All around the Mulberry bush the Monkey chased the Weasel ….

Do we have more than one weasel and how many monkeys will fall out of the trees to follow them?

Jeff (Part 2)

The most exciting element of the merge is that it offers a chance to completely turn the game around. Typically that requires somebody flipping sides, and usually the “flipper” is somebody who feels on the outs and is looking to improve their spot on the totem pole.

So many times in this game the people on top forget about the people on the bottom. They forget how dangerous the outcasts are because they have nothing to lose by switching sides and everything to gain.

Shambo is clearly one of those on the bottom and she knows it. Shambo is a major threat to change the game. Nobody on Galu is paying any attention to that fact. Crazy, right? Hindsight is always 20-20. It’s why I host and don’t play.

The merge is such a simple twist. Combine the two tribes into one. We do it almost every season, and yet it amazes me how many times it creates havoc. As Dave Ball states, from the outside looking in, Galu should just vote off Foa Foa four times in a row so they can all make it to the final eight.

But it’s not a team game. It never has been. It’s a game of individuals and that complicates everything because every single person has a different agenda. Even if they agree on whom to vote out it is always for different reasons. Always. Because at the end of the game only one person wins so every single time they vote they are voting to help ensure they are the last person standing… and that often means…


Erik was such a fun guy to have in the game, he has a huge heart and that was fun to watch. It may also have been his downfall. He bled Galu purple to such a degree that I think he forgot that it is… an individual game. You have to make moves in this game based on the idea that everybody else is making their best move. Erik was a major threat in the game with a major attitude. He lost sight of how others saw him and never considered that the best move might be to get rid of him. Because not everybody on Galu bleeds Galu. He was so confident that he forgot to consider the other people in the game were also playing to win and they might not care about keeping Galu together.

And boy did it cost him.

Talk about a blindside. Wow. One of the biggest and most memorable in a long, long time. Erik could not have been cockier. He was absolutely certain the outcome was set. He never-saw-it-coming. Neither did Laura, nor most anybody else on the former Galu.

Russell’s HUGE move to play the idol is yet one more pencil in his jar of “this is how ya do it.”

RUSSELL: “Figure it I have it I might as well play it.”

NOTE: To all future Survivor players… You Don’t Hold Onto The Idol If You Have The Slightest Concern You Are In Trouble.

If you have it and you think you need it – play the damn thing.

Russell is playing to win. He doesn’t care about second place. He may not make it, but with each passing week you have to respect the game he is playing.

So where does the game stand now?

It’s an interesting thing that often happens in this game. You lose enough people from your tribe, your numbers get so low that you have absolutely no other choice but to rely on each other and stick together. Foa Foa is at that point. In order to have any shot at actually winning the game, they cannot risk betraying anybody on their tribe. This gives them four votes in the new tribe. That is significant because as we saw last night – within Galu there are lots of possible sub alliances and cracks to be exploited.

Give me your predictions. Will Galu regroup and get rid of Foa Foa? If so, what order do you predict Foa Foa will be voted out?

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  1. Donna, Lauras New nickname is Lahora, She is way bitchier than Mo ho, I really didnt like the way she talked to Shambo ,I hope she is gone soon .I dont know, shes a tough cookie ,they might not ever get rid of her.

  2. My best guess is that former Galu will regroup under new management – not Shambo – and kill off the enemy starting with Russell H before they begin cannibalizing their own again.

  3. @ starfish….In answer to your question about watching
    ghost stories. I watch Ghost Adventures, Ghost Whisperer,
    all those shows they go out looking for hauntings. I even
    watch paranormal kids. That might be whats inviting my
    guests. However….I refuse to play Halloween noises
    because the last time we did….things became active.
    No more of that crap for me. When we hear or see something,
    we just ignore it, then it will stop. My daughter has seen
    and heard the most. She will not even talk about the stuff
    that goes on while she’s at home. We are the fourth family
    to live in this house and when I bought it, it was only
    10 years old. I guess nobody else wanted to share their
    home with ????. I tried asking around to neighbors that
    lived here longer to see if someone died in this house, but
    no one seems to know. I sometimes feel that maybe a dog
    or other small animal gets into bed at night. My cat gets
    freaked out alot of times. She probably knows there is
    something or someone else here that doesn’t belong.

