A bat a ball/nut/or whatever and it’s a game called “Nutcracker”!

 With the merge happening this week, the Hidden Immunity Idols should now come into play. With only one person winning immunity you now have 12 people voting on 11 possible players. The Russell stratagey seems to be an alliance with his Foa Foa friends with whomever he can sweet talk into the fold.

If Russell wouldn’t have come into the game and messed with everyone would Foa Foa still have lost and would we think of him as the Devil or just a Whirling Dervish of energy who competes all out? He’s made all kind of alliances but never needed one to save him, but has backstabbed someone that was an alliance. Now moving to the other tribe, he has a whole new bag of suckers to lore into playing his deadly game!


I wanna hit something!
I wanna hit something!

I don’t think i’d put a wooden bat in the hands of someone who is starving and fighting for food. Might get more than some nuts cracked! It appears this challenge is for Immunity and it looks like the boys have a better chance to win this one.

217 thoughts on “A bat a ball/nut/or whatever and it’s a game called “Nutcracker”!”

  1. I hope they do vote Erik out tonight. Why would he want
    to take out AC’s gal? Besides….he’e stepping on Russells
    toes. We can’t have that…

  2. Frannie ,You make me be #4 come on, Possibly Mo Ho, Is going tonight ,my new nickname for Monica. I dont really like the Galu girls, i really think their in 90210 pretty stuck up. I like the Foa Foa girls better at least they are nice too shambo over there.

  3. princess… response to November 4, 2009 post at 10:38 pm

    PK disappeared when we didn’t agree with him.

    Just because you don’t agree with me doesn’t necessarily mean that you are wrong. I can live with that. :lol:

    Actually I disappeared when my wife got home and wanted to immediately hit the sack. I can live with that, too.

  4. I agree with you ladies about Monica. Skinny, stuck up girls never did much for me back in the day or even now. Still, I do recall that I did spin one or more of them around my flag pole years ago without even getting dizzy.

  5. Hi… 54℉ & very windy in Friday Harbor… Big rain coming, but this island is in a ‘rain shadow’ so we may stay dry… but PRINCESS will get wet for sure…

    Nice to see the Red X’s caught up. Great clip… looks like Survivor is getting down to some serious scheming. Will be nice to see Russell on edge for a change. If the girls were smart they would start talking ‘girl alliance’… except Shambo would not go for it, so they would have to keep her in the dark. It will be interesting to see how much of that clip is in the show. 12 hours to go!

    I do not care for the new ‘nickname’ for Monica… you girls are as bad as Ben. A shame to see jealousy cloud judgment when it comes to one of Survivor’s better players.

    Very happy to see the Yankees win the World Series!

  6. Maybe it’s just me but I’ve always preferred mo ho or mo mo ho to less ho if we’re in the bedroom, kitchen, hot tub, back seat and every other place I can think of.

  7. fp2… What I always liked the best though were the modern and ballet dancers and gymnasts who could do full side ways splits. Oh Baby, Oh Baby!!! My wife was a Gymnast… :grin:

  8. PK…If you watch DWTS or SYTYCD, those girls can do the
    side splits. They are so limber, I’m sure their partners enjoy
    BEING with them. (If you know what I mean) With that, who
    needs a horizontal surface.
    Ok now….time to get my mind out of the gutter and get back
    to work. BBL

  9. princess….sorry to hear about your back pain. That is no joke.
    My sister had to have surgery on her back about 8 years ago and
    she is no better than before. She also has one of those pain
    management things they implant just below the surface and
    she can control the amount of vibration to help relieve the pain.
    Of course, the thing doesn’t work. She has so much hardware in
    her back, she sets off all the alarms at the airport and sometimes
    even at Wal-mart. Since her surgery, she has no feeling in one of
    her feet. Sometimes, she gets a shooting pain in that foot, but that’s
    the only feeling she has in it. They told her it would get feeling back
    after 12-18 months but still nothing. She went to another doctor
    and they told her the same thing. Really???? Do they stick together
    or what? She really should have gotten an attorney on that. I think
    they hit a nerve and now it’s permanent.

