Day 39, The vote and The Memories!

Well, it’s all been said, it’s all been done. Nothing left to do but Stop, Drop and Roll if your on fire. Otherwise, just tune in, turn it up watch the amazing finish they promised us.

Have a good day. Hope your Football team wins and your favorite cast-a-way Survives!

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  1. #2 Survivor need i say more, Russell does deserve to win but, i hope he doesnt, i would not mind if any of the others got it except for Brett ,i really never thought that much of him .

  2. Morning girls! Aggie, Ted was talking about my house last night. I had a couple friends and my daughter and her hubby along with the devilish one (g-baby) over for snacks and drinks. No old style or cocktail weinies, though……….YUK!

    Livinlife, don’t come on here and complain, either start talking about whatever or leave us alone. We welcome all talk but are not fond of the complainers. We certainly do talk suvivor a LOT, just ask Ted!!

  3. AGGIE… Take 3 deep breaths and relax… all things shall pass!

    Besides, Sal has far more to be worried about… like how much the Texans will lose by! At least one Texas team shined this weekend. The Boys were hot last night… came through when it was do or die. That may have actually helped the Saints by grounding them in Reality.

  4. SNAKEBIT SAL… Thank You for all your efforts and Creative Prose this Season! You have enhanced my Survivor Experience. Love the nice snapshot (on a Sprint Palm Phone no doubt) of The Great One and Sweet Natalie… first and second place… not necessarily in that order. That is the perfect last post.

  5. I guess they voted for me too… I’m stuck on yesterday. I’ll check back later. Well, AC did say :It’s gonna take her about 2 days to figure this out anyway. :p

  6. So Frannie… what’s your prediction? I have a feeling in my bones that it will be Brett! Would love it to be TGO, of course, or Natalie. It would be interesting to see a face off with Mick and Jaison, and hear their arguments. Whatever happens it will be fun to watch.

  7. I don’t care who it is as long as it’s NOT Brett! That would be too easy for the jury, him being the only Galu left. I want them to actually have to deliberate about who on Foa Foa, outwitted, outlasted and outplayed ALL of Galu!!

  8. Aggie, your making me have blonde moments …. I’m down looking for you on the new blog and your up here hiding in my closet………… sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh girl
    :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

  9. I just read livnlife’s comments yesterday and this is what I have to say about complainers on the Survivor Blog. Survivor is only on once a week folks. Yeah when I first looked at this blog I was like what the heck is everyone talking about? But then I just jumped in and said hi and met a great group of people. It only took me about 3 posts to figure out who’s who and what they were talking about. On Survivor nights the talk is Survivor… but in between time Bloggers have the right to get to know each other and talk! When they have “Ponderosa After Dark” then Complain! I think its really rude and childish to come into a forum and whine and complain if you don’t like it just leave. Period. No need to be rude, this is a Great Group of People!

  10. Ted, First of all who the hell are you to Ban me from this site? I tried to be nice too you but i guess it didnt matter, even if you were kidding i dint find it funny, i took it personally, your name should be MR. ED, because truly, you are a HORSES ASS!!!

  11. Bye Sal… looks like a good site. Can’t wait for Aggie to get in. Which reminds me… A G G I E how can I crawl back into your forgiveness??? Of course I was only kidding… this group needs you. Don’t ever take anything I say seriously… unless it’s nice!

  12. Well SSB family going back to bed for a bit my tummy is acting up! Will be back after Survivor… West Coast time!! Go Russ and Nat!! Woooooo Hooooooo…. just say no to Brett.. ugh… him and his bible verses… God don’t care about Survivor!! Pray about something worthwhile dumb azz!

  13. Hi All

    Sorry I haven’t been around, but I have been awful busy with work and studies that never seem to end. Anyway, I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and pass along a bit of news I came across.

    I know there are a lot of BB fans here just passing time until summer when the BB House will once again be occupied. Well o that note, I came across a story (see the link) with a picture that says that Jordan and Jeff are competing on the next season of the Amazing Race. CBS has no comment, but it seems they were spotted with the other racers in LAX getting the flights for the first leg of the race. If you want to read the story, copy/paste the link.

