Barbie, can she survive in the jungle?

natalieNatalie White (26)
Hometown: Van Buren, Ark.
Occupation: Pharmaceutical Sales

 Samoa Barbie   <—- Click Here for video!!

Natalie White is your typical Southern Belle, but she is definitely not afraid to get her hands dirty. “Friendly and savvy” are two of her attributes that her fellow castaways will pick-up on right away.

White plans to bring her background in pharmaceutical sales into the game and knows that if you do not make the cut, you are more than likely going to be cut.  You either “make the numbers or go home.”

Natalie’s convinced that her ambitious personality will help her during the game. “I’m literally so competitive and scrappy that I don’t care if I have to dive on the ground and get bruised and scraped up, I’ll do it. I’ll do it to win. I love to compete.” Natalie will not waste any time changing her game plan if needed. “I’m observant and flexible, not to mention smart enough to know how to adapt to my surroundings.”

Currently, Natalie is in a relationship and resides in Van Buren, Ark. Her birth date is April 22nd.
A complete Interview of Natalie by Andy Dehnart on September 15, 2009
can seen  be at  Reality Blurred

44 thoughts on “Barbie, can she survive in the jungle?”

  1. Natalie already made her first mistake by not listening to Marisa when she outed Russell H at tribal council. Ditto the other three girls in the tribe. Instead of collectively heeding Marisa’s warning and voting out Russell, Natalie and the other girls voted out one of their own.

    Now it’s 4 women to 5 men. As a general rule, men have the greater strength for challenges and hopefully the women can rely on their intelligence and cunning to make up for what they lack in pure strength. After, the results of the first tribal council, however, Russell seems to have the remaining 4 women pegged right on the money – dumb and dumber.

  2. I agree with your statements about Barbie, but because she is so gullible, she may look to someone else when Russell has a mis-step. That is when I think Betsy will come in and knock some sense into her. Betsy seems as though she is someone who could come in and be an integral part of an all woman’s alliance with Barbie and the other girls.

  3. PK…that is a wonderful story with a happy ending. I am
    always glad when people treat cats like some would treat
    a dog. I have a cat that is 17 1/2 years old now and is
    very sick right now. Last month I spent almost $1,000.00
    trying to get her well. The vet had her on steroids and
    antibiotics (sp) and after being off the meds for only one
    day, she started having urinary problems again. She is actually
    peeing blood. I have an appointment later today with the vet.
    There are some people here at work that tells me I’m crazy for
    spending that kind of money on a “CAT”. I will not give up hope
    yet. Last year she had the same problem and recouped. It took
    a couple doses of antibiotics and all was fine until recently.
    Thanks PK for sharing your story. I actually posted this on
    previous page so I hope it comes over.


  4. Umm….Sal…..I hate to keep being a PIA but, I am STILL not getting any emails! Should I sign up again or something?? Not too bad yet ,but having to keep going bavk to Sept 17 is going to get OLD fast!!lol Or ARE you sending out emails?? Maybe people are just checking back here?? I guess I could bookmark the site, but I don’t understand. Never had any problem getting BB emails or Survivor last year..adn the 1st few came in ok. Just kind of lost track of me or something.
    Let me know if there is something I need to do.


  5. I love Survivor and have never missed a season but coming right after Big Brother I feel so let down. One hour a week (minus commercial time) is not enough. We only have editing to rely on for our opinions and information.

  6. Hey Star.
    I had trouble getting emails at first too..but I get them now!
    Was that you that said you read the Janet Evanovich books???
    Trying to remember without scrolling back thru all the BB Blogs.
    Although………they do make for a good time.
    I think we should all pick a night and be in here ….I miss the BB crowd!
    Watcha think gang???????

  7. Franniep2,
    you just do whats right for you and Kittycat…you’ll know when it’s time to let go!!! Good Luck!!!

  8. Hey Star, With every post an email is sent out automatically. Be sure to add to your “white list” or “safe list”. That is where the emails come from.

    I did see that your email addy is in the list so you SHOULD be getting the emails.

    Keep me posted…..we will get it working!

    Peace, BBBlogger

  9. Star, per BBB(survivor), check your spam folder in your e-mail. If they show up there then procede to do what BBB mentions in his post!

