Episode 2, Fights, Arguments and Hidden Idols Oh My

Russell and Betsy agree to disagree. That’ll put an X on her back. Russell better remember all his lies before they catch him.

Yazmin, Yazmin, Yazmin we shall call you “Gnat” the bit…h. Even in her own tribe she was bitching and complaining, your out in the jungle baby, suck it up!!! 

Ummm, ummmmm lizards for dinner! So much meat on them bad boys…..

OK, what do y’all think about the Russell – Jaison alliance, I wouldn’t trust Russell, he’ll roll you up and throw you away. When they were talking Russell said they is an immunity idol in our camp and he is going to start looking for it. Annnnnnnnnnnnd, the son-of-a-gun finds it!!

Mike, the old boy, Iknew he would be in trouble in these physical challenges, the bones can’t  take those shots in the ribs.

At the challenge they got down and dirty, both II and rewards were up in the same challenge, after a couple hot rounds of game play Jeff warns them of rough play, as soon as the next round starts Ben gets kicked out of the challenge for tripping. Galu wins the challenge and gets Immunity and Reward(fishing gear).

As the winner Galu gets to send someone to the Foa Foa camp to observe. Mick as Chief makes the decision to send Yazmin. Ben sends the wrong Karma when Jeff asks him about getting thrown out of the challenge. Yazmin becomes the BIG “B” and has the nerve to call out Ben for a private meeting to bitch at himfor tackling her during the challege. For some reason Ben starts to look like BBKevin and doesn’t have the cajones to tell Yazmin to shut the F….k up. 

Ben and Yazmin argue
Ben and Yazmin argue


Mike becomes first medical evictee of the game.

Betsy just rubbed people the wrong way, I don’t thinki she was the weak link. ———————————————————————-

Meanwhile at Galu, Shambo has some trouble fishing, she doesn’t spear any and loses the mouthpiece for the snorkling gear, bad, bad, bad Shanbo.—————————————————————————-

Back at Foa Foa, Ben just can’t stop creating problems and Yazmin reads the clue and she is so block headed she doesn’t understand the clue and is worried about making an alliance.

At tribal council, Betsy gets the boot 6 – 1


Going to add Bens bio as an extra for this post:

Ben Browning (28)
Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif. 

benOccupation: Bar Manager




Ben Browning is a transplanted country boy helping to run some of the most successful bars and restaurants in Los Angeles. A bar manager, Ben is often seen with a girl on each arm and boldly claims he’s never been rejected. “I’m one of those people that just get lucky for some reason, if I want it, I do what I have to do to get it.”

Growing up in Kirksville, Missouri, Ben’s parents raised him with a strict set of morals and instilled in him a strong work ethic.  His parents would always be there to whip Ben into shape whenever necessary.  

Ben has worked hard for all he has in life and says “I don’t like cry babies, I like people who work their asses off, like people from where I’m from.” He is also quick to admit that the one thing he can’t stand is “whiners and wimps.”

When he is not hunting or fishing, Ben can probably be found on his motorcycle. Despite breaking his leg in a wreck in 2007, he is still an active rider and even part of a motorcycle club called “WhiskyBoys.” Described by friends as “a big hillbilly who will be rich someday,” Ben intends to leave his mark on the game of SURVIVOR.

Ben is single and currently resides in Los Angeles, Calif. His birth date is August 28th.

Scenes you didn’t see!!

Galu celebrates victory!

Monica’s take on Foa Foa

Schmergen Brawl!

Laura gets aggressive!

Mick on being the leader!

70 thoughts on “Episode 2, Fights, Arguments and Hidden Idols Oh My”

  1. BEN BROWNING, seems like he could be one of the jerks of the season ,I could see him being fast friends with RUSSEL, another jerk.Maybe they will end up being the only two guys left on their team.

  2. JAISON, is anice guy I hope he gets wise to All RUSSELLS B. S.he is actually to nice of a guy, to be aligned with RUSSELL , IT should really be Ben and Russell,they are definately more alike.

