Survivor Phillipines: Artis is Blindsided

Do you all agree with me that Survivor is starting to get good?  I was away last week, but I did sit and watch the show.  I can’t decide if Lisa just keeps playing the innocent card and is really a shark or whether she’s genuine.  You just never know on Survivor!

This week’s reward challenge pitted Denise, Malcolm, Penner and Carter against Artis, Skupin, Lisa and Pete.  Penner really gave his team an advantage when he dug out all four bags that were buried in the mud so that his teammates didn’t have to search.  They received reward which included bringing gifts to the village children and sharing a huge feast with the village.  It was really a nice touch to involve the locals and have the Survivors give instead of always just taking.  Hopefully this will become a regular part of the game.

Did you ever notice that we rarely see how teams are picked?  Evidently for the reward challenge one player was picked to be in charge and then they chose the other players on their team.  Actually, I’m assuming this is what went down because Jeff mentioned that Abi-Maria was “not picked to compete”.  Let’s face it Penner’s team was stacked.  Denise is an amazing competitor and my newest idol!  I wish I could be in that condition <sigh>.

The Individual Immunity challenge involved balancing balls on a paddle and getting them to sit in slots.  The first one to get all six of their balls in the slots on their paddle wins.  Skupin kicked butt on this challenge and was quickly in the lead.  His only competition was Pete, but I think Pete started feeling the pressure and before you know it his balls fell.  <s>  Skupin won Individual Immunity.

Of course, this scared the crap out of Penner.  He doesn’t have a HII anymore and he knows it could be him going to jury this week.  He starts working on Skupin and Lisa to get them to switch over to his side.  Lisa is wishy-washy because she doesn’t want to go against her word and her alliance.  However, Skupin doesn’t have a problem switching sides.  The decision is to blindside Artis and by the look on his face when the votes were read…that they did!  Penner, Denise, Malcolm, Carter and Skupin vote to oust Artis.  Abi-Maria and Pete are sitting ducks.  I personally think they should have blindsided Abi-Maria to flush out or eliminate the HII.  I know that everyone wants to keep her because they see her as absolutely no competition in the Finals.  She really is a PIA, isn’t she?

That’s it gang!  Unfortunately, I won’t be around next Wednesday again.  I’m going to Las Vegas for a family reunion for Thanksgiving.  I’ll ask BBBlogger to fill in.  Hopefully, he will have time.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!  xxoo Bloggergal

25 thoughts on “Survivor Phillipines: Artis is Blindsided”

  1. I am with you, I want Abi to go. She is just worthless. I don’t know if I could stand to listen to her griping long enough to keep her around so I could win in the end.

  2. I am soooo ready for abi to go home too!!I don’t think in the end it will matter if its here ne one will be up against….she needs to shut her mouth and go. I like how the game changed!

  3. PIA- pain in the ass.

    Abi is a little psycho bitch and should have gone home long ago. I think Lisa is genuine. I love this show!

  4. I’m glad to see Bloggergal back and happy you got that needed vacation.
    I’m totally agreed that Abi needs to go.


  6. Something tells me that Pete will ditch Abi and come crawling to the others for some safety. The arrogance that both of them exude is deplorable. My favorites this season were Malcolm and RC but, since she’s gone I’m going with Malcolm and Skupin.

  7. I would have gotten rid of Abi first. I think ‘Blair’ is channeling ‘Jo’ and isn’t so naive as she appears. Abi is annoying and bitter and negative.

  8. Abi is definitely a pain to watch. But it depends which perspective you take.

    From a viewer’s perspective, she is driving everyone crazy and needs to go home. I can’t think of one genuinely nice thing she has said or done the entire game, and she hasn’t made much impression as a player either. Yes, she has an idol, but does she really know enough about the game to play it the right way? Somehow, I think not. She is getting very annoying very quickly, and I would love nothing more than to see her get blindsided.

    However, from a player’s perspective, I wouldn’t go after her (or Pete, for that matter) right away. That short temper and nasty attitude will not get her a single jury vote, especially considering RC is on the jury. I bet she loved seeing Abi’s reaction to the vote! I would keep Abi around until final 3 and let the jury have their chance to tell her exactly why she will NOT win Survivor. And Pete should try to convince her to give the idol to him. He is her only real ally in the game, and she doesn’t seem like the smartest player, so she’d probably fall for it.

  9. Abi would be the perfect person to end up with in the final 2. She’s done nothing, she’s stupid and no one likes her. With that, and because of that, there is no way she’d make it to the final 2. We know from the past that she is risky to have an alliance with. She doesn’t trust anyone and she lets you know it and if you do try to work with you, you may end up with her pulling some trick on you to back stab you, like putting the amunity clue in your bag after you buried it with her. Then there’s Pete, not much brighter, doesn’t trust his team mates when they come tell him some secret information they have learned and goes and confronts the person instead ruining everything. Then he learns that that person told him the truth at tribal and still acts like a jerk towards them. Abi and Pete have to get the award for destroying a strong alliance because of their stupidity!

