And these guys “paid” to do this!

A father and daughter bid on a trip to go behind the scenes of Survivor Samoa.  They were able to compete in the challenge run thru’s, John got to try a Survival Smoothie and got to see the Tribal Council set up. It was much easier than competing but it would be nice to see the set for a Survivor.

Ok,Ok,Ok   ……. I know you hate him, he’s long winded, obnoxius and few other good words describe him well, but he has an opinion and should be allowed(not) to express it. Besides who else will they get to blog the show? Have a good day my merry posters!



The Immunity Blog With Coach and Debbie



Coach  |   That Episode Was Ridonkculous

November 16, 2009

The Dragonslayer once said “Say the truth and the truth shall set you free. FREE!”

This blog will be short and sweet. The truth is that with the exception of the idol played at tribal council this was a very humdrum episode for me. I yawed big dragon yawns. Lit a fire outside my lair with my hot air. Perked up my ears at the immunity challenge because I had fond memories of that one in Brazil.

The reason why I like to quote other peoples words is that it saves me the trouble of eating my own. So here are my quotes for the episode. Thought I’d try something knew this go around.

Monica: At the reward challenge said “These donuts are ridonkculous?” Are you serioncolus? Who says that nowadays?

Shambo: After seeing the hidden immunity idol which is a symbol of Samoan culture involving the ocean’s bounty “It’s a samurai sword!” I have one strapped on my back that I took from the last knight who tried to slay me. Want to see it?

Russell: “This could be a million dollar idol” No it couldn’t because no one likes you.

Laura “Clearly Russell is going first because he has lied to us all” Love it you sexy grandma you. But the best laid plans of mice and men et al.

Jaison: After Gollum (Russell. H) has found “my precious” again…“I’m beginning to love this guy.” Jaison you might want to rethink this because a) this guy is gonna eat you for breakfast and b) he’s already taken by Shambo.

Mick: You must have listened to me last week. Thank you. You finally said/did something to make me proud. When talking about Galu and putting a firebrand in the trebuchet “put an end to that condescending patronizing attitude they have towards us.”

Monica: “Should we all plan just in case one of them has an idol” Famous last words. What did I say in my last tribal about a woman’s intuition? And Danger Dave responds “We can’t worry about that, now’s not the time for that.” Dave you slipped up there. Now is always the time for “that” on survivor!

But then my dragonslayer to be Dave made up for it by saying “Strategic acumen” in tribal. Oh my you are the new wizard! Gandalf the Great.

Laura: “He just stirred up a whole lot of hell is what he did” after Russell played the idol. 2 for 2. You bet he did.

Kelly: “He is a sneaky little man”. Emphasis on the “little”

Off to the dragon’s lair to sleep. That episode wore me out. Hope you liked the quotes. Here’s one for the road from yours truly.

“One who is a samurai must before all things keep constantly in mind, by day and by night, the fact that he has to die in order to bring honor to his name and family.”




Debbie  |   Old Alliances Die Hard

November 16, 2009

Is Russell really a troll? I mean he found the idol under the bridge!

Russell is playing an amazing game! I have to give him credit for his keenness on the game of Survivor and keeping his mind constantly focused on his next move. How in the world can this guy keep finding idols without a clue? Do I agree with all of his lies and statements- NO, but this guy is a warrior (in Coach terms). Weekly, he amazes me with some new twist or move. Coach, did you notice Shambo called the Immunity Idol a Samurai Sword??? I know you loved that!

Natalie, you go girl! Killing a rat for the tribe to eat was a great move. You gained respect and made the guys take notice of your efforts. I am so proud of you.

Laura is still kicking butt. She won yet another individual immunity challenge. She better continue her winning streak or she will be gone. Her facial expressions during tribal were hysterical. She was furious! Her last statement about Russell, “He just stirred up a lot of hell,” shows me she is going to have a difficult time controlling her emotions. Laura is so strong; therefore, she will be targeted. Watch out, Laura!

It was obvious tonight the tribal lines are clearly still drawn. The Aiga tribe exists in name only. Galu’s 8-4 advantage in the merge gave them too much confidence. They have been cocky, condescending and outright open about their lead in the game. Foa Foa has done a great job of keeping their mouths shut and letting them hang themselves. I knew it would come back to bite them and it did tonight.

By the way, watching the faces of Galu when Russell played the idol- PRICELESS!

Did you see their faces? I thought they were going to fall off of their logs. Poor Dave, I thought he was going to throw up.

