Ex-Cheerleader claims she usually gets whatever she wants!

Survivor AshleyAshley Trainer (22)
Hometown: Maple Grove, Minn.
Occupation: Spa Sales

This 22 year-old woman describes herself as funny, outgoing and flirty, with an emphasis on flirty. Ashley once moved to San Diego for a relationship that did not work out, but now this bubbly former competitive cheerleader plans to use her flirty ways to endear herself to and at the same time manipulate the male castaways. Not only relying on her womanly wiles, Ashley feels that her strong determination will get her far in the game. She claims that she usually gets whatever she wants as long as she puts her heart and mind to it.

In her spare time, Ashley loves kickboxing, watching movies, and shopping. She describes her perfect day as sleeping in followed by working out and shopping, then ending her day with a nice dinner and a movie. During her time away from home, she will miss her mother, whom she describes as her best friend. She will also miss her favorite comfort item, which is her pillow.

Ashley works in a very competitive commission based sales job where she can sell almost anything. She has no qualms about selling items that she hates as long as it helps her reach her quota. She hopes that her “get it done” attitude will win her the title of Sole Survivor. Her first purchase, should she take home the grand prize, would be a condo or new house.

Currently, Ashley resides in Maple Grove, Minn. Her birth date is February 27th.

Andy Denhart of realityblurred.com interviewed all the cast-aways. The interviews took place before the guests entered the game. Ashleys was interviewed on September 17th and can be read on Reality Blurred.

317 thoughts on “Ex-Cheerleader claims she usually gets whatever she wants!”

  1. Ashley Trainer, seems like a nice personable type of person Shes pretty young I hope shes able to hang in there. SAL, you are doing a great job with the BIOS.

  2. OK, I’m hoping Ashley will stick around for the long haul and give her “pom poms” plenty of prime time exposure, both wet and dry. She is no substitute for BB11 Laura, however. ;)

    As Sal’s excellent Survivor coverage continues, I’ll bet that at some point he will confuse what is happening on the beach in Samoa with what is happening on the field at Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh. Steelers win Sunday’s immunity challenge 21 to 7! LOL

  3. Thanks, PK …… I’ve been trying to post ahead and have them scheduled for auto post, 1 more tomorrow, then going to wait for the show to see who might need to be profiled. Got some in mind so the weekend posts could be important.
    It’s wild, i’ve dug up more info on S20 than I have the current S19. I even have the cast list and the first 4 evictees, weird, huh?

  4. Good luck, Ms. I usually get whatever I want. Watch out for your ahh buddy Russell, he’ll kick you in the teeth and while you are bending to catch your breath he’ll kick you in the a**. Keep your eyes open and your mouth shut until you can take him down. Can she do it? Time will tell.

  5. Ashley is my pony! I am worried that she all ready has a few votes in her bucket…but since she is from MY TOWN (dang I love that) and since she is quite the hottie…I want her to win it all.

    Go Ashley!!

    Peace, BBBlogger

  6. If you’re still experiencing withdrawals from Big Brother 11 then no worries, because Thursday on the Big Brother Live Feeds fan favorites Jeff and Jordan will be taking questions and chatting live with everyone online!
    It’s free to get in and join as long as you have the live feeds. If not, no worries, you can still sign-up and register now to join us for the fun!
    Start writing down your best questions because Thursday night, September 24th, from 6 – 8PM PST (9 – 11PM EST) they’ll be answering questions from the SuperPass chat rooms

  7. Hi all…….
    How do I sign up SS…I wanna talk to J & J, but I never had the live feeds!

    Good luck to the Cheerleader…as a former Cheerleader I have to root for her. Although on a selfish note…I would like the male hotties hang around longer!!!

    DWTS was good last night. I too was surprised with Kelly O., she can really dance. Plus, people looooooove Ozzie! I think Maya has great potential….Natalie (swimmer) is very good…beautiful arms, and Joanna is a very naturally gifted dancer. Looks like Derek has taken a shine to her now that he broke up with his former dancing partner/girlfriend/roomie. She was too old for him anyway….meow…what a pornstar cougar. Could Derek have been any more obvious…..LOL…he needed little horns coming out of his head!!!! Anyone know what Macy said after she danced that got bleeped? Ironically I was reading the blogs here and didn’t catch it!
    My prediction for tonight……Macy and Tom Delay will go home. Could be Ashley Hamilton…but he may get votes just ’cause people wanna see his Dad George! At any rate……..GO DONNY!!!! Love him!!!!!!

  8. Sal, Re:

    “It’s wild, i’ve dug up more info on S20 than I have the current S19. I even have the cast list and the first 4 evictees, weird, huh?”

    So they have already taped and finished Survivor 20? And how could they let a list of evictees out? Never heard anything like that before. Sounds strange. k11

  9. Taping of S20 ended just days before S19 started on TV. Player leaks on the evictees, sightings of players for the list of players. What made it wild was it is also on Samoa!!!!

  10. Snake, Just found information on Survivor 20 at a website. The cast looks unbelievable and suddenly makes me care about that season more than this one. Good choices by production. Still can’t believe that a list of the first 4 evictees was leaked–CBS must be going bat-shit crazy! And how can people set odds on that season when it’s in the public domain that 4 people’s names are out there that have been evicted? They (CBS) better hope everyone in the show stays mum (Know about the contracts they sign with million dollar penalties) or they will create a reality where they can never tape ahead of time again. So SS jusstarted and we know of 1 evictee, but S20 doesn’t start for months and we know 4? Let me take you to, Funkytown… 8)

    And yeah, dammit! We want another Big Brother All-Stars season.

  11. Here are preseason odds I found (Did not make myself) on DWTS. The ones I found strangest (too low=overestimating contestant) was Macy Gray, Ashley Hamilton and Aaron Carter. People vote personality as much as dance and America will have a hard time gravatating to these three–not to mention Tom DeLay who has the gravatational pull of a tsetse fly.

    Aaron Carter…………..2-1
    Mark Dacascos………..7-2
    Natalie Coughlin………5-1
    Joanna Krupa………….5-1
    Michael Irvin…………..5-1
    Macy Gray………………6-1
    Donny Osmond………..7-1
    Ashley Hamilton………8-1
    Chuck Liddell………….8-1
    Kathy Ireland…………8-1
    Louie Vito……………..8-1
    Debi Mazar…………….9-1
    Melissa Jo Hart………10-1
    Kelly Osbourne………20-1
    Tom DeLay……………30-1
    –(For Newsmatter Only)

    So Mya is the gancer to beat and it looks like Donny Osmond, who’ll get a lot of public pull, is good value at 7-1. k11

  12. K11, Snakes avatar looks like a picture I saw awhile back of a baby taped to shelf with duck tape. Is that it Snake? It’s a baby I’m pretty sure though.

  13. you guys leave snake’s baby alone! he’s too cute for words. PK, your avatar for lucky isn’t coming through for me.

    AC, i rolled over your avatar and where i got scared me!

    k11, please do not go batshit crazy and start telling me about SS20 before i get to the second installment of SS19. we REALLY need to request survivor run 2 nights per week, but at least i’ll have the amazing race to help me make it through the (sunday) night.

    justa, i read your post on the last night of BB. you were talkin’ to some “curvy” lady, told her to STFU and sit down. said we don’t need your um, was it negativity around here. do you think you might have hurt someone’s feelings talking to them like that? i’ve never seen you be mean before, except to gnasty, but i thought she deserved it. maybe the “curvy” lady didn’t? i don’t know though… maybe she did something to you.

    about ashley, why would anyone, even evel russell form an alliance that he was voting out? don’t you keep an alliance, even a fake one, so they don’t vote you out. does he understand the game? justcheckin’

  14. Princess, in justa’s defense, he was told to tell her to STFU and there were several posts after that one explaining their ummm quirky relationship. No negativity at all on that one. Justsplainin it.

