Can a Rocket Scientist survive in Samoa?

 John Fincher (25)    Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif     Occupation: Rocket Scientistjohn

John Fincher claims “winning” is his favorite hobby, and because of that he should have no problem playing the game of SURVIVOR. Being a rocket scientist probably will not hurt his chances either. This charmingly cocky genius believes he possesses the analytical skills necessary to take him far in the game while helping him create a mastermind strategy. In addition to brains, he is a former semi-pro soccer player, who is also going to pose a physical threat in the game.

Fincher says that he is at his best during high pressure situations and times of complete chaos. He finds idiots or “unskilled” people amusing, and has no problem telling them to their face. John has traveled extensively in South America, Europe, South Africa, and Canada, and he plans to use his experience of dealing with people from diverse backgrounds to his best advantage.

John is no stranger to creating conflict and thinks it could work to his advantage in the game. Although, John also believes his good looks and charm will help even out his aggressive personality, especially with the ladies. He also will not apologize living a privileged life and claims that he will party his way around the world with his winnings.

John resides in Santa Monica, Calif. His birth date is August 16th.

A complete Interview of John by Andy Dehnart on September 15, 2009
can be at Reality Blurred!

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  1. I have a you tube video to add later, i’m at work and firewall won’t let me on you tube!!
    Have a good day y’all!!

  2. It is so early in this game but my neighbor who lived in Tx. most of his life HATES Russell, and has since promo commercials. I want to know who likes him and thinkhe is just playin his game, and who really HATE him and think he needs to go now. I think he will get found out for the liar that he is, and the Cinci. witch, Marisa doesn’t count …she has been snuffed(torch).

  3. H e l l o?? Am I on here? Do I have clearance Clarence? I think I finally made it… no more “The Lakehouse” effect. People can see me.. and read my jibberish. S-Sal, thanks for the bio.. at least that’s one “Island Guest” that I know a little bit better. Nice job! I agree with those who wrote about this difficult transition… but I’ll keep watching and know I’ll be hooked in a couple months.(lol) This Sham-wow chick seems interesting…. and yet, I’m a little frightened at the same time! Rock that mullet baby! Keep those 80s alive! Hanna Montana’s Pop would be proud! I can’t find SSAD on showtime yet… Hey Kim, (I am still gonna call her that… I don’t deal well with change)… Kim, you got the live feeds set up yet?(lol) I will say this for Survivor… At least it’s in HD!! .. and they have an incentive to eliminate weak players. How far would Nat get in this game? Gnawing fingernails and sleeping wouldn’t cut it this time. Sal, I knew you were a Grand Master, but this too? It must suck to be so talented(lol). I’m glad I didn’t push that chess game any further. Keep up the good work!

  4. Shelley… I don’t hate him, I don’t like him. He’s justa poser in my book.. a wannabe. Just some clown tryin’ to make a reality tv name for himself. He seems like he’ll just keep pushin’ til he’s out. He might go far, but I’d be surprised. Hey Russell, other people talk to each other too ya know!

  5. I’m looking at Russell as sort of a “twist” in this game.He’s like the odd man out, and I don’t think he’ll make more than half way thru the game. Too much bullshit too soon. The man isn’t thinking, yeah, get rid of everyone on your team and at the merge guess what, BYE BYE

  6. Ok, 2 quick questions. Jeff said, “39 days, 20 people, 1 survivor” 1)How long does the season last? At those numbers, they’d have to eliminate someone every other day. Even a double elimination every week wouldn’t make it. 2)What do they do with eliminated people?… they must stay on the island.. right?

  7. Shelly

    Get Russell out of there soon. He is not helping his team in
    any way. All it will take is for the girls to feel comfortable
    enough to start talking to each other and they will figure
    him out. He is only there for the attention. Probably on
    a dare or something.
    Who knows, since we are not able to get SSAD, the girls may have already figured him out. Time will tell. Hopefully not too
    much time. GO Ben. (My Survivor pool pick) Ben just needs
    to not be so bossy. Like when he tried to tell everyone how
    to build their hut. It’s not looking good for him.


  8. They will have only about 10 come back to be on the jury. Hard to tell cause they have never had this many people

  9. It should last 14 to 16 weeks depending on evictions. Then people that don’t make the jury will leave the island as soon as they get evicted. The rest stay in a “jury house on the island” The “live finally” will be shot back here after the season is over.