Well, there you have it. The alliances are now even, 5-5. Shambo is clearly with Foa Foa and Galu lost Kelly tonight. Tonight’s moves totally changed this game. I am going to enjoy watching the Galu alliance try to re-cover and scramble. I anticipate someone from Galu jumping ship and moving over to the Foa Foa alliance and Foa Foa becoming the dominate force. Speaking of ships, did anyone else’s ears perk up when Russell told Shambo that they were riding in the same boat now, but without “hoes”. I had to re-wind and listen to it twice, I before I heard or think I heard the word “holes”…Nothing surprises me with Russell. I must admit it was good for a giggle.

Coach, I am still sticking with my early favorites of Jaison and Mick (he is too hot not cheer for) and Dave is my favorite Galu member. I am eating crow, but I really like the twists, strategies, and craziness of Russell. You have to respect how this guy has taken on this game. He is clearly “out witting, out lasting and out playing” everyone in Samoa.


446 thoughts on “And these guys “paid” to do this!”

  1. Lit a fire outside my lair with my hot air.

    The reason why I like to quote Coach’s words is that it saves on my gas bill.

  2. aggie and DonnaP
    re; Gilles Marini…..oh hell yea, anytime, any day, anywhere.
    Did I leave anything out.

  3. BB….are you here today? I hope I didn’t say anything to piss
    you off last night about your answer to the puzzle.

  4. Oops… I was still on the other page… all those gems of wisdom lost! I’ll be back after I read the above.

  5. I think PHILLIP’s wife is the only making sense on this blog.

    Way to go Ted, now two big heads under one roof. And for the record. I do resemble that statement.

  6. And Ted, claiming my wife is the only one making sense on this blog is an ill conceived blatant dis obviously directed toward our own Analytical Aggie. How could you? :lol:

  7. Aggie… Could you possibly elaborate on “let me do my thing?” Inquiring minds need to know basis.

  8. As a BYU grad, my policy has always been if you’re going to breed’em you might as well Breed’em Young.

  9. aggie….No to Sean Connery. I do like some graying hair and
    even bald can be hot. Depends on the size of the head. No
    joke there guys.

  10. George Washington was no matinee idol, but Martha was the poster girl for homely in Colonial Virginia. George paid the price for marrying money – ugly is usually included in the deal.

  11. DOOL’s Rafe….OMG I would do him in a minute.
    Be still my heart. You probably don’t know who I’m talking about.

  12. Aggie… Barbara Bush through a glory hole, possibly. But only after a couple of Long Island Iced Teas and in total darkness.

  13. Aggie… I wouldn’t do, but would be done even by Susan Boyle as long as the doing was done through a glory hole. :shock:

  14. Damn I knew PK would figure out Aggie’s puzzle, now I have to go back and see the answer! I have nothing to say except, Coach is the same long winded loser he always was and I wish he’d blow his hot air elsewhere! Oh, one more thing, did you guys see the people who paid to go on the behind the scenes? That was pretty cool if you’re loaded enough to pay!

  15. Samoa, American and Western, are OK and both have provided many football players for BYU and the University of Utah.

    For me personally, however, I prefer Tahiti in the Pacific. Better still is Saint Tropez, France, in August. C’est tres bon!

  16. SAL… thank you again for your efforts… Great Behind the Scenes Look! I think they should have both of those lucky dogs on the next Survivor. That guy seemed pretty cool and I thought his daughter was pretty classy, as well as cute!

  17. Boy, I don’t know where to start… with Coach or you guys!!! Where in the hell go you get Barbara Bush and James Bond actors in the same conversation??? I can see talking about DWTS or AR (and PK I agree that Barbie & Ken will win, although I am rooting for the Globetrotters) and even past BB shows…But, who wants to do Barbara Bush or Sean Connery??? I see all yours mind are still in the same place…

  18. Oh wow, I apologize for not proofreading before hitting ‘submit’… I’m starting to look like some others here…

  19. I always say I’m not going to read Coach’s remarks, but how can you not? And yes he was lazy this week, but I preferred this approach and his take on what they said. He is right about Russell. Everyone will hate him, but they still might vote for him because they do recognize he is the best player. I do not think he will be in the final two, but every night before I go to sleep, I say a prayer for his success. Coach is such an idiot… Knights do not use Samurai Swords, so how can he have one strapped to his back? And Debbie… she adds nothing of interest… Where is some ‘been there/done that’ insight? I think the girls on this blog add much more imaginative comments than Debbie. She sounds like them though… “I’m rooting for Dr. Mick because he’s hot!”.

