Getting to know you, getting to know all about you.

Laura Morett (39)   Hometown: Salem, Ore.   Occupation: Office Manager
Laura Morett (39) Hometown: Salem, Ore. Occupation: Office Manager
Laura Morett is a 39-year-old Hawaiian mother, wife of 21 years and also a grandmother. Her beauty is complimented by the fact that one of her occupations is fitness instructor, which helps her stay in shape and gives her the energy to keep up with her three kids and two-year-old grandchild. When she is not spending time with her family, working out or riding her Harley, this conservative Christian is running the lobby message center at the Oregon State Capitol building for over 400 lobbyists.

Similar religious and political beliefs, as well as the fact that her daughter had a child at 18, has Laura referring to herself as a, “fit version of Sarah Palin.” Laura enjoys listening to Christian music and is studying women’s ministry. In addition, Laura counsels couples in her church based on her experiences in a long-lasting marriage with a man she describes as her other half.

Determined and competitive, she freely admits that she wants to win SURVIVOR for the money but in doing so claims that she would never do anything to compromise her faith to get it.

Currently, Laura resides in Salem, Ore. and her birthday is July 30th.

Laura was interviewed by Andy Dehnart / September 9, 2009 for the website Reality Blurred


Brett Clouser (23)   Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif.   Occupation: T-Shirt Designer
Brett Clouser (23) Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif. Occupation: T-Shirt Designer
Brett Clouser grew up in Salem, Oregon before coming to LA in 2004 to attend Pepperdine University. After graduating with a degree in Business Administration, Clouser first decided to go the corporate route, only to find his passions were elsewhere. Brett then pursued his dream of launching a cause based clothing company which would soon become, “The Monument of Our Hearts.” An up-and-coming social entrepreneur, Clouser strives to leverage his brand to actively support and advocate for healthy body image.

Brett’s flirtatious behavior with women could be his biggest asset in the game or it could be his biggest hindrance. “I’m going to try and put up the best wall I can, but I feel like I’m going to be a sucker for a couple of them.”

Always a showman, Clouser loves to be in front of people and make them laugh. When he’s not operating his clothing company, Brett can be found in his element, the great outdoors. Never a fan of the gym, Brett enjoys trail running and extreme outdoor activities. His charm and competitive nature will make him a dynamic player and force to be reckoned with on SURVIVOR.

Brett is single and currently resides in Los Angeles, Calif. His birth date is December 27th.

Brett was interviewed by Andy Dehnart / September 13, 2009 for the website Reality Blurred

CBS video of  Meet Brett

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  1. Hi everyone, IT IS NOW 7:11 IN chi_town it LOOKS LIKE IT IS GOING TO BE a nice day today over 70 degrees,BRett CLOUSER, SEEMS like a nice personable guy ,i hope things work out for him.laura MORRETT,i DONT KNOW if i will like her, anyone who compares herself to sarah palin in anyway, im not to thrilled about.SAL, your doing a GReat job with the BIOS.

  2. Oh no anyone who is conservative and likens themself to Sarah Palin starts up my gag reflex…eecchh! As for Brett, could be an okay guy. I sure do like his cause based clothing line, and he seems to be smart. But how smart is he for Survivor? Maybe his good looks will help him with the ladies but could his good looks cut him down with some insecure males in his tribe. We shall see.

  3. I think if we could ever get a chance to see anyone else
    other than Russell H’s shenanigans we could actually
    get into SS more. I would rather enjoy watching Bretts
    comedic side. Laughter is what we all need. Not all the
    bull crap Russell H is feeding the tribe members. Sure you have
    to play the game so you can win the money, but have
    some fun too. This is a once in a lifetime thing. Enjoy!!!

    Great job Sal…way to keep us informed with the peeps.

  4. For all of us reality TV junkies….Amazing Race starts
    tonight. Now if only they would bring back The Mole.
    That was another good one. Didn’t care too much for the
    Celeb Mole. About this time of the year, I have tape
    players taping, Tivo tivoing, and real time tv watching.
    Makes me tired just linking about it.