  10. Skellygirl,
    Hey sista!! Ya it was me who talked to you about the Evanovich books!! Have read all the number ones and am slowly reading her early stuff from like 20 years ago now. I LOVE her work! My other fave is Nora Roberts. Getting kinda hard to find either author ‘s books I havent read yet , so if you have any you like, be happy to look them up! Now that we have all this FREE time with no BBAD and constant blogging, I gots more time to read!!! :(

    I have also mentioned meeting up here some night. Justa works early AM so maybe a Fri or Sat would work…or just an earlier eve. We are all in different time zones but I think we could work it out. No one else has agreed to it yet but if we keep plugging away at it. Maybe we should just plan something arbitrarily,,…the men will follow…lol

    I feel bad that I am not really chatting about SS here much. But only one show in so HOPEFULLY I will get more into the spirit…soon!!

    I’ll check back in later.
    Peace OUT!

  11. Hey BBBlogger….good to cya!!! *hugs*
    I didn’t think about adding the survivor addy . I am going to do that now and I will definitely let you know if it works. Thanks for the tip!!!
    And the new site!!(well, new for US!!)

    Oh Sal..just saw your post too…I will do that also. Get back to you guys!

    Peace out,

  12. i think sambo will be fun to watch and do not like russell at all i think he is evil how awful to dump there water, but it was only one show maybe in the coming weeks we will get a better tell on the things.

  13. This game has the possibility of changing quickly from week to week as they slow get rid of each other. The alliances can make or break them if people start talking. Your best bet is to follow along with the crowd, don’t slack off (like BB Gnat) and wait a few weeks before you trust anyone. Keep an eye on everyone when they go off by themselves or with one other person.
    This year there is “No Excile Island” and a twist with the “Immunity Idols” they will get clues to where they are, however, it can only be found in the other tribes camp!!!!!

  14. Hey BBBlogger and Sal,
    I added this site to my address book and checked my spam….nothing there. In fact, using my old email to try to get here is getting harder as it didn’t seem to want to work this I am bookmarking the site. Maybe you can send me the past few emails and see if I get them. Don’t know what else to do. I kind of feel like I AM on Survivor at this point!! (I’ll be ok as long as it’s in cyberspace…would NOT last in the WILD!!)lol

    Peace OUT!

  15. Hey Star,
    I am just starting book #11. I can’t decide if I like the fact that she slept with Ranger. I looooove Joe!!!!

    Have you ever read Jennifer Crusie? Her books are hysterical…a little more detailed in the sex scenes!!!! I also like Susan Elizabeth Phillips.She has a series too…about Chicago football team. Can’t remember the first one, but I can look it up for you.

    Ok now to all our other BB bloggers…….when are we meeting up?
    Star and I miss our friends!
    Let us know…………………..

    Anyone watching Dancing with the Stars tonight?
    We can talk it out tomorrow night after night 2 of dancing??!!!!

  16. Considering the outcome of the “Black guys” can’t swim challenge, it would be advisable for both tribes to quickly determine who the good swimmers are in advance of future water challenges rather that just bobbing up and down in the ocean gabbing with each other. And for the poor swimmers and non-swimmers, Samoa is the perfect place to learn a few basic strokes considering there is a million bucks on the line.

  17. It would be great if you could see the live feeds from survivor, theirs just not much to comment on if you only see a show once a week, I wish you could get more information somehow ,Thats what is great about big brother ,you have the live feed and theirs always something to talk about.

  18. SKELLYGIRL,I love dancing with the stars, I look forward to it every season, It will be interesting to see how well Donny OSMOND , and KELLY OSBOURNE DO ,You know OZZY will probably be in the audience, pretty cool right.

  19. I really have a hard time just looking at Ozzy. Talk about
    a brain thats been fried. I do like Sharon from Americas
    Got Talent. I personally don’t think Kelly will do well. But
    who knows, those pros are good at teaching the stars how
    to dance. Waiting for the show to start in 3 minutes. I
    should be able to tell after tonight.

  20. Skellygirl…..Don’t fret! I think it’s the only time Steph slips and sleeps with Ranger! Her heart belongs to Morelli, but the girl isonly HUMAN after all!!!lol Haven’t heard of the other aurhors, but that is what I wanted. WIll definitely check them out!

