Galu, can they dominate until the merge?

This is turning into a Galu route and Foa Foa is on the verge of elimination. It will be amazing, but at the next challenges Galu will have to sit out 4 people so that teams strength in the challenges will be even, will it hurt or help Galu?

Domination – supremacy or preeminence over another
Challenge – : to stimulate especially by presenting with difficulties                                   Don’t miss the hidden links for some info!!

Can these two circumstances dictate Foa Foa’s demise or will we witness one of the biggest comebacks in Survivor history. Can Russell H. and Mick carry the Foa’s to wins in the next few challenges and create more equality between the tribes. 

From what we have been seeing in previews of Thursdays show, we know Russell S. goes down but they don’t show if he is evac’d out. If he is, this will be another double elimination week. If Foa Foa wins the immunity challenge the tribes will be at 7 – 5 and the merge should happen soon. With Shambo ready to be a Foa Foa teammate that will make it 6 – 6, yeah baby. Time for some payback on the Galu’s and their yuppie ways, I can dream can’t I?

On another matter, we still haven’t had Foa Foa been able to send someone to the other tribe to scout them out!  Both Idols have been found so the clues aren’t any good. However, Jeff hasn’t asked the big question, “If anyone has the hidden immunity idol they need to play it now”!   Wondering if the guys that found them will need to use them before the merge or will they get evicted without being able to use them.

There have been some unusual turn of events that make this season seem weird. Both Idols found by people who were supposed to find them in the opposite camps but have found the ones hidden in their own camp. An escaped chicken that may cost someone the game.  Nothing has been made of wether or not they will be useable because of that fact.  20 Cast-a-ways for the first time sets up an unusual rate for the evictions in a 39 day period. A second possible med evac looks probable. If it does and there is a regular eviction the numbers will be close for merging the tribes and the dynamics of the show will change and alliances will become aa neccessary evil. Who will rat out who and who will make the best teams to get to the finals?  It’s time for SS to get a little more interesting and give us something to talk about. Sooooooooooooooooo, Are you ready for some Somoan action? Lets get ready to rumble in the jungle and look for some knockouts!! Because, All our rowdy friends are coming over tonight!!!!

216 thoughts on “Galu, can they dominate until the merge?”

  1. Phillip, you dont like Lance and Keri i felt bad for them, I was surprised it wasnt the poker players since they came in last before. Pretty good day here it least its not raining for a changebut still cold I guess you cant win them all.

  2. aggie… Lance and Keri remind me of the “Whiners” from the Saturday Night Live skit many years ago.

    You asked about James Caan. I was acquainted with him at the Gym, but he had to slip out for a smoke after every exercise, so he really was not that serious about working out. He is quite short, too, but I think most people already know that.

  3. Sal… Did you read my post from yesterday where I mentioned that my sister-in-law is married to Michael Lucina from Pittsburgh? He is about you age too.

  4. I read it. I actually grew up North of Pittsburgh, small town know for Joe Namath .. Beaver Falls. Only about a 30 minute drive to Pittsburgh.

  5. Sal… Have you ever lost your “Pittsburgh” accent after living in Houston for so many years?

  6. I lost it while I was in the Navy, spent about 2 years in Newfoundland and 1½ years in Atlanta. I do have some southern tendencies in my speech now though.

  7. no drawl like the folks in true south, Ala., Georgia, NC, SC, et. al.! I do say y’all now and then insted of yunz! You get the idea

  8. Sal.. I never developed an accent as a kid since I was in DC one month, and back in Utah another, but there is a distinct Pittsburgh accent (Dan Marino), different from the Philadelphia accent (David Brenner), different from the Baltimore accent (Peter Falk) and different from Maryland counties closest to DC (Barbara Mikulski).

  9. Good Morning… 49f and cloudy in Friday Harbor…

    I thought for sure that it was going to be a non-elimination checkpoint. The couple you love to hate is gone… Lance will be in anger management some day! Although he was rather nice in the car at the end. That was a good comparison to ‘The Whiners’, PK. And what about that preview? That should be an interesting outcome.

    Glad to hear it’s not Russell H. going down… I guess it’s not to hard to tell the difference. I do hope that Russell S. stays in the game, if it is him… he is one of the more interesting players. I agree, Shambo better hope for a merge soon. As far as Foa Foa winning a challenge, I think they need to have a lot of luck on their side. I’m sure the producers decide who has to ‘sit out’, not the tribe, and I think Ashley was set up with the other Galu making the comments. I think the tribes are given some ‘advice’ on occasion. The food challenge wouldn’t be much fun without someone throwing up, right?
    John is a pretty articulate guy and I think will go far. I also think Brett will be in the game for some time. I liked his comments last week. I do think the guys are in control on that team. I think Russell H. has to be careful on Foa Foa. He could get the boot if he gets too pushy with Liz. She is way to smart and could turn Jaison and Natalie.