    Well FRANNIE… not to Barbara Bush or Sean Connery….

  20. Hey TED, not all of us girls are rooting for Mick Dreamy(boy hes hott though). Russell was my fav from week 2 and like you I hope wins it all.

  21. AGGIE… I was not going to say anything, no matter how tempting, but… Where did you come up with Barbara Bush??? I think you are trying to bait PK, and he is far to sagacious to be drawn in. I must admit… I was a bit taken aback by his response.

    And P K… Hilary Swank… Wonderful Choice!!! One of the Great Pacific Northwest’s Finest. She grew up in PRINCESS’S town.

  22. I admit DONNA, that Mick is a good looking guy, and I think a genuinely nice guy… it would just be nice if he would do something. I would not be surprised to see Jaison go far, and I would be more in favor of a Foa winning. Although I do like Laura a lot and would not be unhappy to see her win. Natalie is so cute… she reminds me of Kelly Pickler!

  23. Ted… I still don’t exactly know what it is about Hillary Swank that gets my vital juices flowing, but even without big boobs that I value so highly, though offset somewhat by legs to die for, she still moves to the front of my line right after my wife, Rebecca (she reads everything I post), and Aggie, FrannieP2, Starfish, Cynthia, Princess, DonnaP and Holly because I hate getting gang slapped for possibly disrespecting the “ladies in the house.”

  24. Aggie… If you know what a glory hole is, please lean forward now. If you don’t, you’d best stay right where you are. :shock:

  25. Smart move on your part there. I would absolutely love to have REBECCA do a ‘guest post’ sometime. It would be like Coach and Debbie, except far more intelligent. Would love to hear her slant on Survivor (please tell me she’s a fan). And think what fun for her to have equal time to perhaps rebuke some earlier comments made on this site. Maybe our chance to learn some truths.

  26. Ted… Rebecca almost logged on last night to get me to log off and watch TV with her. Was a late night. First, the four 7-9 CBS sitcoms followed by CSI Miami in real time, all my choices. Then DWTS recorded earlier to allow me to fast forward through the endless ads after EVERY dance, Rebecca’s choice and then the Jay Leno monologue and headlines recorded earlier ending with Golden Girls in real time with the TV sleep timer set to 30 minutes.

  27. Ted. Believe me, you do not want Rebecca posting on here. She leaves Coach in the distant dust when it comes to making a short story long. She does at least keep her choice of words simple. I do the Jumble in the Newspaper everyday with her and some of the improbable words, as well as actual words with her own unique pronunciations she comes up with, get me started with a chuckle.

  28. If anyone wants to be a guest Blogger, just type it up, e-mailm it to me. I make it a mystery blog unless you want everyone to know you did it.

  29. Ted… Finally, Rebecca is an Amazing Race, Survivor and Big Brother fan and is totally responsible for dragging me away from my favorite trout streams and lakes back in Utah to start watching them with her even before she sweet-talked me into moving to Mobile, Alabama. She first entered my life in 1999, just 10 years ago, long after my “big party” was over and done. She actually reads many of my posts to learn more about the crazy guy she sleeps next to every night. She even reads about many of my past adventures for the first time on this blog and, unfortunately, she is within slapping range.

  30. Sure Sal, no way could we ever figure out who’s mystery blog begins with the by line, MYsterY bLogger. I wouldn’t tell.

  31. Survivor-

    to quote and i said almost the same thing to MR. Tendr

    Monica: “Should we all plan just in case one of them has an idol” Famous last words. What did I say in my last tribal about a woman’s intuition? And Danger Dave responds “We can’t worry about that, now’s not the time for that.” Dave you slipped up there. Now is always the time for “that” on survivor!

    I admire Laura and Nat. I’m tired of the women always being looked at by most of the men and tv audience (i feel) as disposable.
    I don’t care how many idols russ finds…i have no respect for him. If he acted like a man who treated ppl with respect and still found them then i’d feel differently. His mouth needs to be sewn shut. Sorry i don’t go with the flow of the russ fan club but any man who says horrible things about women like he does………..well, I don’t care if he flew and wore a cape. I don’t like him.

  32. Damn, isn’t it great how widely different opinions can be over a TV Reality Game. Some root for the good guys (they wear white hats), some root for the bad guys( wear hats other than white and all kinds of strange shapes) and the people who just don’t give a shirt( they wear NO hats).