  15. ok, post disappeared into cyberspace strfsh. will try again.

    thanks for ‘splain’ it. maybe there was something posted down the line that i missed. i justthough if i were that woman, my feelings would have been hurt. but you’re probably right (of course) i justdon’t know enough about it.

  16. ok strfsh, i remain confused. this is the post i was referring to:

    I feel sorry for all the unfaithful viewers that swore off the entire show. They missed one hell of a great finale’. Or do you think they were just posin’ and snuck back in?? Not this time “curvy” lady!! Save that voice for another time. And let me close by saying, Sit down and STFU!…. you’re not needed here. We got Jordo. Go sing your doom and gloom somewhere else.

    i went all the way down to about 1:37am and never did find anything. anyway, i’m sure you understand it better than i do!

  17. SKELLYGIRL, I didnt catch what Macy said after dancing, Shes not exactly Miss PERsonality, thats why she could be going ton ight, along with ASHLEY or TOM dulay. KEVIN 11, Iagree with alot you had to say, but I liked AARON carter, He is one of the ones who will probably hang in possibly ,to the end he has alot of potential.

  18. Princess the “curvy lady” comment you are referring to started as “the fat lady is tuning up” as in the game is over for J/J and the fat lady is about to sing. It became a joke between “guy on restroom door” and p2. She said she preferred to be called curvy and it was a running joke from that point on. Since Jordan won, “guy on restroom door” made the comment that you’re referring to. The only person that should take offense to the comment is some imaginary fat lady ready to sing to signify the end of things. Hope that clears things up for you.

  19. aggie…when Macy was interviewed, she said she was glad to
    get the first dance out of the way. She said she felt like she
    just busted her cherry. You asked…sorry if I offended

  20. aggie…I think either Macy or Kathy Ireland. She
    was pretty stiff. Depends on her fans. As for the guys, I
    think Tom or Ashley. We will find out soon.
    So You think You Can Dance is on tonight too. I will
    tape that and watch later.

  21. fp2 might need more lines than that. As far as I know that could be from 542647 different movies. Most of those being from the “Friday the 13th” cache of movies LOL. They were always asking where someone was. Fire off another line and see if it helps 8)

  22. aggie: My wife could easily understand how I would be attracted to BB11 Laura, since it wasn’t until about two hours into our first meeting that I realized my future wife had a head. Wifey is all natural though, a beautiful, fair skinned, southern belle, red head when I finally noticed, twenty years my junior, now college educated at the University of Utah and completely non-replaceable even by BB11 Laura.

  23. PK, your avatar isn’t showing up. that’s my problem. and i just cleared my cache. maybe if i reboot. i’d really like to see a piture of lucky. just haven’t been able to, yet.

    PGA, you’re right. that’s way to much of a generalization to isolate into one bad 80’s comedy!!

  24. Frannie , GLad to see someone else thats into dancing with the stars ,It seems SKELLYGIRL , KEVIN11, ME, FRANNIE are the ones on here into the show IM glad to see their is somebody, because survivor is only on once a week.SO frannie who do you like? who do you think is doing well?

  25. it’s ok, PK. most of the guys wouldn’t have known Laura had a head if it weren’t for the HG pictures on the wall. then they had to figure out which head went to which body…. (laughing, really!!)

  26. PHILLIP, your a funny guy, I Like your humor,So your saying you Like BIg BOOBs , They are sexy, but in LAURAS case, theirs such a thing as to big. LAURA is a pretty girl, dont you think she is overcompensating just a little bit. KINd of like JESSE, and the whole overly muscular look, he does look like the MIchelin man, I think he is definately suffering from a NAPOLEON co mplex.

  27. aggie… Actually my wife dwarfs Laura in the boob department and all natural southern feed. Now my daughter is getting close, her choice, my doctor’s bill lol

  28. angie.. as to Jessie, as a former power lifter, steroid popper, myself many years ago, he is the kind on “guy” we would go out of the way to avoid in the shower room. I just sayin’

  29. PGA Dok…
    #1 As many other spookie movies, this one takes place in
    a school. #2 A shop teacher has a thing for “horsehead
    bookends”. #3 Girl talking on phone….A heavy breather

  30. cont…don’t know what happened.
    Girl hears click…girl says, “Did you hang up?” Breather
    says, “no, I just said click”.

  31. Phillip,I agree about Jesse I dont care what is said about him and LYDIa She is probably his BEARD I have always thought The Michelin Man was Gay. He looks like a GAY stereotype.

  32. PGA DOK…let me know when you give up. It really was
    a dumb movie. I happen to like that sort of dumbness.

  33. FRANNIE, IT was a good show ,I thought Adam Carolla was hilarious , They let the right ones go I didnt think they would go very far . LOved the tribute to PATRIck SWAYze ,what aloss I thought that guy was great, I especially loved DIRTY DANCING.

  34. aggie, I agree. Those are the two I was hoping would
    go. Love Dirty Dancing. I have the movie and yet
    every time it comes on TV I still watch it. I think Maya
    will go far and Aaron for the guys.

  35. aggie… I was dirty dancing with Frannie McCollum to“Sea Of Love” when Patrick Swayze was in diapers. ;)

  36. Okay now. Time to be serious. Are there any football
    fans out here? I need to pick 1 team that will be a for
    sure win. I am in a sucide football pool. I have already
    picked Baltimore in the first week and Minnesota in the
    second week. Any suggestions? I could pick Green Bay
    but then I would be picking against my home team, the
    Rams. Yes, I am embarased to admit that. They suck
    big time. Any help would be appreciated.

  37. Time to get things done around the house. I’ll check
    in tomorrow morning to see if I get any good teams
    to pick from. This is a hard week and if I have to, I
    WILL go against the Rams. Green Bay has screwed
    me 2 years in a row. Everytime I pick them I get
    eliminated. Last year, I was out the first week.
    Can I get some cheese with my whine?
    Night all.

  38. PGA Dok, Thanks for explaining “The Fat Lady Singing” non-controversy for all. I actually started the ball rolling, when Michele was doomed and the F3 was Jordan, Kevin and Natalie. I said something to the effect that the Fat Lady wasn’t singning yet (meaning the show was over for our side and Jordo was doomed), but she was standing up and clearing her throat. Our girl p2 jumped in, sarcastically, saying something like she wasn’t singing yet (inferring she was the Fat Lady), the justaguy sarcastically responded to her (they both knew their intended sarcasm) and p2 said she was “curvy,” thus the fake, mocking argument(s) we all read going between the 2. TGFPGADok. You’re better at clearing shit up than almost anyone (JT, PK) I’ve seen here FLA. No wonder the craps table didn’t play you! 8) k11

    aggie, You’re funny. Lydia is Jessie’s “beard”! Good shit. You never know with hm, he is so in love with himself he may care for neither man nor woman! 8) k11

    franniep2, One NFL team that will win this week in a “suicide” pool? Las Vegas gas the Ravens as 13.5 point favorites over the Browns, but you already picked Baltimore once, eh? Stay away from Green Bay as that game is in St. Louis. My Rx? Take either the Cowboys (-9.5) Monday night t beat the Panthers or the Eagles (-9.5) over the Chiefs. Philly has QB issues but after losing to AC’s Saints, they need the WIN and at home, will not want to be embarassed a second straight week. And the Chiefs, though improving, sorta blow. Here’s the Top 3 justtowin this weekend…

    0-RAVENS over Browns
    1-EAGLES over Chiefs
    2-REDSKINS over Lions (Lions haven’t won since Truman was president)
    3-COWGIRLS over Panthers
    4-VIKINGS over 49ers

    franniep2, Betting AGAINST the Lions in a sucide pool is a sure winner. Ask yourself, do you want to try and ride this trend as far as you can take it? I sure would. The Lions may have trouble beating Kalamazoo High School! (What up Stra?) I’d take the REDSKINS or EAGLES.