    Also, I think not wise to criticize the Steelers… esp. when they win!

  10. Please no Sal….I don’t want to get booted out. I was stating my opinion for what it’s worth. Ok, alright already, I’ll root for the
    Steelers. Are you sure you want me to? Look what I did to the
    Eagles. But, if you insist. Changing your mind are ya?

    Sal, before my ex in-laws moved to Mobile, Al., they went down
    there every year for two weeks. My sister in-law was 10 at the
    time, and each time she came back…you would have thought
    she lived there. She caught that drawl every time.

  11. Ted… Liz smart? She had her big chance to unite the dumb and dumber womens’ alliance to get Russell H before he gets her and she blew it. Now Foa Foa is three guys and only two women. Bye Liz when Russell H gives the order to boot her for disobeying him in any way.

  12. Yeah, but I that was before he pissed her off and she was on his side. I think she could influence Jaison and Natalie.

    Just watched the clips, and Russell H. was hilarious going on about milk. Which brings to mind the Survivor Entry Questionnaire. If you have never seen one… send in to get it. My daughters got one for me and filled it in for my birthday one year. That was pretty funny. But, the questions are are very interesting and would give the producers hints on how to mess with people. I am sure they knew that Russell didn’t like milk.

    I didn’t like Lance either, Frannie, but I do think that Keri is just as bad and they are perfect for each other. They reminded me of Jonathan and Victoria.

  13. Mr PK has “ANTS” and their not in his pants …… frannie, thats ok, I’ll just root harder with my crowd of 100 or so at the bar next Sunday!!!!
    I thought the Eagles we going to kick butt, they had no O-line all day.
    TAR, glad to see Beevous and Honey Bunches of Oats lost because they got lost, he he he he The show editing seems weird this season, it feels like it’s a little off for some reason.

  14. Was slow earlier this year with the fire ant mounds. Now they decide to show up on the lawn in the fall? If the Amdro doesn’t kill the queen then hopefully she’ll simply freeze her ass of pretty soon.

  15. Oh PK….that’s not what I thought you were talking about.
    I thought it was a stamina booster. :oops:
    SILLY ME….not you. SOOOOO SORRY Can you see my red face???

  16. frannie, you can climb up off the street and out of the gutter and get back on the sidewalk of life. Quit drinking those wine coolers and you won’t fall off anymore!!! :grin:

  17. My mind is always in the gutter. I just don’t show it much here.
    I don’t want to get booted off.

  18. They are saying they don’t want to spend the money on
    incarcerating (sp) the balloon boys parents. It has already
    cost enough. So what they’re saying is they don’t feel like
    they can win :?: They had to shut down the airport for a
    couple of hours. That had to cost some bucks. They mentioned
    a $500,000.00 fine but probably would have trouble collecting.
    So basically everything they did was within the law. Go figure.
    What a nut job.

  19. thats bull shit, they need to be fined and do community service, get them out there with the other convicted dui people and clean the sides of the road

  20. Sal.. Just be glad you’re playing “bumber” cars in Houston, not anywhere near Los Angeles, now properly referred to as “bumber” car hell.

  21. PHILLIP, you dont know any juicy stories about James Caan at the playboy mansion, I heard he hung out there alot. pretty bunny obbsessed I would imagine.

  22. fp2… I’m not into any of those boosters other than paying for my step-daughters double barrel chest boost.

    Did you ever read about that guy who went into his local drug store and complained to the lady pharmacist about his erection that hadn’t gone down and it had been several days past four hours already. “What can you give me for it,” he asked her. She said “Let me confer for a moment with my sister, the other pharmacist, and I will be right back.” Upon her return, she was firm when she said, “the best we can do is $10,000 and a half interest in the store.”

  23. aggie… I’ve been with many people in many places over the years, but never in or on the grounds of either of the two Playboy Mansions in Chicago or LA. I did stay at a Holiday Inn once with a Bunny from the Baltimore Playboy Club though.

  24. PHILLIP, doesnt surprise me about the bunny,Good one about the Pharmacist ,I heard one about a guy once who had injected his penis with cocaine, he had a whopping BONer for two days then went into the bath tub, and saw it floating in the water.

