. :)

    2. Miss T… that is not how I pick to like! (of course it helps) And, I didn’t say I liked her, but she does not annoy me, and since she is my girl in our pool, I will have to root for her. I do not expect her to win.

  12. Since we all know the Matsing tribe and it seems all are in agreement as to last nights eviction and Russell’s uselessness, I think it’s time the producers focus on some of the other teams. I am having trouble getting to know what their capabilities are because we don’t get to see much of them…Maybe nxt week…hope hope hope.

  13. Hey Tedster…you always know where to find me. About the emblem on the rice box….nope, never would I have thought to do that. Of all people to find it…patooooey!

    Hi DewyRose….good to see you here. Hope you’re feeling better and you have things under control. CYA around! ;)

  14. I was glad they did the right thing and gave Angie the Boot, It looks like Macolm is thinking with his big head for a change. Russell looked very nervous and uneasy at tribal, I’m not really liking him this season, he seemed to be better in his season. So far the vets, are nothing impressive on there.

  15. I am a huge fan of Surivor,love watching all the haggling,figuring things out,best of all love watching the different players interact with each other,figureing out the besr moves and bes.t,only to get jerked around when the merge happens r alliances!right now I have a MAJOR PET PEE________THE MUSIC IS SO DANG LOUDAND I MEAN LOUD,SO LOUD THAT YOU CANNOT HEAR WHAT THE PLAYERS ARE SAYING!!!!!PLEASE PLEASE TURN IT DOWN!!!!WAY DOWN !!!!

  16. It was an Okay show! Just got this E-Mail this Morning, it’s after 5:30 am in NJ So I will read all you comments later today and see you then, bye for now ………….. :mrgreen:

  17. Have you all noticed how may butt shots are on this years Survivor? Of course I’m talking about the ladies. Sorry, can’t help it.

  18. When do u think Miss Cookies got her implants?….u think she got them in HS?…..why are these young girls allowed to get these implants as teenagers?….i just dont understand…..

    btw…since CBS is not allowing us fans to see who else is playing Survivor this year by not giving us no speaking scenes from the other survivors…i guess i will be Rooting for Denise and Malcom…they have become a powerful Force…i wish them well….☺….

  19. They are not showing us the other people so they can choose our favorites for us the same way they choose their alliances for them. Three tribes is too many with too few people. Two evicted and now even after a merge Denise and Malcolm are at a huge disadvantge

  20. Still loving the show, as with most other commentors in here I also wonder how long before the other two whole tribes absorb Malcolm and Denise(Russell will be evicted this week) The two of them are solid competitors but will be split up after Russell is evicted.
    And, following the traditional past of Survivor, neither Malcom or Denise will make the merge.(I hope I am wrong on this as Malcolm should be able to win it all) Survivor may have made a mistake with the three tribe thing,, as in the past with 4 tribes(What was that all about?) viewers don’t get to know any of the others that well and they will be featured only when it’s their turn to go. Too bad as some of them could be very personable if we were allowed time to get to know them. I’ll be pulling for Lisa to hang in there as long as possible but from what we are shown she does not seem to be playing a very strong social game(I thought she would)
    Watch out for Jeff, He may be the one to hold onto as a favorite if he is strong enough to win individual immunity when the time comes.What happened to his knee issue? I’ve had three surgeries on my knee and when the weather gets bad(Like it seems to be always there) I can barely move my knee.Jeff seems to be just fine so I guess he didn’t cause the suspected damage to the ligament he originally said was there. Anyway, thanks for the tiime you take to create this blog,Keep writing, I’ll keep reading. Bert

    1. If they just distribute Malcolm and Denise to the other 2 tribes, they’re going to be dead meat since they haven’t bonded w/ any other people.

  21. I wish you’d call the tribes by their colors. Who can keep track of the tribes w/ crazy names I can’t say much less remember. I agree w/ you. Those crazy producers like to play their own games w/ the viewers. Did Abi Maria let Pete keep the HII in his hot little hands? I don’t think less of Jeff for doing the 4 finger shake. When someone holds out their hand for a shake, are they really going to refuse it in this game? No way. If Johnathan is dumb enough to put trust in a handshake, he’s too dumb for the game.

  22. Am looking forward to tomorrow night’s show….maybe just maybe we will get to see more of the other tribes and I don’t just mean at the challenges. Don’t understand prodction focusing on just one tribe. Guess all we can do is wait and see.

  23. Okay…. Hope tonight’s show will better then the last ones…. See you soon ….. …………………. :mrgreen:

    1. Howdy V….well, if there were a new page up, I didn’t get it either. At the bottom of this page, it doesn’t say anything about a new page up, so my guess would be there isn’t one.

  24. Another round of Matsing sucking at a challenge, this time Malcom couldn’t break the pots!
    Also, everthing revolved around the Matsing camp. Russell couldn’t find the idol even though he almost sat on it. The Denise – Malcolm team stayed strong, however i’m guessing a merge is coming after the next xhallenge!
    Still not much being shown about the other camps. Being that know one has been evicted the only thing happening is some jostiling among themselves on their alliances. I almost wish Abi and RC would get into a catfight instead of just bitching at each other. Pete has been adding some fuel to that f ire also, putting the clue where everyone could see it!
    Jeff is still flirting with Jonathan as an alliance and maybe bringing in one or two more people!
    With Abi and RC fighting, Lisa has sort of become a little safer from being a target!
    The one thing I hope doesn’t happen is that Denise and Malcolm may get split up with a merge coming soon! I hope one of them finds the idol!

  25. Survivor reminds the world why it is still the best reality competition series on TV

    Sometimes people reply to a Facebook post or tweet about Survivor with an overused response: This show is still on? I’d like to take last night’s episode and slap them in the face with it, at least after I rub Emmy voters’ faces in it, because that was an hour of exceptional television.

    Read More

  26. Hi everyone! You won’t have to wait much longer for a new page now, for as a rule every time I post a new page comes up before I am done writing my comment! :lol:

    I was so happy to see Russell go home last night. In my opinion I
    truly believe he has mental issues, although, I did feel sorry for him, as he tried to contain his outbursts, but unfortunately his anger got the best of him.

    Great show last night!

  27. Anyone else noticing the cynical way the producers have elicited what could be described as religious exhibitionism from people who are at their most fragile? That’s not entertainment, it’s almost voyeurism.

    Since it may take one to know one, I’m hoping there’s at least one producer with faith of his or her own who might recognize the kind of religion that is beneath the surface, in a smart player who treats people with respect while playing an honest, cleverly deceptive – and therefore winning – game.

    They can give thanks for that gorgeous natural world, pray for safety, respect their adversaries, worship privately. That’s real religion in my book.

  28. Two players on one team? That won’t last long. I can’t believe those final three never mentioned to each other that once they voted one player out, there’s no way a next tribal council can go down with just two players. Listen in – “Who are you voting for?” “You. Who are you voting for?” “You, of course!” The two who survive are obviously going to the other two teams. What makes the most sense? Keeping the player in who has the best chance of making an alliance with the other tribe and when the final merge comes along, maybe making a super-alliance! Russ would not have been able to do that.

  29. I was glad to see Malcolm and Denise found themselves a new home. It seems Malcolm will do fine where he is, and Denise will do ok too, that is until it gets down to her and the 3 guys ….then she will be toast! They pretty much told her she makes the 4th. It seemed she was ok with that. Who knows, anything can change from one minute to the next.

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