The Premiere of Survivor Phillipines

This was the first time I started a season of Survivor “cold” meaning I didn’t review the contestants prior to watching. Maybe this way is better since I don’t have any preconceived opinions. However, I did like Russell Swan prior to this episode having met him at Reality Rally 2011, but I’m not so sure now!

This season we have three tribes with six members each instead of two larger tribes. I’m thinking that can’t last for too long since the numbers on each tribe are so low. Most of this episode gives us the opportunity to meet the tribe members and for them to get to know each other.

The first tribe is Matsing. Members are Angie, Denise, Malcom, Russell, Zane and Roxy.

Russell starts off by saying he doesn’t want to be the leader and that they should all work as a team. He then starts bossing everybody around and annoying the crap out of the younger tribe members. During the competition, he takes it upon himself to decide who should do what and ultimately gets blamed for the team losing. I found him to be very arrogant and a PIA, but he’s also strong and good in competitions.

Malcolm says that he lived in Micronesia for a year. He knows how to make fire and teaches Russell how within 45 minutes of arriving in camp. This guy seems to be a Survivor.

Zane has tattoos all over his body which gives the impression of him being a “tough” guy, but NOT. First of all, he goes to every member of his tribe to form an alliance. Then he reports back to Malcolm that he’s done this. His pathetic performance in the first challenge along with his poor social play leads to his demise.

Denise is the 40 year-old sex therapist. She seems to have a level head on her shoulders and is surprisingly strong. I hope she stays around for a long while.

Malcom seems to have taken a liking to the blonde bombshell Angie. If she’s smart, she will lay low and hang on to his coattails.

The sixth member of Matsing is Roxy. I haven’t formed any opinion on her yet. She doesn’t seem like she’ll be easily swayed or manipulated.

Next we have the Kalabaw tribe consisting of Carter, Dawson, Dana, Jeff, Katie and Jonathan.

CBS has been playing up the fact that Jeff Kent is a former baseball player. He doesn’t reveal this fact to the members of his tribe. What he does do is hurt his knee in the first few minutes of the game. I’m not feeling too confident for his Survival.

This is Jonathan’s third time playing Survivor. The last time he played he was removed from the game due to an infection. He has a lot of experience, but will age be his downfall?

Dawson recognizes Jack Kent from his baseball days. Smart girl decides to stay quiet and see if that can help her further down the line in the game.

Dana, Katie and Carter are the remaining Kalabaw tribe members. Nothing I can think of to say about these three yet.

The third tribe is Tandang consisting of Lisa, Abi-Marie, Pete, Michael, RC and Artis.

Lisa also is being spotlighted by CBS because she was a teen star on the show “The Facts of Life”. The realization that very few of the tribe members know who she is because they have never seen the TV show makes me think I’m OLD! Michael who is also old recognizes Lisa and hints to her that maybe she should tell the other tribe members to gain support. Lisa is oblivious to the hint. She thinks that it will hurt her more than help her. Sadly on Survivor older women usually get voted off early .

Speaking of Michael, he played Survivor before. He had to be taken out of the game because he passed out and fell hands first into the fire. It was one of the most horrible moments in Survivor history. He seems very likeable and in good shape (for an old guy!). A big deal is made of his klutzy side. He seems to hurt himself every few minutes. Hopefully, he doesn’t get any of his cuts infected or he’ll be having déjà vu as they life-flight him out once again.

Abi-Maria and RC were quick to become gal-pals. They formed an alliance from the beginning adding Michael and Pete for good measure. This puts Michael in the middle because I think he really likes Lisa due to her past fame.

Artis is sitting out there all on his own. What’s up your sleeve Artis? Wait, you don’t have any!

So there you have it! There seems to be a good mix of contestants on this season. Let the game begin! Bloggergal

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  1. Since we’re just getting to know most of the players, it’s tough saying anything about them. Zane, everyone liked you, dude, and they were all fine with voting out Russell because Russell didn’t listen to anyone concerning their strengths for the competition and so he really was the one who lost it. I know, you were trying to show yourself as not a threat or something, but you pushed too far and too much and got the boot.

    1. I did glean at least THAT much!! And actually, I’m glad Zane is gone! He was annoying and I am sure that would have gotten worse before it got better!!!lol

  2. I was almost sure Russell was going to be voted out based on what his tribe was saying that they disliked his bossiness w/o asking before hand what their strengths were! But in the end Zane was sent home! Zane thought he had it made for the first week.

