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Coach  |  The Good Survivors Get Voted Off

October 5, 2009

Welcome back again to the Dragon’s Lair. Bravo to Princess Debbie for hitting the nail on the head last week with regard to our new non-friendly garden gnome (you know who I’m talking about!). Thru all of my braggadocio in comparing the troll (Russell H. if I have to spell it out for you) to the dragon slayer, I did not state as poignantly as Debbie did just how evil our new super villain can be. Taking a National Disaster like Katrina and using this platform for his own selfish, supercilious and self-aggrandizing evil plan?

One word comes to mind: Unforgivable.

One other point about last weeks blog, and this one serves not as an agreement but a disagreement with Princess Debbie. Jaison is starting to wear on my nerves. I know a lot of people like him, but to me I just don’t see it. Instead of stepping to the front in challenges and camp life, I see him more as sitting back and watching things evolve around him. I do not see him as a dark horse or even an emerging leader but as someone who is not long for the game.

But that’s just my take….now on to last night’s episode…

Shall we start with Ben?

For all of us who have been out in the “bush” and started a fire with flint and steel, we know a good fire starter when we see one. And for two weeks in a row Ben is the one who is catching and killing the lizards and he is the one who seems to know the most of being in the wild.

But how many times have we seen some of the best “survivors” get voted off of Survivor. (More on that later…) But for all of Ben’s skills in hunting and survival he has the one trait that will always, and I mean always, bite you in the end. ARROGANCE. And not only arrogance, but an “in your face” type of attitude. An “I’m gonna rip you inside out” type of verbiage that wears on everyone’s nerves and benefits no one. Well, except audience members like me that can’t believe the audacious things that come out of Ben’s mouth.

Although Ben, I was sad to see you go. Yes you were arrogant, snide, smarmy, snarky and vainglorious, but you were also funny, one of a kind, witty, poignant and a good Survivor …(so of course you had to go). Bad run for you dude. As good old Mark Twain (I think he was the dragon slayers great great half uncle brother in law cousin) said “It’s better for people to think you are a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt!” If you had kept your mouth shut, or at least toned it down one notch, we would be seeing you next week.

Now camp life will certainly be more interesting, because like him or hate him Ben did help out around camp (obviously something Russell didn’t get the memo about). In fact he is conspicuously absent when ANY work is to be done. Not a smart move when you are, believe it or not, trying to survive with the help of your tribe mates.

Now for my star of the episode…Laura. Let’s throw some adjectives out; smart, funny and sexy (sorry Debbie). A little meditation, a little “coach-chi” music in the background with the Japanese flute, a little yoga, a few breathing exercises…just my kind of thing. Could this be a recipe for success? You bet!

Although the yoga/pilates might not be a matter of physical Survivor, and some of you (shame on you Shambo) might disagree but keeping your spiritual health and mental edge out in the jungle is almost as important as your physical well-being! Nice work Laura. This could be the emergence of a new leader. With tribe dynamics as they are, it is difficult to get any one person on the same page with you, no matter what the task. For cryin’ out loud it’s like herding cats. I like your style. Keep it up.

Speaking of style…we have another spy in the enemy camp. Shambo is off to the other tribe. Yasmin are you taking notes? This is how it should be done. Shambo is positive, complementary and very talkative. She makes everyone feel at home and more than one person remarks about her energy.

As the dragon slayer says: “When in enemy territory, make the warriors think you are their friend. In the end this will be rewarded by false friendships, where either party can turn on the other but at least there is an pretence of camaraderie.” (Or something like that, I just made it up on the fly and sometimes even I can’t understand my own superfluous, inordinate and profligate verbiage!)

Ok, everyone ready for nicknames? Since I came up with the Warrior Alliance in Tocantins, I thought it might be amusing to start a new round here. This time I chose the Lord of the Rings for my back drop!

Foa Foa:

Ben: Bilbo. Always stepping in his own dragon dung with little or no self control.
Russell H: Gollum. Irritating. Demonic voice and eyes. Possessed.
Jaison: Saruman: Powerful, smart, but wont live past the hype and expectations.
Liz: Arwen: Poised, poignant, and powerful in challenges
Mick: Legolas: Trusting, honorable and keen instincts


Laura: Eowyn: Beautiful, Strong, emerging leader
Dave. Wormtongue: Intelligent, smarmy, bad hair day always.
Russell S: Sam I am. Loyal, no harm intended, naïve.