  33. Oh PHILLIP… I almost said the same THing… HAhA… Great Minds do think alike!!!

    And TENDR… I do agree with you, however I believe that Russell is an act and he said those things to cause controversy. So I will give him the benefit of the doubt. I have always thought the best Survivors have been women. There are few men on my all-time-favorite-Survivors list. Monica is a smart woman and has been derided on this site, unfairly I think. They even discussed voting off Nat, but I think the men had a ‘better’ idea. I’m sure glad they didn’t, because I think she holds some surprises for us. AND, if they had voted for Natalie, we would have missed out on one of the greatest Tribal Councils ever!!!

  34. Who cares about gender, race etc as long as the person is playing a great game. I could careless, why should a woman win the game just because..
    Aside from the “dumb blond” comment, what has Russ said about women that is sooo aweful.

  35. You guys are going to be in so much trouble when aggie comes on.
    She is going to rip you all a new one…..News at 11:00

  36. Where is BB Bob? Doesn’t he have the red pen? P K, do you remember us mentioning anyone in particular’s name?

  37. So Right AUGUSTUS… Nov. 17th 2:32 pm… will go down in ‘Survivor Samoa Blog’ Lore right up there with the last tribal council on the show itself!

  38. Oh no FRANNIEP2… I did not mean that… I thought SAL was referring to the “Blogger”… Now I see he meant BACONBITS BOB… Is that right SAL? I don’t even know how this site works and what the deal with the “Blogger” is… SAL may be out fearless leader, but I think the BB Blogger is the man behind the curtain of OZ.

  39. franniep2 November 17, 2009 at 3:30 pm
    ………doing other stuff I mean.

    I will be most happy to answer if you will be more specific. A clue for you… since you like puzzles so much Miss P2… do you remember my picture between this one and the Kevin Bacon one? I think PK will know what I mean. It is a certain look from the 70’s.

  40. There is no way you could ever piss me off here FP2… or anyone else for that matter. I really must go and then pick up my 13 yr. old daughter Isabel so she can watch SYTYCD tonight. I guess I have to cook her dinner so we will go to the store and she can pick out what she wants.

  41. One bright day
    In the middle of the night.
    Two Dead boys
    got up to fight.
    Back to back
    They faced each other.
    They drew out swords
    and shot each other.
    Two deaf policemen,
    heard this noise.
    Rushed right over and arrested the boys.
    If you think this tale is tall
    ask the blind man who saw it all!

  42. Okay Ted….Since you gave me so much shit about being
    on here so much while I am at work… pretty much do
    the same darn thing. That’s what I was saying, but now you
    say you have to go do a job. I guess it’s ok since you are
    self employed to be on during working hours. WTF

  43. Gotta go now….I have to go buy a computer for my
    grandson for Christmas. He really wanted a car…but oh well.

  44. MY GOD SAL!!! I haven’t heard that in at least 55 years!!! My cousin and I used to recite that when we were kids. Okay, I do have to go now. I have to do a job @2… luckily it’s not too far… in fact, nothing is too far here. We have NO Stoplights here, and Rush Hour lasts about 3 minuets. Of course in the Summer when the ferry comes in it can get tense and maybe 10 minuets, which pisses off all the locals. Lack of parking places sucks too then. Now it is Ideal. Bye for now.

  45. At no time have I mentioned any specific name or names regarding a possible Mystery Blogger AgGie. So it wasn’t me in case anybody tells you otherwise.

  46. Of course in the Summer when the ferry comes in it can get tense and maybe 10 minuets, which pisses off all the locals.

    Ted… DWTS I can take to please Rebecca and to check out the ladies moves and grooves, but the image of you doing 10 minuets when the ferries come to Friday Harbor is a sight I would prefer to leave for the tourists and to piss off the locals… :shock:

  47. Good Heavens AGGIE I never meant to do that… It was P K that made a big deal out of it… And as far as glory holes goes, I was sure that you had no knowledge of anything like that. And Barbara… Oh no, I have too much respect for the office… well, maybe Laura… and most certainly The Twins!

    And did you see how I purposely misspelt minutes? I just wanted to see if PHILLIP would catch it… and of course he did! I knew what a dance enthusiast he was!

  48. TEd, I dont think many people wouldnt know what a glory hole is, its pretty much obvious what it is. your the one who said do you think she knows what that means?