    Again, I hope you all have a happy holiday and that Santa is especially good to you all.


  14. OK so its the last day for survivor and I just want to say that I really appreciate spending time with you guys discussing the game and just chatting.You guys make watching Survivor more fun,so all the haters(complainers) can’t just piss off. A big special THANKS to SnakeSal for his hard work. You’ll are awesome.

  15. Hi bulwinkle! Long time no see. The Moose is on the loose!

    Looking forward to the show tonight. Suks it’s on for the entire Vikes game. Guess I’ll watch both. Come on STEELERS!! Beat them damn Packers!

  16. Thanks for being here DonnaP… nice to have a young voice to counterbalance some of the folks on this blog. You were being especially coy about your age… that’s a right usually reserved for the ‘older’ females on this site. Thanks for being solidly behind TGO, from the start, with me. I will think about you tonight when the vote is in. And, be sure to stick around for SS20!

  17. Hi JT… I knew you were going to watch both! Sacrilege, I say!!!

    Game just switched to GB/Pitt… Looks like a great game. As you can imagine, I am rooting for the Steelers. Damn… great field goal… Steelers ahead.

  18. I’m 41 and proud! Hi guys… don’t forget to set your Tivo for 3 hours of Survior… I almost forgot to add the reunion afterwards… no Holly I’m not a Rookie, lol! Ted tummy feels a lil better… bye guys!

  19. Oh, JT… You should have come out to the West Coast tonight and watched with me. I will be watching the Vikes and then watching Survivor! That’s the one good thing about PST!

  20. That’s the game I’m watching Ted… we always get Packer game here. The people here would say it’s sacrilege that I am going to watch a reality tv show while the Vikes are on.

    Left Eye… on football
    Right eye.. on Survivor

  21. hahahahahahahahaha… Tivo instructions from Miss Tipton! Oh God, I can’t stop laughing!…. hahahahahahahahaha!!!

  22. Yeah… feel my pain JT… I had to watch the Seahawks/Bucs game!
    I guess you would get laughed out of Minn. if anyone found out you were watching Survivor instead of the game. Dammit! GB just scored! Tape the game and speed watch it occasionally during Survivor.

  23. I could record Survivor and watch it after… it’d be about the same time that you are watching Ted. That would get too late though.

  24. I’m jealous of DonnaP and JT I want it to start in 17 min!!!!! Ted u know i luv ya babe! ROFL @ Tivo instructions from Miss Tipton!! HAHAHAHA very funny!

  25. I know aggie.. just wasn’t sure what comment you were talking about. I didn’t see a comment from you there.. did you get it straightened out?

  26. You’d think they would have teamed with Brett and voted out Russell… if they had a brain. Neither one of them could have felt completely safe.

  27. No.. I looked at the first post… and then there were about 6 more comments on the second post. I’ll go look again.

  28. Russell should win if the jurors are not bitter..I know for sure that Laura is bitter and might infect the others.

  29. Justaguy (JT) December 20, 2009 at 7:36 pm <~~~ Exactly what I was thinking. But seems as though the thought never even crossed their minds. And Brett didn't even plant a seed of doubt. :roll:

  30. Still here.. once you are moderated, all will be good. Sal couldn’t do it earlier because he had to go watch football. It will be fine and you’ll like it. You’ll see. We had to be moderated here and at BB too.

  31. Everything he said was absolutely true. Russell clearly deserves to win (IMO). Natalie did well too… but she didn’t outplay, outwit, or make big moves like Russell did.

  32. What was the point of Dave’s question? Too see how much confidence they had? Was a high percentage good or bad?

  33. What a shock… another bitter jury robs the deserving winner. I like Natalie…. but that really SUCKS!!!!

  34. Bulls#it… watching football now. Have no need to see this lame reunion. At least in football, the team that plays the best gets rewarded with a win.

