A view from a window!

‘Survivor: Samoa’ recap: Cannibals on the loose!

Instead of devouring their common enemy, the members of Galu begin eating their own

By Dalton Ross | Nov 06, 2009
Thats Daltons view. From my window all I see is a parking lot. A bunch of cast-a-way butts sitting around wondering what to do with no leader to guide them. Russell could lead them down the road to destruction but he is short! Short in numbers that is. Bimbo is totally lost, where the hell did her common sense go let alone and brain function. I guess once you leave the Marines there is no one to guide you.
Dave Balldhead, combover some of that mullet and protect your brain Mr Genius. Start using the old noggin and work some Survivor bullshit on the girls and getsome votes backing your ideas.
Da’ Boys could be a big  factor going down the road, if they don’t get spazy! 
Ahhhh, the girls, Hoochie and Sleazy, just go down to the beach and work on the tans, you’ll get voted out soon enough.
Jaison, Jaison, Jaison and Mick, get Foa Foa rounded up, get Bimbo to allign with y’all and start picking offthe Purple People Eaters while they are “Dazed and Confused”.
It’s a game people, lets “Play” some games. Lets backstab, lets lie and occaisonally outplay the other bozo’s that are still in the game. I believe Kelly has a chance to make F4 if she stays out of harms way. Russell, John and maybe Sleazy to the F4. We shall see what waits on the shores of Samoa and Eric waits for a Ponderosamate.
Natalie could be a wildcard and her alliance with somone could be big.

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  1. fp2 & aggie, Thanks for your concern! :lol: I am just fine, 65 degrees and sunny in Minnesota at this time of year means one thing….. get out and enjoy!!! You 2 crack me up!! Freaky ghost stories fp2….. but that is really cool!!…. from Minnesota. :eek:

  2. Good Morning everyone.Who the hell is Kelly, does she ever speak- The only thing I know about her is that she has cool hair.

  3. Tell us how you really feel Sal! :lol: … oh, I guess you did. I pretty much feel the same. Like Russell or hate him, this game would be dead without him.

  4. GOOD one today Sal, Dave Baldhead, Would actually look kind of good with a haircut ,but now he kind of looks like a guy from the sixties.I dont really like any of the galu girls except for Shambo. And some from foa foa, . iTs 8:11 on a balmy50 degrees in Chicago.Good morning Jt ,nice to see you on again.

  5. @ work since 7:30, it’s now 9:30am and cloudy in Houston with a tropical depression in the lower gulf. Only good thing for me is that they say it is headed for Mississippi

  6. He was after I got done with him!! Google made fun of me on here a couple weeks ago. He ain’t laughing no more!! :lol:

  7. I knew that…. just another poor attempt at humor. You do remember that we played a couple moves during one of those late night borefests…

  8. MIAMI (AP) — A hurricane watch has been issued for coastal Louisiana and Mississippi as Hurricane Ida begins making its way through the Gulf of Mexico toward the U.S. Ida could reach the northern Gulf Coast by Tuesday. Forecasters at the National Hurricane Center in Miami said Sunday morning that the watch does not include New Orleans and stretches from Grand Isla, La., to the Mississippi-Alabama state line. The watch means hurricane conditions are possible within 36 hours. A hurricane warning remained in effect for parts of the Yucatan Peninsula meaning hurricane conditions are expected within 24 hours. Ida’s winds remained at 90 mph (150 kph), making it a Category 1 storm. It was moving toward the northwest at 10 mph (17 kph) and was centered about 75 miles (120 km) northeast of Cozumel, Mexico.

  9. Sal and JT….you guys are mysterious. You are always speaking in circles. Google must be someone that used
    to post until you sent him/her packing. English men….English.
    Just kidding….you guys can have your secrests.

  10. fp2, a couple weeks ago I was asking a lot of questions about how the Amazing Race worked. AC (smart ass that he is), put up an insert link to google titled “google is your friend”.

  11. Nothing wrong with giving each other a little crap…. I was LMAO when I got to that google post…. :lol:

  12. Like I said then, why ask google when I can ask AC.. AC is my friend, Google is AC’s friend…. so google and I are really nothing more than acquaintances. :cool:

  13. Your version is much kinder Sal. Although it was pretty funny when AC was basically calling me a dumba$$! :lol: ...(where is aggie when I need her to slap that kid around?) :roll:

  14. Hey. I thought I was first again. JT you can have this one will get you next time. This girl loves Sundays with all the NFL and NBA. I am so not a girly girl. Love the Patriots because I am drinking some orange crush for Randy Moss.