  5. WTF….Makes me tired just thinking about it. I told you
    it makes me tired…I need to go to OZ to get a brain.

  6. I sure do identify with the taping and tv-watching. I sit with the TVguide and figure out what to watch and what to tape..I hate Sunday nights because there are always several things I want to see…and when the football (or golf or whatever) on CBS runs over it just drives me nuts…Tonight I have to hope Lifetime reruns Drop Dead Diva at 11 since I need to tape Desperate Housewives and watch the last hour of AMazing Race…oh my, what a complicated life!!!
    Have a great day everyone.

  7. AC, justa, k11, sal, moose, franks – guys… you’ll have to tell me if my avatar is changing. i’m on my 5th one for survivor, all samoan flowers btw, but even after clearing cache, i’ve reverted to an old one. i see red ginger, but i had pink tinged with salmon plumaria prior to that and now it should be a pink hibiscus.

    i was originally going to change for each person that left but the red ginger was just too phallic for me… in a visual way that is.

  8. Hey everyone, I agree mostly with everything you are saying especially fp2 as it relates to not getting to know all the players. Laura and Brett both seem like solid human beings but would like to see more of them during the show.

    Snake, great job on the bios. At least we have you to give us a glimpse into everyone’s personalities.

    As for the Sarah Palin comments, regardless of your political affiliation, she stands by what she believes and that’s not necessarily a bad quality even if you don’t agree with her beliefs. I’ve become a skeptic for politicians. Once they’re in office for 2 years, they become entrenched in the corruption of basic politics. If you want me to vote for your thing, you have to vote for my thing even if it goes against every cell in your body and they do it. Okay I’m done with political rhetoric – sorry for the rant. Makes me need a valium. :lol:

  9. Hey Prosen, my hubby and I do the same thing. What to record, what to watch, etc. TV addiction is a bitch. A very complicated life indeed! :D

  10. Princess, my avitar keeps changing between my granddaughter and my dog Sal and I don’t do anything to cause the change. Very confusing.

  11. starfish… Sarah Palin is like virtually every other politician. Her fervent beliefs correspond directly with what political persuasion is most likely to get her an audience, get her elected to public office and pays the highest financial rewards in the long haul.

  12. K11… As a former Redskin season ticket holder, am I surprised that the “deadskins” lost to to pathetic Detroit Lions? Nope!

  13. PK, isn’t that what I said, sort of? Yes each one, for the most part, is “virtually like every other politician”. Good intentions go down the drain when the boys & girls play politics, it doesn’t matter their political proclivity. She’s no different.

  14. PK, I remember when George Allen took the “old guys team” to the super bowl? I was never a Redskin fan but I was that year! You had to love em.

  15. I was kinda hoping for Baltimore to lose because a loss
    would have knocked out 12 people. It would have included
    my own daughter in there with a loss. Oh well, everyone
    has to get out for there to be a winner. So far, no one
    has been eliminated this week. I think 1 person has Dallas
    but I picked Dallas to win in another weekly pool.

  16. Starfish… George Allen’s “over the hill gang,” including several guys he brought with him from the LA Rams, were some of my drinking buddies back in the early 70’s in Georgetown. Dyron Talbert, Ron McDole, John Wilbur, Jerry Smith, Chris Hanburger, Billy Kilmer, Rusty Tillman, Mike Bragg, Larry Brown, Len Hauss, Rusty Tillman, Roy Jefferson, Rosey Taylor, Richie Petitbon, Jack Pardee, Sonny Jurgensen at the twilight of his career, Pat Fischer the greatest 5’8″ 170 pound corner back to ever play that position, and lest we forget Herb Mul-Key, the short-lived druggie kickoff and punt return wonder who drifted in off the streets of DC to return a second half Miami kickoff for a touchdown and who Howard Cosell listed on Monday Night football as “attended None College” which on the roster meant he did not attend college and brought out a few well deserved chuckles from Frank Gifford.

