Who is the moron now, Abi-Maria?

With Sunday’s finale looming right around the corner, this Survivor episode should have had us sitting on the edge of our seat, but instead it was ho-hum.  Surviving are the two duos of Lisa and Skupin and Denise and Malcolm along with the loner Abi-Maria.  IMO, Abi-Maria has done everything in her power to NOT win Survivor Philippines and tonight she proved successful in that goal!  Here’s a quick rundown.  I say quick because it’s cookie baking day in Bloggergal’s house!

The Reward competition comes down to Malcolm and Skupin.  I know, surprising right?  Skupin pulls this one off.  If you remember, last week Reward went to Malcolm.  The Reward is a helicopter ride to a boat with pizza, etc. and a chance to swim with the fish–with scuba gear, not the gangster way!  Skupin is able to take two others with him.  He chooses Malcolm because Malcolm picked him last week.  He also chooses his buddy Lisa.  This leaves Abi-Maria and Denise back at camp alone. (tee-hee)

While at the Reward, Malcolm asks Lisa and Skupin to form a new alliance for a final three.  In other words, he plans to turn on his partner from the beginning Denise.  Well, from a game point of view, yeah…not a bad move.  Denise is one helluva player.  Of course Skupin is no slacker either!  Lisa agrees but she knows having Malcolm in the final three is a no-no.

Back at camp, Abi-Maria is talking and talking and talking to Denise.  The Survivor editors do a cute job of this and you can hear and feel Denise’s discomfort.

The day of the Immunity Challenge, Denise wakes up with a bite on her neck and severe pain.  Denise is tough, but you can see that she is really suffering.  It looks to me like she was bitten by a vampire–just sayin’.  Skupin and Lisa pray over Denise to help heal her.  Survivor sure has become a religious show in the last few seasons, hasn’t it?  I always picture God sitting somewhere saying, “NOW, what do those Survivor contestants want from me?”

The Immunity Challenge involves a physical as well as a puzzle part.  Surprisingly, all contestants, except for Malcolm get through the physical part around the same time.  Malcolm falls off and has to start over.  You would think that would put him out of the competition, but this is Malcolm we are talking about!  Denise seems to fly through the puzzle, but then has difficulty at the end and has to readjust some pieces.  Malcolm catches up with the others and then puts the puzzle together as if he’s done it before.  Once again, Malcolm wins Immunity.  This means that not only does Malcolm have immunity, but he also has a HII.  He could, conceivably use it on one of the players, but why stir up a bees nest?

With the four still (supposedly) strong, it looks like fire out for Abi-Maria at tribal.  She makes sure she says some really stupid things to insure this!  For instance, she calls Skupin a moron.  LOL  How she’s made it this far in the game is unbelievable to me.  Abi-Maria is voted off the tribe.  Can you say…it’s about time?  The only thing is from a player strategy…was this the way to go?  Wouldn’t it have been better to blindside Denise and get rid of one of the strongest players?  Or even better, Denise and Lisa could have gotten together and blindsided Skupin.

So now we have our final four.  It looks pretty obvious that Lisa is going to make it to the final two.  I know if I were Malcolm, Skupin or Denise, I’d want her next to me in the end.  It all comes down to who wins Immunity at the next challenge, doesn’t it?  See you on Sunday.  I can’t believe another season of Survivor is coming to an end.

I have a Survivor Finale party interview scheduled with my dear friend and Reality Rally guru…Gillian Larson.  Stay tuned for all the inside information!  Bloggergal

18 thoughts on “Who is the moron now, Abi-Maria?”

  1. So happy abi is gone. Anyone else hear the tune ‘the wicked witch is dead” when she got voted off? Till last week I thought Jeff was calling Skupin stupid lol couldn’t understand why lol

  2. I don’t know guys, I think this is one of the best seasons ever. Even if we like everyone of the final four members.

  3. Lisa was bit by what look like a centipede bite. I know because I had the same bite on my neck, same symptoms, numbness in arm etc. very scary. if she had been bit closer to her throat she could had ceased breathing. I’m surprised medics didn’t come in? Maybe they did and it was just edited out?

  4. Of course they voted stupid Abi out.After all didn’t the editing show us how vulnerable Denise was? And I think she got the most air time which almost always points to their impending demise.And then during the immunity challenge it looked as if old sore neck was gonna finally win immunity but No, It’s hero time again.
    Like I have been saying from the beginning good old Malcolm looks as if he was made for this game.How else can you explain the fact that two of the finel four are survivors from one of the worst tribes in Suvivor history and they watched the other two tribes eat each other alive while silently plotting their path the the end game.Good for them, IT kinda bothers me that Malcolm has yet to reward his longtime allie Denise but she seems to be taking it well.
    I wonder what she is thinking now watching the three amigos plotting against her while on a Whale Watching reward? After pulling for Malcolm all season it’s easy to see how he is the favorite.But for me, I like the underdog! Any of the other 3 finalists I would be happy to see them winning it all.If Malcolm wins then we will all say we saw it coming, but if say, Skupin were to take home the money, I would be elated! Same for Lisa or Denise! All 4 have played excellent games and deserve to win. I say lets give it to the Underdog!! Go Michael S!!