  3. OK, from my viewpoint:

    Russell will most definately let his mouth overload his ass and it will be his demise, probably sooner than later!

    Roxy, she mentioned she has a military experience but her game resume says she is a seminary student ….. she could be a wildcard in the game!

    Jeff was a pro athlete and will be able to play with pain, trust me it will take more than his knee to make him quit!

    Lisa may seem prissy but she said she trained with Navy Seals and olympic swimmers. Stamina may be no problem but being stranded in woods gets to the best of them!

    A few of the women seemed more ambitious than the men. A couple of the young guys look to be shying away from the attention.

    Denise seems more like a psychiatrist than a sex therapist and might be able to get some mind games going!

    Of the three returnies, I think Michael is working the best with his team and will be able to create a few alliances to help his game!

  4. The producers also put Lisa W. f/k/a Blair at a disadvantage by putting Micheal on the same tribe. No one else looked older enough to have watched the Facts of Life. But than again Jeff Kent is much younger so very possible he will be recognized. The same as Jimmy Johnson a couple of seasons ago.

    1. Jeff is no puppy, he’s 44. He played for 6 teams starting in 1992. The Toronto Blue Jays, NY Mets, Cleveland Indians, SF Giants, Houston Astros and LA Dodgers. Unless you follow baseball ( and someone on his team knows baseball) you might not recognize him!

  5. ok…so now from watching the show and reading this all i’m feeling is..ok girl, you’re older than these so called OLD PPL so you’re pretty much worthless.
    go Lisa and Mike

  6. Russell isn’t going last very long if he keeps it up with his bossiness. I couldn’t believe how he behaved!! But Zane thought he had his tribe members and the game all figured out. They’re both a couple asses if you ask me. Glad Zane was the one to go though because Russell might just learn from the experience and change his attitude.

    Love Lisa and sure hope she’s doing this because she’s truly a Survivor fan and not because she needs the money. She did say she “lost” all her money when the stock market crashed in the ’90’s. There is a slim chance she’ll make it to jury, zero chance of taking even second place. She doesn’t seem to have much of a social game thus far. In order to stay in the game, she will have to find way to connect with these younger people, especially the women, prove she can carry her own weight and maybe, just maybe, consider taking Michael’s advise.

    Love Michael, too. But Survivor Australia was so long ago. Hope the man still has what he had back then–with the boar hunting and everything. One of the saddest days in Survivor history was when Michael had to be taken out of the game.

    For some reason I took an instant dislike to Abi-Maria and RC. Maybe its the way they formed such quick alliance, not on game play but on person feelings. RC claims she has a “killer” mentally based on her time on Wall Street. Lets see how her urban chops measure up in Survivor world.

    Johnathan, hope you Survive this game and last to the jury.

    Don’t really have much of an opinion of the others yet. Most of them got very little camera time or did so only to talk about how the vet on their team should be voted out right away. Generally, I would be in agreement with this sentiment. I hate when vets put in the game with newbies. However, since these vets were all taken out of their respective games due to injury and not because they “lost”, I seem to be okay with it. Its not like they have enough prospective cast members, even without factoring those unwilling to play the game again, to do an entire show of ex-injured/ill vets.

  7. Jeff Kent won the National League Most Valuable Player award in 2000 with the San Francisco Giants, and is the all-time leader in home runs among second basemen

  8. Advice for new Survivor bloggers:

    1) Be Patient … it’s only on once a week. (If you record it you can back and pick out things you may have missed the first time. )
    2) Try to learn the power players, the ones who seem to be taking charge. They will be the targets for those who hide in the shadows.
    3)Learn who has an alliance. (Some make more than 1)
    4)Keep track of the people who get votes at Tribal council! Add up the votes they have if they remain in the game!
    5)See who searches for the HII (Hidden Immunity Idols) They are the biggest savers in the game and often the person who finds them gets blindsided when they least expect it!

    1. are NOT!!!! Silly GIRL!!! ;) And if dirt is OLD,then it may well rub off on all the SRVer players before the game is
      BTW…..on Big Brother , we call their show BB and the people playing HGS. IS there any shortcuts here like that?? I am doing SVR for Survivor. What do you all call the players????

