Down and out in Beverly Hills, Samoa!

Well, Foa Foa fell victim to yet another Galu sweep in the challenges and wether it is bad luck or losing to a superior team, it sure looks like they sucked!!

Once upon a time, there were thirteen people stranded on a remote desert island. After fifteen days tribe Galu had 8 strong warriors and were discussing who to make the new chief of the tribe after their fallen leader was removed from their camp. The male warriors sat around and discussed making the eldest woman in camp the new leader, Chief Shambo. They did this because they had ulterior motives in the hope to control what the chief would do and to protect her from the younger females in the tribe.

Meanwhile, over in the other tribe the next morning, hopes were high that their luck was changing. The Foa Foa tribe had been whittled down to five members because the had to sacrifice five of their own to the Tribal Council Gods.

Back at the Galu tribe, the men plotted their strategy and were successful in votig Shambo in Chiefhood, and I don’t mean Detroit! The men then dicuss that they made the right move and hope Chief Shambo doesn’t get to big for her britches.

Later that day both tribes meat up at the warrior gaming grounds to determine who will win the reward of a sailing trip with a warm meal. The game is one of mental concentration. Being that the nubers were not even, Galu had to sit out three members. Chief Shambo decided to sit down herself, Dave and Kelly. After a rather slow start Galu found a mtch with the fire kit which they accepted and forfieted the point. Yes, they now have the necessities to make fire and a tarp for protection from the elements. Galu now took charge of the game and won 7 – 4 and won the reward. The Chief now had to make a decision to send a spy to the other tribes camp. She chose to send Laura. Galu gathered their gear a walked off to find their ship.

Foa Foa, feeling cursed after another bitter defeat, walked off back to camp with Laura tagging along. Back  at camp they all warmly welcomed Laura. Hugs were shared and the BS started to fly. Russell gets Laura alone and by the magic of Sir Houdini, manages to create another secret alliance. His other alliances with the “Dumb Blonde Girls” hasn’t panned out and his scurrying around to work some new deals. He also tells Laura not to even look at her clue because Ben had already found the HII(wow, he lies again, can you imagine that) and hid it in the jungle and never used it! Natalie and Laura are sitting around talking about their Christian upbringings and making Liz mad because she has to work at making the fire!  The man I will now start to call the “Creature from the Black Lagoon” was actually refered to as “a brother from another mother” by Laura  is actually the creul step brother waiting to reel you in and stomp your lights out.

Galu spends the day relaxingout at sea on their sailboat ride. Ahh, the sea breezes blowing  through their hair and Beef Stew w/ fresh bread to warm their bones.The talk is casual but slowly turns to Laura and Monica tells her not to worry about sending Laura to the Foa Foa camp. Shambo agrees, but behind her back Monica thinks she did it to assert control over the tribe.

At Foa Foa, Russell is debating on who to evict. He says that Natalie making goodie goodie with laura might help them at the merge. He discusses with Liz the possibility of sending jaison home. Only time will tell.

Off to the Immunity Challenge they go. Laura rejoins her tribe and the two warring tribes get ready for another battle. The competition is dubbed “Canoodle” by the Tribal Gods. This time Chief Shambo sits out John, Monia and Laura. The teams must paddle and outrigger canoe out and retrieve a six strings of wooden fish puzzle pieces and bring them back to shore were they use them to build a puzzle. Foa Foa takes the early lead as they head out into the water. They finish fishing and start to head back as galu is getting to the last two strings of pieces. Foa Foa heading back seems to slow down a bit and Galu starts to catch up. Foa Foa only has a slight advantage as the teams get back to their mats. Foa Foa only has about a 5 second lead as they start the puzzle. Foa Foa seems to be doing well until Jaison seems out of it. He seems dazed and confused. galu grabs the lead and figures out the pattern to the puzzle to claim the win. Domination is the only word to describe the utter way they have been during these tribal wars.

Later that night at the Tribal Council the Foa Foa try to maintain an upbeat attitude. Jaison says his is disgusted and embarrassed  about the way he has played. Everyone “says” they trust one another but …… ! Time for the vote ….. and by a vote of 4 – 1, Liz is the 8th warrior sent to the sacrifical gods. The mighty Game God Jeff comments that Foa Foa may not be winning competitions but they are getting great and blindsides! The torches are lifted and the warriors return to camp to play another day.