  35. Not my point Aggie. It doesn’t affect me at all no matter who won. I am not even a big Survivor fan. I am just tired of juries getting the vote wrong. That’s all.

  36. No need to attack each other. We all have our own opinions. We can state our opinions and some will agree and some will disagree…. but we don’t need to get ugly towards each other.

  37. Straight up: Russell got SCREWED. I’m SO unbelievably incredibly indescribably disappointed. He’s the best player in Survivor history. You know this if you just WATCH Survivor. He found THREE immunity idols WITHOUT clues. He got Shambo to switch which is the MAIN reason that Foa Foa took the lead. Has anyone in the HISTORY of Survivor played harder/better than him?! NO! No one has. And no one will ever top him. That’s just it. Russell got screwed. Best player in Survivor history BY FAR

  38. Wow, shocking finale to Survivor!! Tendr is gonna be soooo happy and Ted is gonna be sooo pissed!!

    I didn’t care which of them won, GO NATALIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Steelers had a hell of a finish… gotta have at least 6 more to celebrate that. Maybe he went home and passed out! :lol:

  40. They just aren’t playing well. I think they were pretty much locked into #2 seed… so it really doesn’t matter.. as long as they can get their act together in the playoffs.

  41. Well that really sucked….Russell played better than anyone.
    They just didn’t want to give him the money.

  42. Well, I’m out for a while.. I’ll check back later to see what people thought of the show. I’m sure there will be a wide range of reactions. See yall later.

  43. WTH did I just watch? If not for Russell, NONE of them are sitting in the final three. Sad to watch people be bitter over getting voted out in a game where you HAVE to vote others out to SURVIVE. The person responsible for taking me out in such a game, is the person that gets my respect.

  44. I would have to re-watch to be sure.. but it seems to me that Russell orchestrated every vote the entire season. There must have been some that didn’t go his way… but I can’t think of who. If he got everyone out and found those idols and made all the big moves… He seems like he should win. He probably wouldn’t win humanitarian of the year… but this is a gameshow where the object is to do exactly what he did. I know some don’t agree with that, and that’s fine. But nothing can change my mind either as to who the winner was.

  45. I think I was wrong about Laura being the bitter one..Erik is the bitter b*tch with his crying and that stupid speech. I can’t believe I liked that loser.

  46. It is pretty close to being like this blog… except Ted cant yell at us for not talking about Survivor.

  47. I don’t know Holly….there will be alot of good players. The bad thing about allstars is everyone knows your game.

  48. I’ve been known to hang around at dormant sites after everyone else has moved on… maybe I’ll haunt this place for a while. :lol:

  49. JT….you’ll start talking to yourself and then pretty soon you
    will start answering yourself. Be carefull when you start
    arguing with your answers

  50. Unless someone from SS is on All Stars with Russell, they will have no idea how he plays the game. They shot All Stars before this aired, so he may have attempted to use the same strategy.

  51. Frannie… TOO LATE.. I was replying to my own posts at other site to test reply system. That is basically talking to and answering myself! LOL

  52. does anybody know if the football game is over yet and if so…
    who won? And no AC…I don’t feel like google tonight

  53. fp2 I don’t think Ted could SURVIVE an “adventure” with aggie. Better have some nitro pills and EMS standing by :lol:

  54. The Vikings lost! UGH! Cruddy game.

    What about the Survivor Finale…wow! Did not see that one coming!

    Looking forward to Survivor 20 now!

    Peace, BBBlogger

  55. What up AC? A lot of my buddies are headed your way for the Sugar Bowl. Unfortunately I’m tied down with Gator Bowl duties and can’t make the trip.

  56. BTW….thanks for everyone and being a part of the blog. I have a few questions….

    1. Do you like the daily blogging of Survivor?
    2. How did Snakebit Sal do? (love to hear feedback….good or bad)
    3. Any suggestions or thoughts for the blog? Things you would like to see or removed?

    Peace, BBBlogger

  57. Yeah AC… I hate that word too. 4 letters, starts with c and has nt at the end. The word of course is can’t. I don’t like when people use that word! It’s a defeatists attitude!