  9. One more tidbit about Survivor ….. where BB was 24/7 live, Survivor has already been filmed and edited, the only thing left is the live finale show in December ….. they are already filming S26 and it will be an all-star show!

  10. I enjoyed the show but haven’t formed favorites yet. Only I would have liked Russel to have been voted out. Zane would have given interest and comedy if he had stayed.

  11. Zane is not as smart as he thinks he is and his stradegy was awful. Russell has no self control over his mouth and that will be his undoing. Johnathan I don’t think his tribe cares for him too much. Lisa/Blair just isn’t aggressive enough for this game. I think the newbies this season are here to play and won’t be another bunch of Rob’s zombies, thank God.

  12. I love the Denise/Malcolm alliance and I hope they go very far. They both listen to each other and are very perceptive!

    Russell Swan annohed me in his season too. I hope he shuts up or is voted out. I’m surprised he was different in person. That type of.personality usually crosses over into real life! Glad to know I am wrong because I.want him but he bugs me.

    1. Hi Jane,

      Russell bugs me too, but he is a strong player and with the teams divided into three, I think it was a good thing that his tribe did not vote him out.

  13. Zane did get on my nerves right away…so glad he is off. ..though really surprised he got canned..the way the group all said that they liked him, he was funny and Russell should go. I like Jeff and felt bad when his knee buckled. I can’t imagine him lasting long cause of it..there will come a time when he has to run. ..ala ..Zane. I can’t believe that Michael was so prone to injuries so soon in a short span of time…his head, his foot and his hand…wow.. another short termer

  14. I’m starting a survey on who you think will win this year. You will be able to change your nominations every time they change up the teams! First votes must be in before next Thursdays episode!
    Good luck!!!

    1. I would like to see Michael Skupin win, but it has been twelve years since season 2. That might not sound like a lot to some people, but when you are in your late 30’s, then add 12 years, honey that is when you realized just how old your are!

    2. I liked michael in his season but he seems so accident prone, he’s had like 3 injuries so far, I hope he can hang in without another problem happening

  15. luv2shoot: Thanks for the info. I have watched Survivor since the first one but never really got myself involved in all the details like you have. I appreciate it. I always have to watch for about 3 or 4 weeks to decide who I really hate and who I like. Personally I’m kind of hoping Artis will win right now. Where do I vote?

  16. Wow what a start! Mike back after his mishap with the fire and then cuts his foot, finger, and head! That man is an “accident waiting to happen” Then our basepall player injurs his knee the first day, hope the Medical Staff is ready for these guys!
    One of the dumbest moves to me was Zane telling his tribe he deserves to be voted out hm…..wonder if he still feels that way.
    Russell doesn’t want to be a leader then he needs to keep his mouth shut but he won’t do that so he won’t be on Survivor very long

  17. It was a good first show, i didn’t like Jonathon penner in his season, it seems like he’s playing the same game. Just a big sneak. Russell better cool it with the bossiness or he will be gone. But I think he’s a good guy. I’m so glad they didn’t bring Colton Back, Thank God. He would have so many targets.

  18. Aggie27, I am sure Colton will be back soon, maybe next season for ratings. Russell should have gone home, he was an ass and he kinda realized it after. I liked him so i hope he will calm down and not make the target on him bigger.

    1. Sure he was being bossy, But I don’t think he’s a bad guy, I liked him in his season, I was sorry to see him go. Hopefully he will calm down a bit, I feel kind of sorry for him, I think he is in with a kind of losing bunch, that Blonde Bimbo angie for 1, the guy has experience and they are trying to dump him right away, it doesn’t make sense

    2. I agree Aggie, I too think Russell’s team is weak and Russell needs to calm down and stop shouting out orders.

      Donna P and Aggie – May your thoughts about Colton returning to Survivor never reach CBS. That guy was a pig and bigot!! I never want to see him again. I was so happy that he was not among the three chosen medical evacuees .

    3. I actually thought Colton was kind of entertaining!! Unusual for SVR!!! He is wasting his time there. He needs to be on BB!!!lol He’s kind of a combo between Wil and Kevin!!!lol

    4. Star, that guy was such a snob, he was hard to take in his season, he’s just a spoiled brat and hated by many, he would be perfect for BB, he’s too much

  19. Hello to all my bb bloggers glad to see you here.
    Russell is the same bossy person as his last time..and still saying “im not in charge”…
    zane is an idiot…he was trying to play russell hantz’s game. But very bad. Was glad to see him go.