  39. Hi kids…
    PGA Dok…good to “cya”…lol! You owe me an answer…quick before I have more wine!~!!

    PK???? OMg…you paid for your daughters boob job??? lol…why???

    It was a joy to watch kelly and Melissa dance..they had sooo much fun. I may have mentioned also……love Donny!

  40. I like how I said “Top 3″ and then listed 5. It’s the new maf. Nort so simple. 8)

    franniep2, Justtake the REDSKINS. Keep it simple. 8)

    PK, Love how you love your wife man. That’s very real and respectful. And it’s important that women realize that all Men don’t think the same and value different things. I know you know, happiness is all that matters in the end and the ability to ne able to communicate with one’s spouse/signifant other is essential. No communication? No relationship… And again, keep it simple. And please bring Lucky back!

  41. Ugh K11…..never bet the Ravens over the Browns!!!
    Those damn Ravens are traitors!!! LOL
    How you doing K11?

  42. Well Kev11 handled the pigskin action so no need to discuss that one. I’m still clueless on the movie fp2 (maybe it’s something I haven’t seen). If you’ve already read the description of where my name comes from no need to read any further. Feel free to skip to the next post. skelly are you ready? If you understand it the first time you can have more wine LOL. OK here goes. The PGA portion is because I’m a member of the PGA. I have both played and taught/ran golf courses. However, at the moment I’m working on trying to get my own course built and running another one of my businesses on a daily basis. Are we good on that part? The second part is where everyone seems to get confused (I had Kev11’s head spinning for several posts lol). The Dok part is a nickname I’ve had for a looooooong time. It started in school due to sports. Everyone said I took people apart like a surgeon in any sport I played so they started calling me Doc for short. (Here comes the confusing part for many) I personally changed the c to a k due to the fact that I pitched a lot in baseball. As a pitcher when you strike someone out it goes as a K in the official scorebook (backwards if they don’t swing at strike 3). I don’t like being like everyone else and there are lots of Docs running around, but have you ever seen a Dok? So as Paul Harvery would say “and now you know the rest of the story”. Any questions?


    They are selling Snuggies for dogs.

    So 1 billion people go to bed hungry every night yet our culture has created a blanket for a dog that doesn’t want it? Help.

  44. Ummmmmmm Paul Harvery? WTF nice finger action I have working. No comments from the peanut gallery on that one you bunch of sickos LOL. skelly as a neutral observer on the Browns I’ve never understood how Mayor White got a free pass on that one. The city builds new facilities for the Indians and Cavs and tells the Browns to pretty much go (this word censored for our reading audience) themselves. Art moves the team where he can get the stadium he needs and everyone hates him, but not the Mayor. Who then miraculously finds the funds to build a new stadium for an expansion team. It seems to me had Mayor White built that stadium one originally asked the city would have never lost the team they loved so much.

  45. Errrrrrrrrr when originally asked not one on the post above. You people are wearing off on me with the typing skills LOL.

  46. PGA, What’s up Dok? Love the explanation! Wish that was your first one as my head wouldn’t have spun. The simple thing for those confused to understand is that “K” means strikeout in baseball and because PGA pitched and struck guys out, he mad the “c” in doc to a “k” because it had meaning to him. Classic name. Like justaguy’s. Love how we all get so confused in the Cybertranslation of everything! And PGA, I’m as confused as you with the clues. High school? Ol movie? 80’s? Comedy/Spooker? This is a job for justaguy or AC. Or we need better clues aggie! k11

  47. PGA Dok…wow!
    I had the first part right didn’t I?
    As a former stat for my Highschool baseball team…I am familiar with “k’s”….I can even explain the infield fly rule!!!! My Dad was an a fantastic Baseball player…..scouted by the White Sox in the 50’s,,plus I have 6 brothers……all fantastic players. Have I got you distracted??? LOL>>>>You must be one hell of a jock…!!!??????

  48. I think the shop teacher with the horsehead bookends was supposed to be the giveaway, but I just don’t recall anything like that Kev11. As for the heavy breathing part, moose have you been calling skelly? LOL

  49. Mrs. Brady Quinn, PGA is spot on, as usual, about yer Brownies. They probably wouldn’t have left if the whole thing was handled right in the first place. Glad Cleveland has an NFL franchise. The City certainly deserves it. Your husband needs to watch out for Ray Lewis Sunday or Derek Anderson may be back at the helm, sister! 8) k11

  50. More wine for skelly she followed that perfectly. Somehow the first time I explained it I caused some mass confusion. I mentioned the pitching, but didn’t clarify why that made it a k instead of a c. In the great blogosphere sometimes you have to over explain things I guess.

  51. Ok I guess I need to re-read the posts…am I breathing heavy?
    I’m guessing I am Mrs. Quinn……..I could live with that!!!!

  52. Love DWTSs too and can’t wait to watch it in 20 minutes. Aggie, Dirty Dancing is great and one of the dancers is a choreographer for some dances in SYTYCDance. She was the sexy one with the long dark hair doing some phenomenal moves in the movie. Do any of you remember doing some of that in the 60s? Yes, the 60s. Just good clean fun. :) Loved him in Ghost too. No dancing but what a movie.

    Ahhhh Sea of Love, brings back some good memories along with the Righteous Bros, Unchained Melody. That’s usually voted the most romantic song ever in some polls.

    As for the STFU comment, I must be remembering a different circumstance.

    PK, yes I think I mentioned that I paid for my daughters boob job too but it was contingent on her graduating with a BA degree. I hoped she would grow out of it but nope, she still wanted to do it. She really did have fried eggs and now she loves them. Very interesting how men do seem to notice just below the neck before their eyes travel either up or down. Very funny when you catch them and they are embarrassed.

  53. Wow Starfish and Pk…I am laughing just thinking about asking my parents for money for a boob job!!! Good for you for having open minds!!

  54. PK I know what you mean, but I personally start with the legs. If I don’t like those no need to look any further 8) skelly the heavy breathing was referring to a clue about a movie. I was justtakinganotherpotshotatyouandthemoose 8)

  55. skelly, Well done. Most women would have no idea what the “K” (Strikeout in scorebook) would mean. Always impressed with our crew, Dok. And sometimes the sarcasm throws others (and me) off, right brother? For a Cybersecond I thought you were a (golf) swing doctor for Predraig Harrington! 8) 8) Now I know better. And ccol holes make the golf course brother (Coming from a do(r)k that shot a 189 his last 18!)

  56. Mr. Strikeoutgolfer….
    No worries my friend! Bulwinkle I fear has abandoned me!! So sad…just like a Moose!!!

  57. Thanks K11…….no props for the infield fly rule?
    I got 2 marriage proposals in the chat room for that…..LOL!!!!

  58. A woman’s self-image is all that matter and if I was the parent of a kid who wanted a boob job and felt it was a smart (not too large for body type), I’d be all in. Unless my kid was a dude! I’m with ya PK and starfish…

    starfish, THE STFU was pure sarcasm between two people that both knew the context of that sarcasm. It was all love and based on the concept that “The Fat Lady Was Clearing Her Throat and Looking At Her Sheet Music,” a reference I made to it seeming it was all over for Jordan at the end of Bb11. Thank bulwinkle I was wrong. and where has that moose and FRANKS been? Need ‘em both here. k11

    DWTS starting out West…Some hot-ass women in this show. I love Joanna Krupa I must admit…

  59. princess…. yeah, What Starfish, PGA Dok, and Kev11 said. No need for me to explain it further (but as long as I’m here, I might as well). Thanks peeps!! It really feels good to have people setting the record straight for you when you can’t be here(group hug). Apreesh! princess, It was basically my way of reiterating the fact that many people gave up too soon. Jordan made us eat our words… and she never even let the “curvy” lady get started. I realize that it’s tough to jump in late and “get” an inside joke between p2 and I (I love inside jokes). Where is p2 these days anyway? I miss our sarcastic back and forth. starfish, thanks for jumpin’ in first! I’m touched. PGA, I’ve said it before.. you save me a lot of typing.. and thanks for the “warning” about your name origin.. now you saved me some reading too! And kev11,.. nah… I don’t want to inflate that head any more!.. just make sure you take care of Saki!