Well that’s about enough fire from the Dragons Lair this week. Tune in next time to see what carnage we can wreak havoc upon.



Debbie  |  You Reap What You Sow

October 5, 2009

As the old saying goes: “You reap what you sow” or Coach should I say “The Dragons are slayed?” A Dragon was eliminated tonight. In the game of “Survivor” loose cannons are eliminated quickly. Thus, Ben, “the tribe has spoken.” Yea! I must admit I jumped and cheered.

At tribal it was clear that Jaison is much more in control of this game than it has appeared. I was so impressed with his comments and his integrity. You go, Jaison! Ben continued to antagonize Jaison and the tribe at tribal council. Jeff even gave Ben a chance to apologize and re-group. Once again, he played it ignorant, continued to run his mouth, and ultimately was voted off.

Seriously Ben, are you there to make a point, or play “Survivor”? Although Russell’s face was priceless…I loved it! His lame attempt at trying to save Ben from elimination was hysterical. Telling the tribe members that Ben was a strong physical player was a joke! Did you watch the challenge? The Galu guys whizzed past him every attempt?

I am concerned with the women’s roles in the game at this point though. They are not emerging as vital players. However, Liz surfaced as a stronger player this week. She rocked in the challenge. I was going crazy when Ben told Liz that women couldn’t start fires and she appeared to agree. He basically stated women were not strong enough to handle themselves out in the wild. Newsflash, every girl from my season could start a fire. Size or strength is not an issue when using flint and a machete. Sierra, started fires when our guys couldn’t…Girls you better learn quickly. Survivor is not a game for the men to care for the women. COME ON GIRLS WAKE UP! Show strength, start alliances and become a voice in your tribes.

I’m still holding out hope, but to me the jury is still out on Natalie and Ashley. Natalie doesn’t seem to say a lot at this point (which may be smart by the way), and Ashley knew the target was on her back, but even with Ben out, that target will still remain.

Shambo, here’s your chance to make a move. I suggest you go back to Galu and become the Yoga Master, catch some fish and move to the 90210 area code. You must bond with your tribe now or you’re going to be voted out. Your tribe can’t win every challenge (or can they?)! Regardless, right now, the target is clearly on your back as well! Yes, you played it smart when you visited Foa Foa. Unlike Yasmin, she connected with Foa Foa, made friends, and did not cause friction with the tribe. This could work to her advantage if she can survive her first tribal council. If she can make it to the merge, she could easily change tribal alliances and do well in this game.

Also yet again, we did not get a chance to see much of the other members of Shambo’s tribe. However, they appear to be still a strong functional group. I loved “Big Russell’s” comments, (not to be confused with “little Russell,” with the Napoleon complex) regarding taking care of his women. He appears to be a true gentleman with good intentions. Caring cast mates seem to do well in this game. However, I would have killed for a tarp! It does not appear to have rained yet, but when it does, and believe me it WILL rain, (it always does on Survivor,) they will wish they had a tarp!

I believe it was Erik who stated that the pillows, towels, etc…will get wet. What he did not add is they are so filthy, moldy and filled with stench after a few days, you don’t want them anyway. A tarp becomes your best friend in this game. Good thing Coach had a velvet jacket that he used for his personal tarp and DID NOT SHARE…

After viewing the previews, I am a bit concerned that my favorite, at this point, Jaison is going to let the miserable conditions affect his emotions and how he plays the game. I hope he does not lose focus. It’s not hard to that while you’re out there. That’s all for me for this week, hope you all are enjoying the ride as much as I am.


Hot News just in ………. Foa Foa to get new member flown in to replace Mike!!!

13 thoughts on “As they see it, from Coach and Debbie!!”

  1. Yep, my granddaughter was back. Gremlins messing around with the avitars I guess.

    Who knows Ted, Snake and I could be connected somehow. My husband’s relatives are in College Station and he went to A&M when it was an all military school. Had the best BBQ I ever had at one of their family reunions in College Station. The guys stayed up all night getting the meat ready. Beer & BBQ and they were good all the next day. :)

    Fp2, I like DWTS too and would hate to see Cheryl Burke go. Yep, eye candy was the perfect description of Julianne Hough my husband loved watching her but he liked watching Britney too. ;) Tom should go this week unless he pulls off some tremendous foot work.

    Thanks Snake for the updates from Coach & Debbie. Some great stuff.