  20. Seem to recall Colton did return once and he struggled in the comps! He even joked about it saying how hard the comps were on the physicial level because he had aged since the first time he was on Survivor. Haven’t we all!!!
    I agree with Becky about Lisa if she wants to get very far in this game she better step up her social game as these younger gals will not have a probem voting the older woman out, I feel like they should keep her sround for a while as she does not appear to be a threat to them at this time

    1. Colton was last season. He had to leave the game when he got appendicitis. You must be thinking of somebody else.

  21. I agree there’s gotta be a tribal mash of some sort in
    the first few weeks.

    I feel sad for Lisa Welchel if she does become an
    outcast from her tribe after just a few days. RC
    has it in for her for no reason I could discern.
    Unless Lisa’s been thumping the bible. We didn’t
    see that if she was.

  22. luv2shootpics… Sal? I liked all the great photos you put on your Blog! I tried to sign up but for some reason it would just take me to word Press saying I was putting in the wrong E-Mail? I am a friend of Ted’s And he has myE-Mail, if you want to drop me a line, maybe to let me know what I was doing wrong? I would like to follow your work!
    If you get a chance to read this :lol: If not I will try & drop you a line at the gmail that I think is yours, if that would be alright with you my friend! …………… :mrgreen:

  23. Good show. Not real impressed yet. But it takes awhile for me & Survivor. :grin: I’m pretty sure that Zane telling his tribe he deserves to be voted out can be listed as the first dumb move this year!!


  24. I finally found the right page. For some reason, I lost the link or didn’t see it. Anyway, here I am catching up again on my reading but here’s my initial take. First of all, I liked the first show and also think the 3 teams make for a little extra competitiveness in the game. Not that there wasn’t enough already.

    I’m curious about the Abi-Maria and RC immediate personal liking alliance. Just thought Abi was too aggressive right out of the gate.

    Jeff even announced that these 3 coming back were team leaders in their season so that set them up to be leaders again. Russell was a total jerk, bossing everyone around. If he would have said “stop, just stop” when I was trying to voice my opinion, I wouldn’t have just stood back and let him do it. I too liked him in his season and I hope he calms down and plays the game.

    Adore Michael too and he looks ready and in shape but has to deal with the little clique he has going on. Mean girls it looks like already. :)

    As to Jonathan, not sure yet. He’s a gamer but hasn’t made any real connection with his team.
    I doubt Colton will be on the show again. He’s a rich, spoiled brat and even demonstrated that in the finale. IMO!
    @Betty, my dear, if you’re older than dirt, what am I? lol

    Thanks Sal for your great advice. Apprech!

    1. SF..that’s what I jsut said to Betty…sort

      Hey GF..good to cya again! One of my all time fav bloggers..;) I may not have added alot of substance here yet but I think I may have the most

    2. Starfish – You have Gus to keep you young, while I have Maggie that just seems to give me more gray hairs!!! :lol:

      Hi Star – I am so glad to see you here.

      Can’t wait for the show tonight!!

  25. You know I seem to remember that Russel was a nice guy.What a jerk.I hope he starts to play and keeps his trap closed or he’s doomed.And Zane,what a goofball. He might as well have voluntered.

  26. Same here! I didn’t write any pre-show assessments nor did I watch too many of the pre-show videos. I wanted to come in and not have biases with each of them. Thankfully, the first epi was comprehensive enough for us to have a glean of everyone’s personality. I think that is the beauty of a smaller tribe because every person and their actions get magnified.

    Malcolm is a clear favorite for me at the start. He is fit, smart, has survival skills, and uhm, good looking :D I didn’t want to make the first 3 qualities an excuse to rooting for him (because he is clearly hot!) but I think he has the complete package. Hopefully, he can go all the way to the end. Or Denise :)

  27. Hey Y’All…..who got evicted week 1?…..i heard that BB Lawon was on SVR (stealing ur word Star)….and using Zane’s name….and asked to be voted off the island….so they did, LOL…how dumb can they get, LOL…

    i will try to get on more often knowing almost everyone is back from BB….☺….

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