  58. Yes ————- Steelers Win
    Unbelievable Finish —————- Wheeeeeeeeew!
    I Can’t believe that ———— Jury gave it to Natalie
    He’ll be on the “Villians” team ———- Russell on SS20

  59. I have watched survivor for several seasons and each time I come to the same conclusion…it is just teaching society if you can lie, cheat, manipulate, back stab, etc you can get ahead in life as it has been that you seem to get ahead in the game. Russell H., yes he did play the game, however, I find it unlikely that he could be so good at being coniving, lying, manipulating and mostly egotistical that he is not REALLY LIKE THAT in real life. People who are honest, moral, and caring in real life could not “play” this game. You can not hone those deceptive, coniving, unmoralistic skills for the game. You only get good at these dispicable qualities by honing your skills in real life. I think Russell is much like he was on Survivor in real life. I do not know if I would have picked Natalie but I do know that over the seasons I have watched, it seems like the old saying GOOD GUYS ALWAYS FINISH LAST is true and the liars, cheaters and manipulators get farther ahead. When is this world going to wake up to the evil around us and realize the good, moral people should win one for being moral and honest….not in the game of Survivor though….it should be OUT LIE, OUT MANIPULATE AND SELL YOUR SOUL TO THE DEVIL….hey…I know it is a game…I just think it is a VERY BAD example teaching our kids that lying and manipulating gets you ahead in the world. Why not have a game that rewards you for being the moral people we are SUPPOSED to be…oh yah…it would not ever sell on TV because our world is going to hell in a handbag and becoming the most corrupt place on earth….and “nice” does not sell in anything these days.

  60. The right person won. I’m so happy for NAT, and how low can you go for Russ to want the title so badly he offers to buy it?

    Eric said exactly how i feel and felt at the tribal council…about Nat- and shamU and some of the other’s were HARD on Natalie. pissed me off.
    Nat did make it to the end, and what a jealous angry crowd (until they watched the whole game back and saw the things russ said behind their backs)

    Nat had class and knew she’d be voted out with the other girls if she said what she really wanted to say. I feel she played with control and class and she didn’t expect to win. she was humble while russ was a big baby and a bad loser. SO WHAT if he found the idols. DID you hear him say he looked a LONG time for them? the editing makes it look like he took five min and found them. He looked long and hard. too bad no one else did but that’s not enough to win. sure, lie, cheat, but just like JEFF said about Russ’s comments about the blonde dumbass girls and he did call them bitches too and betsy, he called the old dumbass b. if russ had NEVER said that and didn’t call even some of the guys names (brett= the 110lb punk just the other day then to his face next, “i want my daughter’s to marry someone like you” (LIE)
    russ’s mouth cost him the game. And Nat hanging in there and she did outplay all the women and most of the men in the rope game… took her to the end. alot of redneck butt kissing got her what she deserved=the money.
    if Russ had played with class i would have been more for him …and i feel brett should have gotten the one hundred thousand.
    he was a nice guy. and i don’t believe nice guys should or always do finish last. i know men like russ…..control freaks. i was married to one. and they’re hell on earth. i don’t for one min believe he’s not that way in real life. He was STILL the control freak, loser, crying during the live show. i mean to say i’ll buy the title from you if Jeff will say i’m the ‘winner’ and he didn’t care about the money becuz he doesn’t need it. why couldn’t he be classy and say, ok, the ppl picked Nat becuz the majority like a nice person over a person who calls everyone names,
    counts himself above all others
    says he’s won before the game’s even over.
    even the last day he said to ‘us’ he was the winner and brought along two bums (nat and mick) i would have rather the money be thrown to the sharks than for russ to get it.
    he needs a huge lesson -in that the mouth holds great power and i hold zero respect for a ruthless person.
    you can be smart and you can be tricky and play a game but it was real life for russ. he was a bitter player and a bitter, bad loser.
    i would hate being married to him or be someone working for him. (as jaison said)
    Nat wouldn’t have won if brett was up there most likely but i would have been happy for either one of them becuz in different ways they both were good players.
    as eric said…………Nat and mick made it to the end also. and if everyone hadn’t done as russ said he would NOT have made it to the end. If they had heard what he said about them behind their backs he would NOT have made it to the end.