  6. I’m happy with the final four and I’m thrilled that I won’t have to listen to Abi whine anymore. I’d like to know why Jeff has treated her with kid gloves all season, I mean she sat out most every team comp., and I thought you weren’t allowed to sit out 2 comps back to back. I’m also curious to see if she will man up and apologize to RC for the way she treated her after watching the season on t.v., and knowing that Pete put the clue there. One more thing is that it’s sad that she gets a bigger paycheck than all of the other people on the jury when she didn’t do anything to earn it.

  7. I’m going to miss Abi-Maria in camp. I’ll be happy with any of the remaining four. My prediction is Skupin to win. I think if Denise makes it to the end, she will win, but I don’t think she will, unless she wins immunity.

  8. I like this game best when many people are playing the game and not just two people or a few. Malcom and Denise are the only two who have been playing the game. Malcom is the favorite and I agree with that, but I also don’t like when that one person has this easy road to the million bucks. It’s like the other players never even took that big chance to make a game moving move. Lisa tried early on but trusted stupid Pete. Don’t you hate it when someone dumb has the power and you wonder why the other players who are smarter all allow the stupid to lead and make the decisions? Once the merge happens it is important for the weaker players to take out the stronger players and it’s as though those weaker players never even tried. That’s what makes this game interesting is that you never know who will win. This game, with the exception of a few moments, has been so predictable. Unless something outrageous happens, the winner will most likely be Malcom followed closely by Denise. You never do know what will happen when they give those final speeches though.

  9. Sooo happy Abi is gone and I agree with you Bloggergal. They did a great job showing Denise’s frustration being left alone all afternoon with Abi. That woman/girl just won’t shut her trap plus, she’s obnoxious!
    I like the final four and it’s anyone’s game. I feel Lisa just stumbled her way through by changing her ever confused mind and ended up in the final four. To her credit, she did try a big move and Pete took care of that one. Which leads me to TheKhanKubla’s comment:
    “Don’t you hate it when someone dumb has the power and you wonder why the other players who are smarter all allow the stupid to lead and make the decisions?” There’s no answer to that question which seems to happen a lot in so many areas. Go figure. I really like Malcolm but they each have played a deserving game. Who do you think will win the $100,000? Of all of them, who really needs it most?

  10. Don’t like abi but i think it was a mistake to vote her out. I think Malcom or Denise could win this tho i like the other two more…as ppl. I’ve always liked Denise tho I haven’t agree’d with her choice of voting. And Zip up there said abi will clean up the best………..of course she will..what is she…like 12?

    go Denise

  11. Thank you all for the feedback! I am glad to see Abi go! I might have keep her around she would be a easy mark to take out at the end. See you soon, I hope Skupin wins he need to pay for all his trips to the ER :lol: …………… :mrgreen:

  12. It’s “been grins” reading all your comments…so many different opinions and “favorites”…I hope Denise goes home with the million and if they still give out the hundred thou for all time player I hope Penner takes it home. Looking forward to the Sunday finale..now if they would just turn down the background music my world would be a much better place!

  13. Just a question What if Denise and Malcom voted for Lisa and Lisa & stopid voted for Malcom, it would have been a tie with Malcom and gone to the fire challange right ?
    and I’m pretty sure Malcom would have kicked her butt and then Malcom, Denise
    and Stoopid would have been the final 3 RIGHT ????????????

  14. Watching that final challenge with the ball balancing on those sticks, I could see right away the Malcom was going to loose. He wasn’t relaxed and he was putting too much presure on the sticks, pushing them together too hard so that they ended up bursting apart. It would have been interesting to see both Denise and Malcom in the final 3, but I knew the other 3 would not really allow that. I had a feeling when Malcom wouldn’t give Denise a quick and positive answer to her question about keeping their final 3 deal that Malcom was cutting his own throat. He may have allowed his confidence in winning challenges dictate his actions there believing since he had some advantage and because he won so many times that he would win again. But even Scoopin pointed out that Malcom could be beaten and both he and Denise had done so before. But that was a fatal mistake – Malcom, you should have said yes even if you didn’t mean it, then you would have had a back-up when you lost that challenge. Oh well, I’m happy Denise won because she fought so hard all the way through this game and I believe it was a well deserved win.

    On a side note, I don’t think any of the final 3’s statements to the jury were that inspiring, especially for pleeing their case to win a million dollars. In the past we’ve seen people sway the votes with their final speech. Fabio is one of the best cases because most of the jury thought he was a joke and some of them were even openly opposed to him standing in front of him up until he gave his speech. With his speech he forced the jury to suddenly say, yeah, you’re right!

    But yeah, these 3 speeches wheren’t all that impressive. Even before coming on the show, I would have worked on and practiced what I would say in certain situations that matched my performance. It definitely would have been dominating my thoughts as I got down to the final handful of people. One of the first things you know is that the people on the jury are pissed that you are there and I think it’s good to let them know you got their through a combination of luck, skill, challenges and such, but to also let them know that they colud have been where you are just as easily and it could have been you pissed on the jury so they should drop their anger.

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