We got us a skirt chasing womanizer in the crowd! What do you think girls?

erikErik Cardona (28)
Hometown: Ontario, Calif
Occupation: Bartender

Proud womanizer, Erik claims that he can date four to five women at the same time without any issues. He has no qualms about chasing after a taken woman (as long as she is not married) just for the fun of the chase. He says, “There’s nothing sweeter than taking another man’s goods.” His top hobby is skirt chasing. Even though he can be found chasing multiple women at once, he says that he does have a special female in his life … his dog, Adrian.

Erik holds two degrees from Pepperdine University in Psychology and Sociology but has chosen a career as a bartender. When asked why he has chosen that specific career route, he explains that he likes waking up around 10:00 a.m. and running on the beach instead of being stuck pencil-pushing in a cubicle. He says that he enjoys life while the “sell-outs” do not.  

He greatly admires his father because he has sacrificed everything in life for him. In raising him, Erik observed his father’s mental and physical strength as well as endurance for raising an active boy. He feels that his father’s example has provided him with tools that will help him win this game. In addition to his father’s influence, Erik is self-motivated by his competitive nature and desire to prove to himself that he has what it takes to be the next Sole Survivor.

Currently, Erik resides in Los Angeles, Calif. His birth date is April 13th.


Andy Denhart of realityblurred.com interviewed all the cast-aways. The interviews took place before the guests entered the game. Erik was interviewed on September 17th and can be read on Reality Blurred.

90 thoughts on “We got us a skirt chasing womanizer in the crowd! What do you think girls?”

  1. aggie… Psychology and mixology. How can you beat a combination like that for screwing with other peoples’ heads?

  2. I think we women have a new guy to hate! YUK!!!

    Have fun watching the new show tonight kids…I will be checking out Flash Forward with one of my favorite actors Joseph Fiennes. Hoping to get the hubby interested……but he might still watch Survivor!!! If so…. I’ll send him in to blog! It will be interesting to follow the show just thru your posts.
    Last nights conversations were weird!!
    PGA…is that you? You look like my hubby!!!
    I still love the Bulwinkle……HE IS A FUNNY MOOSE!
    You all make me laugh out loud……..I know people type LOL…but I was actually laughing out loud. Thought Princess had the line of the night……….Guys like boobs??? who knew!!!!
    Talk at ya later!!!

  3. Erik ain’t no po boy, just a wannabe playboy.

    Pepperdine University, Malibu, California
    Total Cost of Attendance — On-Campus $49,430
    Total Cost of Attendance — Off-Campus $38,000

  4. Lord tundering Jesus bye, some shockin we are (had to visit Newfoundland to understand that one)
    Helluva night last night on the blog, broke 300 …….
    Has F2 showed up to verify my guess at the movie??

  5. SKELLYGIRL, Did you catch CYnthias Blue comment last night That was probably the funniest comment of the night .Also I agree ERik probably the JERK of the season .YES, JOSEPH FIENNES IS PRetty Hot ,HIS brother RALPH FIENNES is pretty Cool too.

  6. This is just my opinion but I say LOSER!!!. Two degrees and he is a bartender, well with a psych degree, okay. People I didn’t get the impression that either degree was above a Masters. And to Murry, yeah infectious, but not his personality. LOL Does it sound like I don’t like this guy? Well I don’t if I do. Lets just say he is NOT at the top of my list to win.

  7. Damn….where did my post just go???
    SS…good job with guessing the movie. It was Student Bodies.
    I told ya’ll it was a dumb movie, but then again I also like
    Rocky Horror Picture Show. I would have came back to give
    the answer last night but I had to drive into work. For some
    reason, the alarms went off so I had to check it out. Damn
    motion detectors will pick up anything.

    Thanks k11 for the football pick. My second choice was Eagles
    but now I will consider Washington. KC hasn’t done so well this
    year and neither have the Lions. Decisions….Decisions.

