Does anybody really know what time it is?

As they count down down the days, the strategy is different for each cast-a-way. Russell seems intent on just bullying his way to the end. Everyone else has to be working a dual edged sword. They must figure out who to trust, who they want to be sitting beside them at the F2, and of course, how to get rid of Russell.

The impossible task has many steps. First, make sure he trusts you. Second, behind his back make an alliance without Russell finding out about the coup attempt. Third, how to make him play the HII or make him trusting enough not to play it. Fourth, make sure no one else back stabs you.

It seems so simple, however after 33 days, just who do you trust. Can you win an Individual Immunity to make sure you are safe. And who will vote for you on the Jury.

One person will be named the “Ultimate Survivor” and get an early Christmas present. Someone else will be named the Fans Favorite and will win $25,000 unless they change it this year.

We are ready to cheer our favorites, boo the ones we dislike and be surprised on the game play and outcome. It’s been a long 39 days for us viewers! We are interested in the final vote. Will Russell win in a landslide, will someone surprise us and sneak into the finals and take home the prize. Do you think Russell will continue his dominance. Who does he think can beat at the F2, or does he have the confidence he can win against anyone.

Good luck Survivors and may the best contestant win!

73 thoughts on “Does anybody really know what time it is?”

  1. Ted, told me something weird in an email he said that drug smugglers brought that hat back that he wore in pic, he has to be kidding it just seems too weird. Phillip, he still doesnt believe i gave you a pic. Good morning Fran and phillip.

  2. As much as I would like to see 5 of the remaining 6 survivors start playing to win, not just dodging Russell for another week, I don’t see it happening. Russell appears to be well on his way to F3 with his HII paving the way. At F3, If Russell wins immunity rather than just finding it, he makes it to F2. If he does not win immunity, I think the other two remaining survivors, whoever they happen to be, will boot him FINALLY…

  3. At F3, it only takes 1 vote. The winner of II picks who he/she wants to take with them to F2 and evicts the other. (At F3, you can’t vote for the immunity winner and the other two cancel out each others votes)

  4. Good morning kids, just read last nights posts…………..I am an old granny, some of you have seen the g-baby! Although I have been referred to as a gilf by some of my 29 year old sons friends! He won’t call me mom in public, always Holly. We went to Vegas a couple yrs ago and everybody thought we were a couple, good for me, bad for him! He was NOT happy!!

    Whoever asked about Hung, yes watch it, yes, love it…..who wouldn’t love a “hung” guy!

    JT, love Rudolph and all the misfit toys!

    Pk, I should have known you would remember and like “Body Heat”

    Donna P, I better go watch the video if Russell is looking good, because I just can’t believe that, unless of course hell has frozen over!

  5. Holly… Phillip and Frannie = 2009 Body Heat remake in the works. At a theater near you on the back row with jumbo popcorn…

  6. Hi everyone… Almost had a heart attack when I opened the blog and saw a cleaned up Russell at Ponderosa… then realized it was pre-Survivor. Thanks for the video clip, Sal… It only reminds us how truly great a player Russell is. Appreciate him even more. His last words, however, may indeed be the outcome of this game.

  7. Hi Phillip… I think that if Natalie gets final immunity she will keep Russell for 2 reasons… Loyality as his #1 Dumb Blond and because she has to figure that more people like her than will like Russell. As a jury member if you don’t like both finalists you go with who played the better game. Also I don’t like the way you put finally inb>all caps.

  8. Just watched the Russell clip and I have to believe that he trusts Natalie and that is how she will win this game!

  9. Ted. I don’t see Russell allowing Natalie a shot at F3… Too risky at that point in his use them and then lose them as needed game

  10. Phillip… at you age, I would suggest you leave off the Movie Butter on your jumbo popcorn while you relive your past glories.

    You might be right on Holly… I’m sure Russell knows it’s not safe to go against Nat. All depends who wins that final immunity… and she probably has a better chance than he. BUT… he may have been losing on purpose to appear weak.

  11. This just in… ‘Avatar’ was nominated for Best Picture at the Golden Globes! That’s a big move for that genre.

  12. You would think so… but the Globes are not the Oscars. Will be interesting to see those nominations, as those awards are changing too.