  10. Ok I am confused now .. Thanks JT… :)
    You said 39 days.. Now Snake says 14 to 16 wks.. My original understanding from season 1 on.. is that they start the recording of the show weeks before it ever airs.. It runs and most of the cast are already banished by the time we see the first show.. it will end and then we will see a live show that takes place here stateside.. If it was only 39 days and the show does run 14 to 16 wks then all the shows are recorded and they banish the players every 16 hrs or so and record for a new show at that time.. Can you imagine how exhausting and trying that would be.. I cant imagine that is the way they do it.. I personally thought the contestants are on the island for a lot longer than 39 days..
    Someone give me some more info.
    JT no live feeds.. sucks big time.. hee hee hee.. I will keep pulling for it though.. I think it would a lot more interesting than this season of BB played out to be..

  11. I suspect that the ‘Texas Oil-man/Millionaire’ won’t have to wait to be sent home by his team-mates – dumping out his team-mates’ drinking water poses an actual health threat – and he could be summarily banished by the producers the following day. In some ways, he reminds me of another fake-Texan/failed oil-man…

  12. Thanks S-Sal, Thanks Lovinswe…. err, I mean Kim! Only thing about the “39 days” is that I didn’t say it… Jeff P did. I re-watched the first couple minutes again to verify that. It’s my understanding that they started shooting at the end of June. They must s-t-r-e-t-c-h those 39 days into the 3-4 months. I suppose there are many spoiler sites to find out what happened. But then, what’s the point? Spoilers from BBAD and live feeds didn’t ruin BB for me, but it would have ruined it if I had known in June that Nat & Jordan were final 2.

  13. They finished back in July with all the taping, the game is actually 99% over. They will keep the Jury and the final 2 or threee basicly sequestored until the TV show finishes, then a live results and reunion show in December/January. Now with the extra 4 players I’m not sure what that wil do to the show!

  14. Cute name for a cute Missourigal. That works for me. I’ll stick with “Kim”, don’t want the hubby pi$$ed at me!!(lol)

  15. Top Ten reasons why Rocket science and survivor have nada in common.

    10. No component in any rocket consists of bamboo.
    9. Monsoon rainfall ends at cloud level, never above.
    8. There is a big difference between fire and ignition.
    7. No way to calculate the critical mass of bullshit.
    6. Advanced circuitry don’t knock coconuts to the ground.
    5. “Challenger” shuttle lessons learned don’t apply in Samoa.
    4. NASA has never been a sponsor, never will.
    3. Closest thing to a pad is some rolled up palm leaves.
    2. You launch when Jeff Probst says to, period.
    1. Ground control ain’t in Houston or anywhere else.

  16. justnot into this guy John. his performance regarding engineering the shelter was completely unrealistic and the way he’s come accross so far, limited though it may be, is certainly unrelated to his “bio” above.

    regarding russell: if he’s the head of the household then his wife is the neck that turns him.

    the idea that he’s not in the game for money. please! but it makes him sound as though he’s got nothing to lose. again, another richard hatch, evel dick wannabe. could provide some interest to the game. he’s just not enough for me to “hate” him. of course i kind of like the evel dude – they are great for entertainment value.

  17. PK, #7 is WONDERFUL. great 10. i promise faithfully to use #7 in my next management meeting.

    i really did think this was one of the better survivor openings i’ve seen in a while. i’m REALLY looking forward to Thursday, as always during Survivor season. just wish it CBS would increase to twice per week. but, we do get 2 seasons per year, unlike BB.

  18. Hey Snake, great bio of our genius who swims in jeans. You are good. I agree with you that Russell may be the ‘twist’ in the game. We’ll have to see if he changes his strategy when he realizes ppl hopefully will be on to him. He does have a believable come on when he’s one on one and he does work hard during the comps but we’ll have to see how it all plays out. I don’t like his attitude that’s for sure – he thinks he’s wonderful. I agree with Princess that anyone who says he rules the roost, usually doesn’t. A lot of bluster in my mind.

