Hatred sparked by Galu Chief!!!!!

‘Survivor: Samoa’ recap: I’m with stupid!

Dreadlocked Russell and Shambo compete for the highly coveted title of Dumbest Survivor

 By Dalton Ross  of Entertainment Weekly     ———————————————————————————————-

I knew this was gonna spark some controversy! A bunch of lowly, lazy cast-a-ways sit and doNOTHING when the chicken esccapes but Shambo gets all the blame. I have no respect for Russell S., seems to me as chief he should of had the whole tribe looking to catch that chicken, they all get to enjoy the eggs but don’t have to help catch it!

I don’t agree with Dalton that Shambo told the entire Foa Foa tribe was a dumb move!  She was fairly sure that someone had found the Idol, so why not let the whole tribe know so that they can speculate where/who has it!

See Shambo’s Condo The women definately has a strange side to her personality!!

Annnnnnnnnnnd here is Jeff!

Jeff Probst blogs ‘Survivor: Samoa': episode #5

Man oh man. If you have any kind of a heart, you have to be feeling for Foa Foa. It’s been a long time since a tribe has performed this poorly. You’d have to go all the way back to Survivor: Palau when Stephanie’s tribe was decimated week by week until she was the only person left in her tribe.

I have to stand up for all of the Survivors from this season. It was a very difficult shoot. The rain was constant and it took a real toll on everybody, crew included. It’s so easy to sit at home and say ”oh just get over it,” but it truly is an extremely difficult experience to undergo.

99.99% of the people who say they want to play Survivor, couldn’t handle Survivor. It is an ass-kicking, humility inducing, physically exhausting, and mentally taxing test of the human spirit. In spite of all the challenging comments I make about the Survivors, at the end of the day, I take my hat off to them for embarking on this adventure.

I really do believe that at times the contestants are happy to come to tribal simply to get warm. It’s so hard to send them back to camp especially when it’s pouring down rain and you know their fire has been extinguished by the rain and they’re probably going to have another very wet and cold night.


Ah, I’m so glad I didn’t have to sample any of the Survivor Smoothie’s. They were chunky, smelly, nasty concoctions. The guts of a sea slug? Come on. What kind of a sick mind thinks of this stuff? Oh that’s right, we do. My bad.

INSIGHT: The foods that we use for these types of challenges are not just randomly selected. We always have a local person advising us on the types of foods that locals eat on a regular basis. Once we have a list, we then cull it down to the most unusual and ”gross” foods to serve to the Survivors. As disgusting as the food may seem, we always take precautions to make sure the food is ‘’safe” and is served as it would be to locals. Then again when it’s sea slug guts, there’s really not much you can do other than serve it up.

PERSONAL INSIGHT: The only times I have tried foods in the past are the grubs from Survivor: Borneo, (the crunchy head was the toughest part to get down) the cows blood from Survivor: Kenya (it came straight from the cow into our glasses and tasted like tomato juice), and finally the baked tarantula (I can’t remember which season it was from) which was disgusting. Other than that I always find a way to be ”busy” when there is testing to be done.

Dave Ball and Eric did a good job of getting to Ashlee by making gagging sounds and taunting her about what she was drinking. Challenges like this one are a great example of mind over matter. There isn’t anything in those smoothies that you physically can’t get down your throat; it’s simply a choice where you put your energy and what thoughts you allow in your mind. If you spend all your energy focusing on how bad something is, you are only making it that much more difficult. Ashlee wasn’t able to block it out and she paid the price. The ultimate price.

Russell sent a huge signal to Shambo by sending her back over to Foa Foa, thus eliminating her from the reward feast. Three Galu members sat out of the Survivor Smoothie challenge and yet they all got to eat steak as reward. Shambo was one of the five who had to gut it out and she gets sent away again…? Being a leader is tough, but that move left a mark for sure and it also sent a big message to Foa Foa – Shambo is a free agent. If Shambo makes it to the merge, payback could be painful for Galu.

