The More Things Change…

…the more they stay the same!

So, Survivor Blog is back and with Bloggergal and BBBlogger at the controls…all I can say is LOOK OUT!

Since tonight is the first episode of Survivor Philippines and we are dealing with some technical issues with our new domain ( I figured I better get something going….so here it is! :)

Congrats to Survivor for making it to your 25th season! We love you and will continue to watch!

Also, what can you expect from this blog…well we will recap, discuss, talk theory, have fun, basically be a place to hang out and chat.

I am thinking of adding a Survivor Chat room to the blog. Anyone interested? Would it be used??

This week we will dive head first into the different tribes. Talking about the 3 former castaways and the 2 celebrities! Should be a fun Season!

So what do you think? Will you be watching with us?

Hope to see you around!

Peace, BBBlogger

96 thoughts on “The More Things Change…”

  1. Looking forward to the show beginning. My #1 favorite reality show is BB, 2nd Amazing Race, 3rd Survivor. Can’t get enough of them when they are on. Should be some fun times with the three returning contestants:)

  2. hope to see lots of our bb regs on here
    have already made note to take phone off the hook rite after dinner
    ciao till then

  3. I am looking forward to Survivor tonight, it should be great! I’m also looking forward to blogging with everyone….Who is going to win Big Brother tonight? I’m so nervous!!!!

  4. Can’t seem to find the Survivor tribe game, where you pick 4 players to stay in the game, and receive points?

  5. I’m looking forward to Survivor and hoping for a good season. It’s a bittersweet day. Hello to Survivor and goodbye to BB14.

  6. Excited for the Survivor first episode and the BB finale tonight. What a fun evening planned for all of us who love reality TV.
    I really didn’t start watching Survivor until the year Jenna won and after that I was fanatical about watching it. Because I didn’t have DVR back in the day, I missed a lot of episodes and this applies to BB too.
    Now, I don’t miss an episode but when DVR isn’t working, which has happened twice this BB season, I reach for the blogs and recaps. I’m a fanatic fan of Morty’s blog and want to thank whoever created it how great your guys are.
    Thank you everyone for wonderful reading all season long.

  7. can’t wait to watch it tonite…….i hope this will be without
    Russell…..Survivor can pull out surprises. i hope this
    season will be fun to watch and see who the bad guys
    will be on this season. i know we are getting some repeats
    and hopefully nothing will happen to them this season.
    i wish everyone good health and best of luck to all.

  8. Hi all, So glad I made it here. Am so sad BB is ending but so glad that I will be able to see y’all here aon Survivor.
    Angel Hugs & Blessings,

  9. OKAAAAAAAAAAY!!! I am happy. Guess I can post here. And NO I’M NOT INSANE!! :grin: The problem is…..I cannot post on Aggie’s blog because everytime I quit typing & get ready to hit submit…the comment box along with everything I typed just disappears. :sad: Been having a hell of a time trying to get that straightened out. But when I went to BBBlog…no worries. Posted as always. And now here too. Wonder what the hell is up with the regular word press blogs that make the comment boxes go away before you can hit submit??? ANYWAY…just testing to make sure I can post here too.

    See you all later after the show. I can’t wait to see the dude on Survivor that got burnt…the one that took down a wild hog with a knife (or stick or whatever it was) ….he was my fave. Guess he got tired of all that rice crap. :grin: :grin:


  10. Okay…I don’t know everybody else….sorry….but I am Cynthia…feel free to give me a holler. :grin: Glad you can be here too. :mrgreen:

  11. I am soooo excited for the season opener of Survivor and the finale of Big Brother!!!!! Thank you for this site!

  12. 25 years. I watched the first one and then never got back to it until everyone on the BB blog kept talking about it. Now I’m a fan. I just don’t have the time but I believe the chat room would be great and many would use it.

    A great big thank you BBBlogger & Bloggergal for this! You rock!! Thank heavens we have you two.

  13. I just hope the right person that deserves to win will win
    cuz it is usually someone that dont deserve or even need
    the money
    I wish I could win some money
    I am on the poor list

  14. Hello everyone I am Helene. I stalked the blogs during BB14 and I guess I am ready to “jump in”. I feel like I am at least a little familiar with several of you and hope I fit in. My condolences on your recent loss. Looking forward to the new Survivor and of course tonights finale. Cynthia, I am from Fla. also. Hoping for a rowdy season from the Phillipines.

  15. i b here.
    i’m in the middle of hand sewing lace on burlap runners for my daughter’s wedding so i’m kinda bizy but i will be peeking in and saying stuff but mostly reading. thank u for doing this bbb :)

  16. It should be a good show tonight, I’m looking forward to it, alot of good players had to leave for Illness or something else. Good luck to them. Some I hope they go real soon. Nice to see several people from the BB Blog

  17. Help please,

    Am I on the survivor blog list?

    I didn’t get the email to confirm. I checked the bulk folder and nothing.

    Please help

    1. Schelita, Just to make sure, please complete the box at the top of the page to be added to the email list. Thanks!

  18. The producers also put Lisa W. f/k/a Blair at a disadvantage by putting Micheal on the same tribe. No one else looked older enough to have watched the Facts of Life. But than again Jeff Kent is much younger so very possible he will be recognized. The same as Jimmy Johnson a couple of seasons ago.

  19. I’m still trying to confirm. I don’t see an option to be notified of other posts like before.

    And my other post says waiting for moderation.

    Please help.