  25. PHILLIP, doesnt surprise me about the BUnny, The pharmacist one was agood one I actually wrote something else ,but i guess they wouldnt let my comment through it was a pretty good story.

  26. Ted, Russell H is good for the show, but I dont like him at all. I would still rather see Russell s gone. I dont like him either , hope the galu bunch take him out.

  27. Well PK, that’s what I thought you were talking about. I guess
    next time I should do my homework before jumping to

  28. aggie…I think Louie or Michael Irvin will be the next to
    go. 5 minutes until DWTS.

    JT… are you here? Don’t forget to watch.

    The group hustle shoul be fun to watch.

    Later all…going to go watch.

  29. It occured to me that I neglected to give my impressions of AR (as requested by fp2). I thought the show was entertaining. It’s a fast pace show and you need to pay attention.. so I liked that. It gets a bit chaotic, but chaos can be good. I thought Tiffany seemed a bit more down to earth than what I had seen of her in poker, but I reserve judgement after only seeing her on one show… I didn’t recognize the other poker player. I want to do some of those things!! (not running around in the desert). Looks like fun.. and even more fun next week. I gather that some weeks nobody gets eliminated? The last place team gets eliminated.. so that seems fair.. no floating through that game. I’ll probably watch again next week. First impression: a 7 out of 10. And that’s the critic’s corner for today…

  30. Now for DWTS.. The “broads” on here made some excellent points for me to watch. I have come to a compromise.. I can watch split-screen. MNF or Baseball complete with sound on one half…. and good lookin’ women shakin’ what God gave ‘em on the other half (without sound). Now if they could just get rid of the guys on there (sorry broads), they get in the way!

  31. JUSTAGUY, you have to have the dudes It wouldnt be that interesting without them .Man I love that ARGENTIne Tango, it is such a sexy dance especially for the ladies.

  32. FRAnnie, your probably right ,I like LOuie I think hes Cute, but unless he gets better he will be gone,. for sure Michael will probably hang in longer simply because hes a ball player, which isnt fair but thats the way it is on here.

  33. Sal, when I came out to CA in the 7th grade I said yunz. God your post made me laugh out loud. Boy was I teased about that and a few other phrases too but they said you guys all the time and I thought that was weird. :)

  34. JT, I watched AR also last night for the first time. fast paced, yes, frustrating for the players was fun to watch. If I had to drive around a strange country I wouldn’t end up in the wrong country. I really enjoyed the show and was happy to see the team last team get eliminated. Mainly because he let the jug with water in it turn over in the desert. Or is that part of the game to sabatage everyone else. Even so, it made me mad or did he know he was last? Loved watching the Globetrotters get their snowman. Good show. Will watch again.

  35. Someone somewhere was talking about the Playboy Mansion. My brother, who is deceased, was married to one of the playmates of the year. They got divorced but boy was she gorgeous. He was a photographer. Well, my parents are in a care facility now and we are cleaning out everything and found filing cabinets full of nude pictures my brother took and several taken at the mansion with parties, etc. We’re renting a big shredder. We can’t possibly go through all those photos. Also, there are two 4-drawer filing cabinets full of playboy magazines. I guess we have to look at those and find out which ones may be valuable.

  36. starfish, some of those pictures could have some value as well (not in a sleazy way.. in historic context). Also, some of those Playboy issues may be valuable, but may be more valuable as a set. I’d give some serious thought as to what I shredded and what I tossed in the trash.

  37. STARFISH… That cracks me up about ‘you guys’… I’m from Calif. and we did say that a lot, and I still do. I didn’t know it wasn’t used that much in other parts of the country. I see the Dog made it back… Cutie!

    Would definitely put the mags. on e-bay or something. Might bring in some needed bucks for the care facility expenses or some fun. I have a big stack of Mad Mags. from the 50-60’s I’m saving for a rainy day. Of course it rains a lot here, but I haven’t needed to sell them yet. Maybe my daughters will when I’m in assisted care… HaHa.

    Yeah that was pretty stressful for those guys… oops… don’t know how I would handle it. You sure couldn’t enjoy the scenery much! I can not wait for next week… that guy almost threw his girlfriend down the water slide. I think he would have if she hadn’t gotten out of his grasp. Now there’s some stress.

    AGGIE… I don’t think either Russell will make it to the final three, but without them we wouldn’t have that much to talk about… I do hope they are both on the Jury. Although, I would love to see Russell H. win.