  10. This morning I was looking for somthing good to listen to on
    the car radio…..One station already has Christmas music.
    WTF….it’s not even Thanksgiving yet.

  11. We have so many drive bys on here. People shoot out a
    comment and take off.
    All I do is talk to myself…..seems as if.

  12. BB BOB….Everyone tends to get on here in the evening. It’s
    hard for me to get online. That’s why I tend to talk to myself.

  13. I guess I should explain….my grandson and daughter lives with me
    and he always has homework. School comes first.

  14. fp2… Got to get all of or at least most of the naughty out of my system in November so I can be nice in December and avoid finding those damn coal chips in my Christmas Stocking again.

  15. fp2… nobody, including you, has asked about my avitar. I went to the extremes finding that pic and doing a blog crop on it.

  16. fp2… Talking to yourself is normal. It’s only when you answer yourself that there may be a problem…

  17. aggie, I was actually happy when I kept reading to find out you were refering to Monica. For just a SPLIT SECOND there, I thought you were still giving fp2 sh#t for being the first 3 posts!! SORRY fp2!! That should have NEVER even crossed my mind! I’m sure if everybody goes back and reads the 3rd post, and the first line of the 4th post.. they’ll see how I went awry for a split second. (MO=Missouri). SORRY!!

  18. SUrvivor in 45 min. Should be a good one looks like the merge, They seem to want too get rid of Erik who i like ,also it seems like Jaison doesnt like him.

  19. I dont know about like you know theirs always someone .even a friend of yours ,that you just want to slap the crap out of them ask my family members .

  20. Thanks aggie….you know how th hang with the best
    of them. Your cool in my books.
    JT….no worries, I’ve been called worse.
    PK….I give up. What is your avitar? All I see is a thin
    pale man. Possibly JT’s distant cousin. (just kidding JT)

  21. JT….I love Salt n Pepa. I even like rap music. I may be getting older but I still like music. At least you can understand
    what their saying.

  22. DAMN….I guess I have to leave all you good people.
    My grandson decided it’s time to do homework. What
    did we used to do when we were younger before there
    were puters. We had paper, pen, encylopedias….you
    get my drift.


  23. fp2… My avitar is a pic of me shooting me with a speed graphic camera at BYU while playing with shading and lighting.

    When I was 21 it was a very good year if not a bit thin and pale. So much for my lighting and shading skills back then…

  24. Why can I see some avatars and not others? I don’t see one for PK (or I probably would have asked about it). And sometimes I see one for Sal, but not always? I see BBBob’s, AC’s, starfish’s, princess’, & Cyn’s…….. WTF??

  25. AGGIE… I don’t know why you girls get so hot and bothered by the guys on Survivor. All the guys watch Survivor for the gamesmanship and nice exotic scenery.

    Nice avatar PHILLIP… like the mustache.

  26. No way can Russell pull this off!! Can he? Maybe he can get rid of Laura… should be interesting.

  27. Okay who stole all the avitars? I see only Sal’s, Ted’s & Bacon’s. Everyone else is a bad impression of Alfred Hitchcock.

    Since this is my first season watching, I’m anxious to see what this merge does to the teams. Russell is a piece of work but makes things interesting watching his immense ego overflow and I still like Shambo. As for Monica, well Mo Ho is okay but she’s probably one of the best athletes in the bunch of those having pitty parties. The merge will be verrrrry interesting.

  28. Alfred Hitchcock, The Guy On The Restroom Door, Frosty The Snowman….. I do all kinds of impressions.. bad impressions, but I try!

  29. I think I got sent into cyberspace.

    Any game called “The Nutcracker” is a game I’d like to try.

  30. well, i thought i’d pop in even at the risk of someone telling me something i don’t want to hear about SS since it doesn’t start here for another 2 hours.

    my fkn dr had me drive 20 miles to PICK UP a prescription at his office and then drive back home. i have the flu, i am not in full posession of my faculties (shut up, JT – with affection) and i have NEVER had so many near collisions while driving – i was abnormally dizzy. i spent (whining now, feel free to skip this part) from 7am to 4:30pm in pain. can’t go back to the hospital, kept waiting for nurse to call in a mild prescription to get me through til my appointment on tuesday. the funeral, the flu, the trip to the ER, the board meeting (and finally my suggestions are being listened to and incorporated in a moderated way, JT) and a day on the phone and email trying to solve problems at work.

    can’t a girl just be sick, waited on hand and foot (oooh, i need a pedicure) and out of pain just once, one day. please?

