So just when things start to get good…

Man…I do not know about you but when I saw the look in Russell’s eyes….I thought for sure he pulled some magic on Wed.

So the secret has been revealed as to what exactly is Redemption Island…I have to admit. I kinda like it. Kinda a purgatory for survivors who had a hard time getting along with their neighbors!

I like the old school gladiator arena. I like the fact that 2 people from each camp get to watch to “validate” what happens. So people will know if Russell gets eliminated or sticks around.

My personal opinion is I want Russell to stick around at Redemption Island for a long while. It would be nice to see if he can “get back” into the game…

But enough about what I think….what do you think? Are you happy with Francesca being beat by Matt and having to leave and burn her buff? Are you happy that Russell is now off his tribe and having to fight to not Give Up Hope? :)

Tell us your thoughts!

Peace, BBBlogger

20 thoughts on “So just when things start to get good…”

  1. I actually can’t beleive that they lied about throwing the game. I am awfully glad that Rob got the clue, which wasn’t much of a clue, but at least nobody else got it. Phil is useless, sitting on the clue the whole time and didn’t even know it. I want to see Russell come back cuz if he does – here go hell come.

  2. If i were playing the game and Russell was on my team, my first order of business would be to get rid of him, but in reality would make an alliance with him only because he is so hated but a great player, go with him to the end and of course your fellow players would never vote for Russell to take it all as has been demonstrated in the past.

    so a smart player would align themselves with Russell and wind up winning it all!

    Russell is the guy you love to hate, plus he makes for better drama which is what television is all about.

    1. OK, there you are. First thing, i’m having trouble posting my blog. I upload it or even type it and when I go to save the draft it all disappears! Second, thanks for putting up the current photos!
      Third, can you e-mail me and let me know what it would take to take ownership of the Survivor blog from you?
      Good to see your still alive and kicking!!

  3. I honestly just can’t stand Russell any way, shape, or form. He’s really outsmarting himself. I would love to see his tantrum if he loses on Redemption Island. I really do like this twist though. Stephanie is truly a snitty little witch and I won’t miss her at all if she goes soon either.

    1. i agree you with you a 100% about russell.he thinks he will be able to take it all to the end.and if the girl who was really mouthy last night was stephanie she has a rule awakening coming to her,.you have to outsmart everyone everyone and russell was the victim this week,stephanie turn will be next week probably

  4. I was ELATED to see Russell get voted off! There are plenty other people that we can “love to hate.” Best of all would be for Russell to remain at Redemption Island, continuously getting beat in the duels.

  5. I was thrilled to see Russell voted off. Now I just hope Matt can get rid of him for good! Stephanie should be next. I loved that Rob found the clue sitting right under Phillips lazy butt. Now Phillip needs to go, too. I think last night’s group that threw the game so they could lose, is the first time in Survivor history that’s been done. I hope it occurs to Russell that they hate him so much they were willing to throw a challenge and lose a tarp, comfy chairs, etc., just to get rid of that S.O.B.!
    I wish Survivor would have two seasons with one season being all women and one season being all men. That would be fun to watch!

  6. I don’t get it…Matt was told that he was back in the game after beating Francessca, so now he has to duel again? I felt bad fro Francessca she had 2 ahead of him and lost…I can’t believe, and this went more for Matt, who is a guy, that he couldn’t tie those strings tight enough so the pole would stay taut. I know rushing had something to do with it…If he did it right the first time he didn’t have to keep retying it. Russell is an ego maniac ..i wish this time his balloon has been busted…but duel with Matt? Not too confident about Matt’s focus…it seems his focus is more on his new girlfriend. They didn’t show at the end, who voted for whom as they usually do..I wanted to see if that women ( forgot her name ) who was bitching about not throwing the game to get rid of Russell, how she voted after seeming to make a deal with Russell . Did she blindsited him or not?

    1. Actually, they get to stay on Redemption Island if they win the duels. That keeps up until it is the end of the game or when they merge or some other predisposed point in the Survivor apparently and then whoever wins the last duel gets to go back to play Survivor to the end. In theory someone could be the first one on Redemption Island and be there until all the duels with people voted off have been completed. There hasn’t been any info on when they will bring a person back or how many duels there will be. I think it was an assumption at the beginning by many people that they would be able to come back if they won A duel. Not quite how it’s going to work. It is interesting though. Just hope Russell ends his reign next week. I’ve seen enough of the little Troll to last me a life time.

    2. True, He is still in the game but not not with his team. The person who survives RI at some point is put back in the game. It will take a lot of work to win time after time to stay around long enough to get back into the actual game.

  7. Mmmm bitter sweet about Russell being gone. I wanted Rob to be the one to send him home. Julie in my opinion should have gone with Russell at least for the time being. It would have strategically been the smarter move. If Russells alliance with Julie succeeded, a lot of strong players David, Steve and Superman would have gone one by one.

  8. Thanks for the new photos of the current contestants, BBB!

    Will be interesting to see how they bring a RI person back into the game.

    Of Course they have to cheat to get rid of The Great One! But it was smart to split the votes, and made for good TV drama. Can not wait to see Russell beat the Little Blond Weasel next week! And then his triumphant return to the game sometime… hopefully soon.

    Absolutely love Stephanie! Sticks up for her man, and so cute too.

  9. Hey… has anyone noticed the uncanny resemblance of Steve to our esteemed White Haired Elder Statesman on this blog??? All the new posters will know when The Silver Fox returns!

  10. To see The Silver Fox… check out the end of the last page… he makes a rare appearance… still talks shit though!

  11. i love that Russell got voted out, didn’t like him the other times and i sure don’t like him now. And Stephanie what was she thinking. She was acting like Russell was some kind of god, i know she’s a groupie but come one honey show a little respect for your self. Matt has to pull his stuff together and beat Russell and send his big old butte home for good. Then maybe they will stop bring him back. BYE BYE RUSSELL!!!

  12. Stephanie sounded like a ho defending her pimp at TC. Honestly….what the hell was she thinking? I can’t stand the sight or sound of Russell and what he stands for. So happy to see him leave the game; I hope the younger, more buff, Matt kicks the Troll’s ass in the arena. Rob at least is enjoyable to watch; charming is the word I’d use. LOL Go Boston Rob!!

  13. i like matt.
    russ? meh not so much.
    i’m over the troll………well i’ve never liked him but i’m ready for ralph or heck, anyone, to drop kick russell into the ocean.
    use him as bait?
    hope if he beats matt that he stays on rd for awhile alone then loses just when he thinks he’s winning the game.
    i wonder if phillip wears a cape at home? (with his little boy panties)

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