  15. I hang around 1350…. and hope to beat guys like you once in a while. :roll: I started playing when I was 7… then took about a 12 yr break…. guess that didn’t help me much. I’ve never played on-line.

  16. I learned chess/checkers/backgammon when i was in Jr High, played on Chess team in high school, when i went to college we changed to :cool: Pinochle , didn’t play chess for quite a few years, started playing softball when i was in the Navy. Played fast pitch softball while i was in Newfoundland. Our base team played in the All Newfoundland Tournament every year. First year we had some old boy drinking types as captians and didn’t do well, the next year i was captian and we managed a 3rd place tie. When i got transfered to Atlanta we had a base league and a team that played off base also. Managed to go to the Southern district playoffs in Jacksonville and finished around 7th which wasn’t good enough to advance.
    Was years after I got out of the Navy before I took up chess again.

  17. I just have to tell everyone….I went to the show to
    see Paranormal Activity. That’s some creepy stuff. I
    wake up often in the middle of the night. Don’t know the
    reason but now I will feel the need to lay there and
    listen for awhile. Hell with that…..I’ll just do what I
    normally do, turn the TV on so I can have some background
    noise. If this is the kind of movies you like, I say go see it.

  18. I would be afraid that I would wake more up and then
    I would have to move. Like I said…we just try to ignore
    them. So far….they haven’t caused us any problems. I
    often worry that with as much ghost stuff we watch here,
    they may stir up some bad ones.

  19. It actually kind of creeps me out a little to type this.
    Who knows what they are doing, probably reading it.
    My daughter will not even talk about it while she’s in
    the house.

  20. Football….Bah….most of my teams have lost. That’s
    what I get for going to the show and not watching
    the games. Very rarely do I make plans to go somewhere
    on a Sunday because of football.

  21. Later….I’ going to play some more freecell or
    hearts….I’m addicted. Tis a pity I can’t get that at
    work. Just remembered….I took a day off tomorrow and
    Wednesday I’ll be off because of Veterans Day. Whoo Hooo

  22. LOL @ aggie, That baby pic will re-appear someday… I was just messin’ around. That is my great nephew Tyler.

  23. Everybody missed it but aggie. You gotta get up pretty early to get anything passed her! Tyler will return. I don’t have any of my own grandkids yet (and hope to keep it that way for a few more years!). So I just spoil my sister’s grandson. :cool:

  24. Just hangin’ around waiting on AR. If I didn’t get to watch the Vikes today.. I got to do the next best thing.. WATCH THE PACKERS LOSE TO TB!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

  25. I haven’t even been here much since Thursday night–so I know I couldn’t have done too damn much wrong—but you never know!!

  26. I saw the score was 17-3… then the Saints put a 27-3 beatdown on them from there. I had faith all the way… easy to say from Minnesota huh? :cool:

  27. I was AWOL too. It was good to see that people still had some fun at my expense… just the way I like it.

  28. Hey King Avatar, can I get an avatar for my webtv through the computer… I’ll have to try that someday. I could just forward their link and go from there? I think?

  29. WHEN i s ANDY ROONEy Going to retire ,not like he needs the money, IS he about 90, THose eyebrows of his really bug me.ANdre Agassi looked pretty hot though, even after all the drug use.

  30. Yes, I just blog on webtv until this morning. The computer is pretty much all business. I need to get a laptop someday. I hate being stuck in that little room with no tv or tunes! :sad:

  31. Well I’m about done here. Got to get ready for Dexter & Californication. “see” you guys & gals later.

  32. That 24 story free-fall ride that they went on… I worked on one of those locally back in 1999. There are 3 towers each with a ladder to the top inside the structure. I climbed a 275 foot ladder just to take some pictures on a nice day…. I’ll never do that again! :eek:

  33. HI CYNTHIA, I have seen Dexter i think thats a good show, My sister tells me californication is good, Theirs something about Duchovney I dont like., I would watch it if he were a hotter guy i dont think he looks as good as he used too.

  34. Just one last comment for now—Yeah Aggie I like Californication—but I L-O-V-E Dexter. He’s something. I can’t get enough of that guy. Not his looks but the part he plays. I have to watch it in my room though cause it’s too much for everybody else here. LMAO

    Ok now I’m gone!!! :lol:

  35. At least you get weather alerts for a reason. They interrupt our shows if there’s a cloud in S Dakota!

  36. I’ve tried out 4 avatars today.. Favre, Tyler, Solid Black, and Flight Time not looking too happy on the ride. …. now I’m back to my impersonation of fp2’s ghost. :eek:

  37. I will always bow to the one and only King Avatar… you gave me the idea to use stills from a dvr. ….I’m justa wannabe!!

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