    I really want to go see Paranormal Activities at the show.
    A co-worker went with her husband and she said he
    couldn’t fall asleep until 3:30 A.M. It scared him that much.

  4. What has happened, this is getting soooo bad!! The BB blogs were filled with convo and opinions…………this is….?????
    Is it because nobody cares who wins?? Is it because we have no hero/underdog to root for (ala Jeff and Jordan) ??
    Not sure why but things are not the same at all! My hatred of Russells cockiness remains firm and I hope he goes next week!

    Frannie, I recomment Paranormal while it is still in the theatre. If you go when it’s crowded, the audience adds to the terror/excitement! Goood luck on that, my grown children had a hard time sleeping!

    oh, yea, almost forgot, beautiful sunny day in Chicago!

  5. from the previews of nex episode looks like Russell doesn’t have a rats chance of surviving one more week, the camera’s will will have to start to fopcus on someone ele, because russell is on his last leg.

  6. Holly….you might just get your wish. I think Russells days
    are numbered. I would like to see Laura go first but I don’t think that will happen.

  7. James…the cameras show us what they want us to see.
    Things have probably changed a couple of times already.

  8. I was abducted by aliens and they had some freaky time warp travel machine and it screwed up my laptop clock. If you believe that I have some swampland in Mississippi I want to sell you!
    Truth is I was working on 3 or 4 Blogs at one time and bouncing back and forth doing editing and the next thing I knew it posted all by itself, at which point I went out on my apartment patio and jumped off. Unfortunatly I survived and had to come back inside and finish the rest of these survivor blogs, just wanted to reach over to samoa and strangle Eric for being so damn stupid.

  9. aggie….I’m not sure how to spell this but I will type it the
    way it sounds.
    Italian for Whore/Slut…Boo thon a. Now say it all together.
    That is Lauras new name. We say that all the time at
    work to each other and no one knows what we’re talking
    about. However, we shorten it to BOOTH.

  10. Sal…you must have taken all the other usuals with
    you. Come to think of it…AC, JT, Princess…..all went
    awol. Prolly just a coinkydink. :lol:

  11. FRannie, sounds good boothona ,I think laura probably thinks her you no what doesnt stink, and she isnt even hot scary.I guess Phillip, didnt have another flagpole story that surprises me.

  12. HOLLY, I think some people on here arent as big on survivor as they were on BB ,i have watched the show from the beginning i do likeit the only problem is you only get to seeit once a week.

  13. Yea Aggie, you’re probaly right with the once a week thing. I do love survivor as much as BB but don’t feel nearly as invested in this cast of characters. Hopefully someone will jump out for us to start rooting for!

    Glad to hear you’re ok, snakebit!

  14. Good Saturday evening to you all. Just got back from Ruby Tuesday for dinner. Now it’s time to start laundry.

  15. FRANNIE, NO not only Sal, I dont care I get that alot from people especially my parents The irish catholic thing you know what i mean.

  16. aggie….I know you don’t like sports, but have you ever
    gone to the horse races? In the summer time….I sometimes
    drive to Cahokia, IL. to watch the horses race. You
    don’t win alot of money (unless you bet big), but it sure
    is fun.

  17. I guess we’ll will have to wait until Ted finds his way
    on here. He’ll probably change it by then.

  18. You know aggie….even my other half always likes
    the opposite of who I like. He’s weird that way.

  19. We have an auditor at work that is always talking to
    your boobs instead of your eyes. Drives me crazy :twisted:

  20. I don’t know what the hell is going on. I figured JT has been busy with college FB all day and with the way his webtv things go he figured it would be easier to just watch all the games beforetrying to post.

  21. Ok I guess I’m alone. SNAKE Please delete all of my posts from November 7, 2009 at 11:59 pm to November 8, 2009 at 12:07 am ok?? I’ll check in later to see if anyone is up. :lol:

  22. Well—I see we have a Hurricane coming our way, but they say it probably won’t amount to much. Whew!!! Just a lot of rain & some wind.

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