  3. The moose is loose…

    Just got back from Frostbite Falls, well actually the computer has been on the fritz and the grand moose is a little under the weather. But here’s a short take on last nights show…

    First — Russel, I tinks he’s going to very fun to hate. I can’t wait for him to get blindsided, but WOW, he has gotten rid of 2 strong women that made to mistake of questioning his character… THEN, he just decides to start looking fo the Hiden Immunity Idol — Even telling people that’s what he’s doing… AND THEN FINDS IT!!! AND THEN HE IS ABLE TO GET THE TRIBE TO VOTE OUT BETSY!!! In once sense I have to wonder if anyone is awake on that tribe, in the other sense I have to say I am impressed!!! Still want to see him blindsided, while he’s holding the Hidden Immunity Idol no less.

    As for Ben, he’s just one cocky ass (my that sounds very gay). Now, I don’t blame him for getting tossed out of the game, but show some remorse for your team losing… geeze!!!

    Yazman — she’s just a “in your face loud mouth” who has no chance of winning the game.

  4. Not much to say, typical Survivor so far. I agree about the witchy woman, SHUT UP, wait this WILL get her snuffed faster…talk away. I like Jaison, have since I saw a picture of him before the game even began. As for Russell,he’s Russell, and I still don’t HATE him. I want to see if he can keep all of his s#!t straight. Guess I did have something to say. LOL

  5. Time to lodge my dissenting opinion about Ben. He may not last long in the game, but he is a team player, one of the few on his tribe who qualify. Granted chopping away at logs throughout the night did not endear him to the other members of his dysfunctional tribe, but perhaps that was his way of venting his frustration regarding his earlier altercation with Yazmin. You noticed how many of Ben’s Foa Foa flunkies came to his defense when he was being bitched by an “enemy” bitch for playing to win for his team – none, nada.

    Had I been Ben, Yazmin’s raw bubble butt would probably have arrived back at her tribe much earlier than Probst expected when I showed her I could drop kick loud mouth bitches as well as I can trip up a dread locked dude with a significant weight advantage in a competition.

    Did Ben’s questionable challenge eviction that was so well publicized prior to airing boost the ratings Jeff? Well, even if that “first ever on Survivor history event” didn’t, you did give it your best shot Jeff, right?

    Note to Jeff Probst… This is Survivor where there are one million bucks at stake. If you have a challenge in the future where some players may have a distinct advantage over the others fighting to get possession of an object/s, EXPEXT the smaller/lighter players to do WHATEVER IS NECESSARY to overcome any UNFAIR advantage.

  6. One other note about Russel, I do not want to see him win… I am looking forward to the day he gets blindsided. BUT, I think I want him to last until he can make te Jury… I imagine he would have some good questions for the finalists…

  7. Hey moose, welcome back. I knew if we put your pic on some milk cartons and put up some “Have you seen this moose?” flyers we’d find you LOL. Sal, I went back to try and find the post I was talking about and didn’t see it. I guess I must have read about the idols in something that guy that did all the intereviews wrote. Sorry for the confusion. Wherever it was, the way it was worded made it seem as though the idols (at least at this point) were tribe specific. At least that’s the way I read it. I’m a blonde (when my head’s not shaved) maybe I just need to get tossed into the “dumb blonde alliance” LOL. I apologize for blaming you and the floppy eared hound dog for messing with my head. That’s the reason I was asking those questions last night. I did see the clue that “the hood’s not the woods” read. It looked as though Russell and Jaison were reading a note from the pouch that the idol was in. Nothing was really said about what was on it. That was the note I was referring to.

  8. Question….
    Normally, a member from the losing tribe would have to go to Excile
    Island and it would be there that they would get their clues for
    finding the immunity idol. Now the question. Do you think Russell was
    put in as a plant or maybe like in BB, production is holding his hand
    to get further in the game for ratings? CBS seems to do whatever they want. Please tell me it isn’t so. Not another fixed reality game.

  9. I don’t want to even see Russell go to jury. To me, he is a
    woman hater. Seems like he is targeting the women of his tribe.
    For what reason….are they too strong for him?

  10. What kind of insanity is Survivor becoming. I guess it is just reflecting the violence and attitude of society, but it is very sobering to see people attacking each other verbally and physically. Older contestants dont stand a chance because they are marked for extinction by the younger ones. This new survivor has been very disturbing so far.