Russell is really starting to ”feel” the leadership role. The conversation with Russell and Dave Ball regarding making fire was about as annoying as it gets for me. Just step up and make the damn fire. Dave, quit being so passive aggressive. And Russell, when Dave offers to shake hands and make up, stick your damn hand out. Ah, but that is so easy to say when you’re not in the middle of the game of Survivor. Suffering through every minute of every hour of every day…for 39 days…if you’re lucky.

Did you see the rain during the immunity challenge? DUMPING. I love it.

PERSONAL INSIGHT: Nothing makes me happier than rain during a challenge. I am always hustling the crew when I see clouds coming. ”Let’s go, let’s step it up so we’re ready to shoot!” They usually remind me, ”Uh, we are ready to shoot Jeff. Been ready for an hour. You’re the one still fussing with your hair.” Okay that’s a lie, I don’t fuss with my hair, that’s part of the reason I wear a hat. I really do have the greatest job in the world. I throw on a shirt, shorts, a cap and some flip-flops and yell things like ”pick up your coconuts.” Who knew life could be this good? But I will say again here and now – the short sleeve shirts are gone after this season. It was an experiment that didn’t work. I look ridonkulous.

Liz is in trouble. Uh-oh. She challenged Russell. Wow, did you see him turn? He turned in a matter of three seconds. He is frightening. ”You’re walking on thin ice. Right now. Let me tell you. Thin ice. Period.” Whoa. That dude is scary. No wonder nobody votes him out. I wouldn’t. I don’t want him mad at me. Liz survived tonight because of the tremendous effort she gave at the Immunity Challenge. That is the only thing that will save her in the future. Big time effort. Russell has his sights set on taking her out and from what I’ve seen ‘ole Russell is not quick to forgive.

For those of you who respond to this blog, I’d love to hear from you regarding your two favorites to make it to the end and the two you’d least like to see win and why. I’m always curious whom the audience is pulling for. Is it the people who are standing out the most? The most likable? Are there any dark horses in the running? Does anybody want Evil Russell to make it to the end?

The most interesting thing about Tribal Council was the two very different reactions that Russell and Natalie had after voting out Ashlee. Russell was his typical joyful self but Natalie appeared truly sad to have voted out her friend.

It’s interesting because as the game continues, those little nuances begin to play a much larger role in the game. Russell had just said he trusted Ashlee and more importantly he sat there as Ashlee said she trusted him. Then he voted for her, they all did. As the votes were read, Russell was almost laughing he was so happy. That sends a signal to the others that ”trust” is a loose word with Russell. I think it’s one of his most glaring giveaways. He can’t control his reactions and sooner or later I think it is going to catch up to him.


INSIGHT: Way back in 2000 at the end of our first episode of the first season, we were getting ready to record the very first ”Next time on…Survivor
.” We were in the voice-over booth and we had a bit of a showdown as I was insistent that we leave enough time in the show for a dramatic pause between ”next time on… ” and ”Survivor.” It was one second. One silly second. But when you put a network show together, every single second counts. I’m not exaggerating. You find yourself trimming one second here, two seconds there. So to ”waste” a second for a pause was not something that was normally done, especially for a seemingly meaningless line like ”next time on.” But from the beginning Mark and I always we wanted the show to look and sound different and this was one of the many, albeit small, ways we endeavored to stay true to that philosophy. To this day the pause still lives…

Next week’s episode features one of the scariest moments I’ve had in my entire run on Survivor. Check that – the scariest. I’m not trying to over hype. I’m just giving you a tease. I don’t want you to get your expectations so high that you’re let down, but I am going to be honest that for a few seconds during next week’s episode I was really worried we were in danger of losing a contestant… forever


Dalton Ross’s interview with Ashley from Foa Foa.

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  1. VERY good intro Snake!! And almost everything Jeff P. said has already been stated by someone on this blog. Does he read this I wonder?? :lol: And he’s right, he probably has the best job in the world, besides being an official NFL butt patter, which is what I wanted to be growing up. :lol:

    PK—went back & read last night’s posts. “Though Aerosmith composed the music for and originally performed that song in the movie “Armageddon,” Steven Tyler could only write a lyric like that in his dreams. Credit the one and only Diane Warren with that incredible lyric.” Duly noted my friend. But I just love the song & Aerosmith.