  2. Haha, I think Troy Polamalu might just be able to help Foa Foa finally get a win. Would be funny to see Russell’s reaction, cause you know the guys would like him. And me thinks the girls would love him. :D

  3. I am so bored with Survivor already, I hope something happens that isn’t so predictable. Same old stuff…snoozefest for me. Shamwow, oops I mean Shambo needs to go.

  4. Ted… I’ve never ventured up to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island, but I did own a summer house on Hood Canal when I was married to my first wife from Alki in West Seattle. She was a flight attendant with Braniff Airlines so we flew between DC and SEATAC quite often in style back in the 70’s.

    Note to Debbie from Survivor 18: Exactly what part of Jaison’s “race rap” did you miss? Obsessed comes in all colors, black included.

  5. I think it is funny the coach calling Russel arrogant, look in a mirror buddy,He was right about one thing they are not going to do well without Ben, It was really dumb to get rid of someone that knows how to do things that they dont ,And now Jaison is complaining, As far as dancing with the stars go its got be TOm this time that goes especially if he were injured.

  6. AGGIE… you are so right about Coach… To quote from Coach “Well, except audience members like me that can’t believe the audacious things that come out of Ben’s mouth.’ I almost fell out of my chair laughing!!! This guy has got to be putting us on. I think he did make some good points though, and I liked his comparison to ‘Lord of the Rings’. Debbie has some good insight tool. The part about the tarp vs. a comforter especially, that just shows that Russell was not seeing the big picture. Even his ‘girls’ weren’t all that sure. And, Shambo has to become a part of her tribe or she’s out. And she’s my girl in the pool so I don’t want to see her go.

    Is This Flying In A Steeler Thing For Real? I think it is a great move on Survivors part… innovative and audacious!

  7. Ted, Coach was pretty crazy in his season ,he told some pretty wild stories ,and most people thought he was full of crap. BUt, JEff PRObst had him take A lie detector test, and he passed. So I dont know about him.who knows what to thi,nk. THe only thing I liked about him on the show, he was one of those guys you love to hate. He has that in common with RUSSEL H.

  8. DOnny Osmond was pretty funny on dancing with the stars, when he tried to make out with Bruno. Healso did pretty well. of course as usual Maya did the best, Iwould say the one that will be going is MELissa or TOM ,Possibly Melissa they might give Tom a sympathy vote.

  9. got to admit, i liked coach in his season and would like to see him back. likes to hear himself talk a LITTLE too much, but i liked his stories… also that photographer that “hooked up” with sugar….

    really looking forward to seeing rupert on SS20. can’t think of a bad thing to say about him. neither could just about anyone else – and it’s only monday night…

  10. princess, rupert was the classic underdog, which made him more lovable to people, he did real well in his season he was a very strong guy, what a character, he did not do as well in allstars, maybe it was to soon after his season. I HOPe he does well this time i will be rooting for him.

  11. I know I don’t usually comment here much, seeing as how I just really don’t seem to be able to get into Survivor, but I did watch about half of it last year and got so I really enjoyed Coach!! Coach wasn’t in-your-face arrogant like Ben. He was quieter and fake or not, more dignified and intelligent. I loved his stories and he had me believing them while he was telling them. You always THOUGHT he was full of Bull…but, even at the end, you never really KNEW!! Mysterious!! Kept your attention, if nothing else. I think she may have been the year before, but I was pulling for Suger too. Really thought she was a strong player. That IS pretty much my knowledge of Survivor…..did I just hear BOO’S??LOL That’s why I don’t post much as i really don’t have much insight to add.

    I didn’t even watch last week. I tivoed it and watched another show. Wouldn’t have even known Ben had been evicted if I hadn’t checked in here!!lol It always takes me awhile to get into BB too. And I always like it best when it’s down to about half the people. Way too many at 1st, BB nd SS, to even bother getting to know everyone. Does help on BB tho that you have so much more time to get to know the HGs with 3 shows a week and BBAD and live feeds. I like all the interpersonal stuff too on BB..more talking and scheming and fliritng…whatever. Too many contests on SS for me. BUT I am going to watch this week and see what I might be missing. Doesn’t sound like it has been too earth-shaking from what I have read here. But missed everyone so just thought I would get my 2 cents worth in.:)

    Peace OUT!

  12. no “boos” from me, star. never. esp. when you agree with me. lol! was going to ask a question about horoscope. guess i’ll wait til we have candle light to ask…

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