  11. I don’t think it’s fixed F2, it’s just that every year for the last 5 or so, there has been an idol in/on or around camp, Russell is just a good Truffle hunting pig! Like F2 said, they don’t have an excile island so they have top stick them somewhere that is a little tough to get to. I read somewhere that the 2 camps are actually in heighboring coves(which the island guests don’t know)
    I want to see the Foa Foa send Russell to the other camp if/when they win the immunity challenge.

  12. SS… Keep Russell at his own camp. I don’t want Russell getting another chance to find another immunity idol. Also, how would he know to even look for the idol since in the past they had to go to Excile Island, unless he was told.

  13. Murray… Older people are assumed to be less fit for the rigors of Survivor than younger people. Anybody over 40 had best know that in advance and come into the game with something other than years of life’s experiences to offer.

    Mike, for example, should have stayed home and avoided a potential heart attack. Anybody seeing him bare chested noticed from all the flab wiggling in all directions that the last time he did any physical exercise was in the high school gym class he failed.

  14. PK…Mike is a chef. Can you imagine the clogged arteries from
    all the years of cooking. He had no business going there and trying
    to compete against the younger, fitter crowd. (JAFO)

  15. fp2 Russell clearly used watching the last few seasons as a base for where to look for the idol. Like Sal said the idols have been hidden around camp and generally in a tree much like the one Russell found the idol in. If you can use knowledge gained from past seasons and get a jump on the competition more power to you. It’s the same as in BB where they all try and guess what the next comp will be and prepare. The man knew they like to use trees and he started searching for a likely place.

  16. Sal… I’m still confused about the immunity Idol.

    Was one tribes only valid immunity idol hidden in the other tribes camp? Yes/No

    If the answer is yes, does that mean that the idol Russell H found in his own camp is of no use to him so long as there are two tribes or, if for some reason, Russell gets transferred to the Galu tribe. Yes/No

  17. It is funny how the author went on about Yasmin being a biatch like Nat, but seems to agree with Ben calling her ghetto trash, ketchup sandwich eating.

    I see only 2 similarities between Nat & Yasmin thet both have a big mouth and ………

  18. where are all the people who called Chima a racist(rightfully so). Ben is a racist, he call Yasmin a ghetto trash, hooker, and ketchup eating sandwich bitch.

    Now that the tide is turn you all are hush hush.

    I bet this will not be posted because it is not what the moderator wants to hear.

    BEN IS A RACIST and hush hush from you all

  19. Correct, the immunity idol for each team is hidden in the other teams camp. I don’t think production ever thought that Russell would happen to find the one meant for Galu. As the note says, it is his to use, nothing about which team he was on, so Galu is shit out of luck every time they send someone to Foa Foa and they read the clue because it is definately up the wrong tree now, ups up the Russell Tree!!
    But if someone( not bone head Yazzzy) thinks about it they will realize there is one in their camp also, but these bozo’s don’t seem to have a brain amongst them.

  20. Im betting that each tribe has an immunity idol that would be pretty much the same. Im also thinking that SS production didn’t plan for someone looking for the idol until they had a clue. Afterall, it’s never happened before! I also, also don’t think SS production has a rule about someone visiting the other tribes camp and finding the idol. That would be pretty amazing. I am wondering about any rule that SS production has in place about possession of Idols, for instance, if you have an Idol and someone else discovers it (last season), can you steal it??? Out Wit, Out Last, Out Steal??? I have no doubt that if allowed, Russel would take what ever the rules allowed him to take?

  21. Pig looking for truffels — LOL

    and thanks for the mild carton PGA. It’s been a long hard week and I still have computer problems at home, so that’s gonna consume a bunch of my weekend.

  22. Sal… So what you are saying is that although SS says each tribe’s idol is hidden in the other tribe’s camp, it’s finder’s keepers no matter who finds the idol, right?

    So why not just say there is one idol in each camp. Find it no matter which tribe you are in and it’s yours? Guess it’s just another SS production WTF.

  23. PK,

    Up to now, everyone just waited until they got a clue and then tried to find the Idol. Im sure most people there for the first week or so are a bit shell shocked and aren’t even thinking about Hidden Idols. Russel on the other hand, started playing this game before ever leaving home. He seems to have a plan. How far it will get him is anyones guess. Remember, having the Idol is one thing, knowing when to play it is another. Foa Foa can wake up tomorrow and realize what he’s doing and blindside the crap out of him. But they have to wake up FIRST!!! they do seem a bit disfunctional — and make perfect prey for Russel.