    i’m very proud someone with class won THIS time.
    maybe russ can play in the hero’s/villain game…..and i won’t complain if he won it becuz he is just that and everyone can expect him to be his true self.
    Eric and Jeff both gave reasons why russ didn’t win and nat did. and i don’t believe for one second russ doesn’t have regrets unless he’s really that ignorant, yet if it’s true he doesn’t regret what cost him the game, he hasn’t learned a thing.

  61. Natalie wasn’t given anything. Imagine putting up with russ all those days and nights. imagine all we didn’t see. at the end Nat was saying about russ’s bragging “ENOUGH ALREADY”
    she earned it.

  62. IT IS A SAD DAY IN SURVIVORVILLE!!! The greatest player ever on any reality show was denied justice. Winning the Fan Vote for best player softened the pain I am sure. I may have to make a pilgrimage to Dayton Texas to pay homage to TGO!

    Actually, from the start I think you all will remember that I predicted Natalie would take home the title of Sole Survivor. She definitely deserved to win. Other than Russell, if anyone else have won I would have been very disappointed.

    FEBRUARY 11th… Mark your calendars!!! I can not wait. In the next few days we can discuss what might happen and who might be on. Russell will be an unknown for all the other players. He might not be considered in the Survivor Fraternity. Will he be viewed as a threat because they don’t know anything about him? I can not wait to see him join forces with some of the great ones and crush the heros or whatever the hell they are calling the good guys.

  63. First—BBBlogger December 20, 2009 at 10:55 pm
    BTW….thanks for everyone and being a part of the blog. I have a few questions….
    1. Do you like the daily blogging of Survivor?
    2. How did Snakebit Sal do? (love to hear feedback….good or bad)
    3. Any suggestions or thoughts for the blog? Things you would like to see or removed?
    Peace, BBBlogger

    1. LOVE the daily blogging. Even when I can’t post I read everything.
    2. Snake did a most excellent job of taking care of things. He was truly a leader here!!! For real.
    3. Sorry dude but remember you did ask—TAKE AWAY ALL OF THE DIGG, TWEET, GOOGLE, & FACEBOOK GADGETS & WIDGETS THAT KEEP SCREWING UP MY COMPUTER!! We DID NOT NEED them before & we DO NOT NEED them now. I’m just saying…JMHO But HEY–lovin’ you still. :lol: So do not ban me ok?? :lol:

  64. Hi tendr… very pretty profile pic. Russell beat himself by taking Natalie to the end with him. He would have beat Mick and Jaison. But I kind of like to think that he really had a loyalty to Natalie. Boy, he really did think he had it in the bag didn’t he? He lost a little credit with me by being a bad sport and such a wimp trying to buy the title. Plus, what a cry baby. Eric too at Tribal Council, that really took me by surprise.

  65. Hi Cynthia… kind of late for a Florida girl to be up. I’ll be back tomorrow night. Big day tomorrow.

    I will have some comments for BBB later. But I must say that Snakebit Sal did a fine job running the site. His daily offerings kept us going and talking about Survivor… well, some of us. I learned a lot about new sites for Survivor info. Having them served up daily was a treat and I’m sure a lot work on his part.

    See you tomorrow.

