Boston Rob, Once More!

“Boston Rob” Mariano, Marquesas and All-Stars
Persuading his tribemates to protect Amber—and then marrying her after she won a million dollars.
Outwitticism: “Fear keeps people loyal. I’m the Robfather, it’s true.”

Rob Mariano (33)

Tribe: Villains
Hometown: Boston, Mass
Current Residence: Pensacola, Fla.
Personal Claim To Fame: “My marriage and birth of my child.”
Inspiration in Life: “My family.”
Previous Finishes: Marquesas: 7th out; All-Stars: Runner-Up
Favorite Past Moment: “Proposing to Amber at the live finale.”
Previous Survivor He Respects Most: Amber Brkich (Australia, All-Stars)
Previous Survivor He Respects Least: “Nobody.”
Why Did He Come Back? :”To win!”

Added Extra —— Russells Bio!!



­Russell Hantz (37)

Tribe: Villains
Hometown: Dayton, Texas
Current Residence: Dayton, Texas
Personal Claim To Fame: “Starting my oil tankering service.”
Inspiration in Life: “My grandfather.”
Previous Finishes: Samoa: Runner-up
Favorite Past Moment: “Blindsiding Kelly.”
Previous Survivor He Respects Most: “I don’t respect any of them.”
Previous Survivor He Respects Least: “I don’t respect any of them.”
Why Did He Come Back? : “Because I have to put these kids in their place. I’m not done playing just yet!”

16 thoughts on “Boston Rob, Once More!”

  1. good morning everyone, Boston Rob is the guy I loved too hate, he was great in the game, people were so intimadated by him, he got away with way too much. Which makes me wonder what happened to that guy Lex, shouldnt he be on there ,he hated Rob it might have been interesting.

  2. Howdy everyone.
    Boston Rob, my least fav player of all time. I have to say though that he is an awesome player. . so Russell my man, go do your thing.

  3. Probably my two favorites… Boston Rob and Russell, Together… Will they bond or become enemies? It will be interesting to see how they react to Nasty Tyson and Anti-Social Randy.
    Thanks for the Bios and Clips Sal!

    I loved Amber and Rob on the Amazing Race and thought they really got screwed… but then, I guess it was their fault.

  4. Rob, my favorite player!! Love him! I thought they ran a great race and really thought they would win it all and was completely bummed when they didn’t. He was using the fact that people recognized him to his advantage, smart move! Now he’s back on survivor, YES! How can you not LOVE Boston Rob???!!!

    Now Aggie, he’s easy on the eyes, not that yuk Coach!

  5. I love Boston Rob and am glad to see I’m not alone. I would love to see Russell and Rob team up. I truly believe Rob would see through Russ and possibly turn the tables on him. Counting the days for what might be the best Survivor ever.

  6. Hi! Missed ya’ll… been busy Apt. Hunting.. Good News… I GOT THE APARTMENT!!! Woot Woot!!! Will be all moved in and Cable set up just in time for Survivor!

  7. Hi Liz And holly, Holly rob isnt a bad looking guy ,your right, but the minute he opens his mouth, its a turn off i hate the accent. Jeff from Big brother ,was just as bad, really hot guy ,bad accent, Everyone, most people from chicago ,I repeat DO NOT SOUND LIKE THAT.

  8. Holly, I have too say Coach was hotter, I guess i liked the Tattoos and the hair.Does anybody know ,what happened to Lex vandenberg ,how come hes not on the new survivor.?

  9. Aggie, I kinda like the Boston accent!! I’m not opposed to tattoos if the body is good and can support them. PK, I never thought I had an accent either but when I lived in the northwest and would return from vacation, everybody would make fun of my “accent”, so who knows?!?!
    Aggie, most people think we sound EXACTLY the way PK spelled where we’re from!!
    Hi Liz, hi Shelley, nice to see someone else who likes Rob!!

  10. Phillip, all im saying is Jeff had a terrible accent ,I dont sound like that . and I dont say Chicago the way you spelled it, Jeff kind of sounds like our Mayor Richard M. Daley, Smart Guy, But has a bad accent also, Boston Rob has that bad Boston accent, not a turn on.

  11. Survivor Back!!! I love Boston Rob, JEFF: “How do you feel about being one of the villains?” Boston Rob: “I’m a villain?” lol I love Boston Rob , I said that before right, who cares I love Boston Rob.
    Russel was amazing last season, I think BR needs to take Russel out 1st chance to have shot.

  12. I wonder what Rob had to say after he got kicked off and got a chance to see the last Survivor, the one with Russel!!! None of them know Russel because the sho had not aired yet when they got to this show. I really think that was a advantage to Russel, but wow what a fun show with him playing!!! I love Rob and i am so sorry he got kicked out.

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