  24. BW Moose… I get what you are saying, but IF each tribe’s idol is in the other tribe’s camp as stated by SS voice overAND each tribe’s idol is in their own camp as well, then the initial SS “twist” ain’t no twist at all, just SS not thinking about all of the possible outcomes on finding the idols, particularly after including Sal’s appropriately named truffle hunting pig, Russell H in the cast of characters.

  25. If you remember 2 seasons ago, they found the hidden idol in the camp sign, there was a deal where you could kidnap someone from the other tribe, not remembering exactly all the details, when they found the first one, they knew where to look for the other one, and when that kidnapped person went back to his tribe he knew where to find the other one.

  26. Now Russel needs to slap together a fake Idol… People finding and using fake Idols are some of the best Suvivor Moments!!! LOL

  27. Sal… So now if Jaison has enough smarts to one up Russell H, particularly since Jaison knows where Russell found the idol in the Foa Foa camp, he will convince Mick to send him to the Galu camp if and when Foa Foa ever wins an immunity challenge.

    Jaison also tells Russell H he better tell Mick to send Jaison to Galu or “everybody” in Foa Foa knows Russell found the idol. Sure Russell H gets pissed, but let’s see how successful the truffle hunting pig would be trying to convince even the foa foa numb nuts to dump their strongest competitor at tribal council just because he said so.

  28. okay I’m having trouble getting behind the Russell Show. Russell is an evil master manipulator and shame on everyone for being so taken and believing his bravado. I feel sorry for his wife. He’s good but not in a good way, get my drift? Ben is simply a bum, Shambo is very disappointing right now, Yasmin is God help us -all mouth and so far not much action, Eric is a braggart and probably a liar too, Mike is fat and should never had qualified for this show, Love Jaison hope he stays around a long time (long enough to get Russell out), Ashley not sure yet, I liked Betsy but Russell played and won again. Not sure yet about the others. We seem to see only one team for the most part. I’m not sure yet I’m going to stay with this, I’ll probably watch one more week. Love this site though and reading about you all.

    Pepperdine is about 1 mile from my parent’s home. Beautiful campus. Eric is still a dweeb who plays games with people like Russell only not as proficient at it.

    Now I’ll go up and read everyone’s posts. Just not enough time in the day anymore and I don’t know why. Oh, my hubby and I are going to Golden Spoon for a yogurt. Yep, very busy. :D :D

  29. That challange was brutal!

    Russell is a brute, however, I sense that Ben is much worse. Ben fighting with the first chick that got kicked off didn’t mean much at the time. Now watching his game play in the challenge and his arguement Yazmin I thought some of his remarks to Yazmin were racial and what he said to Russell about Yazmin drinking Koolaid and a ghetto reference was way out of line. (Even though she was rude as hell) Now I’m thinking maybe it wasn’t racial. With him hacking away all night while everyone was trying to sleep show he doesn’t give a damn about anyone. I hope that’s the worst we see of Ben.

    I know this may sound strange, I know Russell is an ass, but he makes me laugh. It’s not that what he’s saying is true, it’s the size of this guys balls that’s unbelievable.

    Jaison seems to be a nice guy. When he goes up against Russell I hope the outcome is good for him. I don’t know why but the mean people always seem to last longer.

    They haven’t shown much of the other group. Shambo seems nice but more talk than action.

  30. From Survivor:China

    James gave the tribe’s fourth Hidden Immunity Idol clue to Todd, who has the other three. Todd read the clue and immediately knew the Idol was attached to a wooden archway in the middle of camp. But instead of waiting for other Fei Long members to vacate the area, Amanda began to knock shingles off the archway as a diversion while Todd tried to pull the Idol off of it.

    Todd then set his master plan into motion. He gave the Hidden Immunity Idol to James so he could take it back to Zhan Hu with him.

