Don’t forget —- Survivor is on TONIGHT!

It’s double elimination so there will be a member from each tribe going home tonight. That means we should be 3 weeks away from the MERGE!

Will Russell need to play his idol tonight? Do the heroes know that their HII has been replaced and they need to look for it?

Who is going home tonight? (Need to pick 2)

Will there be a reward challenge?  Who wins it?

I’m ready to go home and set up my tv and chair!

See ya there!

21 thoughts on “Don’t forget —- Survivor is on TONIGHT!”

  1. i can hardly wait for showtime! it feels like a very long time since S20 has been on. I’ll have to make sure I’m not on here after 5pm PT so I don’t get too much info – but I really hope something unexpected happens tonight. for a 20th anniversary show it’s been kind of a yawn for me – although I enjoy most of the players and was absolutely joyful when cirie got bind-sided!

    even evil russell seems out of his league with these players, although he doesn’t seem to have caught onto that part of the game yet.

  2. Not to give anything away, all I will say is this was one of the best played episodes I’ve ever seen. A master is truly at work.

  3. I can’t believe it. My entire comment section disappeared and I was contentedly berating AC!

    I hate it when my fun gets interrupted!

    Justa, you will never belive what happened when I dropped my iPhone on my mouth!

    Tyson done in by his own stupidity!! Say what you will about evil russell, he sure knows how to read people.

    Definately this picked up the pace tonight!!

    1. AC, you forgot i’m a member of the girls club! The girly-girls club sweetness! not au contraire mon frere, au contraire ma seour or even mon amiee…

      is that enough berating for one night? i can always keep it up if you’d like more!!

      good to catch up with you finally!

  4. Good episode of survivor, I would have rather seen russell gone but its ok i didnt like tyson either, so good riddance, I loved the look on robs face ,he was so sure russell was gone it was funny. I wish it was parvati instead of tyson i hope she goes soon, I was surprised they didnt get rid of colby, he really hasnt done well, and acts like he doesnt want to be there. I wouldnt be surprised if Robfather eventually gets russell out ,he is better at the competitions than russell, thats why russell wants him gone.

  5. My bet’s that the next time the Villians lose, Rob is out. Russell won’t keep him around one day longer than he has to.

  6. Aggie!! Robfather <—- i puke at that name. He got his "thought he was a leader" ass handed to him at tribal!! He tries to plot to hard so Russell is gonna eat his punkass alive because we all know Russell doesn't plot he goes in for the jugular!

  7. Hi Liz, I didnt really like robfather in his season, but i like him this season it seems like your russell knows he is very strong competition, its funny they are both trying to get rid of each other, someone will probably go sooner or later i just hope its russell. :roll:

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