  8. Can’t stop the Train, baby!”
    — Augustus Cole
    Augustus Cole
    Biographical information
    Homeworld Sera
    Date of birth Before Emergence Day
    Physical description
    Rank(s) Private

    Species Human

    Gender Male

    Height 6′ 4″

    Chronological and political information
    Notable Facts Member of Delta Squad
    Former Thrashball player

    Affiliation Coalition of Ordered Governments

    Private Augustus Cole was once a successful Thrashball player known for his hard-hitting and flamboyant style. After Emergence Day, Cole joined the military and brought that same “grit and intensity” to the battlefield, which saved his life more than once. Cole has spent most of his military career alongside his friend and foil, Damon Baird, as the two begin a new chapter in their military careers. Throughout his career as a Gear, he has rejected every military promotion that has been offered under the grounds that having rank is not going to affect how many Locust he can kill.

  9. Snakebit..haven’t been around since Tues. afternoon. Hope you didn’t think I was ignoring your question. I am on AOL. And I am STILL not getting emails. Maybe its the retrograde. TONS of things have been happening this week that SUCK and I take back everything I said before about feeling the grim reach of MR loosening..just the OPPOSITE!! Whatever CAN go wrong IS going wrong…so I am sure this whole not getting the SS blog is just another in the clutter!! Plus, my brother-in-law is here for WEEK!! Starting last night..what do they say about fish and company??!! SO I may not be around a whole lot…or maybe I will just lock the door and stay in here with you guys!!lol But If I AM going to do that , I would like to get this SNAFU fixed if possible. I have never had ANY problems getting BB emails and last year I got Survivor’s and I really wasn’t even interested! I am on alot of mailing lists that come in just FINE so I dont get this. I do have about 3 other email accounts, but I really don’t check them very often , so it wouldnt be too convenient. If you can’t make it work, I can just keep doin what I’m doin to get here. It’s a lil around the block and down the dtreet, but it works. (Is the CRABBY showing??? I’m afraid i am not hiding it very well! :( It’s not YOU guys….just my LIFE right now!! Not sleeping good either…..that does’t help!) WHy do I suddenly feel like KIM??LOL remember when she was having problems with her Ambien? I thought she was going to reach thru the tube and poke Gnat’s eyes out!!lol

    I gotta go but another quick Q…..about Gravatars. SInce everybody is getting one I am starting to feel left out….altho Justa did agree to let me be the GIRL On the bathroom door and share! I tried it along time ago when BB started. I put in my AOL addy..again…and i never got teh email it was supposed to send me. SO I would try again and they say my addy is already being used. SO i tried one of my other accts and it worked, BUT it’s not the acct I use HERE. MAybe if the emails arent going to work, I may as well change my addy here and try it again. But even if I get it working..where do you get the pics?? Other than things you have on your own puter, like pics of yourself. I mean like other *gravatar* pics to choose from. Actually, with my luck right now, I probably shouldnt even be tryin this but…..WTH!! lol

    Ok..gotta jet but this guy above is an A$$HOLE! So was Russel. Seems all the men think they can manipulate the woemen this year and that is how they are going to ewin. WOW! Picking on poor defenseless chicks ,eh?? Talk about kiwi’s not dropping…seems like none of theirs have as none of them plan to take on any MEN!! And IMHO , this Erik dude is SO not good looking at ALL!! How does he get all these women after him?? I’d say in his RL it would have to be with the booze he serves and since all he is going to have here is his charming personality and *good looks* ……..good luck with that one dude!!lol

    Sorry so GRRRRR…..maybe if I can find time to chill with you guys later I will relax..a lil wine couldn’t hurt either, right Skelly??:) NOT promising I will be around much tho as I said, but I will try. Any help on either of those probs would at least cross a COUPLE off my list!!!

    Thanks in advance!
    PEACE…I’ll even PAY for it……

  10. 1) do you only check your mail on AOL??
    2) Google Images – http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=navclient&ie=UTF-8&rlz=1T4GGIH_enUS236US237&q=google+images
    put in the search box what kind of image you want, when you find the one you like save it to your computer, you can now add it to your gravatar images.
    3) I’m at work and don’t have access to my AOL E-mail, will look into that at home.
    4){{{{{{{{{{{{ big hug for Star}}}}}}}}}}}}}
    5) Do you know what “SNAFU” stands for??? :lol:

  11. CBS’s beautiful “Big Brother” host Julie Chen gave birth to a baby boy this morning in Los Angeles. She and husband Leslie Moonves, CBS Corporation President and CEO, named him Charlie. He is the first child for Julie and the fourth for Leslie, who has three children from a previous marriage. Both mother and son are doing fine.