    Todd also made sure to tell James to look for the Hidden Immunity Idol at Zhan Hu’s camp, not entirely positive but still pretty sure that there’s also one there

  31. I agree with what you said kinogir about Russel. I DO NOT WANT HIM TO WIN!!! But I hope he lasts a while and is completly blindsided while still holding the immunity idol!!! And that will happen, every week his head will get a little bigger, and when his head exceeds the size of his balls, he will be easy to topple over… lol

  32. BW Moose… Though I find truffle hunting pigs disgusting, whether in the north of France or stinking up Samoa, I don’t see Russell H getting blindsided and not pulling the idol out of his “underwear” when he has to. Too many numb nuts in his tribe and Galu as well who will betray the others and inform Russell H in advance of such a plot hoping to stay in Russell H’s good graces.

  33. Wow, kinogirl, we’re back to balls again and their size as it relates to Russell’s machismo. However, I would bet ol’ Russboy is size challenged and he makes up for it with his bravado and manipulation. My husband is only 5’7″ but from my prospective Russell has a big time case of little man’s complex which is why he befriends the big athletic nice guy Jaison. Anyone’s guess if he is simply waiting to take Jaison down. Hope Jaison is smarter and plays along but realizes Russell is a con man.

    Moose glad you’re back. Hope you and your computer are feeling better. Yep, big head vs. little head – would love to see him “topple”.

  34. Yes Yasmin has a strong personality, like Shambo but no Shambo would not be considered ghetto trash and a hooker.

    Shambo also looks like a man, but no she is not called Shamboy
    but Yasmin is called Yasman.

    Why is that?

  35. Snakebit Sal September 25, 2009 at 11:49 am

    Correct, the immunity idol for each team is hidden in the other teams camp. I don’t think production ever thought that Russell would happen to find the one meant for Galu.

    This is the biggest thing that’s going on in the Game right now. I think Sal’s on to something in that Production never thought someone would start looking for, let alone find (without a clue) the Immunity Idol by Day 6. And having one memeber be chosen to hand with the other Tribe makes me think they thought that relationship combined with the funky Idol rule would make a nice dynamic. Guess again?

    PK, Thanks for being Russell (H) specific. You’d think there was only one Russell in the show. Can I say here I like both Russells at this point in the Game? Fuck it. I like both the bald (Who finds the Idol w/o a clue? Kudos!) and the long-haired Russells at this point although Jaison (Chicago boy) seems like he has some game and may become the fan favorite should he pull off bald Russell’s ouster. But as sal said last night, we have seen very little of the Galu Tribe in these first 2 episodes.
    Loved last night’s episode.

  36. franniep2, Call me an Everlasting gobbstopper, but I was really starting to like gobbki! gobbki’s petition on Natalie getting screwed in the Comp was really the only stupid thing I remember reading. I still think gobbki was The Real Deal. And we needed a little gobbki because our BBB was getting a little J&J heavy anyway. But if gobbki was a plant or justashill… Oh the shame….

  37. Yep, fp2 could be a Gobbki lurking. Never heard what’s he/she’s sayin except out of Ben’s mouth. Ben is being Ben who probably criticizes everyone no matter the race, color or creed. Just who he is I believe but out of line, absolutely. Oh yes, one person did say that Shambo is so big (like a man) she could probably take mouthy immune Russell down. Wish she would.

  38. F Ben…
    Ben is a racist, he call Yasmin a ghetto trash, hooker, and ketchup eating sandwich bitch. Now that the tide is turn you all are hush hush. I bet this will not be posted because it is not what the moderator wants to hear.

    See Ben, it was posted. No problem.

    Where have you been dude? Most of the ghetto trash, hooker, and ketchup eating sandwich bitches a public defender friend of mine in DC represents are white. Only their pimps are black.

  39. good comment Phillip ,to F BEN,AS far as YASmin goes being a loudmouth obnoxious person is not going to help you in the game. I dont like BEn, But I really dont think his comments are Rascist, If someone were white and acted like that, I would definately call them white trash.

  40. PK, Saki has suddenly been replaced by Abraham Lincoln, a man from Illinois who started this nation’s biggest and most deadliest war–a war designed to free black men from slavery, at the expense of how many white men from the North? You get it.

  41. F Ben, Try and keep justone name in here (observer) if you’re going to bounce in and piss people off because they don’t see SS the same as you do. What was your name on the BBBlog? And try and think with your brain you dork and not your skin color. So people in here like Jaison and the long-haired Russell (who justhappen to be black), but if they say anything negative about Yasmine (nice tits), they become racist? Grow up and as Ice Cube says, “Check yourself before you wreck yourself.”