    AND GIRLS… I must agree with JT about DWTS!

  38. Ted, thanks for calling us girls. :lol:

    My hubby always said the guy who can dance always gets the prettiest girls at the dance or the bar – which ever. So, I just asked him why he watches DWTS and his honest reply was, “for the sexy outfits the girls wear.” So there you have it. :razz:

  39. BTW, the avatar is still the old one from a few years ago of my dog Sal. I’ve been trying to get my new picture up for awhile now. It’s a picture of my dog Gus sitting on the couch. I don’t know why it won’t come up. I’ve cleared my cache a few times now. Maybe tomorrow.

  40. Ted & Starfish…. hate to admit it, but it has always been and still is “you guys” here in Minnesota. My Father is from Texas and my Mother from Minnesota (guess we know who won that geographical battle of the sexes). When we moved here in ’79, all my cousins (on Mom’s side) would laugh at me for saying y’all. I said “you guys” to fit in, but always thought it sounded odd. Now in the days of 300 channels, the internet, text messaging (not to mention cell phones in general), I have reverted back to saying “y’all”. It’s more acceptable in the North now than it was 20 or so years ago. I did “watch” some of DWTS tonight.. only with my left eye though.. and no sound…. baby steps.

  41. Thanks JT & Ted. We are going to look at the Playboy magazines and see if there’s anything of value. Since my brother was born in ’50 there may be some from the 60s, we’ll see. As for all those sexy pictures, I doubt we can do anything with them because there’s just pictures and we didn’t see any releases of any kind. Too much risk I think.

  42. STARFISH, pictures and magazines generally the older they are the more valuable they can be. I would think twice about destroying them, their is always somebody who might want to buy them ,theirs alot of collectors out there.

  43. I guess “broads” is a term that the ladies on here can use while refering to themselves. I was just going with the joke that they started. I should know better. :oops:

  44. JT, you crack me up! Broads is okay by me but I thought it was endearing to be called girl.

    My husband is yelling “shit” at the TV because San Diego is losing by 1 to Denver and Denver just recovered a fumble. He’s not a happy camper right now and he rarely swears. lmao

  45. I loved Denver colors on their uniforms until I saw those awful, awful socks. What’s up with that? Yuk!

  46. Hope I didn’t offend any of the other skirts on here either. I hate it when chicks are pi$$ed at me. Gotta do my best to stay on the dolls good side. Glad you guys see that I mean no harm.

  47. nice to see you, too JT. i guess that means you wouldn’t be offended if i referred to you as big boy or sweetie?

  48. i came home for lunch from the office today at about 3:15pm and, apparently fell asleep. had to call my boss at 5:00pm and say, well, oops!

  49. Me? Offended? NEVER!! Just try to offend me… (be careful what you ask for JT, this one is a pretty sharp wit!)

  50. have you seeen AC today? glad you watched AR, told you it wasn’t rocket science. it can be fun. like survivor, there are people you like, couples you don’t like, and folks you love to hate. there have been people, the infamous jonathan and victoria that everyone just wants to SLAP.

    the host, whatshisname, is also a very good friend in RL of Jeff Probst. They were both up for survivor host. i think it worked out just the way it should have. that SS challenge w/o Jeff was really less fun.

  51. Just don’t call me “Hon”… it sounds condescending (if I spelled that wrong.. you can make fun of me for that).

  52. these are samoan yellows, hun. every different avatar has been a samoan flower, from the beginning. in honor of SS, sweetie.

    does spelling it differently help. i call EVERYONE at work hun or sweetie. they’ve given up trying to break me of the habit. (of course the HR classes i teach include a lesson on what not to call folks in the workplace.)

  53. AC, were you dancing in the streets as JT predicted???

    did you ever check into “when the saints go marching in” version i mentioned about a hundred years ago???

  54. I hate to say it AC, but your Saints remind me of the ’98 Vikes. Scoring tons of points at will against anybody… hope they have a better ending… unless the Vikes are in their path… then, to heck with the Aints!

  55. What do y’all see as starfish’s avatar? I see what I think is her new puppy.. but she claims it’s not there..

  56. thanks, AC!! thought you did that, with your stamina, several times a day!!!

    JT, justcaught up. you’ve used the word priss (or prissy) in a sentance (correctly), the “broads” here have you watching DWTS, i know you’ve watched Dr. Phil, and, you’ve been able to keep up with all the discussion of Days of Our Lives as we find out if Nicole’s baby switch is uncovered. you also have an affinity for scented candles. sweetie, i’m concerned. but, i don’t mind having another girl friend to sit around with and drink wine and chat about the newest stlye of handbags and fall colors for the wardrobe… oh, did i tell you, i have some new cosmetics – you might like the colors.