Next week …… can we say MERGE!      Hip Hip Hooray!!!

137 thoughts on “Down and out in Beverly Hills, Samoa!”

  1. Russell H and anything having to do with Christian Values in the same sentence is a tough pill to swallow.

  2. What in the hell were they thinking…getting rid of Liz.
    They should have taken out Jaison….he did nothing to help
    in the comp. What a loser.

  3. Did anyone see Octo mom…..she is dressed as a nun
    for Halloween. It’s on AOL news. I couldn’t open the article
    because it’s blocked here at work. What a joke.

  4. Choice at tribal council was between what has quickly become a weak male and an intelligent, hard working female. No brainer for Russell H and his loyal band of numb nuts. Vote out the threat and they did.

  5. Thanks Sal….I thought I did it right. I thought I did it
    the same everytime. Go figure. Trying again both ways…
    :sad: : grin :

  6. Sal….glad to see you survived the rains last night. According to
    the weather channel….you guys got dumped on.

  7. I was sorry to see liz go yesterday she was one of the smarter girls there. i loved it when Shambo didnt let LAUra partake in the reward prize, I didnt like her I hope she goes soon. The guys shoudnt take Shambo for granted I think she could surprise them She is a strong woman, she doesnt complain the way the other girls do.

  8. Morning aggie….Just wanted to let you know, it’s not the roof, at
    least I don’t think so. I had a new one layed about 6 years ago. It’s a
    mystery. Water always seem to find a way….especially with the
    amount of rain we’ve had.

  9. Yeah Foo Foo, Jaison is the only reason you are on a losing streak. Get real. Jaison performed poorly in the last part of the challenge but he was the first one in the water pushing the boat and of course he would be winded at the end. He cant do every thing,remember what happened to the last guy who tried to do everything.
    What have the leader Mick Dreamy done, NOTHING, still like him though.

  10. Is survivor like wrestling? Is is fake?
    Does the show pick Russell to rule? Does the show select a villian?
    What makes Russell so important? What has he done but run his mouth?
    How come evertime Jeff draws the names of the ones being votes off, the first two he picks out is always the one we see being written down?

  11. Sal….what is a weap hole? Let me know if this is what you are
    talking about. Over the summer, we had a leak in the front of
    the house. My son took a piece of the drywall down and noticed
    a hole in the foundation. I believe he called it a plug. I can see them
    in the laundry room because it is not finished. He explained why
    they were there but I don’t really pay too much attention….as long
    as it took care of the problem. It did….but not the leak is coming
    from a different area. Unfortunately, it may be coming from the
    back side of the house where it is almost impossible to see because
    the bathtub/shower is there. If that’s the problem I’m screwed.
    We have lived in that house for about 11 years and this is the
    first time we have any problems. Let me know what you think.

  12. We had flooding in our basement last year, They had to dig up half the floor to fix it, it, was a nightmare it looked like someone was buried in there .and cost over9000.00 dollars. THank god, the insurance took care of mostly everything.I hope if you do have a problem, it doesnt cost you too much.

  13. Weep holes are located near the base of masonry structures, particularly brick buildings. Raising the grade above weepholes may allow moisture, snakes, insects, and small animals to enter the building. Modern weep holes employ screens, constructed of flexible nylon or plastics.

  14. Weep holes are small openings left in the outer wall of masonry construction as an outlet for water inside a building to move outside the wall and evaporate

  15. 52f & Raining in Friday Harbor…

    I’m thinking that Liz just rubbed her tribemates the wrong way too often. Also, not sure about the ‘blindside’ comment. Don’t think there have been too many blindsides on Foa Foa. That was great when Russell told Laura about the Idol and Ben.

  16. Thanks for the info Sal….It doesn’t sound like the same thing.
    Just talked to my son….he said he is going to put drain tiles
    in the back yard. ???

    IT called and said they were going to remote access my computer
    to downloand a new program….WHEW….close call. I had to shut
    down everything work related.

    PK….I thought weep holes were crying ho’s. :lol:

  17. PK….I thought weep holes were crying ho’s. :lol:

    fp2… Sometimes the things you say make me tingle all over.

  18. “Russell H and anything having to do with Christian Values in the same sentence is a tough pill to swallow.”

  19. They ought to really give them something better than pizza, more healthy type foods, after being without food for so long pizza is not going to go down all that well.