  60. Did we ever get an answer on why the BB blog showed central time and this one shows billy goat mountain time? UH OH did the moose finally run out of luck and get shot? Do we need to slap a pic of him on a milk carton? Perhaps some flyers distributed “Have you seen this moose?”

  61. skelly, I would be remiss for not giving you props for knowing the infield fly rule. I played amateur baseball for 10 years here in LV and most guys (and some umps) didn’t always know when to apply it. I never thought about it in the outfield or on the bases and was always impressed when an ump called it right away.

    PS Tried out for the White sox at an amateur free tryout and went 2-2 but blew my chance, dropping a line-drive flyball right at me! After having 0 errors all through HS, I dropped one going one-handed then worsened my chances after getting caught stealind 3rd base after singling then stealing 2nd. I was 3-4 years older than all the tryouts and am proud to say as a Caucasian (nice word), I was faster than all the black and Hispanic and other white guys (and they were younger) at the camp. It is hard to become a pro now, especially with all the talent cultivated worldwide. Love Ichiro Suzuki. Now back to the DWTS talk. Sorry…

  62. me me me me me me me…………..warming up for my solo!!!!!
    Don’t know what happened to the moose! Maybe all that talk about naked Fridays scared him. I told him he didn’t need to shave??!!!

    On a slightly personal note….um…….I thought about correcting what I thought was a “small” problem. Now that I am older and wiser…so glad I didn’t! Just saying……….food for thought…..be proud of what God gave you gang!!!!

  63. K11……..My Dad had been thru 4 years of WW2 and then College…Univ. of Dayton! Btw…all 7 kids went there…now my son is a Freshman plus a nephew. Anyway…the White Sox loved Dad..then they found out how old he was!!!! He loved to tell that story!!

  64. Just in case it’s not clear………. I loooooooove Baseball!!
    Sadly have not had time to follow my teams much this year!

  65. Look what the cat (Saki) dragged in! What up JT? Did you see the very vague movie clue reference aggie posted above? In any blogperson could figure it out on so few clues, it’d be you! Sounds like a not-so-serious horror flick but the high school thing throws me off. I though sean Penn as Spicoli (sp?), but know that’s way, way off….

  66. So the warchant at family gatherings is GO FLYERS!!! for the skelly clan. That’s dedication for everyone to go to the same school.

  67. skellygirl, Go Flyers! And here’s what I figured out in my age from playing baseball: Learn to swing at the strikes and take the balls. That millisecond decision of where the pitch is coming in is the key to either working the count in your favor or getting the pitch you want. And curse the pitcher that knows how to throw a good slider. That was the pitch where I would get my “K’s,” swinging of course, Dok! Learned to bat left-handed after my first lower back problem in 1995-ish. Hey guys, wasn’t it just 1995? Wow! Time sure flies. And where’s Star at, speaking of time flying????

  68. Dok, Outta my mind (Flyers) brau!

    And be glad with what God gave you, skelly? What about eyesight and glasses? I support science mixing with one’s physicality=get the boods if you want ‘em girls. justbesmartaboutit

  69. My Dad was the Highschool coach….as well as all the little league teams. Holy shit……I just figured out why I couldn’t get a date!!!!
    Anyway……he hated it when a batter would take the third strike…made him crazy!!!!! Any of you guys ever give “oxygen” to the girls on the bench??? Go Flyers indeed!
    My Mom always said..most colleges would name a Dorm after a family like us….more likey we get a bar named after us!!!!

  70. K11……..I hear ya hon! just saying…I’m grateful now that I didn’t make that surgical decision. It took 4? years….but I’m proud of my body!!! Now if a girl really feels she needs something fixed….I guess go for it!!!

  71. PGA Dok…..warchants at our house were an every day occasion!
    Usually……….something like..”if you touch my sister, I’ll kill you”!!

  72. Think I figured out the 80’s movie guys: The Breather.? aggie?
    TGFG (Thank God for Google) …and horsehead bookends clue…

    Ashley Hamilton out on DWTS? Tode ya 6-1 wasn’t a good number….

    skelly, I’m with you in the long run. Most guys prefer natural ta-tas, right PK?, but if a woman’s self-image changes with the enhancement, all the more power to them. Laura may need to take it a notch down though…

  73. Speaking of, just saw the infield fly rule called in the Giants/DBacks game. You bring these things up and they happen. Do we get free drinks at this bar skelly?

  74. PGA Dok…..If I could , I would sweetheart!
    There were two main bars near Campus….Timothy’s and Flannigans!
    Oh wow…….the memories……..or at least what I CAN remember!!!
    I would love to buy you handsome gentlemen a drink…..so …..we need to make a meet-up date in here. Star says Friday or Sat. night.
    Watcha think guys????

  75. Talk of kiwis?…. I’ll just keep reading on and not jump in.. sorry, just not my cup of tea (save the jokes). Now we’ve gone off on a boob tangent? At least that’s an improvement… still wouldn’t normally jump in though. But what the heck… what’s one more boob talking about boobs?(lol) PGA, once again.. saved me some typing. I like legs also(no offense to Heather Mills). Laura was way over the top! (pun may or may not be intended). Looks rediculous. I’ve had this “arguement” with several(3) women in the past trying to talk them out of installing air bags. It always comes down to them saying this,.. “I’m doing it for me”…. WTF?! I try to tell them that they are doing it for what they perceive to be acceptable in society. They don’t buy it. I use the “deserted island” cliche…. “If you were stranded and knew you would never see another human being again… would you still want them?” ….. “Well…, no, I guess not then”. I know that women have a right to do whatever they want. I also know that I can’t help sticking my nose into their business (I said save the jokes!) and try to talk them out of it. It really is a sad statement about society when a girl like Jordan thought it was important enough to get them in her financial circumstance. It would be nice if she realized that she didn’t need them with or without $500k. This “boobs” rant about boobs is over… Self esteem, either you got it or you don’t.

  76. Damn she pulled out the infield fly rule and Bob Brenly all in the same night. If the moose hasn’t been shot already I just might have to shoot him myself and run off with skelly LOL. I’m personally very hit and miss on weekend nights this time of year. High school football broadcasts on Friday nights and out of town a lot on Saturdays visiting potential Gator Bowl teams. Just let me know what you gals decide (you know the men will follow) and when I’m at home I’ll chime in.

  77. JT…we haven’t chatted much…but I would love to kiss you!!
    Well said my friend! I know I am gonna piss some people off…….but…I agree! If I weren’t so busy packing for my trip with PGA Dok…I would elaborate! In a nutshell………girls…..any guy that loves you for your big fake boobs….is a big fake boob himself!!!
    Ok…no stepping off my soapbox……..gotta pack my thongs!!! LOL

  78. Always love your rants justa. And we have over 105 posts here tonight! Seems like the bar is starting to become popular. Think peer pressure and talk and boy envy causes girls to contemplate fake ones. If I had a daughter that wanted them, she had better have mosquito bites to justafy (intentional goofy spelling) going deep and getting impants. Doubt they talk about bigger boobs in Africa, India, Iraq, Antarctica. No, know they don’t. And what city has more fake chimchangas than Las Vegas? Even the dancers with real ones are proud to bring it up, unasked, and seem to have something on the “fake” crowd. It’s interesting on a socialogical level, especially here. A real freak show. 8)

  79. AC we broke the mark when we started talking boobs and infield fly rules LOL. I have to side with “guy on restroom door” on this boob thing. Installing oversized “airbags” just doesn’t do it for me. This is why im a leg and ass man first. Now I will add a disclaimer that if my buddy, the plastic surgeon, has done the install I can deal with it. He refuses to do the “porn star/stripper airbags”. Those things can be deadly. Go in for some good motorboat action and you could suffocate yourself LMAO.