  57. AC, for you…

    i also changed to bouquets of autumn flowers in my house. redecorating time. and about lifting with my legs, i don’t do that, i have better things to do with… you get the idea.

    to me, lifting is still a man-thing.

  58. hi aggie, didn’t mean to leave you out. justteasing JT about the “broad” thing. i know he’s not talking about my ass this time!

  59. no, again, not scratch your little…

    scratch the word little as it does not apply to you.

    is that better?

  60. strfsh, i’ll have to check out the Denver socks. as anyone knows, the wrong hose can ruin an outfit!

  61. i knew i’d start to win you over JT. a big, flat screen TV, DOOL in the background, several bottles of wine (red, i hope) and i won’t even try to fill you in on how Sami’s twins have different fathers.

  62. AC, will you be joining us? and Cyn? Starfish? Aggie? Frannie?

    we could have a party. although i’ve noticed (whowasit) that can’t type after a bottle of wine. was that star?

  63. Proceed with caution princess. You may actually have to have sports on your tv to check out the Broncos’ socks! Those have to be the worst throw back unis I have ever seen.

  64. No, it wasn’t Star.. she couldn’t type BEFORE (or after) a bottle of wine! (hey “Stra”.. miss ya… I kid because I love).

  65. HOLY MOOSE, i may be blinded AC!!

    i know patterned tights are “in” for women, but that’s just mooseawful. so’s the rest of the “outfit.”

  66. Did you see their old logo of the Bronco? It wasn’t on their helmets. It’s really funny… looks kind of like an ink blot test.. except in brown and yellow. I think they must have had a contest for 2nd graders to design their “Bronco”.

  67. Ok much better—I kept getting a “Your message is awaiting moderation” thing.
    So—the gangs all here eh?

  68. JUSTA, Samantha Brady, aka Sami, had twins. a girl fathered by her long-time love and finally husband Lucas the night he was trapped in a cabin in a snowstorm. That night, she was also forced to have sex with EJ in order for him to help her save Lucas’ life after the snow collapsed the roof of the cabin and he was pinned under a big log. So the son (male twin) was EJ’s.

    Apparently it can happen, it is just medically very rare.

  69. Cyn, that should only happen when submitting your first comment. We know you are WAY passed that.. so not sure what’s up.

  70. Yep WAAAAAAAAAAAAY passed that JT.
    Hello AC & I won’t to know what is not “little” about you —-as mentioned in an earlier post?? :lol:

  71. Can you work your magic and put a picture of the ink blot bronco in here AC? I didn’t get a real good look at it. They only showed it on-screen for a couple seconds last week.

  72. I was off most of last week.. a little R&R after working 19 days in a row (212 hours). I work a lot of overtime.. and reward myself with time off to recoup.

  73. ok, sorrry cyn, had to take a phone call. the roof of the cabin caved in dumping snow and ice on Lucas. Sami couldn’t move the log’s and beams the roof was made up of. She ran into EJ by “accident.” He was trying to escape Salem after shooting um, i think it was her dad or her uncle Bo in the side of the head (he lived). EJ said he would only help Sami (since he claimed to be in love with her) if she would have sex with him and he also had a gun. She would do anything to save Lucas’ life so, with help from the gun, she made up her mind to do what EJ wanted. Since she and Lucas had made love earlier that night before the cabin roof caved in, voila, twins conceived by two different fathers.

  74. Hey, if anyone sees Starfish. Tell her to check into the Playboy archives. I’m sure they would take them and probably know who to contact for personal releases. ……. still reading

  75. you got it!! you can help me decide between the teal blue high heels and the red ones for my new jeans, too.

  76. AC, that sounds like heaven to me. i’m not a morning person – very fortunate to have a boss that understands that – although if i show up at 11am he does get a little pissy, even though i’ve been working at home.

  77. I can’t jump to a decision like that until I see what top you are going to wear…. gotta coordinate.. and look fabulous!

  78. Well Princess, that sounds wild. But soaps wouldn’t be soaps unless there was some sort of incredibly hard to buy story line. LMAO

    AC–work is what you do that most of the time—sucks!

    HEY SNAKE—how’s it going tonight?

    JT—sounds like you needed a back rub sweetie. 212 hours—i can’t even imagine it.