  12. Thanks for the BB info SS.
    I heard on the news earlier that a woman gave birth to a
    19 lb 2 oz baby and was 2 feet long. WHOA!!!
    I did’t catch where sher was from.

  13. women in Indonesia has given birth to a 19 pound baby by cesarean. The 19 pound baby who measures 2 feet was born on Monday in Jakarta Indonesia. At first you would think this has to be the largest baby ever born but this 19 pound bundle of joy does not have the record. The largest biggest baby record goes to a child born in 1879, but still at 19 pounds this is one huge baby. Baby is still unnamed!!!

  14. CONGRATS ,To Julie on having her baby,The best of luck to both of them.Frannie, DID you ever see the movie HOSTEL IT was one of the goriest movies i have ever seen I saw 1 and 2.

  15. franniep2, The Detroit Lions have lost 19 straight football games. Need I say more?

    aggie, Hostel 1 seemed better than 2 and those are two movies hard to watch due to their graphic nature. You know they’ll ne a 3, if there wasn’t one already.

  16. Sal…..
    1.Yes. On a daily basis anyway. I am also on yahoo and MSN but usually don’t even think about those unless I am bored or want to chat.But AOL is my main acct. What scares me is tahat I wont be able to get my BB email next year! I just don’t get this. They started out fine. Then 9/17 and POOF!! No more SS mail! I can live with it this way tho. LEt me know what I can do to help.

    2. Gracias for the Google. If i decide I want to do that , then I may be using my MSN acct and then you could switch my emails over to that. Any CLUE why it didn’t ework using AOL?? I don’t even have a firewall on right now. This is all so FRUSTRATING THO!!!! Hmm…maybe be starting that wine early tonite….lol

    3.Gracias again for taking mY probhome with you!! :)*

    4. And MUCHAS GRACIAS!! I needed that hug!!!! You got a freebie anytime ya need one hun. Or even if ya DON’T!!hehe :)*

    5. and yes i DO know what SNAFU means…Situation Normal All Fucked Up!!

    Peace, love and light(one can HOPE anyway)
    Star aka Stra

  17. Oh and Sal…THANK YOU for the BABYBORN ALERT!! So happy for Julie and her hubby!!! Charlie is a cute name too. Keeps reminding me of Charlie Chan but then I am not in my right mind today so not totally responsible for what emerges from my mouth..or fingers..lol

    *waves to kev11* Thanks for asking about me last night bro. Nice to be missed!! :)*(I DID read each and EVERY post….BOY you people talk alot!! Even without me!!lol)

    Gotta go make spaghetti dinner for *everyone*. Will try to be back later.

    *trying to get her twinkle twinkling*

  18. And PS….you do a : and a ) and a * and anyplace else it comes out a KISS! I just noticed you are all getting a smile and an asterix!! From now on I will TYPE kiss , but realize you were the recipienst of one nonetheless.


  19. KEVIN11, I agree Hostel is hard to watch ,I thin k thats why I like Ilove Scary Movies, the more gross it is the better. It looks like we have another one to hate more than GNAT , Its YASMIN, BEN was right when he called her ghetto trash.

  20. Things I learned on tonight’s episode:

    A) “The hoods not the woods”
    2) Ben…he’s just not real smart (and first one ever kicked out of a challenge)
    3) I’ve seen much worse things in challenges that people haven’t been kicked out for doing
    D) Castaways are pissy when you chop wood in the middle of the night
    5) Russell (I know you ladies hate him) is pretty entertaining for the show, and smart enough to find an “idol” with no clues
    6) Ben thinks he’s some type of badass (They need mirrors out there he’s a toothpick and not very athletic)
    G) Shambo?…needs to change her nickname (how can you not catch a fish AND lose part of the equipment?)

    Sal I know you mentioned before about the “idols” being hidden in the other camps. Unless I missed it, I didn’t hear them read anything of the note with the “idol” about it only being for the other camp. Can Russell put this thing to use if need be or will it just be the same as a fake if he were to try and play it?