    Shelley, I posted this last night but I will do it again in case you don’t read it there. I am very sorry to hear about your friend.

  2. Well damn—I’m here bright & early & there’s STILL nobody here. Doesn’t that just suck for me. :sad: :lol: I guess I’ll go do laundry or something. OH–wait—it’s 9:12am, clear to partly cloudy, highs BACK in the 80s today & IT’S DAYLIGHT!! :twisted:

  3. Cynthia… I like Aerosmith too, but I wanted to give credit where credit is due for the incredible lyric. Most people don’t really know who writes the songs, just who performs them. Just as Aerosmith is one of the greatest bands with hits dating back to the 80’s. so to is Diane Warren one of the greatest lyricists in recent history.

    Fortunately I am the one in my marriage with the sharp memory. My wife just called and said she forgot her purse AGAIN, so off I go from Mobile to Daphne, Alabama, AGAIN… later…

  4. GOOD MORNING everyone, ITs 8:19 on a pretty nice day, not to cold out. I really am not to sure who I want to make it to the end of survivor, I really like Shambo, Monica, Liz, Eric, Dave,MIck, Brett,John. If any one of them win I would not mind at all.CYnthia, nice to seeyou on. Phillip, I do believe your stories you have had such a rich life sometimes people, find it hard to believe.

  5. Okay, haven’t been on much but have been reading EVERYTHING! I really don’t have a favorite at this point which is unusual but I have 2 distinct NOT favorites! I would really hate to see either of the Russells win anything. I don’t like how either of them are playing the game, one is working to destroy his team, the other just seems not too bright (who wouldn’t have taken the damn tarp?! and punishing Shambo for the chicken, are you kidding me, why not find the stupid bird?!!) I feel frustrated with this cast, why didn’t all the girls on Foa Foa speak, compare notes and get that idiot out right away?? BIG MISTAKE!!
    Oh yea, almost forgot 49 degrees and generally yukky here in Chicago!
    Seperate issue, saw Jeff and Jordan on the really awards for reality tv and they won best duo and said yes, they are still together!! Good for them!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hi HOLLY, nice to hear from another Chicagoan… 49f and cloudy in Friday Harbor too. I thought Jeff’s girlfriend was Julie Berry… is Jordan someone new for him? And AGGIE, my favorite Chicagoan, your last sentence has never been truer.

    Thanks again for the links Sal… Nice to see the direction back to the best show in anticipation to tonight. Dalton’s interviews with the losers are fun and insightful. And, great to see Courtney again… I do hope she is on 20. Liked hearing Ashley’s take on Russell.

    Fun to hear Jeff’s take on things. I love behind the scenes stuff. Interesting comment on the 1 sec. pause. That is a classic line. I remember one time a Survivor said they would try to get close to the crew to smell them to see what kind of food they had been eating.
    I don’t think Russell S. will leave the show since they are hyping it so much. So if he stays on, I would love to see the two Russells in the final 3… maybe with Dave. I don’t think any women will make it this time. If so, then Elizabeth.

  7. morning all….
    Just in case there are any ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ fans out
    here, 10 guys & 10 girls made it to the top 20 as of last nights show.
    We have a pretty good mix of styles….tap, contempory, ball room,
    krump, jazz, hip-hop, and b-boy. You have to feel the excitement
    for the ones that made it through and disappointment for those that
    didn’t. One of the girls that was put through turned it down because
    she got an offer to be in a movie. It better be a musical because
    she was a great dancer. She is also pretty, so I guess that never
    hurt anyone.
    Next week, the top 20 perform different dances (depending on who
    their choreographer (sp) is. Then 1 girl and 1 guy will be eliminated.
    Always eliminations…

    aggie….Ghosthunters show was in Chicago at the Congress Theater.
    Strange things going on there!!!

    10:05 in Chesterfield, Mo. with a temperature of 57 degrees. It is
    raining and expected to rain all day and into tomorrow.

  8. Hi FRANNIE… I tape SYTYCD for my granddaughter (Glee too) each week. Then when the voting starts… guess whose on my couch? So I kind of watch by osmosis. She calls me when it’s one of the dancers I like. I think it is the better of the two dance shows. Really more about the dancing. There is something smarmy and forgettable about Dancing With The Stars.