  17. Thanks PK, I couldn’t remember “over the hill gang”. What a recap of the team. Now I remember why I loved that team because some were former Rams. :) You had a great group of drinking buddies and Howard Cosell, priceless. Don’t remember the “attended None College” or the “deserved chuckles” from Frank Gifford but I remember him.

    i can’t believe you remember all their names. Do you keep all these stats & info in your head? Wow, impressive!

  18. princess, Your avatar change worked and it look great. Fits your name perfectly. I could look at pretty flowers all day long sister…

    franniep2, Glad you bailed on the Skins and Eagles and took Los Gigantes. TB is pretty poor this season. And did they score 0 points? That’s the same number we scored here in this SS Chat Room!

    PK, The Redskins seem to have little pep on offense and I thought Jim Zorn would change the O more. Jason Campbell, well, time to give my boy Colt Brennan (Hawai’i) some playing time. Remember the Over The Hill gang and your referense on that kick returner who came in off the street! lol Washington’s done for the season.

    starfish. Ditto the politics feel. Could you send a Valium Vegas way? With lobbyists and a lame Congress it’s like the middle class has no say in anything and they expect us to bear the burden of everything while they sell our futures up the river. Wonder what percentage of the gov’t and the administration are lawyers? Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin must be shitting their pants in that Great Nation in the Sky.

  19. franniep2, Looking ahead to next week in the NFL, I think almost either team could win every game on the schedule so I expect some flies to drop from your pool. There is a lot of parity in the league all of a sudden.
    The Bears (over Lions at Chicago), Texans (over Raiders at Houston) and the Colts (over Seahawks at Indianapolis) look like the most obvious choices and I’m pretty sure you haven’t burned (used) any of those 3 yet. Justgo 1 week at a time and remember the homfield can be a big advantage and certain teams suck on the road. Detroit was 0-8 on the road last year while Oakland was 3-5 and Seattle was 2-6. That’s just 5 total wins out of 24 games away from home for these 3 and Seattle is the only one of these that can be considered a decent team. You can pick another W next week and seek out the bad teams on the road. Good luck girl. 8) k11

  20. Hope Laura doesn’t talk politics in camp could get pretty ugly.
    Politics and Religion topic is a no no in real life.

  21. kinogirl, What’s going on Philly? Hard to tell much from SS after 2 shows and I’m starting to miss Big Brother and its’ voyeuristic camrea feeds already. Hopefully will get to see more of the Galu Tribe as it seems it has been all about the bald Russell and his plotting so far. The way CBS edits, he may be gone sooner than later as they have shown an awful lot of him. Thought Thursday’s show was great.

  22. Hey Kevin eleven

    Eagles have a win tonight

    It’s a long way till Thursday. Hard to keep good conversation going about Survivor

  23. kinogirl, Saw Philly’s win. It seems they have found something at QB with this Kevin Kolb kid and all the talk is about Micheal Vick coming back and Donovan McNabb’s injury. Absolutely love DeSean Jackson and the start he’s got off to this season.

    Yeah, it is tough to talk Survivior with so little revealed and just one show a week. Looks like an interesting season and you probably saw they did All-Stars for Survivor 20 next season already with many of the favorites from the recent past. You can Gooogle “Survivor 20″ and find some good stuff if you want. I’m going to check out The Amazing Race season premiere here in 15 minutes. Hope all is well with you, as like you, I have endured some tough times this year, losing my job in January. We’ll pull through it sister, trust me. 8) k11

  24. In a desperate effort to keep pace with our own King Avatar, Augustus Cole, I have notched my 6th avatar to the upper right, this one of a humongous burrito they offer up at the NASCAR Cafe here in Las Vegas and a baby. The burrito is the one on the right! 8)

    Over……………………..22 1/2…………………Under

    > Runners and studderers count only as one fart

  25. K11 the valiums on the way. :)

    I agree with Kinogirl, Thursday is a long way off and it’s difficult to keep up discussion. At least San Diego won today since the Raiders really stink!

  26. is anybody an amazing race fan here ? It was a good show they were in Japan and Vietnam two couples were eliminated today it was a 2 hr. show.