  21. Kev11…I know Detroit is bad but I worry about
    Washington. I don’t feel real confident with them.
    I am leaning toward Philadelphia. I have till Sunday
    at 10:00 A.M. to enter my pick.
    Oh yea aggie, Yasmin is a real biotch. What makes
    her think she can go to someone elses place and
    disrespect the whole bunch. She pretty much said they
    were all weak. Go back to ghetto hood.

  22. Ben is my Survivor pool pick. I might as well just kiss
    my money goodbye. What a loser. I never win at that either.
    I just hope I do better at football. All in fun.

  23. Sorry aggie….no I have not seen Hostel. I get
    grossed out by gore. I like comedy movies, love stories,
    and some supernatural movies/shows.

  24. FRannie, What did you think about survivor? YASMIN does she have a mouth on her or what, does she really think being that way is going to help her ,What do you think of MICK, the hot doctor, HE IS as hot as JEFF from BB.

  25. Hopefully she won’t go back to her camp and discuss
    the incident. When and if the tribes merge, Ben will
    not stand a chance. Not that he does anyway.
    Oh yea, Mick.

  26. aggie, do you like that the winning tribe gets to send a
    person to the other tribe? I haven’t decided if that will be a
    good thing or a bad thing. So different this year.

  27. aggie I thought her calling them out to their faces was pretty damn funny. At the rate they’re going there won’t be anything left of Russell’s band of misfits when they merge. It could up end like the year the one tribe lost every challenge before the merge.

  28. FRANNIE, I felt bad for BETSY the cop, I Liked her, IT was to bad for the 62 year old chef, But it is hard enough for a younger person to play that game.

  29. I really did’t think they would get rid of anyone after
    they sent Mike to the hospital. 2 in one week. They
    better step up they’re game.

  30. PGA DOK, Russell and BEN ought to team up they both like to cause trouble I thought it was funny when BEn said, Yasmin smelled bad, dont they all smell bad.

  31. fp2 they have 20 people this year and only 39 days to weed them out. There will still probably be at least one double tribal council where each tribe has to send someone home on the same night.

  32. You mean sweat, salt water, dirt, and palm fronds aren’t the HOT new fragrance? Damn I was going to walk out on the beach and start collecting stuff to make my own scent.

  33. PGA DOK wouldn’t they need to have a 2 hour show for
    that? If I remember correctly, they do that toward the
    end. That’s just alot of people to weed out in only
    39 days.

  34. They’ve done it the last couple of years. They just show the challenge earlier in the show and you don’t get as much of the goings on beforehand. Then both tribes head to tribal council back to back. It’s always happened before the merge and only one person leaving every three days won’t cut it with this many people.

  35. aggie, The challenges are the best part. You get to
    see what everyone is made of. Who the strong one are
    and the ones that just do enough to get by. You know,
    like Gnat.

  36. Hey aggie, I wonder how the other tribe made the decision to
    send Yazine to the other side. I would guess she was getting on everyones last nerve.
    I wish they would show more of the other tribe so we can
    get to know them better.

  37. P2, who said I worked?

    K11, yo dude, I agree, Evil Russel is a steamy pile, but makes this season VERY entertaining. And he keeps showing ahat a bunch of clueless sheep his tribe is.

  38. EET….I put my 8 hours in and get paid for playing on
    the computer. What really urks me is when I try to search
    for something from work and it gets blocked out.
    The nerve of them.

  39. FRANNIE, Of course they are going to get rid of the BITCH, the one they dont want to have to deal with anymore, thats what I would want too do.

  40. Time for me to check out. I can’t function without at
    least 6 hours of sleep. I can’t sleep until I read for about
    an hour. Then I have to catch up on the local news.
    4:30 comes around too quick.

  41. Wow, the editing sucks, we’ll never find out anything about the Galu tribe, Russell may be evil, but give him credit for finding the idol. And,yes, he found the idol mean’t for the other team. ohhhhbaby.
    PGA ……
    Unless I missed it, I didn’t hear them read anything of the note with the “idol” about it only being for the other camp.
    Yazmin had the clue, she read it on the beach

    Can Russell put this thing to use if need be or will it just be the same as a fake if he were to try and play it? He found it, it’s his, too bad for Galu!!!!

  42. Thanks Sal. That’s what I thought, but you just never know what kind of little tricks they will play. I wouldn’t put it past them at some point to do something odd with the “idols”.

