Breakdown, can’t we please catch a break?

Foa Foa just can’t seem to catch  a break. Was this determined by thr preseeding of production when they decided the team makeups or is it just a run of bad luck. I played Pony league baseball and we had a mediocre team, however over the course of a 14 gamme season we lost or first 13 in a row. thank heaven for “RAIN” we were rained out and didn’t have to make it up. Foa Foa however must persevere over the elements. “Many of the great achievements of the world were accomplished by tired and discouraged men who kept on working.” Unknown Author  Can Foa Foa overcome and manage to even out this game. Time will tell!

“They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” Carl W. Buechner  Here are some classics from our cast-a-ways.




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  1. As weeks go by I have a feeling that maybe evil Russell is the normal one. Certainly more common sense. When you watch the last episode, now it makes sense when airlifted Russell was fishing and paused and his eyes glazed over. He was trying to work through illness. Survivors need a food challenge.

  2. I dont think the foa foa group has much of a chance, RUSSELLH will probably be the only one left of that group. Jt, Princess, Ac,SAL ,TedThanks for the good time last night. PK, FRANNIE and CYNthia Iwas thinking of you guys,.PK and FRannie check outSALS dEFINITION OF A CONDOM, I laughed out loud at that one.Now you can give me the rolling eyes smiley, SAl.

  3. Breakdown… go ahead and give it to me… No Tom Petty last night?…. as far as SS… who knows? It doesn’t look very promising for Foa Foa, but they could pull out a win at any time. You know Russell will give all he’s got. Liz faught hard last Thursday. Anything could happen and turn this game around. I don’t expect it to, but it wouldn’t shock me.

  4. aggie ….. :grin:

    JT …… we missed quite a few, I was looking trough my LP’s and there are a ton more.

    You got tired quickly last night Aggie girl.

    Time to get ready for the Steelers game!!!!

    I’ll be back later after the game, have fun y’all

  5. In the absense of BBBlogger, I thought I’d throw in some SSblog “fun facts”. I know he likes those. We hit a season record 375 comments yesterday, breaking the old mark by 58. Things got silly, but we put up some numbers. Numbers are important at the end of the season as we could all tell by BBBlogger’s last main post for BB11. We have a shot at hitting 4,000 for this season today, but most are probably blogged out and wont be on much. Anybody new: join in. We have a pretty good little group. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t like non-survivor talk. All you have to do is steer us back on topic.. we’ll follow. We’re flexible. I think you’ll come to enjoy the loose format… and after you get to know us better.. you’ll be happy that you found us. I know I am.

  6. You guys seemed to have had too much fun.
    Liked the condon joke Sal….too funny.
    I just want to give a shout out to Neil Diamond.
    Great singer and songwriter.

  7. Yes we did miss a TON. I wish I was in a football pool today. I think the Steelers are a near lock today. The Vikings seldom win this type of game. (on the road against a good team.. when the Vikes have a good record and expectations are starting to build). fp2 already used the Steelers, so here’s my “locks” of teams she hasn’t used. (I know she’s out of the running.. still fun to play along though). 1) Patriots 2) Colts 3) Saints ….. I’ll even throw in the Falcons as almost a sure bet. I know that anything can happen. That was made clear by the Raiders last week. Now, let’s see if I can go 5-0 for this week. I’m sure princess has picked the same 5 teams as me.

  8. JT…I would pick the same except I would be afraid to
    pick Atlanta. I did pick them but not if it were the suicide
    pool. This is just a cheapy pool I’m in. I run the thing
    and yet I have not won a week yet. I am usually in the
    final two or three that comes down to Monday nights
    game. It’s fun no matter if I win or lose, just more fun
    when I win. :lol:

  9. I think Dallas gets Barber back today. Don’t know if he’s 100% though. He should help, but I still think Atlanta can handle them. We’ll see?

  10. hey you guys
    I read this blog most of the times, and am totally exhausted just reading it. I think they need to get the cast of all the super heros to be in next years survivor. These poor people are they ever the same. And here I was thinking they had it rough on bb, eating mush and such.
    I hope to stop in later to chat, seems when I come on it is the worst time of day and we are all in such different time zones.
    I do have one question for my bb followers
    Where can I go and see what Gnat had to say (if anything) after she read what most fans thought of her.
    Next to Gnat Ronnie the Rat seemed like a mild boy scout.
    42, rainy and overcast here in Nixa, MO.
    another blah day.
    ciao for now
    mama margie
    Jt come on man pull for the yankees along with me, what a mess the last game they played. I think I made myself horse yelling at them, lol My BFF is a die hard Philly fan, so I just hope we go head to head should make for an interesting series.
    c ya

  11. just like a flower, i’m growin’ wild…

    yes, JT, there was an indirect reference to tom petty last night.

    hmmm, i think you’re right, you know what team i play for…

    the guys at work wouldn’t let me in the fantasy football pool this year. prolly ’cause last year someone had to pick for me and i kept asking “whose that” “what team do they play for” “Falcons, i’ve never heard of them”

    this year, with justa, i woulda hada chance. i tode them it was sexist and got the rolling eyes at the princess look and “so who would you pick” (i didn’t know cause justa hadn’t told me!)

    by the way, who ARE the falcons? city, state?