  9. Yea…and they are everyday people getting a chance to show
    what they can do. Some have made it to DWTS as a pro with
    one of the celebs. Good show. Everybody needs to give it a shot.

  10. Ted…I read that Mary Murphy, the woman judge, was raped
    and beaten by her husband for nine years while married to the creep.
    I don’t think it would take me that long to figure out what I
    needed to do. Maybe we didn’t hear the whole story but come on
    girl….we shouldn’t have to go through that.

  11. Chelsey, my all time fave, and Demetri! I thought the first Bollywood Dance 2 shows ago was the one of the best.

  12. Hello Aggie, PK, Ted, Frannie, & Holly. Stop in anytime Holly & post away. :lol: I know this isn’t my usual time of day to be here but just wanted to stop back by & se who all is up & about. :lol:

    As for a favorite to win, I don’t have one yet. I never know until after the merge. And I’m usually wrong anyway—-BUT—I do pick faves then.

    Frannie how is your kitty doing?? I hope she is better.

  13. Hey Days fans….Nicole is about to get just what she deserves.
    Rejected at last by Brady….Good for him.

  14. Glad to hear kitty is better frannie. Yeah—it is somewhat “different”, for lack of a better word, to be on here during the day. I don’t think my body cares for it much. I caught myself earlier JUST before my head hit the keyboard. Body wants to snooze. :lol:

  15. Is this a survivor blog? was looking to join one but seems like everyone on here is talking about other stuff. I guess it is expected because it is one episode a week.
    As for survivor Evil Russell, Erik and Jaison are my favourite so far but I am sure it will change as I get to know them more.
    Evil Russell is fun to watch, not boring like John (yawn).

  16. Whoa FRANNIE… just read what you said about Mary M. I don’t think she would put up with it today… hope he got what he deserved. Which Judge do you like the most?

  17. FYI……BB INFO I just read

    October 20, 2009
    For three months in the Big Brother house, theirs was the Showmance That Wasn’t. Jeff and Jordan had a chemistry that was undeniable but perplexing — although they made an adorable couple, their relationship seemed stuck at a perpetual slow boil.

    Turns out getting back to the real world was just what they needed to turn up the heat because not only did BB 11 winner Jordan walk away with half a million dollars, she also walked out of the house with a best-friend-turned-boyfriend.

    “Yes we are!” Jordan Lloyd, 23, tells PEOPLE when asked if she and Jeff Schroeder, 30, are finally an item. “We never really talked about it. It just kind of happened.”

    The champ and America’s Favorite Player have been inseparable since the finale. For ad salesman Jeff, being away from the cameras and the competition opened his eyes to a different side of the small-town waitress who ended up capturing his heart.

    “I liked her on the show, that was obvious,” he tells PEOPLE, “but after the show ended I liked her even more. I get in trouble when I say that, because Jordan is like, ‘You didn’t like me on the show, and now you like me!?’ but what I mean is that I like her even more now that I see who she is outside of the BB house.”

    That includes what Jordan has decided to do with her newfound wealth, which is to stand by her pre-show promise and buy her mother a home. “Right after the show,” she says, “I got on the Internet, but I couldn’t find anything, and to make matters worse, my mom was being so picky. But I finally found something, and when my mom looked at it she fell in love with it!”

    Another effect of Jordan’s run on the show, her newfound celebrity, came into play when sitting down with the builders of the house. “We closed on Wednesday,” she tells PEOPLE, “and I had put an offer on the house that was lower than what they were asking, and they took it because they were fans of the show, and they knew who I was. They just wanted an autograph, not even an autographed picture!”

    And what does a new Lloyd family home mean for the happy couple? Well, for the first time in years, Jordan, who unabashedly admitted on national television to being forced to share a bedroom with her mother, finally has four walls to call her own. “I got my bed back!” she says. “My bed was at my best friend Chelsea’s house, and now I have that back for my room.”