  80. skelly, Packing your “thongs”? Saw the “o” is next to the “i” on the keyboard? Meant “things”? Hope you meant thongs! And Pebbles in a thong? Only in a chat room-blog gone bad sister! k11

  81. I’m cracking up….motor boat?? LOL
    You know Gentlemen…all parts kinds tend to go “south” when women get older. Except smaller breasts……….they stay at attention!!!

    Do leg men only like long legs??? Just wondering???

  82. Kev11 you made me google for that damn movie as well. If the one I found with all that info is the one I’ve never heard of the thing. Where’s fp2? She started this mess and then ran off.
    HUBBA HUBBA she’s packing the thongs LOL I’ll never be able to concentrate on the conversation now LOL

  83. Well I tend to date smaller, petite women so in my case at least the legs don’t have to be long. Justputsomeheelsonandmakethecalvespop 8)

  84. Ummmmmmm. ….has anyone noticed I’m the only woman typing??

    what happened to Starfish …she wanted to talk DWTS?
    She left me alone with all these men!!!!!

    I’ll have to survive!!! PGA…………LOL….I need to turn my webcam off!!!!

  85. skelly, I think most men could care less about “good” legs being “long.” It’s all proportional and look at girls like Paola Abdul and Carmen Electra and Pamela Anderson–they are all pretty short but because they’re put together well, they look taller and no guy with half-a-brain (Coming from the Tin Man) would think twice about the actual length of a woman’s legs. For me, sometimes women can have legs that look too long, but I live in Las Vegas where dancers flock and long legs can land a girl a spot in a show. That is, while we still have shows in this ever-changing city. But we all know, we are a boob-centric society. The bigger they are, the bigger the tips, the more attention, and unfortunately sometimes, the more money a girl can make.

  86. K11…..Thanks!
    As a petite women that’s nice to hear! Seriously tho….how many of you guys have actually seen Pamela Andersons face? LOL!
    I still think Laura should have spent her money on her teeth. She had a great body…the natural part was beautfiul ( I’m straight..calm down guys)….but her boobs were too big! I just see too many young girls already thinking they need boob jobs……it’s sad. If a guy loves ya..and knows what he’s doing….your breasts will do ladies!

  87. OK Saki what did you do with my last post? When did Star say this Mercury retor bs would be over? I never lost any posts on the BB site, but this SS site (thinking it must have something to with the mountain goat time) likes to devour my posts at times. As I was saying, turning off the webcam without me getting to check the wheels is just WRONG!!!!!!! LOL

  88. Dok, Perky? Thumbs up. And yeah, where’s fp2 after she started all this mess? She’ll laugh when she reads it tomorrow. And that movie, The Breather, yeah, that’s a very discreet reference. Never saw it or heard of it until I Googled. Still can’t believe you saw an infield fly rule!

    justaguy, Waiting for Kim or FRANKS or Star to pop in one of these nights. One of these crazy old nights…

  89. Skellygirl, You’re right, we haven’t chatted much. I don’t come here that often and you were kind of late getting into the BBBlog. Seems we are usually on at different times.. you early.. me late. I do read EVERYTHING though (justask PGA, Augustus, & kev11). I’ll gladly take my kiss!(looks around for an enraged moose). The funny thing is this… I have a tough time convincing women that it is my TRUE opinion of the matter (They think I’m tryin’ to suck up). There really are a lot of guys out there that don’t go gaga over led zeppelins (hey PGA).

  90. My take on Pam is she looked great when she was the Labatt’s Girl and when she first started on Home Improvement. Now she just looks too fake for my tastes. I know many love what she’s done, but it’s just not for me. As for Laura, with her thin frame she looks like she’s walking around with two hot air balloons.

  91. Ok…I must admit…I feel comfortable with all men!
    Must be the 6 brothers……..just don’t tell them you saw me here!!!!
    Many questions…………
    tell me the Wizard of Oz connection…..considering that’s my fave movie..with fave song!
    How long have you guys known eachother?

  92. PGA, Mercury retrograde ends the 29th. And I hear ya,he MT is confusing and affects any of us? Sal’s in Texas so I don’t think that’s his time zone. I, as always, am blaming it on the server. Or Tom DeLay. 8)

    Computer Genius AC, I know you’re there. Right to blame (the location) of the server? justawildguessfromaludite

  93. If you have ever seen Pam without make-up…..she is beautiful!
    (again……..not gay….calm down!!!)

    IDK…most men say they like a natural looking woman……guys…it takes a shitload of work to look “natural” !!! LOL

  94. “guy on restroom door” and I think alike on many subjects it seems. If he didn’t live in “the land of 10000 lakes” and was still in his late 30’s I’d swear he was my lil bro. LOL@ led zeppelins. That’s somewhat in the same ballpark as what I called them. I think your term is much catchier.

  95. skelly, PGA, aC, justaguy and myself have known each other around 3 months (Right JT?) after hooking up in the BBBlog during the Chima Storm in my opinion. We are like Cyberbrothers and your girl Star (Dorothy in The Wiz O’ Oz) dubbed justaguy The Scarecrow, me as The Tin Man and FRANKS as The Lion. I think AC may be The Wizard of Oz himself and PGA was either The Wicked Witch of The West, Dorothy’s father, or one of the munchkins! I keed, keed! justbustinabrotherinthe FLA’sballs (Please, no ball talk after yesterblog and today’s boobtalk)

    We are brothers and FRANKS, bulwinke and Phillip are our wise fathers-grandfathers in my twisted mind. You, Star, starfish and Kim seem like sisters and I called p2 and Sal my parents, though p2 scoffed at being my Mother, as we’re about the same age. justabigblogfamily

  96. SON OF A there went another one. Hey Mercury Saki says FU!!!!!!! Thanks for the help Saki (high paw kitty). Have to go somewhere warm so you can show off the wheels of course.

  97. Skellygirl, I have seen Pam’s face. Remember how good she looked before she had all that sh#t done?… when she was justagal at a Blue Jays game? What a waste! I know she’s a lot older now, but she didn’t do herself any favors with the face and body work. Can we all agree that nobody has ever looked better after getting their lips injected? (I’m not gonna ask ya’ll to refrain from jokes this time… I know it’s tough)

  98. Someone help……..was PGA talking to me?? LOL

    Are my wheels my legs? I hope so………dance class will come in handy!!

  99. JT, Led Zeppelins? Funny! Boobs shouldn’t be shaped like watermelons or serve as a pull-up bar! 8)

    PGA, Seems JT and you and I think alike although we’ll see with survivor. FYI, I have never had a girlfriend with fake ones and consider myself a boob guy.

    skelly, Butts? Do we have enough time? Think the theory guys like “junk in the trunk” is pretty stupid. I’ll take Carmen Electra or Pam Anderson or Joanna Krupa’s ass anyday over a clump like Jennifer Lopez. I like tight and normal, if there is such a thing anymore…

  100. Yes wheels are legs 8) Sorry I’m having issues over here with the mountain goat time zone server eating my posts. Finally realize how frustrated Star and Kev11 were all those times on the BB blog. You type out some great stuff and it ends up out in the blogosphere like Sputnik justwaitingtocrashbacktoearth. By the way what type of dance do you teach?