  12. hi mama, good to see you here. wish you would drop by more often…. you would have had some fun last night!!!

  13. princess, Don’t toy with me woman!! That “I’m justagirl” stuff doesn’t cut it around here. I saw you name your state’s NFL team by name (Seahawks). I know you are an avid NFL fan and are just tryin’ to fool us. Not buyin’ it…… oh, the Falcons are in Atlanta. Back to the game.. 0-0.

  14. Sure Margie, I’ll root for your Yankees. I might as well, the Twins are long gone! (darn Yankees!)

  15. princess, I stand corrected! Tom Petty was indirectly referenced… and Bob Dylan… and George Harrison.. my bad!

  16. you’re very bad, which i love. BTW, how could the patriots be up 7-0 when it’s 6.40, first quarter? i only missed the first couple of minutes… wha happend

    don’t toy with you, ha! that’s not what you said last night, sugar bear.

  17. It must be because the Patriots are playing in England today… I think they are about 8 hours ahead of you.. so over there, all of these games are already over. Hopefully, they wont get on here and spoil the games for me.

  18. MINN 7 ~ PITT 3 Have some faith JT… I’m sure Ashley is rooting for the Vikes!

    Nice Quote at the top SAL… I always try to practice that… except maybe here.

    AGGIE… I’m surprised you are up so early! Hope you got your Diet Coke PRINCESS

    I too hope Foa Foa will pull out a win to help even things up. RACE tonight! And YANKEES too!

  19. Well only momentary JT… Brett the Savior will put them back on top! Half-time… got to run to the store… making Corned Beef Hash and out of Potatoes… Will pick up some Diet Coke for when the PRINCESS comes to visit!

  20. Yes.. AR and Yankees tonight. And Dexter.. and Mad Men.. and Curb.. and Simpsons.. and Sunday Night Football… Hope the hell am I going to watch all of those? Thank bulwinkle for on demand!

  21. Oh wait… Simpsons is a repeat and wont be on because of the Yankees.. that makes things a bit easier.. I still need more tvs though!

  22. I think Ted is on to my way of thinking. I’ll keep saying that the Vikings will lose… hoping like hell that I am wrong. I’d rather have to eat my blog words than lose. If we lose, I can say “I tode ya so!”… if we win, my predictions look foolish.. and I’m ok with that… Just win baby!!

  23. Yes, I can watch Dexter, Curb, and Mad Men on demand. I can keep an eye on baseball and football… AR it is!

  24. Bounce of the post? …I’ve had posts bounced into cyber-space before.. not sure what you mean? Are you still watching football in England?

  25. no, babe. justbefore the punt, farve threw a pass that hit the center post. i think it was intended for rice???? hang on, i’ll rewind.

  26. ok, after the flag, offside, 2nd and goal, farve through a pass to rice in the end zone and in trying to get height, it hit the center post

  27. hey, did you notice AC is doing the toyota commercials? i think he was skipping rope (for real) in the last one!

  28. That’s it!! You’re out of the closet as a football fan! You could write play by play that rivals your coverage of DOOL!

  29. Speaking of commercials.. how do they do those direct tv ads? (old movies with current sales pitch)… Those are cool!!

  30. Ted had me rethinking my long standing position on the Vikings. The names change…. the results don’t.

  31. when the steelers hear me screaming NO at the TV, why don’t they just stop. btw, i’m 10 minutes behind you on TIVO. was switching back and forth between a movie i was trying to watch until i got wrapped up in the game!

    i tode you that you hadn’t met all my personalities!!

  32. ok, you guys will have to fill me in on the last few minutes. TIVO just kicked in – oh, never mind. TV in my bedroom. will finish the game in there. BRB

  33. Like it that PRINCESS likes football… but how do you watch a movie at the same time? What movie? I’m watching NASCAR and football … No problem with Tivo!

  34. princess, WTF? You were doing so good! You can’t leave with 2 minutes left in a 3 point game.

