Survivor Tribes Merge…Not One Big Happy Family!

Finally, all the remaining Survivor contestants are on the same tribe.  In essence the four remaining members of  Kalabaw  joined up with the still intact tribe Tandang.  Immediately players began to scramble to have the merge be to their best advantage.

All new Survivor contestants are dead set against a former contestant winning this game.  That puts a huge target on Jonathan and Michael.  Since the tribe has figured out that Jonathan has a HII, they decide very early on to vote for him at the tribal council.  The plan is to divide the votes between RJ and Jonathan.  If Jonathan uses the HII, then RJ will be voted off.  If he doesn’t, then it would Jonathan voted off.

Kind of up in the air about whose side they are on is Jeff and Carter.  They realize that if they team up with the 4 from Kalabaw they will have a solid six.  Jeff isn’t too sure about this because he doesn’t like the idea of playing with past Survivors over new contestants.  Carter just sits there with his mouth hanging open most of the time!

The Immunity Challenge comes down to pure strength.  Each member of the tribe must hold up a bucket that contains 25% of their body weight.  There will be one female and one male winner.  Denise wins for the women handily.  The final two on the men’s side are Jeff and Carter.  Jeff tells Carter that he will owe him one if he drops and vice versa.  Carter agrees and says that he really wants Immunity, so Jeff drops.  Since all the tribe is after either RJ or Jonathan, the main goal was not to have either of those win Immunity.

At Tribal Council, Abi-Maria is still carrying on about how RJ betrayed her.  No one, but us knows that it was really Pete setting up RJ.  I can’t wait to see Abi-Maria and Pete get ousted from this game. I do not like those two.

The vote comes down to three getting votes…Pete, RJ and Jonathan.  Jonathan intelligently uses his HII and so his votes don’t count.  RJ is voted off the tribe.  I suppose this setup served a purpose because now Jonathan doesn’t have a HII anymore and he’s left out there dangling.  I don’t really understand why they chose RJ as the one who would go home if Jonathan used the HII.  I would think Skupin would have been a good choice?

That’s it for this  week.  Unfortunately, but actually really fortunate for me! I won’t be around next Thursday.  We are taking a vacation!  Hopefully BBBlogger will show up here to update you.  Have a great week and I’ll talk to you soon…Bloggergal

Also, my thoughts and positive energy to all of you in the East who were affected by the hurricane.  Let us know if we can do anything to help you recover!

18 thoughts on “Survivor Tribes Merge…Not One Big Happy Family!”

  1. If Jeff, the ballplayer, had kept his mouth shut at the tribal council last night I don’t think Penner would have used his immunity idol and would have been gone!

    I was happy to see Carter and Denise win immunity!!

  2. I cannot stand the way Tarazan Boy is talking about Lisa. I think she comes off as sweet & sinceere and he is so dismissive and cutting – The Church Lady? Really? I haven’t heard a bunch of God talk from her. UG! I can’t stand some of these young people & their attitudes!!

  3. I really like Jeff, but he confuses me at times…he has made it apparent in the past that he would vote Penner off, and doesn’t. Last night he chose R.C. Now the preview shows that Penner is mad…”How dare they enter my name to be voted off”..come again? All bets off now and Jeff better watch out…

  4. i just really think it unfair of probst to ring some of the bells he does. does anyone think Malcom threw that challenge? trying to keep the target off his back since he knew the way it would play out? GO Malcom , GO Denise, ya’ll rock it!! What are we missing as to why RC was voted out? till next week, and my hearts too go out to the folks hit by H.Sandy.

  5. Well, well,,,the game is finally afoot with the meld and finally, finally Abi-Maria has to take part in the challenges…time will tell how well she can handle them….Sorry Lisa, you may have been trying to be Miss Goody Two Shoes hanging everyones laundry out to dry but you really had no business whatsoever going into everyones backpacks for any reason…those are personal and off limits to anyone other than the owners…period!

  6. Malcom is really playing it low key, which is a smart move,.
    sometimes I wonder if Carter ” Gets it ” he seems to be
    in his own zone. I am in Denise’s corner all the way !

  7. The show played out pretty much as I expected. I do not like Pete or Adi (sp?) for oh so many reasons. I like Lisa and Tarzan boy is an immature smart mouth, I agree with Deb on this.

  8. I completely agree with you that RC was a random person to vote out along side Penner. She didn’t really have any power, which means that they should have just recruited her for her vote. I think that they really need to get Abi or Pete out because they are so unreliable and are also in possession of a HII. I nearly missed the show because I was working late at DISH last night, but thankfully my Hopper recorded it with Primetime Anytime. Being able to keep up with everything on during primetime on the 4 major networks without having to set any timers is so nice. I was glad to see Denise win immunity, and if they keep offering immunity to both sexes I am pretty sure that she will keep winning against the other women, which would be quite a positive change for her.

  9. Tarzan boy? I happen to like Malcolm, a little bit. He’s been an excellent player so far. But I didn’t like him referring to Lisa a the Church lady. How does he figure that? Can’t be her age, she and Denise are about the same age–in fact I think Denise is a little bit older. I had hoped Malcolm, Denise and Lisa would team up for a powerhouse final 3. Since Lisa knows that Malcolm has the HII, I have a feeling Malcolm will be gunning for her as soon as some other, more “important” targets are voted off the game.

  10. I think Jeff and Carter may be ok if Penner believes them. If you watched all the way through you saw that Jeff and Carter voted for RC and hopefully they assure penner that they didn’t vote for him, but even so, that makes them an alliance in everyone else’s eyes and as we saw, no one wants penner around. Then Jeff and cart will be on the chopping block

  11. Personally I a glad they got Penner to play his idol, I think his ego is bruised boo-hoo. I really like Malcom and Denise and Lisa would be good in their alliance because she seems to be true to her word.
    As for Abi and Pete I hope they go home soon now she must take part in the challenges!!
    Well all we can do is wait and see what happens on Wednesday

  12. Abi seems so unlikeable. How could she have any friends? I wish
    it was an act but don’t think so. The African-American tall guy isn’t
    much better and Pete? Pete is as slimy as they come.
    Penner plays the game with his heart sitting right on his shoulder.
    Great guy. I can sorta see why they want him out because he is
    so darn likeable. I have Jeff in our work pool and am completely
    disgusted with his back-stabbing.


  13. Completely disagree about RC. I think she was nasty and dangerous and a great person to get out, plus just unpleasant to have around. SO pleased to see her go!!!

  14. There are just 2 players I do not want to see win this game, because, well, they are just stupid. And, they are – Pete and Abi. Lisa came to Pete with information and a plan that would boost himself ahead along with (who he found out was lying to him all along) Abi and he threw Lisa under the bus. Abi is this lying, runs her mouth that she can’t keep shut and from instant to instant you don’t know what she will do or say – who would want to be in an alliance with her?! I just don’t want to see a stupid person win!

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