What should we expect from Survivor Philippines Episode 2

It looks like there is going to be some time spent on showing how the “reality” of being on Survivor is sinking in for the new castaways. The TV promos are heavily promoting how it is hard for “Blair” and that she is feeling not cut out for this.

My guess is more focus will be on her and it will lead us to thinking she might be at risk but I am sure she will be ok for this week.

I also feel there will be more ado about the hidden immunity idols. Will they be found? Will they be used? Interesting they focus on it so much but it always seems to not be a huge game changing thing. (unlike the Power of Veto in Big Brother!)

I am liking the 3 tribe feel so far. Makes for some interesting game play and strategy. If the same tribe loses though…it will be 6 to 6 to 4 so let’s see how this one shakes out.

So what do you think? Liking Survivor so far? Are you going to be watching with us tonight? Comment below and hang out with the best Survivor fans in the world!

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  1. thanks bbblogger – i have found that i have to have a specific link to click on to enjoy this blog- so thanks for sending it to me!

    does anyone know – did russell get saved because the others think he has the hidden idol? and did i miss something – and he actually does??


  2. I like Lisa. I know that she’s going through a divorce and went straight to survivor to try to take her mind off ‘home’ so she’s starting off with a burden and i’m pulling for her. i’m so tired of young ppl thinking anyone over 40 is old. pisses the hell out of me.
    russ had best pull back and chill and let other’s make decisions.
    the guy who got kicked off ……well i’m glad. he was too cocky and actually made me want to not even watch.

    1. I agree. However, the “vote me off” meme has worked in the past, in that the person saying it was saved that week. My guess is that the tribe didn’t like him as much as he thought they did.

    2. Im rooting for Lisa too! These young kids think tgey are suppose to be BFFs the minute they meet and that’s already not working out for a dew of em!!

  3. Definitely will be watching tonight! Hope Blair takes a deep breath, and refreshes her pre-Survivor enthusiasm, and belief that she CAN play the game of Survivor once again! Would like to see her go far in the game!

  4. I’m starting a survey on who you think will win this year. You will be able to change your nominations every time they change up the teams! First votes must be in before tonights episode!

    Good luck!!!

    I have the survey for expected winners guesses made.
    Just need votes. Only 4 vote so far!
    Get your guesses in before tonights show

    I’m going to post a copy of the voting on my web site which I’ll post soon!

    Click here to vote

    1. Not sure who I like yet, so I think I’ll save my vote until I can see how they play a few times, Thank you my friend! .. :mrgreen:

  5. Sure thing! My wife likes this show also so that means I get Hot Popcorn :lol: I put a small note on the first Blog about Whelchel! Hope you don’t me re posting again ……. :mrgreen:
    During an interview for “Survivor: Philippines,” Whelchel told the cameras that the money she earned from her time on TV was lost due to bad investments in the 1980s. She’s keeping her celebrity status on the down-low on the show in case people assume she already has plenty of cash.
    Whelchel also told People that even though she is now divorced, she and Cauble remain friends. “We will always be family, too,” she said.

  6. Thanks BBBlogger! I’ll be watching tonight. I made most of my comments on the earlier post so I won’t repeat.

    Sal, I voted but the link isn’t working for me to see the results.

    Both Jonathan and Russell found the clue to the idol. Russell found his in the rice and the numnuts who was voted out gave others the idea that Russell might have the idol. So now some think he has it and others aren’t sure.

  7. You know, there is no bigger Survivor fan then me and usually I have trouble into the first couple of episodes. Not this year!

    I agree, Blair is fine. Because Michael is a good player, he has an alliance with Blair and he doesn’t even have to tell her. ;-]

  8. I don’t see Russell’s tribe doing too well in the immunity competitions and they’ll probably be going back to council tonight. That means this 3 tribe twist will most likely end in the next 2 elimination votes. Personally I don’t think Johnathan or Russell will make it very far in this game.

  9. Of course we will be watching! This is the original, the best by far of all reality tv shows.
    I think all 3 of the returning Survivors are in for a short game with the one from Survivor 2 laasting the longest.
    The hippie that knew how too start fire is my favorite to win
    Has anyone sen Jeff Probsts’ new talk show? I hate to see him doing anything but Survivor as that means there will be an end to the show someday.

  10. Wouldn’t miss an episode…haven’t since day one! I’m really happy to see all three teams actually playing the game from day one and most realizing the importance of forming alliances asap. Russell ate a lot of “crow” at tribal council but I don’t think he is able to keep his mouth shut for too long…time will tell…Lisa seems like she joined Survivor “to find herself”…she may not be happy with who she finds!

  11. I have a feeling Russell will be out before he can find the idol!!
    How DARE those kids think over 40 is old that is when you really start living.

    1. Hey Kev, I hear the sport books are refunding all the money on the Seattle & GB game. My hubby’s day, who lives in LV, called and told us. I almost feel sorry for those refs, almost!

  12. Okay, Just had dinner, great crab cakes by the way, But got to push my wife to get ready for the show! About 6 mn. or so see you all later….Bye for now …….:mrgreen:


  14. ****SPOILER******

    ok, i mini Grapevine……Roxy got voted out 4-1….of course, its always get out the only black girl first……

    so we got a showmance in there with angie&malcolm getting so cozy when sleeping…lets see how long that we will last, lol…..☺…..