  19. Kim, as S-Sal said, luv your name too. Love is sweet!

    Justasconfused about the timeframe but will watch anyway. Very edited toward the bully in the crowd the first pass. Don’t know if I could watch SSAD but would record it and watch when you guys said something good happens. Justtoolate for me.

    Justa looks like you got clearance! PK great Top Ten. lmao and oh so true too.

  20. I’m out for awhile USC game comes on in a few. Hey Snake who will be the QB today? Are you into college ball? Justaskin.

  21. Hey Kim, Justa and Sal!*waves* Sal, you are doing a great job and since i love talking to all my BB friends I am sure I will be a regular…or semi-regular…kinda like Survivor!!lol
    I don’t even pretend to get what is going on with this show. Just can’t quite get up the enthusiasm and have nothing to fall back on,infowise. So will just wait and see what happens.
    I still keep getting this weird 404 pagelike Starfish was talking about. When I get past that, I get all the blogs from Sal, but have to click to get to the place where the posts from us are. Is that going to change at all?? Getting to BB blogs was MUCH easier!!
    I did post late last night/early this morning on the Puppeteer blog , if anyone cares to read it.(Justa, you might be interested….)lol I’m not going to repost tho…wasn’t THAT interesting!!!
    I’ll check back tonight, see who’s hanging out, if anyone.

    Peace,love and light,

  22. Hey Starfish!! We must have posted at the same time! My hubby is watching the U of M/Eastern game. Not into football myself…or Survivor really. :( I will be lost until Hockey starts..GO RED WINGS!!!! HUGE ice fan! And then must wait until summer for BB12. I will hang here tho as I said, just to see you guys. And i WILL watch SS just to keep it LEGAL!! WHo knows..maybe I’ll een be a convert!
    Gotta run…nice to see all of you!!
    Have a grat weekend!

  23. When you first get to the blog page, all the posts are listed just like they on the BB site, you have to click on the comments to get the ones for each post, not sure why your getting the 404 error

  24. ‘Big Brother’: Natalie items on Ebay

    Posted: 18 Sep 2009 01:58 PM PDT

    Why yes, I would like a sports bra signed by Natalie!

    Apparently some rabid “Big Brother” and/or Natalie fan has procured some signed-by-Natalie items and is doing what any good fan would do: selling them on Ebay. You can bid on the trashbag jumpsuit made for Natalie in the house, an autographed blue tank top and an autographed SPORTS BRA.


    Current bids are:

    Tank Top has no bids, starting price is $19.99

    Trashbag Jumpsuit has no bids, starting price is $29.99

    Sports Bra has no bids, starting price is $29.99

    Get’ em while they’re HOT!

  25. snake, i wonder how long it is going to take for e-bay to pull the “sports bra” off! no “used” underwear can be listed. as for wanting anything gnat wore; it would cost too much to have it fumigated.

  26. My friend and I don’t believe that Russell Hantz – the evil contestant on the new Survivor Samoa – is really a multi-million dollar oil company owner as indicated on the survivor web site. Can you use your contacts to confirm our thoughts that he is just an actor? Generally, you’d find hometown stories in local newspapers on the contestants. We tried to look him up in papers near Dayton, Texas where he is from – absolutely zilch came up. No hometown boy makes good articles. That’s weird!

  27. BTW, if anyone can give me instructions on how to clear my cache, i would appreciate it. there were some instructions one night on the BB blog, but this is not my area of expertise and i just can’t find out what buttons to push!! lol!

  28. How to clear browser cache in Mozilla
    To clear browser cache in Mozilla:
    • Select ‘Edit’.
    • Select ‘Preferences’.
    • Open ‘Advanced’ sub-categories and select ‘Cache’.
    • Click ‘Clear Cache’ button to immediately clear the current contents of cache.
    • Click ok

  29. Ok, I know this is Survivor , but………
    Did anyone see Jeff and Jordan on Bonnie Hunt yesterday?
    They were adorable. Did not know that Jeff was an actor in Chicago!
    Can’t wait to see where life takes him now??

    John is the polar opposite of Russell……..reason enough to root for him!!!!!!

    PGA Dok……..I haven’t shown Bulwinkle any new tricks…but the video is pending!!! BTW…. I think you owe me and answer PGA??!!!!

    LOl…have a good Saturday my friends!!