  13. If Shambo had been voted out instead of Dave (becuz she seems to be overly loyal and blind and probably would not vote against him but instead stab everyone who wanted to vote against russ. in the back)so they should have gotten her out and then made russ think monica was next and given him confidence that he was safe so he’d not use the idol THEN VOTE HIM OUT-“what Sal said”

    First, make sure he trusts you. Second, behind his back make an alliance without Russell finding out about the coup attempt. Third, how to make him play the HII or make him trusting enough not to play it. Fourth, make sure no one else back stabs you.
    They should have done that last week.
    Natalie to me is one true survivor. She’s a tiny thing and yet has been physically tough and holding it together emotionally. I admire her. She’ll be my fav even if she gets voted out.
    Don’t get me wrong. I see that russ is a successful player. but he’s a bully I won’t applaud him for winning the way he has played. He is smart in the way he can find things but other than that he’s just a bully to ppl too scared to stand up to him. That doesn’t take talent or brains. I don’t care if he lies-it’s a game. But threatening and name calling doesn’t make me like him. I’ve seen winners in this game do it with class. Be silly, be cunning, be funny, be smart, lie, trick but don’t be a narcissist misogynist.

  14. I can’t believe he’s only 36. He looks ten yrs older to me. I guess the statement “I control my family”..(imagine being his wife) and “i’ve been in control all my life”…..well he actually is pretty young so it really makes me curious who he’s been in control of. wife, kids, ppl working for him? (his father, brother, mother?) i’m just actually curious about all these ppl who have taught russ he’s king of the hill? or big toad in a little pond maybe? i’ve known men like him and they’re NOT fun to live with.

  15. I still love ya Tendr! It’s only a game and we all have our opinions! Go Nat!!

    Donna, you’re probably right that ev was Dixielee in disguise!

  16. tendr…the only one that pushes Russell down everyones throat is
    Ted….You are entitled to your own opinion. I respect eveyone
    that can stand up for what they believe. No worries here. I still
    like you my dear.

  17. lol you’re sweet. I don’t hold anyone’s feelings about the game against them. I just say what i really feel. Just like i would to my own family. How are you feeling btw?

  18. thanks tendr….your opinions are always welcome. You are
    ine if the family here…and don’t forget that. Hugs back at ya

  19. now i get to go bake a dozen loaves of “bread/cake” not looking forward to it. i’m filling up with water so maybe i won’t eat too much dough lol.

  20. Tendr, you are entitled to your opinion so people should not get mad cuz you don’t like someone.I took shit a few days ago from Franks cuz I have a different opinion than his. You go gurl.

  21. Donna, I love a girl with opinions, that guy franks must be hiding, i have not seen him in awhile, he seemed to be really put off by the Bromance comment. you go girl.

  22. …does anybody really care?..

    Sorry, got hung up on Sal’s song reference (Love 70s Chicago). Survivor talk? I don’t have anything to say that hasn’t been said. So I’ll do my touch and go…. and go watch a movie that Aggie recommended. Still holding on to that 1 little degree above zero. Later bloggers and bloggerettes!

  23. Jakob should win SYTYCD easily with Russell as the runner up. They were amazing tonight. They made me cry.

  24. Good idea Jt, the movie is pretty memorable i hope you like it you should also check out eastern promises, i could watch that movie many times over, I knew it would be good, when i heard David Cronenberg directed it ,a graphically violent movie which he is known for. I also liked the fact that Viggo Mortensen was in it ,too, he was also nominated for an oscar for the role, it was well deserved, he should have won ,what agreat underrated actor he is ,I really hope he wins an oscar one day.

  25. Comment 67: It was over 500 yesterday, come on people you have to get off facebook or whatever once in awhile, today this place BLOWS. I would rather surf the net. See ya.

  26. “…this place BLOWS.” ….Don’t hold back Aggie, we are tired of trying to guess how you really feel! :lol:
    It is pretty s l o w here today though. Maybe Ted scared everybody away with his comment last night.

    Good movie. Had me on edge wondering what would happen next. Reminded me of The Good Son a lot.(which I also liked). That girl did an awesome job! I’ll check out Eastern Promises. Maybe I’ll start on season 1 of True Blood first.

    Ok, I’m outta here….. this place blows tonight. :lol:

  27. Ev,I dont know if its the worst Blog ever, some of the people are pretty great on here ,it just needs some major adjustments in alot of ways, you dont like this blog Try the big brother one in the summertime, their is alot more too talk about with all the overnight stuff, you will probably like it try it out. i really have my issues with this blog i just said yesterday it blows.Peace out, And good morning everyone.

  28. Jt, what happened with Tylers pic it was in yesterdays blog? real faces are alot more interesting to look at ,The Xmas one is cute but no substitute for baby Tyler.

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