  20. I really think when they merge the guys from galu, will be smart enough to know that Russell H is a threat, hopefully he wont last to long in the game.After all Dave is suppose to be the smartest guy there.

  21. No. Dave is a jacka$$. Did you hear how he was talkin to Shambo at the challenge? She was only trying to encourage him. And he overruled her at the reward challenge. I hope he goes soon. Russell rules. :razz:

  22. hi snake, hope you’re around. ran into same problem we discussed um, yesterday. feeling very blonde right now. please check your messages if you can… SOOOOOOOON!!!

  23. Hi AC, i absolutely agree with you on Liz. i was sorry to see her go. Not sure about russell. i don’t dislike him, he’s fun in the game, but i REALLY don’t want to see him win!!!

    i think Dave is smart, but difficult. Shambo may see through the set-up, but not without help. i’m sure she believes it is her marine corps training and hard work ethic that gave her the chief spot. eric would have been good, but too smart to take that on. like painting a target on sera.

  24. AC, RUssell is good for the show but he is one of those guys you just love to hate, Yes, i didnt like the way Dave was talking to Shambo telling her what to do, but he is asmart guy he has the highest IQ of anyone there even John, the ROcket scientist. I have to say again, that picture of Monica is not great, she looks like she is constipated, nobody looks good when their squinting sorry to say.

  25. constiwhat? aggie, you do say the MOST outrageous things about bodily functions. high IQ does not equal smart, although i think dave has stuff that could take him a long way in this game. maybe the reason that the first episodes were so concentrated on foo foo was because at 4 members and a merge, they may pretty well cease to exist! i think the other guys will take jaison out before they take russell out. he’s actually performing better than jaison – and i think they see that. depends on what they want, and shambo made friends over there, as did laura – at least with russell. now is the time in survivor when it starts to get very interesting, or very dull depending on whether or not the stronger tribe going into the merge just picks off the weaker tribe. next week should give us a glimmer of our future in SS. right, AC?

  26. At first I thought aggie was channeling Jan Brady… MARSHA, MARSHA, MARSHA!! :lol: … now I see that she was just teasin’ AC a bit. Nothing wrong with that! :mrgreen:

  27. MT, snake. i tried to watch a little TV and fell sound asleep. NO idea when the TIVO popped back on, but all of a sudden there were these annoying voices in my head. louder than usual. then i realized; these weren’t IN my head, they were coming AT my head. sigh, time for some extra-strength, something. sorry you got left alone, i just wanted to wrap a blankie around me and lie down to watch tv for a few minutes. there’s a bad storm rolling around here, first wind storm in my new condo! not sure i’m likin’ it. wonder how Ted is doing in Friday Harbor. if i could HTML like you smart people, i’d insert a small map section showing the distance between FH and B’ham.

    Can you teach a not so old dog, hmm, don’t go there anyone (i know what a female dog is called!) a new trick. or treat?

  28. come and cuddle snake, and bring the puppy for warmth…

    btw, i’ve never cuddled with a…. oh, never mind. i have and it was bad. but i’ve never cuddled with a snakebit!

  29. my westie used to sleep on top of my head, really. he would lie on the pillows above my head and curl up. in the middle of the night, he would put 4 litle paws on my head and push me down of my own pillow so he could be comfortable.

    he was definately my baby.

  30. i was justgoing to open mine, alway like a little cool, but it is pouring rain. why are we alone. it’s not like it’s friday night and people have somewhere else to be!

  31. AGGGIIIIEEEE, again with the bodily functions!!!! you can’t keep doing this to me, i’m a princess of delicate constitution!!!

    i think monica is exotic looking. certainly her face looks fuller in the first pic but quite gaunt on day 15. i’m not going to say anything bad about the way monica looks, AC will come and haunt me somehow. he has his ways.

    besides, she looks better in those photos than many touched up model photos. she looks like a real person.

  32. i’ll check back in later. going to take a break from computer for a little while and watch a little tv before i fall asleep again!

    night snake! night aggie!

  33. PRINCESS, Just teasing I just hate to see pictures of someone squinting it can make a pretty woman look not so prettyMy parents did that too us allthe time as kids, it has me traumatized.

  34. Just to clarify… DILLIGAF wasn’t directed at anyone. A guy at work has that as a joke nameplate on his desk. People have actually thought that was his last name :lol: It’s always the first one that comes to mind when people start using that stuff (Do I Look Like I Give A F)…. I’ve always loved that one.