    After being locked up together for three months, and non-stop side-by-side, it’s hard for the pair to say that things have moved fast, but in the short period since season 11 ended, there have been trips to each other’s hometowns and meet-the-parents moments, although to these BB veterans, those weren’t big feats.

    “I thought that the biggest hurdle in a relationship was taking a dump in front of each other,” Jeff says with a laugh. “We cleared that in the BB house. As far as the relationship goes we have a leg up. We’ve fast forwarded a year!”

    As for whether or not things have gotten intimate, or to use Jordan’s bizarre euphemism, whether or not “booger” is in their immediate future, the Southern belle plays it close to her chest, and says with a laugh, “I think he’s waited long enough.” –Reagan Alexander

    Sonja Flemming/CBS

  18. Ted….I don’t really have a favorite judge, but if I have to pick
    just one….I would say Adam Shankman. Marys scream can really
    get on ones nerves. Nigel is a fuddy duddy, but it wouldn’t be the
    same if anyone of them left. I really like Mia Michaels routines.

  19. I’ve seen several of the promos for tonight’s episode of Survivor Samoa and. not to take away from Russell H’s dumb ass alliance, but the survivor production crew who planned a blindfolded challenge anywhere near hard objects with hard, abrupt elevated corners comes in a close second for pure stupidity.

  20. fp2:
    I watch SYTYCD. And I had my eye on Paula Van Oppen from the beginning. She is a very good dancer and is very pretty. I was really looking forward to seeing more of her. Was happy to hear she made it to the top 20, but felt let down to find out she turned them down for a movie role. :sad:

    I’m not a big fan of DWTS. But I did watch a bit last year, only cause I really liked Melissa Rycroft from The Bachelor, and Shawn Johnson the cute lil gymnast. And I was happy to see Chelsie Hightower and Lacey Schwimmer from SYTYCD were now pro partners on there. 8)

    My favorite judge on SYTYCD is probably Nigel Lythgow. But I must say, I do like them all as a team, even the guess judges when they’re on. They’re usually spot on.

  21. I just don’t want evil Russell to win. Anyone but him and i wish Liz would have confided with the other’s about how E.R. talked to her. I would have blown up if i had been her. fat Russ needs to be outted as the control freak he is.

  22. AC…did you hear Adam Shankman is not a perm. judge?
    I also like the guest judges, esp. Lil C. He cracks me up. :lol:

  23. I am with you on that tendr, but there are lots of folks on
    here that like him. I just usually read and keep my opinions
    to myself regarding Russell H.

  24. As far as Survivor Samoa. I must say bald Russell has become one of my all time favorite players. He is entertaining to watch. He is sneaky and devious but is also a great competitor. So I would like to see him win. I don’t care if he’s already a millionaire. This season would be boring without him. :mrgreen:

  25. Sorry AC, I didn’t think you heard me talking to tendr. :roll:
    You are right though….it would be rather boring. Kinda like
    the final 2 or 3 on BB.

  26. I am going to have to check out ,so you think you can dance I have never seen it,I am looking forward to survivor I hope everythingis o.k. with Russell s.

  27. It is nice to see that JEFF and JORdaN are still together, but long distance relationships usually dont last, if they can keep things going good for them.

  28. fp2, Thanks for the update on Jeff and Jordan. I don’t catch a lot of that news (I didn’t even know there was a Really Awards), so it’s always nice when someone keeps me informed on those things. I agree w/aggie, long distance is tough. I didn’t see them being together for very long after BB.. time will tell. Hope it works for them.

  29. I agree with P K completely regarding the challenge where Russell gets hurt. Not too bright. And AUGUSTUS… it is nice to see someone else who knows how to pick the best players. Also agree about Marisa… the only thing I’m not happy with Russell about. Well almost 5 so I better go. See you after Survivor.

    AGGIE… you will like SYTYCD!

  30. Ted, During my back and forth with starfish about the Vikings possibly moving to LA for 2012, you had a good point…. LA does need a new stadium. Did you see that Arnold Schwhatshisname signed a bill today to build a new stadium in LA? Hmmmmm….. I’m just sayin’…

  31. PK, Yes, Steven Tyler probably does wish he had written that song, but I wouldn’t discount his writing ability. True, Aerosmith does have hits dating back to the 80s, but when I think of Aerosmith, I think of the early and mid 70s. Dream On & Sweet Emotion.. now there’s 2 songs I wish I had written.