  35. sorry, ted. you’re out of the running, so to speak. you wouldn’t swim across from FH and drive to B’ham to bring my diet coke w/lime last night. if a man won’t do a little thing like that for me… i guess i’m just not worth it!

  36. Kyle?? So you’re the one that roots for him! :lol: …I will say this for Kyle, he makes things interesting! That’s more than I can say about Gordon, Johnson, Kenseth, etc…. those guys are really boring!

  37. Yeah, he’s kind of a bad sport, but that I think is just his intensity and he can’t hide his feelings. Where his brother is just a cry baby. Their mother didn’t do too well with them, but I don’t think she got too much time with them. But… Kyle can really drive. They think he would do real well in F-1, but I don’t see him going there. Can’t wait for Danica! Yes, Kyle makes it interesting and has a real natural instinct that can’t be taught. Guys I don’t like… Hamlin, Biffell and Kurt.

  38. We should probably tell PRINCESS that Ice Skating is on Ch. 5… that’s probably more her speed!

  39. I used to really be into NASCAR. Not as much the past few years. I still keep tabs on it though. Were you a fan of E Sr?

  40. none, right now. LMC is doing a whole series of ghost whisperer type movies ’cause it’s sunday and near halloween. i’ve picked up a few of those to Tivo. right now, i can’t even find my netflix movies.

    i justdon’t want to do to much today, i’ll bounce back for work tomorrow and life will start allover. this weekend i’m just giving in to being tired and a little drained.

    must start listing on ebay, though. next weekend for absolutely certain. just have too much stuff. easy to replace posting with doing work… much too easy.

  41. Yes… you are so right P about posting easier than doing something really constructing… but then sometimes this is constructing too!

    Wow JT… lots of unhappy fans… Yes #3 for sure!

  42. Miami 7-0 over the Saints? That’s the first time this whole season that the Saints have been behind.

  43. The last time I was at Wembley Stadium in Wembley Park, London, in 1961, Don Fullmer (Gene Fullmer’s younger brother) was fighting the European Middleweight Champion, Terry Downs. Don didn’t last long in the ring with the champ. I don’t remember the exact punch that ended the fight for Don, but I do remember that the huge mens’ loo with what resembled several water fountain urinals was the grossest place I’d been in during my entire stay in Europe. Some blokes were actually using them even though the floor just inside the loo doors was closer. YUK!

  44. Sal… Have you ever been able to buy any of those hard to find pre-lubed Steelers logo “helmets?”

  45. Ted…….Rams now winless times 17. I told you all they
    were useless. Win or lose….they still manage to pack
    the stadium, (with Colts fans).
    JT….the Vikings fans don’t look nearly as sad & disappointed
    as the Rams fans. At work….they gave 4 sets of Rams
    tickets away. No thanks…I woud rather stay home and
    watch other teams play.
    This was certainly a week of lop-sided games. So far,
    all my teams are winning except New Orleans, darn Miami.

  46. aggie….can’t wait for AR. Sunday night TV sucks except
    for AR and some Sunday night football. Sorry aggie, I’m

  47. Sal, nice pic of “Steeler Nation” in Houston. Good to see you made it into the picture as well. I like the jersey that you are wearing… who is number 00 on the Steelers anyway?

  48. AC, I saw that the Saints were down 21-3. Then I left for a while. They got 46??! WOW!! Nobody can stop that train!

  49. When couples enter to be on AR…they should know there
    are different things that need to be done to finish a
    particular leg of the race. Did the eliminated couple never
    watch a single episode? There were other teams that
    had either the fear of water or heights. They managed to
    finish. They deserved exactly what they got. Am I being
    a hard a$$ about this?

  50. Icouldnt believe Mika and canaan lost the amazing race, because she couldnt go down a water slide ,Man people no what to expect when they come onthere.glad to see the globetrotters are still in the game they came in fifth place this time they are always fun to watch.Jt, I think we forgot Elvis last night also frannie, mentioned Neil diamond.

  51. Well, I can’t swim. And although I’m not afraid of heights, I get nervous at anything that goes down fast, like rollercoasters, and steep slides like that. I don’t even like elevators that go down fast. It’s like I lose my breath. But for a million dollar$? Best believe I woulda been down that slide and into that water. 8) It’s really just mind over matter. Don’t think, just do

  52. I was sitting here watching. Just thinking, man The Globetrotters are gonna be eliminated. :sad:

    Not once did I think Mika would just there all that time and not go down. I thought for sure she would at least go when the other team arrived.

    To the ladies here:
    Do you think it would have been horrible if Canaan had pushed her? Or do you think he should have?

  53. At first I thought he was being hard on her. A million
    dollars can get you psych help later. She is probably
    kicking herself now for not doing it.