  35. I see a pic of Monica when she had the “warpaint” on. It’s different than the H R Puff n Stuff one he had earlier.

  36. I hear ya, I STILL have an occasional cough from 2 weeks ago… it sucks!! But it’s mostly gone.

  37. I see he was on earlier. Don’t know now. He seems to have a way of poppin’ up when we mention him though.

  38. Crazy time of year for me “guy on restroom door”. Lots of football broadcasts plus travelling some to potential Gator Bowl schools. I was trying to put another Vegas trip together, but we couldn’t get schedules coordinated so looks like it’s the Bahamas after the new year instead.

  39. Maybe, I was half way to bed myself and checked in one more time. I saw PGA finally posted and I had to jump back on.

  40. Actually, “guy on restroom door”, starting next year the Big Ten11 will be sending a team to the Gator Bowl. Get those Gophers in gear and you can hang out in Florida for New Years.

  41. Ok, All we need is some of those highschool kids to want to come to the frozen tundra…. instead of staying in Sunny Fla…. yeah, I think they’ll do it.

  42. I really am a sports nut. I’m sitting here watching the UFL at 3:25am. The Florida Tuskers (yo Cyn they play near you) are 3-0 in a 4 team league. DOMINATION BABY :grin:

  43. Yes I did Cynt! And I laughed my a$$ off! Your pic was funny! And a hell of a coincidence… that was the funniest part. Wish I could have been on… but my alarm rings at 5am… and 5:09.. and 5:18… and 5:27. Thank God for the snooze button! :lol:

  44. Funny?? I didn’t think the coincidence was so funny & I don’t think that AC believes it was a “coincidence.”

  45. At least now I know where J.P. Losman, Brooks Bollinger, Teddy Lehman, and many others were sent to exile.

  46. I also forgot to mention that I loved Sal’s pic of the “Dead Ender”. Didn’t look dead to me… it brings low-riders to a new high…. or low?

  47. Oops :oops: sorry Cyn. It’s a new professional football league that started playing this fall. Very few teams, but they have some very good coaches and have been trying to get some decent players. There are some recognizable players out on the field. It’s certainly a better brand of football than the XFL.

  48. :oops: DOK if it isn’t NFL, I’ve probably never heard of them. And I’ve been slack on that this year so I’m behind. Sorry.

  49. I don’t know Cyn. I found the coincidence funny. I’m sure that pic is all over the web. I know you were going for a different funny.. but it was still funny to me.

  50. Ok after all of AC’s “hmmmmmm—weird” last night–I’m not sure what you mean by a “different” funny. Screw it–I’ll leave a message.

  51. Paul Maguire is even doing the color/analysis on the broadcast. Don’t feel bad Cyn I would venture a guess that only hardcore sports nuts know much of anything about the UFL. Looking at the stands at The Trop they need to do some better marketing.

  52. Dok, Tell those Fla kids that we have a beautiful new stadium.. on campus… a lot of Scandanavian natural blondes around. That should get them here. No more Gopher football in the Humpy Dome!!

  53. Different funny- You were trying to make us laugh at a picture of a deadend… Funny I got from it- The coincidence of picking that same picture was funny.

  54. Dok, I watched a couple minutes of a UFL game. Maybe I’ll check it out to see who’s all involved.

  55. I think there were two kids from the game I did last week that were talking with your Gophers, and I believe one or two from the game I did tonight. You just need them to land that two headed running combination like they had with Maroney and just drew a blank on the other kids name.

  56. Well it is past my bedtime. Cynt, always a pleasure. PGA, thanks for stoppin’ in. Good to see an “old” friend again. G’night all!!

  57. Ted……..SPOOOOOKY shit. Who are you supposed to be?

    AC…..That’s just evil looking.

    Don’t forget to set your clocks back one hour. We can drink
    for an hour longer tonight. Yea right…I’ll be asleep before

    I miss Saturday nights when the Three Stooges were on.
    Hell, I even used to watch wrestling on Saturdays. Does anyone remember Andre the Giant, Jake the Snake, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Rick Flair, Hulk Hogan? Many more that I can’t think of right now. That was fun to watch even if it was fake.

    Later all….Happy Halloween.
    Why didn’t the skeleton go to the dance?

    Because he didn’t have no body to dance with. :lol:

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