  101. PGA, Losing a post is the worst. Never got used to saving. The hamsters seem to like the new system for some reason. Haven’t rebooted in 3 fucking days. (Feels good to swear) Or maybe it’s Mercury retrograde. Ahhh, I’m justahelplesshumanatthemercyofthesefuckingserversandbyteheads

  102. PGA….Ilovethewayyoujusttypewithoutspacesverybadboy……….lol
    I teach ballet and tap. I was on Gymnastics team and cheerleader…..please don’t judge!! I’m a nice person……not a snotty bitch!!!

    K11…..Carmen ass is different from Pam’s(none) and slightly smalle than Jlo’s……there is a “happy medium”!!

  103. Justa……….3B..is my nickname for BBBlogger…….I may have been wrong……….first time for everything!

  104. PGA, JT, You guys are very, very wise for your age. Seriously. Don’t change. Your heads are screwed on right. It is the world that’s fucked up. And as p2 always says, It isn’t paranoia if it’s true, right? Peace. Or Pecae. You get the point.

  105. I never had any issues until I came back from doing the game the other night. I rattled off one of my looooooong rants and hit submit and got parked back at the top of the page. Scrolled down and no post. I tried to repeat it and was smart enough to copy it before I hit submit. It took me several attempts to finally get it to show up. I was rolling along fine tonight until just recently. As long as I don’t chuck the laptop out the french doors I’ll be good LOL.

  106. Hmmmmmmmmmm PGA….must have been a rant about me being a distraction!!!! See……….don’t you feel bad???? LOl

  107. I think PGA may have confused me with BBBlogger. He lives a rolling stones throw from me and my 44th B-day was a few days after his 39th B-day.

  108. skellly, Your probably confusing justaguy with 3B as they are both from Erotic City, the Twin Cities in Minnehaha. If justaguy ever changes his avatar or goes on Face Space or My Book or Twiiter, I fear I will have to move to Kryzygistan.

  109. Fine Catholic education all the way thru the college years Kev11. Those penguins will beat some sense into you LOL. OK flat ass NO, Baby Got Back Ass (what up Sir Mix A Lot) NO, skelly in a thong YES.

  110. No…I think that was me JT…….PGA and I are often confused for eachother!!! ok…….not so much…..but…I thought the restroom door guy or whatever might be 3B……BBBlogger

  111. No “guy on restroom door” I said if you WERE still in your late 30’s. I know you just rocked out with Prince like it was 1999 for your 44th.

  112. PGA………..Holy Crap………did I not mention the Cabernet tonight?
    What the hell are you talking about sweetheart?? LOL

  113. PGA, That first night on here was rough. Couldn’t post, then it showed up in the middle. And the Recent Comments last post was like 5 hours old. Remember gabbing with EET about something that wasn’t posted, then it showed up (The word “Shambo”) and then thinking “This ain’t the same as the BBB.” Glad it’s fixed, BBBlogger. We apparently need you. And ABN…

  114. Thanks skellygirl…. 3B (duh!!). I knew that… justforgotIguess. One more thing, the run-on sentences you see… will start with the word “just”. It’s a twist that kev11 put on my name and has caught on like California wildfires. Feel free to do it how ever you like. I’m not tellin’ what to do. justafriendlyobservation.

  115. What do you mean I look pretty close to the generic avatar dude. Same shaved head, not sure what color his eyes are, and my shoulders are wider LOL

  116. skelly, here’s what I look like: 8) Seriously. Same hair, sunglasses, smile, attitude and yes, I have a yellow face Pebbles! lol

  117. Sorry PGA, I read your 10:24pm post and missed a KEY word…. “if”. I must be sleepy. My next day off of work is Oct 10th and I’m runnin’ on 5-6 hrs of sleep per night. Bedtime for Bonzo (Bozo?). I’m happy I got you guys covering my back in case “princess” shows up and tries to start some more sh#t. ZZZZZzzzzzzzz.

  118. Ok Gentlemen…..time for me to go to bed!

    I’ll check back to see if a night has been chosen for us to catch up.
    Although….I must admit……..I love the odds tonight!!!


  119. Ok..I know this is gonna sound like an airhead question….but……….
    why is my name is black ink now……..used to be in blue ink…..?
    Thought the blue ink meant that the person had a Facebook account!

  120. Well hell. I need to stay incognito so the stalkers don’t find me LOL. OK skelly you asked for it justyouwaitwhenyou’releastexpectingitSPANK

  121. LOL………

    night all………talk to you tomorrow???!!!

  122. ZZZZzzzzz….. WTF?!! Justbecause Skelly and I both went to bed at 11:07(SST)… don’t read anything into that!!! Yes Skelly, call me JT, justaguy, justa, scarecrow, guy on the restroom door… whatever tickles your thong. I added the “JT” (my initials) just for people sick of typing justaguy. What up King Avatar? I gotta go check the treehouse too.. then it really is off to bed.

  123. skelly, What chin? Night Ohio.

    Good to see you AC. We do need an appropriate avatar for our brother, PGA. Maybe some craps dice? A golf hole (#18)??

    PGA, Agree with your butt scale. My she-he neighbor’s is flat. (I knew you Doks would get a laugh out of that–and the fact I actually loooked! Hey, needed to know it was a dude!) skelly probably has a genetically blessed ass or she wouldn’t be chirping about not seeing our pictures! Waaah! But guys, she is pretty damn good looking for a 40-ish, redhaead, eh? Rewrites our predisposed notions of real red-heads? Am I wrong?

    JT, We finally got a conversation in here hard to follow.! Can we blame it on the girl? justaskin And thanks for explaining much. U2 Dok. I get tired trying to remember all the stiff and know U2 see all. U2 AC. You’re (Augustus) justmorequiet about it. Hey, what does Augustus Cole mean, or is it your name King Avatar? k11

  124. HEEEEEEEYYYY Snakebit —you’ve been doing a GREAT job on the bios. I’ve had sooooooo much reading to catch up on since I’ve been gone the last 2 nights. But tonight things seemed to really be jumping in here for awhile.

  125. OMG—you are the first to call me Cynt. LOL Hey AC —yeah you’ve been caught.>8-}} And it’s about damn time too.

  126. And NO my little doggie isn’t shooting a bird (just in case anyone gets that impression)>8-} He is waving. And usually people shorten my name to Cyn. If they only knew. hehehehehehe

  127. That’s what I found from doing a google search Sal, fp2 vanished so we have no idea if it’s the right movie or not. If it is I’ve never seen it or heard of it until I googled the clues she gave.

  128. The redhead commanded. I know better than to piss off a redhead LOL. Hey Cynthia, I thought maybe your pooch was flipping off Saki.

  129. KEVIN11, WHATS this about an 80S Movie ,I think it was FRAnnie who was talking about that. What did you guys think of the bombshell that MACKENZIE PHILLIPS DROPPED, that her DAD JOHN PHILLIPS had SEX with her at the time she was doing ONE DAY AT A TIME. AND it was consentual, SHe said she also got pregnant and had an abortion, IF i were her i would let sleeping dogs lie,Her father is dead its not fair he is unable to respond.

  130. Yep. Well technically it’s after midnight here in Fla. so it’s morning. But I don’t consider it a legit “morning” until sunrise.

  131. LMAO No PGA I’m not a stalker of anyone. Well not yet anyway. I was just wondering if you had ever heard of a man named Ted Cox in Ohio??

  132. Are you in Fla. for real?? In all these years I have NEVER chatted to anyone that told the truth about being in Fla. LMAO

  133. What it is, Cynthia? Was thinking of you earlier this evening and where you were. Was busy looking up the origins of Augustus Cole’s name (Can’t stop the train). Cynthia, Sake is my cat, in the avatar. she’s right here. hasn’t said a word in 3 years! 8)

    PGA, Is that you? If so, you look like me AND The Guy On The Restroom Door. Only you have eyes and a nose. I knw better than to piss off a redhead brother–I’m part Irish.