  27. starfish, God bless you. 8)

    aggie, I’m watching The Amazing Race right now in Las Vegas. Great start and great teams, including a couple pro poker plays (Tiffany Michelle). Cool how one team was eliminated before even leaving the starting line. Cool twist. Love this show. Big Brother, Survivor and The Amazing Race 1,2,3 in my crib.

    So did everyone’s teams win here today? franniep2’s pick (Giants) hit, Da Bears did us Chicagoans and former Chicagoans proud, the Eagles won, the Chargers won, justaguy’s Vikings won on a last-minute bomb and Augustus Cole’s Saints won to go to 3-0. Wonder where princess is from and if her team won… Anyway, too bad we didn’t parlay the Giants-Eagles-Vikings-Saints-Bears-Chargers. A $50 bet would have paid $2,000 here (40-1) in Thin Thitty. justagirlwithacrazydream

    PGA, Who’s your team in FLA? Bucs, Fish or Jags?

  28. Kevin 11, SOme people already dont like the poker players, It was funny that one asian girl had the hardest time eating the wasabi, sushi stuff, she had to eat it twice. it was a good show, theirs always something good going on, always something to talk about . So it looks like ME ,you and FRANNIE I think are the only ones on here ,that watch the showthat i know of.

  29. aggie, 40 minutes left in Amazing Race here. Funny how everyone knows the poker players are poker players although they are trying to pretend they’re not. That one dude in the Ho Chi Min City airport blew their cover and Tiffany Michelle should have never admitted it, knowing that was their bluff, so to speak.

  30. kevin11, The duck hearding thing, would have drove me out of my mind .They were so annoying, Man i would be screaming , I would literally need several VALIUMS. WHAT i love about that show ,they really make them work for the money. They have them doing some pretty scary stuff, people are terrified sometimes but still do it.

  31. Amazing Race — yes
    Football team — no
    almost always here somewhere
    Survivor Samoa — time for some fresh meat to get camera time

  32. KEVIN, very cool to see the harlem globetrotters on there, to their not liking the poker players to much. I think the next time they do another amazing race, its suppose to be an allstar show which is even cooler ,I hear they are going to have ROb and AMBER AGAIN.

  33. k11 thanks for the survivor 20 tip I’ll look into it to see who will be playing

    Are we talking about amazing race here or is there another site I should know about?

    Well, the poker gals on amazing race are after the gay guys. I guess they aren’t observant as they seem to think.

  34. hi, k11. thanks for the confirmation on the avatar. on yours here i see shambo! never did see PK’s pic of lucky. i’m in washington state so seagulls or seahawks, something like that. there’s some sorta baseball team too, a friend goes to games in seattle and i think there’s a basketball team, too.

    now if you want me to list every shade that bare escentuals (cosmetics) makes, i can do that!

  35. Ok these two people sound pretty decent, minus the Sarah P. comment. Wish we could see more of them. That fraction of a person Russell is hogging the whole show so far. Makes me long for BB again & the BBAD. Never did do the live feeds. But BBAD was good. Gave you plenty of time to see who was who. One hour a week is not enough. For all I know Russell is a sweet, charming, gentle, caring man. (gagging here) But all we see are the BAD things. If it weren’t for Snake’s great job, I wouldn’t know anything about anbody.

  36. K11…My pick was the NY Giants. My home team are
    the St. Louis Rams. Wish I could brag on them but so
    far, nothing to brag about.
    In my family, my son ALWAYS roots for Denver Broncos
    and my grandson always takes KC Chiefs. They don’t care
    which team they are playing. Now that’s dedication. It’s
    always fun when they play each other. They don’t even wear Rams jersys, always Broncos or Chiefs.

    Thanks for next weeks tips. I usually don’t decide until I
    check out several sites that show expert picks. However I
    do listen to your advice too.

  37. Watched Amazing Race too. Boy, we don’t realize how
    good we have it here in the USA. I wanted to see the
    yoga instructors make it further. I think they could have
    done real good.

  38. At the top of this page next to home, the other sites for reality shows are set up different. Why? Kind of hard to follow. Check it out and if there are better site, somebody please give me a clue.

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