  20. Hello to fellow BB bloggers and nice to meet the Survivor bloggers. Looking forward to this season. It’ s already been an interesting show, one guy votes himself off – duh that didn’t take many brain cells to do.

  21. Great looking women on the show this year. Wouldnt you know it? The sex therapist is, well how can I put it? She looks like a man.

    1. shame on you! Ihate to think what I would look like without lipstick let alone in a 2 piece with no make-up. UGH

  22. So excited and happy to see familiar names from the BB Blog. Can’t wait to see what happens on Survivor. Just want to say thanks to BBBlogger and BBBloggergal for all their hard work this season. Again my first year making postings and now I’m addicted. Keep the peace going:)

  23. Hi, everyone! I kinda liked Zane at first, then I wondered why someone would wear a thick gold necklace to the jungle. After his ‘get rid of me speech’ trying to snow the tribe members into keeping him because he wasn’t a threat, was, and I agree with everyoen who said it was a dumb move, a dumb move. When not so smart people try to be smart – disaster!
    I like the 3 tribes too; although it’s harder for me to figure out who is who.
    I don’t usually like the first 3 or 4 episodes, but this year I really liked the first. I like Lisa Welchel, but I don’t think she has much of a chance for winning. I sure wish Survivor was on 3 days a week. It could be arranged! : )
    @bbblogger and bblogger gal….great site! My first time here and since I’m not tech savvy, I don’t understand the concept of a chat room attached. Is that for subjects other than Survivor talk? to keep the blog cleaner? Thank you for having this site for us Survivor watchers

  24. Looks like a good start. Everyone knows about the returnies and a few folks know about the 2 celebities.

    The dumb move didn’t end with the kiss of death.

    The early alliances may prove good if no one finds the idols!

  25. Good start to a first survivor, now this blog really needs the email feature when people make a comment, it would make a big difference, without that you have a tendency to forget this blog is here. and it would also be nice to know when people comment on here.

  26. Ty BBB & BBBG, Because of you I still have a place to come to, and I really do need to have some connection to the outside world.
    Angel Hugs & Blessing plus a great big ty for welcoming to your blogging/posting family.

  27. What a great start to Survivor. I think the Matsing tribe might be the first team to be eliminated. I could not believe the members of this tribe when they were talking about voting out Russell! He may be annoying, but he is strong. Then there was Zane! Did he honestly think his tribe would keep him after he talked about being so weak? Angie, Roxy and Denise seem a bit thin and frail, but one never knows, they just might surprise us all, time will tell.

  28. Wow, the end of one and beginning of another on the same night. Thanks to BBBlogger and Bloggergal for giving us this venue to talk. Interesting group of survivors. I’m glad there isn’t lag time between BB and Survivor or the withdrawal might have been miserable. There actually is a girl on Survivor from our State. She seems kind of ditsy so I guess we’ll see how she does. Glad the 3 who had to leave for medical reasons are able to have another chance. And I agree Bobo. Why would you do that?

  29. Hi there everyone. Glad to see Survivor start again. Quite a crazy show. Glad to see everyone here. What do you all think of the cast?

  30. @ Cynthia, Hey back atcha neighbor. So glad to be here and hope to get better acquainted with everyone as I was a latecomer to BB postings.
    Angel Hugs & Blessings,

  31. Sorry that a lot of comments were awaiting moderation. I was too busy watching Big Brother and Survivor to come on here! I’ll keep up on them now. The new blog is up. Welcome back all! Bloggergal

  32. BloggergalDon’t worry about anything! You are one great Lady and I thank you for always thinking about all your friends! I am so thankful I am one of them :!: Keep up all your great work :)

  33. Wow what a beginning! One fool tells his tribe to vote him and they DID.
    Regarding the players that came, back I for one am glad that they did because they really did not have a chnce to play….speaking of them poor Mike is an “accident waiting to happen” first night cut his foot, head, a finger better keep the Medical staff close to him. The child actress only the old folks will know her and get real the retired Baseball player well it was a suprise that a female knew who he was.
    Can’t wait for the next show again thanks to BBBLOGGER and BLOGGERGAL for all the updates looking forward to getting to know everyone better

  34. well I can not even spell my name right should be Sherry since there is another person named Sherry might need to change my name

  35. BB ends and Survivor starts. Who could ask for anything more.
    I feel a bit for Zane but he wasn’t smart enough to try the
    reverse-psychology strategy. Plus too soon.
    Russell would have been gone if Zane had shut-up.
    Not particularly a Russel fan.
    In the Survivor pool I run at work I randomly drew
    Jeff Kent so go Jeff go. Breaks his leg right off the bat.
    He didn’t whine too much so prob ok.
    The cut on Michael Skupin’s foot was a doozey.

  36. During an interview for “Survivor: Philippines,” Whelchel told the cameras that the money she earned from her time on TV was lost due to bad investments in the 1980s. She’s keeping her celebrity status on the down-low on the show in case people assume she already has plenty of cash.

    Whelchel also told People that even though she is now divorced, she and Cauble remain friends. “We will always be family, too,” she said.

  37. Well big mouth got it good ..Roxy…she was blindsighted alright…though i did agree with her about boobie Queen and the young guy…She is useless ..sorry, and she knows it too and i suspect she knows that she is ‘hot’ so she is hoping to get noticed on such a famous show and perhaps get ‘offers’ , such as playboy, movies, tv and etc…so she may not be the dumb bimbo she is pretending to be.

  38. Hi Survivor fans, How do you all like Survivor Caramoan so far? Right now I am a fan of Malcolm.

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