  79. also, if it’s not too much trouble JT, i have 18 purses still in that room with the boxes… some of them are still in style this year, so i don’t want to get rid of them…

  80. I use to princess, but lost interest when to many that were supposed to be dead came back for another season. LMAO

  81. yes, shopping is not just a passion, it is an art form to me. but at least it is one i’m good at. btw, i left a lengthy message for you at TH. hope you got it. let me know sometime.

  82. cyn, DOOL had someone come back from the dead 17 years later. it was great!!

    justto clarify, i used to watch Days with my sister, who is much older than i am, when i was about 14. watched on and off for awhile. had a husband with a no wife of mine is going to work attitude, so stayed home for 2 years (no kids) and watched Days, Another World, Texas and a lot of PBS.

    About 4 years ago had some really serious surgery and had an 8 week recovery time – so started watching it again out of sheer boredom, even though i was working at home on my computer for almost every day of the 8 weeks. still needed lots of rest during that time. since then, and my new TIVO, have kept up with it.

    aggie watches it, too. i told her i was going to stop and she told me nichole’s baby swap was going to be exposed (she switched babies with sami who had married EJ and was pregnant and then went into witness protection…) so i didn’t quit and the secret is “mostly” out. the baby switch is not out, but the fact that nichole’s baby is adopted is. EJ just doesn’t know it’s his real daughter and now he’s married to nichole (who used to be married to Lucas who is now Sami’s ex-husband). See, easy to follow…

  83. All this talk of sleep and work reminds me of something…. I better get mine, so I can do mine. Til tomorrow peeps! :cool:

  84. thank you. JT and i will have to coordinate on the candles and the flowers since he’s expressed a desire to be involved in that but, as you can tell – i love to shop and decorate justabout as much as the guys love their football!

  85. cyn, it’s just fun having another woman around….

    what do you do for work?

    g’night JT. thanks for the fun!

  86. of course you can, but don’t expect me to clean up after you all!! if you prefer sports that’s ok too. someday i’ll understand football a little bit as well.

  87. Princess I am a Management Consultant. Which is basically a real nice way of saying, when a company is having “problems” I get to go in & fire people, among other things. AND IT REALLY IS STARTING TO SUCK!! Not long ago a couple of companies called me & I lied & told them I was booked through December. It’s getting harder & harder for me to do my job when I have to sit there KNOWING these people have families to feed & watch them get axed. I would LOVE to find a job I could do from home full time but no luck yet finding anything legit. So I’m thinking about going back to school.

  88. cynth, i apologize. you’ve explained that a couple of times and i just didn’t retain the explanation with the name. forgive me. i can be a bit of a ditz sometimes.

    the company i work for is in dire straits as well. we are having serious discussions with our board of directors. i maintain that if we hold on (if we can) for 6 more months, we will see a turnaround. mfg is always slow to make a recovery, no one wants to stock shelves, they want to buy as needed. it is very, very difficult to be in this position, boost morale, and hold off the suppliers. you understand that better than most.

  89. no clue – it wasn’t the house after all. not sure what snake meant…

    maybe we confused him with all the baby stories.

    anyway cyn, been really great chatting with you. i hate to give up on you but have a full day with my family tomorrow and it will be difficult.

    definately glad you showed up in time for some chatting.

    see you all in a few days.

  90. Yes it is bad all over Snake. But I can’t take much more. What I would REALLY like to do when I do these “jobs” is go in & cut Management’s A$$ & take their “Self-given” perks to the employees. But it just doesn’t work that way & I just can’t do it this Christmas. Use to—I didn’t worry too much because I knew these people could go to another company & get a job —like –next week. Especially because I would help them do that. But now, it’s just so hard to find a job—I just don’t have the heart for it anymore. You have to be soooooooo unemotional, & detached that it’s unreal & when you know you are recommending that a man/woman get fired KNOWING they have kids & stuff—it’s just too much anymore. Ya know??

  91. I don’t think I could do it. Just not in me to be able to fire someone. I have a job title “CSM” that is all title. I handle mainly one customer, one of our companys biggest. I don’t have to deal with employee problems.

    Did you catch my “Flowers” link a few posts back?

  92. Well sweetness—it’s been a long day today & promises to be worse tomorrow, so I guess I better get my butt to bed early for a change. :lol: Life just sooooo gets in the way sometimes. :lol: So you take care, be good & don’t do anything I wouldn’t do ok??

    Goodnight AC wherever you tripped off to. :lol:

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