Courtney, Self-Proclaimed Munchkin!

Courtney Yates, China
Villainy: The already thin waitress continued to lose what little body fat she had while failing spectacularly in challenges and stirring conflict at camp. We can’t wait to see the backstabbing firecracker trading barbs with Tyson.
Outwitticism: The season 15 runner-up acknowledged that she is “the biggest bitch on the planet” for saying that her final-four competitor, the mullet-sporting (Shambo wasn’t the first!) Denise Martin didn’t deserve to win “just because she sucks at life.”

16 thoughts on “Courtney, Self-Proclaimed Munchkin!”

  1. Anorexic courtney should be her name, she was the skinniest woman i have ever seen on there. Eat a sandwich Courtney, for gods Sake.

  2. This is the only place I haven’t wished you a Happy Birtyday PK…so H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y my friend and may you have many many more

  3. Interesting interview with Courtney. She is the first one to just be herself and not be trying to be cool and talk about what a great game she was going to play. I hope her attitude does not improve too much. She was so funny moping and griping about at times. She could be a real dark horse and win, I think. Glad you like her DonnaP, you seem to have excellent taste in picking Survivors to like. And, happy belated birthday!

    And a Big Happy Birthday to Phillip Knudsen!!!

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