Survivor…Yesterday’s Recap

I read through your comments and I have to agree this is REALLY a boring Survivor season. I think it has to do with all the contestants seeming to get along and mostly just enjoying their days on the beach!  I guess as the season gets further along, the contestants will realize what’s at stake and start playing for real.

Last night, we saw another challenge for reward.  Was this a weird thing or what?  The teams had to move a ball through mud to their side of the playing field to score points and thus win the challenge.  However, from the very first, it became obvious (probably to the producers as well) that this wasn’t going to happen.  The teams were so evenly matched that the ball just sat there in the middle of the mud with the contestants at standoffs.  I was very impressed with Facts of Life Lisa’s strength display in her match-up with Denise.  So the next thing you know the two teams are in negotiations.  Tandang agrees to give the Reward to Kalabaw in exchange for all their rice.  Huh?  Tandang…have you lost your mind?  You think a letter from home and some treats are more important than your rice?  So that’s what goes down.

Kalabaw enjoys its reward (I guess).  Jonathan swears that he can catch enough fish to keep the tribe’s tummies full.  Of course, next scene shows Jonathan returning to shore with a little tiny bit of fish!  LOL  Editing?  Probably…

The Immunity Challenge is relatively simple.  One member of each tribe launches a ball.  The other tribe members have nets.  You get one point for each catch.  Five points win the challenge.  Malcolm outshines everyone in this challenge.  He seems to be the one to beat this season.  He helps Kalabaw win its second Immunity Challenge since the merge.  Tandang once again must go to Tribal Council and eliminate a player.  There is some talk (although I think forced) of them blindsiding Jonathan, but it’s pretty obvious that Katie won’t survive the night.  She barely survived last week, so this week is pretty much a no brainer.  Tandang is down to four players who are all in an alliance.

The tease of next week’s show mentions a “shake-up”.  I assume that means the teams will once again change.  I hope that Denise and Malcolm end up back on the same tribe.  I love those two and am rooting for them!  Have a great week all.  Bloggergal

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  1. I’m with you blogger gal…Want to see Malcolm and denise back on the same team…hard to pull for one team when my choices are separated.

  2. Same for me in I’m wanting Malcolm and Denise back together. They are my favorites and as a matter of fact my only favorites. Otherwise anyone can be voted out and it wouldn’t bother me in this dull season. I do hope things pick up soon.

  3. I would like to see the hind end..of that Brazilian b**ch….I like the gal who started the alliance with her RA pr Rl or something. That young blonde boy….what´s up? Is her boring or what. I think they could actaully do with some editing because I am yawning…..

  4. Agreed. Boring season. Hope the shake up, whatever it is, picks things up a bit. Also want Malcolm and Denise back together–and hope they bring Lisa in an alliance with them. Those three would be a powerhouse.

  5. I agree that Survivor is a bit boring this time, but I was happy to see that Malcolm and Denise are still in the game. I just hope they both can make it to final merge. I agree with Wisteria77, it would be nice to see them together again.

  6. So funny See an Old Survivor crew on top of the page.At least that season Was interesting!
    I think most would agree that the one dumbass(I still can’t think of his name) that said”So Penner,Who’s it gonna be? Katie or Penner?” has got to be one of the dumbest contestants ever.LOL I was cracking up at that, so at least we have that fool to look forward to watching.
    I would not be surprised to see one of the two comebackers go home this week(Or the dumbass?) But we will keep watching! And reading,Love your blog too!!

  7. I also would like to see Malcom and Denise stay to a least the merge I really would like to see both of them in the final four I think Denise is a very strong player as Malcom could go all the way .I Hope

  8. This sure looks different. All we need is an updated picture for this year. I do like the looks here. Great job Bloggergal! ♥

  9. After reading everyone’s post there is really not much left to say, I must say Lisa really shocked me looks like she is beginning to open up more, I agree with everyone that Malcom and Denise need to be back together
    Once again I was not shocked to see the SAME female sitting out in the challenge once again I ask how many times can she sit out in the challenges seems the only thing she is good at is running her mouth feel it is time for her to stop running her mouth and start running her FEET.
    This really is the most boring season ever

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