  10. I agree the last two episodes have been the most exciting of the whole season. I’m afraid Lisa is so clueless as to what is going on, if she were the only one left on the island she would be confused as to who to vote off!!!!! It would be great to see Denise, Malcolm or Jonathan win the million…all the rest are just riding along on any convenience coat-tail.

  11. I agree the last two episodes have been the most exciting of the whole season. I’m afraid Lisa is so clueless as to what is going on, if she were the only one left on the island she would be confused as to who to vote off!!!!! It would be great to see Denise, Malcolm or Jonathan win the million…all the rest are just riding along on any convenient coat-tail.

  12. Welcome back Bloggergal. This has been a very strange game so far. I also can’t figure out why they did not force Abi to play the idol, and if Pete thinks she would give it to him if he was in danger of being voted off, then he really is not very bright after all she did not offer it to anyone in her alliance, and then telling Lisa she needs to stay true to her alliance that she is a part of!!!! Granted she has sat out in a LOT of competitions so she really is not a threat, the only thing I see that she is good at is running her mouth, and I don’t think she would get any of the jury votes so maybe in the end it might be good to keep her but they do need to get that idol away from her. I do not think I could be on that island with her she would end up toothless!!
    One thing about Lisa, she did not try to lie her way out of playing both sides got to give her credit for trying to pull it off at least she is trying to play the game.
    I am still hoping Malcom and Denise make it to the final 3.
    Hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving and if you are going to be travelling be safe

  13. I was rooting for Lisa initially, but damn, leave that abi bitch already. So what if you were loyal to her? It’s about self-respect, and it clearly shows that she doesn’t have it because she’s sticking with them bitches even though they’re bullying her, calling her naive and gullible, which she’s looking to be, clearer and clearer now. Hope they show next episode that the break-up between abi and lisa is gonna be fun, and i do think that Lisa leaving the Tandang Alliance is justified especially because self-pride should be more important than her loyalty to that awful Abi. And if she does go with Skupin’s proposal of an alliance to ensure her final four is with Jonathan and Carter. I do love the Malcolm and Denise alliance and i love them as people overall, it just that i think Jonathan played the game better and I like witty and tactical players to win. Coz i think survivor is more than a physical game, but also a mental/psychological warfare

  14. I sure hope we see Pete yelling at Abi next week about opening her big mouth at tribal. Her remarks sealed the deal for Lisa to switch sides! Too funny!!! :lol:

  15. Thank you my Friends for keeping me up to date! I missed some of the shows due to Sandy, living on the Jersey Shore is like being back in Vietnam! Not that bad…… but had me thinking about it ! We are still cleaning things up in my town, so much damage here! We did fair better then a lot of our neighbors, but now I have to deal with some of my health problems. I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving, I know my family have many things to be thankful for!
    This show is getting very good now, I do not like that little PIA Abi, man that girl has some mouth on her :lol: As far as Lisa goes I do like her, she is a good women & is trying to play the game, being a child TV star she needed to have a life changing thing like this game! I hope Pete or Abi go next! Just don’t like the way they treat people! Penner or Malcom could make it to the end if they keep playing the way the are doing now, not sure if that made any sense ! :)
    Bloggergal good to see ya & very happy you are getting a very needed vacation, Thank you for all your hard work for all of us! I think BBB will do just fine for us, he always does! :)
    Thanks again everyone, hope to see you soon!
    …………………………………………….. :mrgreen:

  16. Bobo sorry to hear of the heath problems on top of dealing with the aftermath of Sandy, hope yo get to feeing better soon.
    Sounds like everyone is tired of Abi and not sure if Pete has enough common sense to realize that he has a big target on his back because of his alliance with Abi, hopefully they will force her to pay the idol tonight. To me the best thing to do is put Pete and Abi on the block tonight, that would be one way to do some damage to that alliance.
    The more I find out about Malcom the more I like him, loved the way he interacted with the kids. Looking forward to tonight’s show

  17. I’m really curious about Lisa. I almost think she wants people to think she’s naive so that they keep on her board until the end as an “easy” alliance. I’ve done exit interviews with the castaways this season for the FOUR website in New Zealand and they’re pretty eye opening if you want to have a listen to the pod casts:

    Jeff even said that Pete told him he “owed him one”, when Jeff switched to vote with him. Then Pete stabbed him in the back!

    Get in touch with me on Twitter @shoregirlhol if you have questions for the upcoming eliminated castaways

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