    I too love DANCING!! On now as a matter of fact. Probably should go over to BBBloggers reality TV place to talk about it tho. Haven’t been there yet, but DWTS is a good reason to find it!

    We’ll compare notes later!

  21. aggie..I couldn’t agree with you more. People tht like survivor tho probably aren;t the type to put all the time we do into BB. Plus it was like the 1st reality TV show I think so, I guess if you have been with it since the beginning, it doesnt seem weird to only watch a orerecorded show once a week.

    I also LOVE I told Skellygirl. Guess we three will at least have that to talk about!! Just saw Kelly Osborn……..can you beleive she’s a platinum blonde???? Haven’t seen her much since the Osborn’s reality show. She sure has changed!

    Well, catch ya soon about DWTS or later on SS!!

    Peace OUT!


  22. Star, skelly, aggie, Que pasa chiquitas? I like your idea of aiming for a night for all us to be hear and blog it up. We should toss it around some. Friday sounds good as we will have seen the show, the 9-5 M-F Work Week will be over for those fortunate enough to have jobs and we can all de-compress in Cyberspace. And how more days of the fucking Mercury retrodgrade Star? Seems like it’s coming to an end mid-week to me… 8)

    Phillip, Your story on your cat Lucky was moving, You and I both know where he would be today had you not made that little extra effort. I applaud you. And “creep” is the right word for anyone that would let a cat or a dog go — or any per for that matter — loose into the wild to fend for themselves im this cold cruel world. If we could only feel how scared they are and how much they need us, it would readjust the way we think about them. A pet is not a toy or a passing fancy. A pet is a lifetime commitment world. Put yourself in their paws.

    So glad he is still alive and keeping you company. I am convinced after having my cat Saki for 3 years — I got her from a friend whose parents had her for awhile after my friend’s sister had a baby and wanted the cat out for some reason — that they are way smarter than us and know of some kind of freaky astral plane where Truth is all that matters and everything great, like on Earth for them laying in the grass upside-down or purring. I have always loved the Big Cats, especially tigers (so sad now), but after being the Mother to one apparently, I would say my love for cats is now over-the-top, as everyone who sees me, associates me with the cat that just sits with me every day and hangs like a dog.

    franniep, Don’t listen to anyone telling you what to do with your money. It’s your money, right? Trying to save and take care of your cat is only natural and you know if you didn’t try and help it, you’d have to live with that remorse anyway, right? I’ve found it’s smehow easier for people to hate on cats compared to dogs and I just don’t–and I hope I never will–get it. It’s really silly. You’re doing the right thinh and the thing I guarantee most of the kind-hearted readers of this and our BBBlog would do. Trust your insincts, and find a doctor you trust. Everything gets old but you don’t want to do harm by over-medicating or using the wrong medication. Most importantly time can’t be bought so spend as much quality time with your cat and give off enough positive energy and love to it so it knows, in this time of sickness, how much you really love it. That will be worth more than any medicine and you and I both know how smart cats really are. I’ll say a prayer too. You are doing the right thing. Money is just green paper. 8) k11

  23. star, skellygirl, did you ever get into reading Sue Grafton’s books???? they are also about a female private detective and range from A (A is for Alibi) to about R, S, or T, now. having a difficult time keeping up.

    k11, you just keep goin’ with saki, she’s one of your best friends and that was great advice you gave to frannie.

  24. STAR, Aaron , Mark, and DONNIE were the best, on dancing with the stars they look like they will go far, I kind of liked the skate boarder guy to those flips were great, What really surprised me was ASHLEY HAMILTON hes such a hot guy, but he really sucked he could be the first one to go. WHat was hilarious ,TOM dulay dancing to wild thing, pretty funny he was a really good sport about it, It would have been even funnier if the song was super freak.Kelly OSbourne, her hair has been every color of the rainbow ,Idont htink she looks bad as ablonde its better than that black hair she used to have. Donny OSMOND looks great for his age, I think he is 50 years old and he seems like he could do well on their.GO DONNY, REMEMBER IF YOUR A FAN DONT FORGET TO VOTE.

  25. KEVIN11, We probably should just talk about other things, considering survivor is only once aweek ,theirs only so much you could say its ashame ,this is asurvivor blog but how many times can you keep talking about the same thing.