  31. AGGIE, BAD AGGIE!!! at least announce a spoiler for those of us who don’t get to see it for 2 more hours.

    BAD, BAD, AGGIE!!!

    i’m going to vote you onto bread and water for the next two weeks!!

  32. Asking for just one good day is often asking too much princess. I do hope you have many more than one in the very near future though.

  33. i think starfish and i want to play post-it ping pong with you and your (forgive me) big mouth. can we play, starfish? huh? if aggie will let me slap her, you just slap her back to me, i’ll slap her back to you, and so on, and so on, and…. i’ll bet she’ll like it!!!

  34. People often ask,.. “Do you ever have one of those days?” I reply…. “Yes, but why does it have to be EVERY day?!”

  35. Jt, is your every day one of those days? How awful. I’ll be happy to give you a cyber foot rub or perhaps a cyber neck rub. Just relax and feel the fingers doing the walking up and down your spine. Or should that be Princess’ spine? :lol:

  36. you got lingerie, women with pillows on their knees (or women on their knees with pillows) pb & jelly licked off you from top to bottom (or the other way around) and you want MORE, before i get my foot rub? i think we’re going to have our very first on-line cyber spat if you don’t appreciate me more than that!!!!

  37. some could interpret it that way; i think it’s more like i know when to shut my mouth and what to do when it’s closed.

  38. Everybody else left. I’m not used to only having one person make fun of me… I’m a bit thrown off my game.

  39. I really enjoyed tonight’s show more than the others. Y’all were right… it is getting very interesting now that they have merged.

  40. it’s on in another hour. maybe i’ll lie down for a little while. will you be ok on your own? or are people just hiding out until we’ve finished our cyber-spat that wasn’t?

  41. I wasn’t sure how the immunity idols worked. And since google is not my friend.. I thought I’d just wait to see how they play out. At least now I know how and when they are used. Oooops!! (SPOILER ALERT!!!)

  42. i really get interested when they merge. unless one dominant tribe starts picking off a weaker tribe. then CBS steps in and does stuff to change the game up so it’s not a train wreck. i think it’s like when we get down to 6/8 houseguests at BB. the alliances get interesting.

    i NEVER remember the first several voted off any season. i don’t even try to learn names until about now, although with posting to this blog and the pictures it has been much easier this year. i’m glad we moved over here.

  43. I’ll be ok… not the first time I’ve been blabbing away on here by myself!! (I haven’t answered myself though.. yet!)

  44. hmmm. i was wondering if they would be used differently this season since tribal members found them at their own camps. i still don’t know that, so not “spoiled” for me yet…

    but i’m curious.

  45. ok, now i lay me down to, rest…

    thanks for tonight. as usual you were fun, insightful, and full of humor.

    BBL, maybe.


  46. I’d rather chat with you, but I’m not selfish. It sounds like you do need to lie down for a while….. NOW GO LIE DOWN DAMNIT!!

  47. Russell gotta go!!! Hey, was he always missing a tooth, or did I just notice it tonight! I hope he gets his sorry ass kicked off next week…I just can’t stand his cocky attitude! Anyone aggre with me?????

  48. WOW!! What a show tonight. Monica sure dodged a bullet huh?? AC ALMOST lost his sweetie pie. :sad: But Erik—my goodness what a cocky little thing he was. I was glad to see him get voted off. Too bad he didn’t use HIS idol as well. LMAO Did anybody notice his face?? LMAO He was in total :shock: LMAO BUT it looks like Russell is in deep doo doo next week. He played the immunity idol too soon. Dammit man. Granted I DO NOT like him & I’m not so sure I want him to win, but he makes it worth watching. He’s the one we all (well most of us)love to hate. And so far, he’s been damn good at playing this game. The women of Galu are not as easily fooled as the women of Foa Foa were. So I THINK he’s about to get bitten in the butt for his cockiness too. We’ll just have to wait & see.