  66. NOW about Survivor & again this is JMHO—-but Erik is a whiny a$$ little beoitch!!! My niece could probably take his a$$ out. And WOW what a VERY BITTER JURY!! They ALL got OUTPLAYED, OUTLASTED, & OUTWITTED by one man & one man only & that WAS RUSSELL!! The two that were sitting up there with him WOULD NOT have been there had it not been for HIS game play!! I for one, was terribly disappointed in the way they voted. Natalie was a tough girl, true, but if she hadn’t latched onto Russell day 1 & taken HIS advice on what to do–she wouldn’t have been sitting there to get the money. So the jury just didn’t want Russell to have the money because they are a bunch of pansy a$$ cry babies. BUT check it out—did you see when they showed Russell’s wife & she was talking & they put the camera back on him?? He had tears in his eyes & had such a soft look on his face listening to his wife. That touched me deeply. I must say—-my opinion of him totally changed over the season & that last loving look to his wife clinched it for me. RUSSELL F’ING RULES!! :lol: I bet you he is a big a$$ teddy bear at home. But I was happy he got the $100,000. That at least showed him what AMERICA thought of his game play!!! I hope he is on all stars. Can’t wait for that!! You guys can shoot me now for defending him. :lol: But I think he should have won.

  67. See you tomorrow Ted. Stop calling Russell a cry baby. He was showing love for his wife. It was very touching. IMO!! :lol: Aggie I hope BBBlogger doesn’t ban me becasue I have bitched so much about all of the gadgets & stuff. But glad to see I’m not alone. :lol:


  69. DonnaP Jaison does look good cleaned up, gotta disagree with you Aggie on he looked good even dirty…. His beard was nasty it looked like the hair down there.. way to nappy! Yeah I agree I thought the C word Shambo was using was a four letter word, lol! I was really pissed off at Eriks closing remarks. I think it should just be questions, but he made statements to sway the Jury, and that wasn’t cool! Oh did y’all see Nat tonight, poor baby was past skinny, and her hair even had bald patches from lack of nutrition. I like Nat too and glad that if Russell couldn’t get it she did. But Russell really deserved it. I’m glad Nat mentioned the rat thing because they were all acting like she was a little weak coattail rider and she was kickin’ azz in her own way. LMAO at the Sock in the fire, Russell is a piece of work! Aggie I thought Russell’s wife was really pretty, you didn’t think so? Allstars: BBBlogger Russell is going to be a Villan on All Stars… woo hoo its in February so we don’t have to wait very long… and Parvati and Russell on the same Team… now that’s good TV!!! I think Russell should have took Shambo and Jaison he would’ve kicked ass tonight. If there will be any shoving of Ted you can shove him here.. besides the Laura thing (who actually did look pretty on the finale) we have pretty much the same views! Nat looks better without makeup. Oh and Kelly…. Everytime I start to like her she friggin opens her mouth… STFU your endearing when you don’t speak! Tendr I do believe when Russell said he wanted his daughters to marry someone like Brett because he didn’t say it to Brett he said it to Mick and Nat, so therefore gaining nothing by saying it. I think the voting off Brett was the only time he did struggle morally with a Vote, but in the end Russell knew Brett would have the whole Jury, even Shambo. However, I did like Jaison’s comment about Russell and Office People, it made a lot of sense, but it is a game and that just how he chose to play, if you wanna talk sensitive the whole jury was butthurt, bitter, and babies about everything, so if Erik and TGO wanna shed a tear who cares… Tendr I agree with Ted, I like your profile pic too… very cute. Cynthia… I won’t shoot you I agree with your Russell statements. OMG they said the other Russell is going to be on Heroes… BARF… that dude is so annoying, his voice sounds like a whiny teenage girl… NOOOOOOOOOOO please NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  70. Natalie was much loved but TGO orchestrated the whole thing from day 1. I don’t agree with his methods but nobody else did as much. Natalie kept her mouth shut, true and she did kill the rat but………….

  71. Yeah it was whacked but what do you expect out of the jury, they are whacked, lol… Nat is so much cuter without make up same with monica, now Laura needs it to be pretty but blah to the rest and Kelly is friggin annoying! Russells wife was so purdy!

  72. LMAO!!! Thats my daily motto… why the hell are kids so needy! First they take over your womb and now they still want to suck the life outta ya!!! How did Brett become the “boy next store?” barf he is sooooooooooo boring, him and Monica need to be washed away out to sea!