  30. Lost my post because my name and email were in place for some odd reason. Otherwise, BBB I’m not getting the 404 error message anymore and all’s well in Survivor blogging land.

    Snake, happy about Penn St being from PA myself. USC’s QB is making terrible decisions and he basically stinks today. They are favored by 18 and losing by 3 to Wash U. Bummer

    :D no one wants Gnats infested clothing and yes, Franks, a Hazmat suit should be included. Thanks Snake for joy that brings to our hearts. :) Probably still no takers. Will she ever get a clue as to why we all can’t stand her? Doubt it.

  31. thanks for your help, franks, i’ll try that out.

    skelly, jeff and jordan were totally sweet on Bonnie Hunt. It was nice to see them together. I still want to find out about Jessica and Eric (?) from one of the previous seasons. too bad she didn’t make it into the house and the posin’ pr*ck did!

    amazing, what is is with guys named russell and their fedoras. do they think it enhances their manhood? not from my point of view.

  32. ok, franks. sorry to be so stupid about this but how do i get to “edit.” there are edit buttons all over everything. if you could pretend you’re trying to explain this to, say, jordan, but older and not a s cute…

  33. <b<Princess, I don’t know how to simplify this?

    What do I do to delete cache in Mozilla?
    To delete browser cache (delete cache in Mozilla):
    Open the Edit menu.
    • Select Preferences.
    • Open the Advanced sub-categories and select “Cache”.
    • Click “Clear Cache” button.
    • Click OK to delete cache.

  34. Stra, I did read those posts this morning before I jumped over here. We guys on here seem to have to serve the ladies drinks a lot. First EET to DR, now me to you… it’s like.. well, I guess it’s like real life. I’d be happy to. I was having a bit of fun on the BBBlog site and jumped back in time… to the beginning of BB11. YOU might want to go check that out Stra. I must of left a trail of cyber bread crumbs because “King Avatar” and Kev11 tracked me down there. I really didn’t think anyone would notice. Just get to “recent comments” and follow back. It’s kind of funny… to me anyway(lol). PS, way to go out on a limb there! Root for the Red Wings but not the Lions… hmmm, wonder why!(lol).

  35. Thanks SS and JT on the name thing.. I aquired this name like 100 yrs ago when I first signed on the internet.. Can’t even remember how it came about.. A friend gave it to me..
    Ok, I went back and watched the intro on the net.. Yes that is what Jeff said.. I guess it really dont matter.. I just want it to be lively and not about ONE guy.. We had enough of that with GNASTY taking center stage the last several months..
    Speaking of which.. boy it didnt take her long to try and make more money..
    I logged onto the Realplay Las Vegas Gathering last night.. it sucked.. It is a camera in the corner of the lounge and you cant really see much unless the person is within a few feet of it.. Soo I saw Jordan talking to an unknown person, and at that only saw her in a side view.. Never saw anyone else I recongnized.. I signed onto Michele facebook acct and saw that the producers messed up her flight plans so she ended up not going.. She put that there..
    Ok off the BB thing..
    I hope you all have a great weekend..
    Star I am with you.. I am not a sports fan and dred the months of being a widow to them.. Guess pay back is a bitch..LOL Hubby was a BB widower… :)
    I might have to look for a surrogate for the season.. lol

  36. OT – Back to BB
    Oh I looked at the stuff on Ebay.. On the bra and wet suit.. she has no bids.. that was done in the hotel room… Look at the door she is standing by.. basic Hotel Room door.. Also, the bra pics.. she is at the table in the hotel room. How desperate is that???
    She has one bid on the tank top.. I will be curious to see if she gets anything from it..

  37. Are you kidding me right now? I just saw the stuff on ebay
    and I am sorry to say….THAT STUFF IS JUNK.
    How desperate is this girl? She really does need help.

  38. Hey Kim…did you see that the tank top is supposedly
    being sold by someone else. They state that it is not
    Natalie selling it. Yea right. Still a liar.

  39. Hey Star, I don’t know a thing about hockey except I enjoy watching a game here and there. Mostly football & basketball for me and volleyball. Son played basketball & daughter volleyball (she’s 6′ tall). Had no choice but to watch & loved it.