  43. Sal, PGA, I think it’s great the bald Russell found the Immunity Idol for the other team with little effort and no clue! I’m starting to love his despite CBS’s massive attempt to get me to hate him. Not working Mr. Moonves. But congratulations on the new baby boy, Mr. Chen. 8)

    Can’t wait to see how, or if the bald Russell will find out about the meaning of the Idol, but I am very foggy as to why and how the opposing Tribe’s immunity Idol is in each other camp’s. How does Foa Foa gain from having a Galu Immunity Idol? Do they get to cut deals? And what about when the Tribes merge, are the Idols null and void. Hey Sal, you have Jeff Probst’s telephone number?

    I love the Jaison guy (pulling for him #1), and he and the bald Russell (#2) would make a great duo but you can tell by next week’s preview, it looks like he and Mick may team up to bite the Big Dog. And maybe we’re seeing so much of the bald Russell because he is going to go soon, something the editors would know and over-show. Long-time Survivor watchers get it. He seems the strongest in that Tribe, but I think Jaison and Mick appear to be the strongest. Would hazard a guess at the strongest woman left of the 17.

    Give tonight’s show an A+ for entertainment and I think Ben and that girl from the other Tribe he was arguing with about the tackle are both Mega-Mouth Douchebags. Neither will last.

    And though Shambo lost equipment, I still sort of dig her distance from the Zombie Yuppie Tribe (2-0). Like the Black Russell (#3 pick) a lot and that was a very cheap shot, sorry, Dok, and worth getting Das Boot from that game. And that was one helluva competition. Like FB and Hoops combined in your undes!

    And Snake you’re right–Have we seen 11 minutes of Galu? Know none of them,

    franniep2, Enough with the doubting the Redskins to beat a team that has lost 19-straight games. Take the Eagles if you must, I like them at #2, but worrying about the Redskins is very silly. quit hemming and hawing for God’s sake. justmakeafuckingpickgirl! k11

  44. First of all, I CANNOT believe Aggie ratted me out for my most embarassing comment last night. LMAO Thank you Sal for erasing it.>8-} Eric sounds like an idiot despite his “degrees.”

    But tonight’s show was good. Too damn bad Russell found the immunity idol, although I do have to give him props for it. Grrr.>8-}

    Ben & Yasmin are idiots too. Fighting over who tackled who. Silly chit.

    I have to agree from the looks of next weeks events it would seem that Jaison & cutie pie “chief” are going to try to bite the big dog, but they best beware that “chief” isn’t running chit here, it’s the big dog that has the power, as much as I hate it.

    I just want to know one thing. WTF is up with the chick with the hair?? Do I see a beehive thing happening htere tonight or what?? Did she takes wigs to the Island??

  45. Kev11, I didn’t say it wasn’t cheap. I’m only saying I’ve seen a lot worse in past seasons. I’ve seen choaking, heads bouncing off poles, forearms to the head, and various other things in some of the more physical challenges. It just seemed compared to some of that stuff, a kick taking someones legs out was a lesser offense. It also may have been the least violent of everything that went on in that pit lol.

    I’m getting the feeling that Galu is going to dominate for at least a few more weeks, and that’s why they are spending so much time on Foa Foa. They need to show us those people while they still can, as they aren’t long for the game.

    I think Sal threw us off by saying that each camp held the other’s immunity idol. There was no mention when Russell found the idol tonight about it being ONLY for a Galu member. In the past an immunity idol was an immunity idol no matter where you found it. That’s why I asked him the question, since he had mentioned it. Me thinks him and the floppy eared hound dog were trying to mess with our heads.

  46. Oh come on CYNTHIA, it was a funny comment, you were the life of the party, dont worry about it, I am glad your back it was alittle dull in here,

  47. Ok Aggie, I’ll let it slide.>8-}}}} And hey—you had some good ones yourself last night. It wasn’t only me. LOL And ain’t this something?? I post ONE little comment & the whole house went dark & we had no power until just now. It isn’t even raining & that’s what usually takes our lights out here. ANYWAY—is anybody still here?

  48. CHIT CHIT CHIT—the power just dimmed again. I better say goodnight before it goes out completely. Aggie be good (wicked grin)

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