  54. Are you kidding me? I would have thrown my own Grandmother down that damn slide for a million dollars!! (God rest her soul)….. ok, ok, relax people! I’m just kidding… I wouldn’t have thrown my Grandmother down the slide… but your Grandmother? That’s a whole different story! (of course I’m teasing again) :lol:

  55. I am glad those two got eliminated. This is only my second episode (and yes, I’m hooked!) and I haven’t liked them (her) in either one. The Globetrotters have a good attitude… can’t row or figure out a simple clue.. but they fight til the end.

  56. fp2, I gotta confess.. I liked (like) Three Dog Night. Shambala I guess is my fav from them….. Love the King too.. In The Ghetto & Suspicious Minds especially.

  57. And we forgot Tommy James (as referenced by fp2)….. or was she referencing the Tiffany version of that song? Nah… doubt it!

  58. FRANNIE, Are you kidding THREE DOG NIGHT was one of the best 70s bands, I loved them they had such great voices, I specially liked ONe, easy to be hard, Joy to the world ,their was nothing i didnt like by them.GUys we also forgot STEPPENWOLF awesome group ,I really liked BOrn to be wild.DID anyone mention BRUce SPRINGsteen,.AS far as the amazing race goes it would have been cruel to push her because she was terrified ,but if she were my partnerI would have been totally pissed at her for losing because of that.And AC ,if you wouldnt go down that slide, im sorry to say you need to give back your man card.

  59. Question about AR When they start the next leg, do they space the start times out according to how far apart they finished the previous leg?

  60. We definitely forgot a lot of artists. We probably forgot more greats than we named. Bob Seger, Billy Joel, The Byrds, Badfinger, The Babys, Bad Company, Dire Straits, Pat Benatar, Joan Jett, Steve Miller, Eddie Money, STYX, Supertramp, Van Halen, Stevie Wonder, Queen, America, ELP……. the list goes on and on.

  61. Thanks AC!! That makes sense. So if you build a huge lead… you are in pretty good shape…. unless you have a deadly fear of water parks!

  62. My take on the Globetrotters and the watch…. ok, I can see where a person may at first think to combine the hr hand, min hand, and the date to get a 3 digit code…. I can buy that. But when it doesn’t work? You keep trying the same thing over and over? I also thought his partner could have been more helpful in thinking it out. He was giving encouragement, but not thinking of the solution.

  63. His partner can’t help. He probably knew the answer but couldn’t say anything.

    As far as building a huge lead…. It’s helpful on some legs of the race. But usually at some point they come to a task that catches everybody up. Usually it involves having to wait for a place to open at a certain time. And by the time it opens, everyone is there waiting. And the lead is gone.

  64. His partner can’t help.. and yet another team can give the answers about how much gold to put on the scale….. ok. I figured they must bunch them all up at times. I remember last week they all seemed to be trying to catch the same plane….. I wonder what percentage of Dubai was built on the good old U.S. dollar?

  65. I’m so far behind reading posts and can’t possibly catch up all the way. What a party you had last night! I drove my mother all over the place today and she just bitched at me all day. It’s the dimentia but it’s really hard to take.

    Steelers rock! Plus, they have the best logo in the NFL!!

    BTW, my dad was born in PA and still says pop for everything. :lol: He’s 87.

    I know it’s early but nite all. I’m done, it was a lousy day except for the Steelers!

    Did anyone say Jackie Wilson!

  66. justa, way back when…

    no, you haven’t met all of my personalities. very few people get to meet them all. i can never tell which one is going to come out to play until, well, ooops!

    as for tossing mika down the slide, cannan tried, but she started screaming help! help me! that’s assault in her world. he was very forgiving and generous at the end, but i’ll bet their relationship won’t make it…

    we did miss a great many good artists last night. but we’ll never get to name them all. suspicious minds has to be my fav. elvis song. another really good CD is Bette Midler’s soundtrack from The Rose. Midnight in Memphis is esp. good, and her version of When a Man Loves a Woman is awsome.

  67. AC, were you watching football today? wow, i never would have guessed you were interested in sports! i learn something new everytime i’m on here…

  68. HI guys, STarfish, I know what you mean about the dementia, my father was sick for 20 years with it, he died at 89 years old he was a very strong man. in the end he only weighed 70 pounds.

  69. JT….you’re right, it was the Tommy James version but
    I also like the version by Tiffany. I like SOME of todays
    music, and yes JT, even rap. Don’t forget…I have a
    16 year old grandson.

    5:10 A.M in St. Peters, Mo. with a temperature of 54 degrees

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