    Like you, I’m looking forward to a better BB12 with a classier but smarter group of HGs.

    As for Survivor, I don’t know if I’m a fan yet but would love to here comments from Survivor fans as to what keeps them interested. Is it just reality TV or something for that show in particular? I liked what I saw the first show and will keep watching.

  40. Gnats boyfriend and father looked mortified in the audience for BB finale. They were clapping with those plastered smiles on their faces. Probably afraid they would be attached by the audience.

    Boy friend selling hoping to make some extra spending cash before he sends her a Dear Gnat letter.

  41. ok, franks, that’s not working. let me try it again in blonde.

    when i open Mozilla Firefox, the page that was set up for me is My Excite – Mozilla Firefox. On top of that is a blue bar that looks exactly like a word document toolbar. when i open that i can only find, find again, and something not even close to what you are describing. does that help? am I somewhere different than you think i am?

  42. starfish, i’ve been a Survivor fan since the first season. I NEVER thought i’d be a survivor fan, much less become reasonably addicted to “reality” type TV shows like BB and SS.

    i LOVE the interaction between the survivors. the very first thing i looked for was, um, anthropological in nature. truly, that kind of tribal us vs. them. then the, usually, alpha male who gets dethroned or fights for his crown (not unlike a pride of lions). i notice how role-playing falls into it. at some point in almost every season there is a man trying to prove to the TRIBE that he can provide for them all. the women are often grouped in the “kitchen” around the campfire (without smores) and cleaning up. the so-called typical male-female patterns really expose themselves. younger girls latch on to young strong good-looking guys (the hunter-gatherer types/providers) and ride with them. not to say the women ride the coat tails, there have been many instigators. there are cliques within the tribe, heirarchies (sp??). it’s often just raw, basic human response to an environment. each season, to me, is much like a social experiment. there are leaders and followers. elders (whether or not they are older), caretakers, followers, providers, and the lazy ones who get carried or kicked off.

    lengthy answer, but that’s why i really love this show and how i approach most of the others.

  43. Thanks Princess, great response and it gives me an idea of what to expect. Your analysis seems to fit the human race where there is any hierarchy and there’s always hierarchy or at least cliques of some kind. Loved the hunter-gatherer types/providers analysis. No smores, :shock: Good information. Tks

  44. princess, Good answer. (and thanks for putting the image of Gobbki tryin’ to squeeze into Nat’s tank top in my head!) I watched season 1 of Survivor and liked it. Just haven’t bothered to watch again til now. BB spoils me because of 3 shows plus BBAD = 24hrs of stuff per week. At least Survivor wont take up so much time. I know I’ll like it, I also know that it will take a few episodes to get into it.

  45. starfish, justaguy, thanks. it does take a few episodes to get really into it. i don’t even try to remember all the characters until several have been voted out. i know i won’t remember them by season’s end.

    that Shambot person is interesting. have a feeling she’s going to tick a few people off with her marine sargent sensibilities and, perhaps unwitting aloofness. but i have to admit, if i had to put up with john building a space ship instead of a rainproof shelter, i’d have been screetching at him by that time. good thing i’m here warm and dry!

  46. Princess, I’m sorry, but I don’t know what else to tell you.

    Maybe someone “READING” this can help you out! :sad:

  47. No help from me… just look at my avatar!(lol). I am glad “the guy on the restroom door” avatar made it to this site with me. Maybe I’ll have to give it a new nickname fo Survivor. It kind of looks like a “bust” sculpture of a snowman… How about “Frosty”? Yep, Frosty it is.

  48. Princess…..

    Go to – Control Panel
    —- Internet Options
    —- under Browsing History—– click Delete
    —- Be sure Temporary Internet Files & History boxes are checked
    then click delete
    when that gets done running, click ok —-
    your done!!

  49. Why is millionaire Russell even on survivor, its not like he needs the money, I bet hes the type of guy thats never given any money to any charity.Hes a rich guy looking for more money that he doesnt need ,isnt that nice of him.

  50. Trying to answer everybody here but 1st Sal…..I don’t think I am getting the emails for SS. The one I keep using for getting here is from the 17th. Have there been more or is everybody doing this too?? Also, maybe I was lucky or had made some settings I had forgotten about but……when I clicked *more* on the BB emails, I went right to that day. The main blog was on top followed by the posters blogs. I didnt have to pick a day or click on like 109 was all right together. Any way to get that here?? Right now I would settle for getting the blogs in my email and not getting a 404 things.