  49. Is anybody else here?? Would have been here earlier but missed the 8pm show & had to wait for the 11pm show & didn’t want to spoil it for myself. hahahahaha

  50. Yes Carol, Russell was always missing a tooth. Don’t know why, he’s SUPPOSED to own an oil company, you would think he could fix that. But it’s always been missing on the show.

  51. Hi CYNTHIA… I’m here now…

    Well, hate to see Eric go, but what a great blindside. Afraid for my man Russell… he tried to play too many people and they are wise to him. Have to see how he gets out of this one. Didn’t Laura look radiant with the Immunity Necklace around her neck?! Yes, everyone plays the game differently and tonight Jaison showed his stuff. Would like to see Eric’s face when he finds out who put everyone up to voting for him. At least Russell had the sense to use the Idol. And, once again someone exits the game with an Idol in his pocket.

    PRINCESS… hope you feel better soon, but your meds may be affecting your good sense. Never log onto this site after 5p.m. on Thurs. until you have seen the show. They all start talking about it as soon as they’ve seen it. I don’t log on on Sun. either until I’ve seen AR.

  52. Nice Avatar A C… is that cute little Monica I see… Sure beats the ‘Cole Train’… hahahaha… Agree with you about Eric… He did think he was in control and safe with the Idol… Loved how his face changed with each added vote… up till 4 he wasn’t too concerned.

    And what’s with our AGGIE…?… now she’s all over Laura’s case???

  53. Yeah, I hope Russ can get past next week. They’re gonna be gunnin for him. For a second there, I thought we might get to see 2 II’s being played. That would have been a 1st.

  54. LMAO @ Shambo…. She’s always in the dark when it comes to voting. They always leave her out. She was the only other vote for Jaison. And she had that confused look on her face. :lol:

  55. Ted, Why do you like Laura she isnt very pretty, and she is such abitch. T he way she talks to Shambo ,she is the girl i hate the most now ,i will have to think of a nickname. Isnt that girl suppose to be a christian also. Or maybe just not apracticing one like me.Erik what acocky little bastard glad hes gone even though i thought he was cute.

  56. BTW… That Immunity challenge was wack. I mean just 1 swing, thats it? It was basically just luck. They could have at least gave them 3 swings and add up the totals.

  57. Well it’s about time–thought nobody could see me.

    Yeah I was just reading it too AC.

    Aggie, I’m sorry. I stumbled upon it quite by accident trying to get here. :lol: Is something wrong with Snake?? Has anybody seen him tonight?? He’s never put up a post in the middle of the night has he??

  58. OH OK I got it now—DUH—my bad—you mean how I call people sweetie & stuff. :lol: Hell I’ve called you sweetie Aggie. :lol:

  59. LMAO—get your mind out of the gutter Aggie!! It’s just a word. “Babe”, “sweetie”, “Honey” —I call a lot of people that. both male & female. Just means I like you–nothing more!!! :lol:

  60. Well I hate to cut & run but I’ve got a baaaaaaad day ahead of me tomorrow so I’m going ot say goodnight for now ok??

    Soooo—goodnight Aggie!!

    Goodnight Ted!!

    Goodnight AC!! OH—AC BUUUUUUUUUZZZZZZZ dammit!! OK?

  61. I going to have to go before I just fall a sleep here i dont know how you guys do it. If i dont go to bed im like a zombie.SLEEP WELL C and AC

  62. Carol and Cynthia, You are both right on about that psycho Russell. he professed to be a millionaire oil tycoon, when in reality he pumps gas at a Texas filling station. He lies for a living. That’s why he hasn’t gotten his teeth fixed. He professed not to be in the survivor game for the money, but just to show how smart he is, and therefore will win it, hands down. Personally, I think he is about a week away, before everyone is tired of his stupid psychopathic grin (alot like charlie manson) and he gets the boot. Good Riddance!

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