    Sal, Glad to see Freda back after that avatar that looked like the ending from the classic B&W movie The Fly! Can you believe we busted 200 tonight brother? Tomorrow should be another record-stter. Desperatley seeking Live Feeds still…

    Anyone know how the J&J Live Feed interview went?

  134. Oh sweetie, there’s no need to lock the windows & doors. They are for honest people.>8-}}} Just Kidding. I’m much to busy trying to entertain the voices in my head anyway.

  135. Soooo true PGA & they know me sooooooo well. I need to stop that before people think I’m serious. LMAO@myself. See what I mean?? I just can’t stop. ANYWAY—the dude Ted owns golf courses in Ohio. My ex’s grandfather.

    K11—that’s sweet, you were wondering where I was. Or is it?? Maybe you were wondering when was a good time to leave before I got here?? Just Kidding.

  136. AC, Sleep is for the sleeping, right? 8)

    aggie, Sorry for mix-up. Still don’t know what it was though Sal has a better grip on it then me. I justGoogled 80’s movie and Horsehead bookends. Nothing like leaving a trivia question then not answering it! We’ll find you franniep2! And aggie, hadn’t heard that about Mackenzie Phillips. So tragic. And why is Tom DeLay still on DWTS and Ashley Hamilton not? Some Right Wing Conspiracy, eh? 8)

    Sal, Did you see the J&J interview? Glad they are a couple. Like peanut butter and chocolate. That chemistry is hard to find. The wise know that. 8)

  137. Reading these blogs in ‘advance’ of writing whats on my mind is like “like listening in on a ‘party-line’ on the old telephone system”. This of course is much more descreet. And people from what I can gather would like to know your here, (at least I think they do).
    I recently purchased a new DVD/VHS recorder because I got tired of repairing the ‘old JVC’. The new one is a Panasonic. I like it, but like anything new, reading the manual is like “Reading the Dead Sea Scrolls”. It has 100 pages, mostly in ‘English’. Most of it is for applications I will never use, but its there if you need it. One of the problems I ran into was the fact that a lot of my ‘old DVD’s’ don’t play on this recorder, they had to be erased then I’m able to recorder on them. It would take another 10 lines of writing to explain why, but I don’t want to bore you any more with the details!

    I see kevin eleven is at his usual ‘articulate’ self along with JT, PGA Dok and “The Master Manipulator of Avatars”, Augustus Cole. I didn’t forget you ladies. You know who you are. OK, Stra, also known as ‘Dorothy’,Starfish , P2, etc.

    Skellygirl, I see you found other interests besides bulwinkle. (No offense bulwinkle). Believe or not I find myself agreeing to a lot of what your saying, skellygirl. Whenever I read that name it takes me back to “The X-Files”. Of course her name was spelled differently, Scully, I believe. And of course who could forget Mulder!

    I’m a ‘breast man’ myself, but which one of us ‘guys’ wouldn’t go to bed with a women who had, shall I say had small breasts?

    PGA Dok, how the hell did you ever find this site? I would think you would be writing a ‘Golf Manual’, maybe you do?

    And as far as ‘princess’ bringing up sh*t that happened about 2 weeks ago and unless you followed all the ‘blogs’, you would understand the context! Let ‘bygones be bygones’.

    There is enough on this blog that we can ‘discuss’, without dragging up ‘old stuff’ because we might feel offended.

    Most of the people on this site wouldn’t try to hurt you purposely!
    There might be the occasional “asshole” that drifts in, but with all the “amunition” on this site they are quickly shot down!

    As I mentioned in a previous blog, about Survivor, where did they get Russell (short stocky one), I thought they closed “Devils Island.”? Apparently ‘Papillion’ wasn’t the only one to escape from there!

    It too early to comment on all the others, I would just be repeating what other people have said.

    Peace, everyone!


    1-Sal babysits.
    2-PGA Dok looks alot like me.
    3-AC may be 37.
    4-PGA may be/is 41.
    5-aggie is NOT franiep2.
    6-franniep2 needs to supply an answer to her trivia question.
    7-AC may be a Gamer.
    8-justaguy can be confused with BBBlogger, and not always confused with me.
    9-skellygirl knows the infield fly rule.
    10-Phillip’s daughter may need to be some new, bigger bras.
    11-Cynthia is back in the fold.

  139. KEVIN11, THEY always leave the older people in there longer than even alot of the younger ones, make some people just like it when they make older people look like idiots ,agood example of that is when CLORIS LEACHMAN and WAYNe NEwtonwas on. MACKENZIE PHILLIPS did an interview with entertainment tonight, she wrote a book, SHe also said she had sex with MICK JAGGER when she was ayoung girl.

  140. FRANKS, Good to see you my man. Was wondering when you’d pop in. Love this below quote from you:

    I’m a ‘breast man’ myself, but which one of us ‘guys’ wouldn’t go to bed with a women who had, shall I say had small breasts?

    FRANKS (aka The Lion), Can I answer that for my brothers? None of us. And I’m a breast man too although face, eyes, attitude, legs, ass….Ah, forget it! You know. You’re a guy! You all know. (Game recognizes Game, right boys?) 8)

  141. Cynthia, The boobs, butt and babe talk beats the Hell out of the ball talk here yesterblog. I’m gonna write a short book on it, aptly titled On Balls.

    aggie, Your DWTS “Old Peeps” theory is spot on. I like Big Brother so much because we can see all that’s happening (to a point), compared with DWTS that has this demographic predisposition and Survivor, which already happened. That may have been the first Survivor mention in scores of posts. Still, this is a great spot and these peopel are all stand-up in my book. FRANKS knows it, a mean idiot aiming at any of us gets weeded out. We all have each others Cyberbacks. 8) Peace.

  142. Cynthia, No. Strangely enough my name is Kevin. And my favorite number is 11. Very simple, very real. And it sounds like 7-Eleven, that 24/7 stop where you can buuy a bathtub of blue sugar ice for $1.99 or a frozen burrito at 3:33 am. That feel. Like writing on a blog at 11:23pm PT to a person thinking they’re reading it Wednesday morning! That kind of 7-Eleven! 8)

  143. K11 balls I know about though!!

    “Some balls are held for charity
    And some for fancy dress
    But when they’re held for pleasure
    They’re the balls that I like best
    My balls are always bouncing
    To the left and to the right
    It’s my belief that my big balls
    Should be held every night”


  144. K11, you and I need to play golf together!
    I’ve been around (57 years worth in Nov)
    I know, I’m wierd, but …. I start at the eyes and if the brain sends out an intelligent conversation I’ll check out the rest of the package!

    1-Sal babysits. <————— NOT
    2-PGA Dok looks alot like me. Sal wishes he could golf like PGA
    3-AC may be 37. been there done that
    4-PGA may be/is 41. ditto above
    5-aggie is NOT franiep2. No question on that one
    6-franniep2 needs to supply an answer to her trivia question.
    7-AC may be a Gamer. what game K11???
    8-justaguy can be confused with BBBlogger, and not always confused with me. y’all are just a “Confucios” bunch
    9-skellygirl knows the infield fly rule. well hell, so do I (ex jock)
    10-Phillip’s daughter may need to be some new, bigger bras.
    no comment
    11-Cynthia is back in the fold. who said she left????
    I need to take a damn speed reading class!!!!!

  145. 12-skellygirl wears thongs.
    13-FRANKS is going back to the VHS.
    14-FRANKS dvd’s don’t work on his new VHS.
    15-I can spell saki wrong every 11th time.
    16-Augustus Cole is a genius of few words.
    17-They make Snuggies for dogs now.
    18-Donny Osmond seems the girls fave of DWTS here.

  146. Well Sal, K11 was just observing the fact that Cynthia tends to wander off from time to time & needs to be led home.