    Hey hubby watches pretty much ALL sports!! SO I’m used to the whole widonw thing. I actually see it as free time…lol I started getting into hockey about 10 uears ago when he took me to a local game…..the K-Wings at the time were affiliated with the Red Wings..and I did start to get into it. It’s no rain, wind or snow to contend with….real seats with PADDING!!!……lots of food and beer/drinks…….you can SHOP during intermission..(you’d LOVE it)and then the RW’s started to win Stanely Cups so..I was hooked!!lol Kind of nice to have at least one sport in common with hubby. Altho I do like boxing too. Maybe I just like to watch fighting!! THAT’s why I liked this year’s BB so much after all..LOTS of that all right!

    Justa….I’ll have a Marquerita with lots of salt…..and it doesnt have to be on the glass!!! I THINK I read those comments but I will go back and find them after this. If I hadn’t I will definitely do a critique for ya.;) You and I are at exactly the same place Survivor-wise…except my only was last year. I too will prolly like it eventually. I did last year. But it is kind of like BB where it’s easier to get into when about half the fat is wittled away and you can really hone in on people. I miss chatting real timewith you…right now BBAD would be on so we would have reason to be UP this late! Maybe we can get a few of us dyehards together and plan some nighttime chats. Speaking of which…where is Kev11?? Have you heard anything from him?? I may have seen him on here….but I am not on as much and usually still LATE( time for me) so not sure. But you guys are all behind me timewise so it shouldnt be too bad.
    Oh and ODD things to happend today.. I mention missing hockey and went to dinner at a sports bar and Voila’! A pregame was on!! WOOHOO!! Also, my father-in-law was over to watch a boxing match tonight..pitiful BTW….Mayweather and Marquez…..and he got talking about Johnny Carson and how no late nite talk shows today compare….basically our whole chat of the other night!! *music to twilight Zone please*

    princess….thanks from me also for your explanation…very insightful for a *newbie*!!:)

    Aggie..I didn’t know Russle WAS a millionaire..I guess I’m not paying attention. But that will let him take alot of chances the others players wouldn’t dare…don’t ya think??

    Augustus……I almost knocked on that door!! Hysterical!!

    All for now..anybody actually HERE??


  51. Nice not to be here alone. :) Scary pic,AC…good thing I cued up the twilight Zone muzac!!
    Are you a SS fan or just here to hang out???

  52. Star:
    You should have an email for 9-19-09. And its the same as BBB. You can click on Read More and go straight to the comments.

    Yeah, I’m a Survivor fan. And I pop in and out here to see if anyone is around. :D

  53. AC…Hmmmm….I just checked and rechecked my email..even recently deleted and …nuthin! The very last one I got was 9/17…..told Sal so hoping it gets straightened out. Didn’t know we were getting one daily as I thought Sal said like 2 a week , so I wasn;t surprised at not having more emails. As for clicking read more..I keep geting a dumb 404 you’re out dude or something page…so I am having to navigate to the home page which must be why it’s all different. This is probably my bad Karma punishment for not being a TRUE Survivor fan. Just wanting to hang on to the BB season here…lol

    I have yet to find anyone actually HERE when I am . Totally different feel here. Maybe as SS goes on thing here will heat up. Ya think:-??

  54. Actually I got one on 9-18-09 also. So its 2 you didn’t get. Don’t know why. Cause I never re-registered or anything. I was still getting emails from signing up last year, when Noooo one was here…… except you, lol.
    It might heat up a lil, but only 1 night a week most likely. Nothing new to discuss the rest of the week.

  55. Well dammit man—AGAIN. See what watching BBAD does for ya? It totally screws up your sleep patterns so you can’t blog with everyone when things go back to an “early night” show. BUMMER!! Oh well, hopefully tomorrow—well—TODAY —I can do better!>8-}

  56. thanks, I thought I was the only one having e-mail problems, I haven’t got one from SS in a few days also

  57. STAR, RUSSELL, is the oil company owner, who says he doesnt care about the money, because he doesnt need it. he really has nothing to lose who knows what he will do,already hes starting stuff, emptying their canteens, and burning their socks.