  49. Are you ready to Rumble

    Ladies and Gentlemen, in the right corner wearing Puget Sound Blue Trunks is Ted Strutz, defending the trouble he got into all on his own today, and in the left corner is AGgie, the Blonde world champion bitch slapper from Chicago, wearing an Armani Jump suit and Gucci pumps. This will be a special one round winner takes all bout and the predetermined loser just announced by FrannieP2 has to take the ferry back to Friday Harbor immediately and tell anybody but Russell H where the latest HII is hidden.

  50. great too see Mya and Dimytri is in the finals, it was nice seeing leona Lewis again she was looking beautiful, Donnie and kim are also in finals love it so far.

  51. Aggie… Noooooooo! You have to be mad at Ted, pick on him, slap him, and show him that AGgie iS tHe BoSs with AuTHority.

  52. I have just been politely informed that it is time for me to leave the computer/TV playroom and report immediately to the Pillow-top king/TV playroom. Later y’all.

  53. Phillip, I think the movie was Rest Stop, Where the girl goes into bathroom And the pervy Guy puts his thing through a hole in wall. pretty stupid and kind of dangerous ,it could be Lorena Bobbit time for the guy.They also did it in one of those Porkys movies.

  54. I didn’t think Donnie would leave.. so I was right about that. I would have bet someone’s farm that Kelly would be the one to go.. so I was wrong about that.

    And that begins and ends my commentary on DWTS for the season.

  55. Don’t forget the gloryhole scene in that movie with Christina Applegate and Cameron Diaz….

    I need help with the name??

  56. I bought a new computer for my grandson and it has
    twice the power of mine. He won’t get it until X-mas

  57. Easy for me to say because I don’t have a ghost.. but I think I’d try to talk to it… politely of course. Maybe tell it that it doesn’t belong here anymore… like they do in the movies!!

  58. I thought once about having the house blessed but why…
    it’s never bothered us. They need a warm home too.

  59. yea…because what gets on the foot of my bed doesn’t
    feel heavy. Sometimes when I’m sitting at the table,
    something will brush my leg. I have a cat, but she will be nowhere around.

  60. OMG….I swear to Bullwinkle…someone or thing
    just knocked in my daughters bedroom. If that happens again..
    I’m going upstairs and going to bed.

  61. I was never first all through BB11. Then around Halloween I was first on here. I think I have done it about 5 times since then. I get up early on weekends and that’s when I can be first.. if the new post pops up while I’m reading.

  62. My finger is getting tired cause after I hit submit
    I have to scroll back down. And no Sal, the END
    button doesn’t refresh. I tried it but no new posts were
    showing up. Then I refreshed and about 10 were there.

  63. Yeah, I leave about 6:15 to 6:30. If the new post is after that.. I don’t get on til I get home from work.

  64. Don’t feel bad fp2.. I learned about the “end” button the same day you did. (Thanks Sal) I used to leave my cursor on the side at the bottom.. then when I would hit refresh, it would automatically scroll down fast.. this way is a lot better though.

  65. I never needed to scroll that much before.. I always used webtv til about a week and a half ago. I finally gave into the temptation to use the computer for fun. I need to get one of those laptops like Sal has.

  66. I will say that AC’s Saints aren’t looking unbeatable anymore. Gives the Vikes some hope of beating them.. if it comes to that.

  67. Frannie, I did tell you!

    Snakebit Sal
    November 16, 2009 at 10:02 pm
    instead of scrolling to the bottom of the page, use the “end” button please, it’s right next to the “home” button which will take you back to the top of the page
    Snakebit Sal
    November 16, 2009 at 10:04 pm
    use button after a refresh

  68. Saints and Colts both are flirting with their first loss. Players are getting tired and not recovering from injuries as fast this time of the season. Gotta be healthy at the end of the season

  69. Ac, HuMMMMMMMM interesting, Freaky AggieI guess we have TIGHT ASS #3 on here can you guess the other two smart guy?Sorry i have to let my FReak Flag Fly ,Your a little young to be a prude.

  70. And of course—here I am—right after everyone says GOODNIGHT!! Oh well. Maybe one night I’ll make it on here BEFORE everybody hits the zzzzzzzzzs.

  71. :) I beat you JTn even if it’s rhe same post.

    Sal….I hear what I want to hear huh? Slaaapppppp. :lol:
    I’m not making this crap up…really.

    45 degrees in St. Peters, Mo at 5:13 A.M.
    Later from work…..

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