  147. Cynthia, Nothing like a little Angus Young at 2 in the morning! God bless Australia!

    Snake, Reading your stuff on my list—brilliant!

  148. KEVIN11, BIg BROTHER is My favorite reality show, I wish they had it on more than once a year, IT would be cool if next time, they have an allstars ,all are favorites that would be great.CyNTHIA, funny BALLS comment.

  149. Kevin, the DVD,s work on the new dvd/vhs player. You just have to know which ones work and distinguish them from the ones that don’t.

  150. You got it Cynthia (wander off). We all do it from time to time. Damn lives get in the way of our SS Blog. Loved this:

    Ssee Skellygirl is lucky. I can’t wear thongs, I wouldn’t do that to another humans eyes.

    Cynthia, Me neither! 8)

  151. K11 a man in thongs is just sooooooo wrong on so many levels. I don’t care how well he is built, it’s just icky.

  152. Aggie, what’s the first thing you notice about a man? Personally, I notice how he carries himself, then his hands & how he touches things. If the hands aren’t right forget it. He can be butt ugly but have the right hands & it’s all good.

  153. CYNTHIA, THE voice, if he doesnt have a nice tone to his voice its a major turn off, sense of humor is another one , Also I like tall men, BECAUSE im 5/ 10.

  154. OH YEAH—A good voice is definitely a plus. A man that can sing can have anything I have. Ummm–let me rephrase. LOL I’m a pushover for a singer. Well, that didn’t sound much better did it? Bump it. It’s just a good thing. How ’bout that?

  155. FRANKS, There’s probably a way to convert the dvd’s that don’t work on your new system to either VHS or a dvd where they fo work. Augustus Cole, any ideas?

    aggie, Cynthia, Only have about 22 AC/DC cassesttes-CDs. FRANKS, same problem here. Cassettes that don’t work with all the new CD shit. I feel like a #2 pencil. 8)

    Snake. Chapped crack? Nothing worse. Maybe Ass Chap-Stick?

    Man need thong
    Like Jell-o need hamburger

  156. OK that was just wrong. SAL ERASE THAT ONE OK?? It’s very late. And I think on that sour note, I’m taking my butt to bed before I get in trouble. Nite sweet people.

  157. AC, LMAOx2 8) Chapped crack imagery, long pole, broad jump! 8)

    (I know you people reading this tomorrow will think those Late Night Bloggers are crazy. Well, today is tomorrow everywhere now so we have a legitimate excuse)

    NOTE: We are the people our parents warned us about!

    Dude need thong
    Like gobbki need Jordo

  158. OK you KNEW I couldn’t leave. Dammit–I can’t fool anybody anymore. I told you AC, it’s “technically” morning, but it’s not a “legit” morning until sunrise for me. And btw, I’m soooooo happy I could embarass myself for your pleasure. LMAO BIG TIME!!

    NOW–I’m really going to bed now.>8-}}}}}

  159. OK you people have to stop making me laugh so I can go to bed. SAL you deleted YOURS not MINE!!!! Wicked man.

    Goodnight AGAIN!!

  160. AC, You’re right. It’s morning, then good night. What a short day. So was it Tuesday or Wednesday?

    FRANKS, Any idea when Dexter is coming on? (Sarcasm people, we saw the mother-trucking commercial only about (I’m approximating) 34,456,902,761,722,348,493,920,741,195,470,123,875,876,420 times.

  161. Snake, Thought they were all PC. Very funny back-and-forth. Hey where can a brother get some sky-blue background? Maybe something in a light fuscia? 8)


    dude need thong
    like walrus need coupon

  162. PGA Dok September 23, 2009 at 8:33 pm

    re: your post, never heard it referred to as “handling the pigskin” but each to his own…

  163. Sal must be tired when he doesn’t get my oh-so obvious Dexter sarcasm. Should have pointed it out. Like made up an infinitely high number or something. 8) Think the blue screen is affecting his brain!

  164. Kevin, Snake is ‘right on the money’, Sunday, Sept. 27, back-to-back. Dexter and Califu&*acation! :lol:

    By the way Sal, I mentioned it a few days ago, but nice job on the “Bios”.

  165. appresh Franks, love doing them, always wanted to write, but like my reading, was always busy doing something …… sports ,computers, work, sleep, did I leave anything out?

    Blue background means I’m admin …….. uhhhh, now ya know

  166. FRANKS, I knew when >i>Dexter, Californication were coming on Showtime when Columbus landed with the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria! 8)

  167. Kevin, at the risk of “beating a dead horse into the ground” or as JT would say “Let Sea Bisquit” alone, something like that–
    Some DVD,s are incompatable with some ‘machines’. In other words “they are not interchangeable”.

    Maybe in the future they will ‘iron out this problem’.

  168. I sometimes ‘can’t see the trees for the forest’.

    By the way, if no one is there when a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound? (Of course)

  169. k11, justa, i still think the comment to “curvy” hurt her feelings! she was tode ‘don’t need you, we got jordo!’

    this has been a crazy night to keep up with! so, i found out menlike “boobs.” i NEVER would have guessed that. they don’t make it obvious…

  170. FRANKS, Understand perfectly. I have a friend, Jack (80), who is mad he can’t find VHS tapes and that it’s hard to transfer to the modern techologies. Hop they don’t change to something else too soo. Can’t get an iPod as I don’t think at 49 I could figure out “how those songs go in that little thing.”

  171. Yeah, some machines have problems with diff. formats. DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+RW, DVD-RW
    My poor recorder, which I had since ’05 just conked out. I took the DVD+RW out to make a damn avatar on the comp. Put it back in and the POS said FU. Won’t recognize any DVD now. Back to recordin on VHS now til I get a new recorder. :/
    POS=Piece Of Sh…….

  172. princess, I think Curvy can handle the heat. She tough. Justlikemycat Saki.

    FRANKS, If a bear takes a shit in those same woods does it smell? Of course it does. 8)

    dude need thong
    Like frog need tuba.

  173. well, k11, you seem to know her very well. i guess i’ll justhave to take your word for it.

    hope i never see a man in a thong… might do things to my eyesight i don’t want to have happen.

    suppose i should toddle off to bed. spent some time in the tree house again and it’s 1:30am here. justcouldn’t sleep when i tried a few hours ago.

  174. Kevin, if your friend can “go on line”, have him type in on ‘Google’ VHS TAPES for sale.
    Related Searches: blank vhs tapes, vhs movies, vhs tapes blank.
    Select Results from All DepartmentsElectronics (318)

    VHS (269,794)

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    Electronics: See all 318 items
    2. MAXELL T120GX/8PK 8-Pack of T120 6 Hour VHS Tapes by Maxell (Nov 14, 2000)
    Buy new: $19.10 $11.99
    In Stock

  175. Augustus, my old JVC would simply stop recording or playing my DVD’s. I kept getting a message that said ‘No Disc’. It was repaired twice with the same problem. Customer Service was no help!

    I feel your pain with the POS!

  176. FRANKS, THANKS. (Love that lione) My friend will appreesh that And besides boobies, is there anything greater than Google?

    princess, Get some sleep. Talk tomorrow. I’m fading myself.

    FRANKS, AC, One more for the road…


    dude need thong
    like turtle need parachute

    Kinishiwa Blogfolk. 8) May your Wednesdays be wonderful.

  177. Wednesdays?

    Got a good ole “Made In The USA” RCA Recorder (POS). And yep, I get the same No Disc error. And before that, the POS just started refusing to eject.

    Confucius say…
    Man who walk through airport turnstile sideways
    Going to Bangkok.

  178. 315 posts before dawn on an off night. Wow!

    Another day, another reason to vent, another gathering far from the madding crowd…

    My name is Phillip and I am a blogaholic.

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