  58. Augustus, that’s exactly the image I had in mind for an avatar. I thought it would be funny after naming my “default” avatar to come back with that pic. My “avatar” is a part of me now and I can’t do it. Kev11’s head would explode(lol). Remember how poorly he handled it when I justadded “JT” to my name? Where did Jordan go? At least the shot of Nat is in black & white this time.. I know you did that on purpose. Snakebit, that pic is funny…. and scary! Not sure what to make of the TWO streams!? Talk about snakebit!!(lol) … cringe at the thought..

  59. His not being a fan of the show combined with his cocky attitude will land him in the hot seat in no time.
    My prediction..
    gone in 5 episodes.
    Peace OUT!

  60. I haven’t had a problem with the e-mails… because I never signed up for them here (or BBBlog). I justcomeback and finish reading comments… then jump to the new post. It may be primative, but it works for me.

  61. Stra & Cynthia, Too funny! We can feel your pain. I do think as the season “heats up”…. you’ll actually be able to chat with someone ON here(lol). But like “King Avatar” said, it’s gonna be tough with only one show per week. Don’t worry Cynthia, you’re still “one of us”.. even if you’re here all by yourself!(lol) Stra,… the salt for your margarita?…… NOPE, I’m leaving that one alone(I’m sure if EET were here, he wouldn’t let it slide). The low road is so much more fun, but maybe I’ll check out the view from the high road for once … justoncethough(lol).

  62. Star, Stra, Dorothy, “Sistar Golden Hair”,… jeez! you got enough names yet!? Get over yourself!(LOL) Last I heard from kev11 was yesterday at the BB site. He & AC were responding to the fun I was having at your expense (NOT the one about “reading your comments” and being able to read the “dyslexic” post). They defended you.. it was rather chivalrous. — Justaguy, JT, Scarecrow, “The guy on the restroom door”… Did someone say get over myself?!

  63. Justaguy…..Geez this is so disjointed! I am responding to you like 8 hours after your post!! ANYWAY……since YOU gave me most of those names..well 2 of them anyway, I am going to ignore the *get over yourself* thing. :P

    i did look back at BB blog and he last thing I saw you post was about your friend, John elton….on hte blog BBBlogger did about fun facts. Am I missing one?? Send a link or directions to where you guys have been talking,k? And What fun at my expense?? *raises one eyebrow* Shouldnt I at least BE there to give it back to you when you do that???lol Thank God kev11 was there..altho AC defending my honor surprises me. Not that he’s not a nice guy, we just really didnt talk much. I didn’ realize the blog was still open to comments. maybe we should just keep meeting up there. Would be like 10,000 posts on one day in a few

    Hmm..and you choose my marquerita comment as the time to take the HIGH road ,eh?? Fine……WE (me and my multiples) will remember that!! My PRETTY!!!lol

    Peace OUT!
    Star, Stra, Dorothy

  64. Star, I’m posting here even though there is a new topic… hope you read this. At the BB site, you have to go to “recent comments”. You know, where it shows the 5 or 10 most recent commenters(but not their actual comments). You’ll notice that none of them are for the “Fun Facts” topic. Click on one of those and you’ll “time warp” back to a February ’09 post. That’s where I’ve been adding comments. You can get there from the “Fun Facts” comment page. AC, Kev11, and p2 did.. I know you can too.

  65. You a freak justaguy. You do see everything. And nothing like rseponding to a post I guy youdidn’t know at the time but now know well 6 months later!?!! Cyberspace is cyberweird and I loved you analysis of Chima.

    Glad you fixed this site up BBB. It was like whitewater rafting down the Colorado River with a spatula on Day One. I got berry, berry wet. 8)

  66. I have watched this dumbass show since the onset BUT no more. Who can believe that Russell is the owner of an oil company (what, 2 cans of Quaker State). Who else believes he could have possibly found all of the idols? NOT me! I now know this show is rigged and completely stupid. When did a tie come up in the past? How funny they started talking about it way before tribal council. I can’t believe the hours of my life I’ve wasted on this dumbass show and will never get back. NO MORE!!!! GOOD BYE survivor forever!!!!!

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