    Reading all this BS makes me wonder if some black people automatically pull for players because of their race (Chima?) and if some gay people pull for contestants because of their sexual proclivities. Remember what “color” people buy more hip-hop than anyone and what “color” people came oput in droves to elect Barack Obama president–white people. So F Ben, observer, whomever you are, don’t start thinking all white people are the same because I guarantee you most white people certainly don’t think that way. Would you have defended Yasmine’s words if she was white? Or if you were? and we were all black at one time, dummy. So grow up and bring something relevant to the discusson or justfadeway. At least gobbki wasn’t mean-spirited, like you are quite obviously trying to be. And for me, justme, Ben and Yasmine both blow donkey dick. And I’m Purple. k11

  42. You go K11. I’m usually the one who tells someone to just go away but your literary commentary was superb!

  43. aggie, No need to be sorry girl, I was being sarcastic back to you, thus the exclamation point and smiley face. 8) And I know gobbki tried to provoke crazy commentary, like F Ben seems to be doing, but gobbki was simply all about Natalie’s path in BB11 whereas F Ben (The Blogger Formerly Known As observer, an hour earlier if you check) is seeing things like people hear are trashing Yasmine simply because she’s black when in reality the fine blogfolk here are simply trashing Yasmine bcause she is Yasmine. No hidden meanings or plants or shills all the time everyone. Sometimes things justare…

  44. KEVIN, their is always someone on here, who starts playing the race card , you are exactly right if Yasmin were white F ben would be saying the same thingswe are .

  45. Hey Guys ,NATALIE from bb9 the bikini barista, was arrested for prostitution,at her job iguess she was seving up more than coffee, they had something aboutit on jokers update.

  46. aggie I’d like to say that surprises me about “stalker” Natalie (ruuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnn Matt), but it doesn’t. As I recall, she talked about a rather shady background while in the BB house. My only thing is WHO WOULD PAY FOR THAT?!!!!!!!!!!

  47. I came back and read everyones blog and then I went back and read Ben’s bio. I’ll just say this. It’s only week 2 I may change my mind about everybody two or three times before we really get to know the characters.

    I could change my mind on Ben
    I doubt I’ll change my mind about Jasmin
    So far Russell’s crudeness makes me laugh

  48. PGA DOK, I agree about Natalie,SHE acted pretty slutty in her season, on the live feeds they practically had an orgy one time, NATALIE and CHELSIA both were doing a striptease, and most of them ended up in the pool making out. it was probably one of the more sleazy seasons

  49. am i really crazy or didn’t Natalie profess her Christianity while in the house? it was relatively new to her….

    does anyone remember? i DO remember whaaaamber.

    the hoods/not woods comment was LOL funny. the only thing i liked about Yas. both tribes said she smelled “funky” both used the same word. to stand out amongst a smelly bunch, as a woman, is justplain icky. there’s water and there’s sand. you could scrub anything (don’t go there) clean, if you wanted to. the fact she can’t smell her own, um, odor is bad for staying in the tribe. she is loud, rude, and uncouth. as much as i dislike ben, i have a personal aversion to poor grammar as well. yasmin is a standout as an obnoxious, smelly, bitch. too bad, so sad, please get voted off the island!

  50. AC, justa, k11, sal, moose – guys… you’ll have to tell me if my avatar is changing. i’m on my 5th one for survivor, all samoan flowers btw, but even after clearing cache, i’ve reverted to an old one. i see red ginger, but i had pink tinged with salmon plumaria prior to that and now it should be a pink hibiscus.

    i was originally going to change for each person that left but the red ginger was just too phallic for me… in a visual way that is.

  51. aggie, totally agree. the season of chelsea and james was the sleaziest ever! of course i watched it.

    update from HOW many days ago? k11, et al, i did see Hostel. couldn’t bring myself to watch hostel 2, just too much gratuitous gore. love the SAW series. can’t remember the last one i saw. it was the one where the detective was exposed as the co-conspiritor. there’s either one or two more after that. just don’t know what number that was or what number i need next. funny, don’t have the same problem with Pride and Prejudice.

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