  26. princess, Thanks girl.

    aggie, I’m with you. Not much to gab about until we really know who’s who. And this is the largest Survivor cast ever to boot! Like Phillip, I can see what Russell is doing to the girls in his Tribe–playing them against each other–and I like it so far. But Survivor is so different than BB, where we get to see so much of the HGs. Hard to tell right now! k11 8)

  27. HI all: I love to read too. In fact, I have a new favorite word because it describes this site. It’s phantasmagorical. I always have a dictionary nearby when I read. :)

    As for pets, the gravitar is my dog Sal that I had to put to sleep Aug 2008 and I still miss him. Yes, franniepg, your cat will let you know when she’s ready. My dog did and I cried and cried and I still cry because he was a great dog! PK, great story and whataguy you are to go the extra mile for that kitty! You are one great guy for doing that.

    Hey Star & Skellygirl, setting a time would be great. I’m not finding this as interesting as BB at least not yet. Posting after the show is a great idea and I’m sorry I forget who said that, one of our guys I think.

    Love DWTS too and aggie, I’m not surprised Donnie did well but 50 is barely middle age anymore. :roll: Will be watching in a couple minutes.

  28. KEVIN11, At least RUssEL will make things interesting,It seems like HE is using The jESSe from BB STrategy, aligning himself with women , Maybe he just thinks the men are just to much competition ,I dont know, maybe the women arent as dumb as he might think. It is hard to believe Russell is only 36 I never would have thought that He looks 40 to 50. I just know he will be one of those guys, I loveto HATE. REMEMBER RICHARD HATCH, He was one of those guys.About TOm DULay ,he was pretty funny on Dancing with the stars, dancing to wild thing .THEY always try to make those older guys ,look pretty silly. FOR those who saw cloris Leachmen another time ,she was funny too.

  29. Hey guys..I don’t think BBBlogger minds what we talk about! He must have gotten pretty used to this crew after a whole summer of us on At least we are HERE!!! I actually tried to blog here last fall after BB was over and i was SOOO lonesome and there were never more than a couple shorts posts and nobody I knew , so I just quit coming. We are keeping the numbers up substantially better here and at least most of it is about SOME reality TV show…right??? :)

    aggie…..agree with your analysis..usualy did on BB and it hasn’t changed here!! The 2 doing the best so far are performers after all…..Donny and Aaron. Mostly singers but did their share of dancing in their shows…just wasn’t ballroom. So they do have an advantage! I think Tom DeLay and Mike Irvin may go out 1st of the guys anyway. Ya gotta wonder WHY some of these people agree to do this show? They must know they are going to look like idiots!! Money talks….or maybe they just want to lose weight!!lol Have to fess up I have never voted tho. I only vote if I can do it online. I don’t text and won’t pay to call! I enjoy watching but don’t get as invested as with BB.

    kev11…hang on hun!! Mercury retch should be over in about a week…around the 29th! I do feel it loosening it’s grip, except for here of course, since I am STILL not getting my emails for SS…….lil Trickster has a screwy sense of humor! But I feel as tho I can breathe easier and actually have some issues in my own life changing and opening up for the good! So I wish the same for all within the sound of my umm…
    Can totally relate to all of you pet lovers too. I have really horrible cat allregies so have never been able to get close to cats. But having had dogs as pets, I know I would go to any lenghth or expense to help alieviate their pain. When an anmimal lives with you and shares everything with you , it becomes more than a pet. It becomes your best friend, your child….and you do for it what you would do for either of those. There is ZERO difference. People who don’t GET that have never had a pet and there is no sense trying to explain this to talking to a wall! Same with trying to explain our passion for BB!!! SAVE your breathe cuz if they don’t have the bug, they will just give you that pityingly bewildered look like they suddenly have less respect for your intelligence

    princess…..another author I wasn’t familiar with!!! Ask and you shall I am making a list to take to B&N…or Wallmart…..if I ever HAPPEN to be out that way!!! lol Thanks for the info!

    Peace out for now,

  30. STAR, you can vote online you go to,I I wouldnt be surprised if they get rid of ASHLEY HAMILTON first, HIS dad GEORGE was more entertaining, he doesnt have his dads charm, really ASHLEY looks like george, at ayoung age,GEORGE stilllooks really good.Aguess we are going to have to wait to see how the girls do.