  73. I would not have even recognized Natalie, she looked soooo different! Kelly is just a bitch and needs to STFU! Shambo had my symphathies after her graceful departure but then she comes on the reunion looking and sounding like crazy Sham again!

  74. I was seriously SHOCKED that TGO didn’t win, were you?
    I have always liked Nat, but DID NOT expect that.
    Brett was boring thru the whole show and only barely came alive at the end because he had no choice!

  75. LMAO @ Pillows… i don’t understand that either… they all thought he was the great leader… WTF he tried to start a fire for like 8 hours than damn near cried about it!

  76. I still don’t understand the bitterness. The point is to vote people out. The point is to outlast, outwit, outplay………….. he DID!!!!!!!!!!! Bunch of candyass bad losers with a capital L

  77. That’s because they had Danger Dave, the self proclaimed “fire starter”………….Russell didn’t have to and when he did, well 8 hrs later………………..

  78. Big Capital L!!! I mean if you look at Nat and Russ gameplay he outwitted her to the end! Another thing that pisses me off is people are saying oh Russ called girls the B word and called them dumb, blah blah blah… what do we as women do… call each other that all the time. I am not saying I run around and just yell the word but if a spade is a spade a bitch is a bitch… sorry! Its that old stupid double standard!

  79. EXACTLY, he was playing the game. I’m quite sure his wife does not take orders from him. She looks like she has her own mind. It was supposed to be about gameplay and the bitter jury made it personal. Don’t get me wrong, I love Natalie but Russell won that game and should be named the “sole survivor”

  80. She was a little cutie! Maybe he will do better on Allstars!
    Hey, do u watch the bachelor? He was our pilot last year when we went on vacation. The stewardess made an announcement that he was going to be on the show! What about that other site, are you going to that?

  81. I went to the other site for a minute its okay its still new… its all the reality shows combined. I haven’t watched Bachelor, tried to get into it but haven’t been able too… but how cute that was your pilot!

  82. Yea, I wish they would cancel that show cause it’s like a train wreck and I can’t look away!! I will continue to watch until it’s cancelled though! I checked out the site but am not sure about it. Where are we gonna all meet up? Will this site still be up or are we forced to go to the other one?

  83. BBB to answer your question… Sal did an amazing job… the only thing I would change is that yall consider people on the west coast… maybe updating the blog paragraphs in the middle of the day instead of first thing in the morning so everyone can see comments without jumping back and forth between SSB paragraph postings.

  84. Holly i think that pple are still gonna chat here, ecspecially since Allstars (filmed in Samoa) is only a month away. The other one looks like its for all reality shows so we can go back and forth. I think I am the only Bad Girls Club fan….. now thats a train wreck, lol!

  85. BBB yes Sal did a GREAT job!!

    Ok, Liz just saw a news report that said Brittany Murphy died of natural causes! How many 32 yr olds die of natural causes? Is that until the tox report comes out?!?!?

  86. yup its only until tox comes out…. she also had diabetes but they sent LAPD to her home to collect evidence and “alledgedly” found a flurry of prescription pills!

  87. Thank goodness I didn’t get hooked on that or the other show about Ray J!

    Going to chill out for a while, later Liz

  88. Natalie turned out to be a real life b*tch. She couldnt even acknowledge that her biggest move in the game was to hitch a ride with Russell.
    Jaison, what an ahole he turned out to be.

  89. Hey FB bloggers we have a new commenter Fatin Fathiah… when u get a chance swing by FB SSB and welcome her… she’s a sweet girl!

    Jane aka Liz aka “not Laura”

  90. My wife and I can’t agree. She says that Survivor is taped up to a year before it’s shown on TV. I say that there’s not that much of a delay. Does anyone know the actual time lapse between recording the show and airing it?

  91. Goo Goo I’m not sure maybe Sal can answer when he gets up, but I do know that Survivor Samoa, then Survivor Allstars 20 (in Samoa) only had a 2 week break. Also Stehanie from Palu and Guatemala and James from China and Fans vs Favs taped back to back as well but they supposedly had a couple months in between

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