  15. All I have to say is “COOKIES”!

    Roxy put a target on her back by being a big rat, she pushed to hard for something everyone saw and then played poorly at the immunity challenge. Her talking to Russell was as bad as the snuggling pair! She lost out when she got on Denise’s bad side!

    1. Sal, I couldn’t agree more. Roxy was a lazy trouble maker and created her own doom. “Cookies” yea pretty dumb answer but I think she didn’t want to say anything damning about anyone so she said something that really made her look like a dumb blond. :)

  16. When I heard Angie finish Jeffs question with “COOKIES” I thought what an airhead!!!!! However Roxys answer about working after the Comps. instead of relaxing I knew then she is a going to be the next one sent home and she was.
    Does anyone know if there will be a site like this for Amazing Race that is going to start Sunday 9/30/12.

    1. not off hand sherry….but in the past in other Survivor sites the same people that watch SVR also watch TAR….so they tend to talk bout TAR as well as whats happening in SVR….so maybe here they will talk bout both shows also…..but u can talk to me bout TAR, i love it more then SVR, lol….☺….

  17. have watched every season of Survivor and love it !!!!Of cource having Jeff on there is a big Plus!!!!Only one complaint—–THE MUSIC IS TOOO LOUD !!!!yOU CAN’T HEAR WHAT THE PLAYERS ARE SAYING !!!So be nice and turn the music down please please !!!!

  18. The right person did go home but it will be interesting to see if Lisa’s successful participation in the challenge will get her to feel more comfortable with her social game. I hope so.

    1. Hi Starfish, i felt sorry for Lisa, like a fish out of water, I doubt she will last, it seems she’s the outcast there they seem to want her gone, the only thing she can do is show them, she is capable of being a survivor

    2. Hi Starfish – Lisa did do a good job in the challenge last night and I hope her efforts continue. I don’t like it when the young tribe members judge the older ones without knowing their worth.

  19. I didn’t really care for Roxy or angie, both dead weight as far as I’m concerned, Roxy probably would have been certainly better for the team Than angie. The cookie girl, they must have just picked her for the show because she was cute, nothing upstairs really. i feel sorry for Russell because he seems to be on a team of losers, they will drop like flies

  20. I do feel sorry for Russell! He was saddled with two of the worst bimbos in Survivor’s history. Is there something in the air at TC? I was almost positive they were going to vote out Angie, then Roxy opened her mouth and would not shut up!! By the end of her rant I am sure everyone looked at her as a trouble maker. Even Russell voted her out!! Good show.

    1. Hi Jane – Russell can be overbearing, but I think he has a great deal of heart and he is putting everything he has into the game. He just needs to keep his emotions in check. I am hoping to see ‘The Cookie Baby (Angie) voted out next, then maybe Russell, Malcolm and Denise can start winning challenges.

  21. I loved the look on Probst face when Angie said Cookies!! They need to make a YouTube mix of that moment!

    I Do not like the Brazilian girl. Although she’s really beautiful she acts like a crazed stalker and went unnecessarily. hard on the other girl. about talking to someone. She’s a loose cannon and now I know wgy Probst seemed not to like her too much during his introduction speeches on each player.

    Angie (minus the boobs) looks and acts like a 12yr ild. Malcolm please find a grown up and keep her in the correct little sister role.

  22. Russel has ALWAYS annoyed me. Roxy was an idiot. She better learn quickly Jesus don’t live on Reality T.V. you better ask Dan! Why can’t these shows find decent Black Folk ever??? Jeez… my people my people get it together!

  23. Also I’d like everyone to feel sorry for me today. I burnt a whole layer of skin off the roof of my mouth. Wish o had a cool story like I fell in the fire on Survivor with my mouth open. Guess I’ll settle for the truth… my greedy ass couldn’t wait to chug my Scalding hot Penut Butter Mocha… okay it was Coffee I didn’t have enough change for the good stuff! But yeah layer of skin off an can’t take anything by cool water by mouth. On the upside at least I’ll lose weight!

  24. I am glad Rosy was voted out. At least Angie participated in the Challenge. She was smart enough to go to pushiung the sled instead of pulling it. I think she may suprise everyone. I am with you guys who think the 20 yr crowd seen to think anyone over 40 should go. The 40 people have a lot of live experience that is so useful in the game. But hey what do I know I am over 40…..LOL

  25. Roxy tried her little heart out but it wasn’t enough. Unfortunately
    I had her in a friendly pool. 10 bucks a head. Random draw with
    the option to throw your first pick back but you must take your
    second pick. First out gets 20. Winner gets 100, second 60.
    2nd out gets squat. Me. Luckily my wife has Jeff. He could go far but if Dawson lets on that he’s ex MLB then prob not.
    I don’t think Angie is good looking. Maybe cute? Nah.
    So far I am really enjoying watching Jonathan. He’s kinda
    weird and funny. Good edit maybe?
    Hopefully Michael stays longer this time.

  26. If Jeff lasts pretty long in this game and making headway as far as winning, then at the appropriate time someone is going to snitch on him being a former baseball player…though I do not see why that should go against him…after all he is no lame brain A-Rod who just goes through the motions for his 158 mill contract..some ball players come out near broke, either through bad investments and circumstances

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