  31. Hey Starfish!! My mom taught me to do that..keep a dictionery nearby when reading because she refused to tell me what a word meant if I asked. Made me LOOK it UP myself!! I’m surprised they didn’t get turned over to authorities for cruel and unusual punishment like that….:)

    And I can totally relate to the grief after loosing a pet. After I lost my dog ,Maggie, 4 years ago, I just couldn’t get over it. I dreamed about her every night for a over a year…still have them occasionally. I have a little shrine for her over my desk with pics and a stuffed schnauzer and her ashes. It doesn’t matter if you have lost a person or a pet, the pain and love is the same!

    Glad to see you are still haging in here. I think we are all trying to get together LIVE some night but this is starting to feel pertty much like BB to me. Not AS many on all the time… but in a way , that’s a bit of a relief!! Can talk more and read

    Enjoy dancing..I thought it was a really good start this year!


  32. aggie..thanks..didn’t know that. I might vote this year then. Maybe.;)
    Forgot about Ashley…not so good, was he?? But then again, apparently he was disabled and they thought he’d never walk again. So considering that….. Always loved his dad. Had a huge crush on him when he was young! Still looks great at what….in his 70’s??
    But you can’t be your parent…feel sorry for actors kids sometimes.


  33. Okay guys, in addition to whatever else I do and have done, I write, arrange and orchestrate music as well. Below is the eulogy to my dog, Blue, who got me from elementary school through my junior year in college.

    Of the many books I’ve read over my 66 years, the one that has shaped my respect for all living things most is Albert Schweitzer’s “Reverence For Life.”

    Come On Blue
    Music and Lyrics by P.E. Knudsen

    must be hard, you want to run but stumble
    proud as you are, can see it in your eyes
    still you wake me up, get the morning paper
    then sit all day just starin’ at the sky

    ol’ blue, don’t it make you wonder
    will there still be stars when the sun goes down
    does the wind still blow, is it warm all summer
    when you jump a fence do you still land on the ground

    I’ll miss you blue, but you go on ahead
    you’ll get through, ain’t nothin’ stopped you yet
    god knows, in time, I will come for you
    when you hear me callin’ come on blue

    well blue, looks like you’re ready
    time to lose the pain, let me deal with mine
    no turning back when the heavens open
    just wait for me ‘cause I ain’t far behind

    ol’ blue, I see you’re smiling, but I, I just want to cry
    it’s done, but it ain’t over, good-bye Blue, good-bye

    (Chorus 2)
    I’ll miss you blue, but you go on ahead
    you’ll get through, remember what I said
    god knows, in time, I will come for you
    when you hear me callin’
    when you hear me callin’
    when you hear me callin’
    come on blue

    K11, starfish, franniep and everyone else who watches over all creatures great and small, the world is a better place because of all of you.

    The new avitar is camera shy Opie…

  34. aggie… My wife is allergic to to everything, Lucky, Opie and probably even me most of the time. The cats can’t jump on this or that, can’t sleep on our bed, etc. But when my wife is away on business several times a month, there are no cat rules and they know it the second she is out the door. Party!!!!!

    Then all I have to do is get the house back in “no cat jumped, climbed or slept here” condition before my wife returns.

  35. PK, I feel the same way you do about Animals, My dog , SPECKLES I dont Know what I would do without Him, I spoil him Rotten, Their are no rules with him.

  36. Hey Gang…
    DWTS was awesome last night. Gooooooo Donny!!!!
    He will be 51 in Decemeber….yes I am still a fan!
    Based on how well he did last night and the audience reaction…he has a great chance of winning. He needs to calm down a little when he gets a good review tho…some may take that as being cocky if they don’t know “my” Donny! Aaron was good…needs more control
    , Mark was good….needs to soften it up some. Ashley and Micheal sucked!! Tom Delay…….this years Cloris!

    Star….you should go to the websites for Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Jennifer Crusie. SEP has books that are a series with recurring characters…so you wanna know what to buy first. They are both LOL funny authors. JC actually lives close to me…she is a Prof. at Ohio State., she is my favorite!

    I’m good with Friday night date night kids. Being as we are in diff. time zones… being 2-3 hours later than most…we should start early….like 9 or 10ish??!!!! We don’t even have to make it Naked Friday…since Bulwinkle won’t shave!!!!!!!

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