  32. One thing I’ll say for Russell H is that he has the right idea about dealing with the rain and cold. I have worked outdoors through many Minnesota winters. The harder you work, the warmer you are. I remember times that I took off my jacket & gloves while working in single digit temps…. because I was too warm. Having said that… I don’t miss it!!(LOL)

  33. WTF?? Nobody wins the challenge? I thought they would at least give both tribes the pizza. Maybe they didn’t have enough to go around for all?….. mmmm, pizza… I’m getting hungry! :lol:

  34. As much asi dont like RUSSELL H ,the man truly deserves to be there ,everyone one else is shivering and complaining ,and he acts like its not that big a deal, He is one tough S.O.B. for sure.As far as RUssell S goes I felt really bad for him, nobody deserves to go out like that, I hope things will continue to be good for him. Im glad to see the guys on galu would rather have SHambo over MONica, in spite of mistakes she has made she is agood worker and better competitor, over Monica, But unfortunately LIz is at the top of RUSSELLH list ,I hope she can manage to keep herself in the game.

  35. Sure!! I leave the game for a minute and look what happens…. Yankees score 6 to take a 6-4 lead.

  36. you have to give it to the angels they are really fighting for this. I am a die hard yankee fan and do want them to go all the way, but if Angels beat them I will have to go with the angels over philly.
    how about you jt?

  37. Damnit!! I missed Margie… sh#t!! Good to hear from ya Margie.. sorry I stepped away for a while. Me? I just want to see some drama in the play-offs. I no longer have a “horse in the race” (thanks to your Yankees! LOL).

  38. Well I’ve been told he is “hunting” me & before a friend knew it was the wrong thing to do—they told this person I hang out on the blogs about Survivor & Big Brother. BUT I keep telling myself there must be hundreds of these blogs, so only time will tell.

  39. Oh hell I might as well just say it. IF this person shows up here, all I need is the IP addy. I can handle it from there. No worries.

  40. It was really sad how he was taken out of the game. I bet they thought he was going to die. His heart rate dropped so low so fast it was crazy. I felt really bad for him. He really wanted to stay. And I also think they should have given everyody pizza since they canceled the challenge.

  41. Good picture JT. But take your sunglases off of your forehead. LMAO

    Snake–I seem to have 2 addresses. comcast & gmail. They were both on the e-mail I saved for the url to the other site.

  42. That’s the 3rd “picture” of me submitted (where is PGA Dok anyway?) What next? AC submitting a picture of me as Frosty The Snowman?

  43. I’m pretty sure I know why BBBlogger hasn’t crossed out Ashley. She lives in the same town (just across town from here). That wouldn’t go over very well in Maple Grove!

  44. kev11 asked me that back in the BB days. I think he wanted to see if we were separated at birth… we do think alike… most of the time! People often confused us on here.

  45. Once again,.. AC takes his cue! I knew that was coming. AC, does Monica have much longer left on the show? Do you need to pay her a last tribute before next Thursday? :cool:

  46. That flower on my hat… I gotta confess, I stole it from princess.. she has enough.. she wont miss it!! Shhh, don’t tell her… she’ll melt my a$$!!

  47. Well I guess it’s time for me to go to bed now. Sooooooooo—I’ll “see” you all later. Goodnight JT, AC, & Snake!! Be good. :lol:

  48. LMFAO @ both of you!! A little fun at my expense tonight huh? That’s fun for all! Tomorrow is Friday!! Woohoo!!….. oh sh#t!! Did I say “Friday”?… Isn’t that a work day? F#CK!! I gotta get my partially melted a$$ to bed!! I can still get justa ’nuff sleep to get me through a Friday…. it’s been a pleasure.. as always! ...now if I can just get my frosty a$$ up the stairs without sliding back down....

  49. I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU GUYS… you are either drunk or on drugs! That’s the problem with getting on here so late. HARDLY ANYBODY is talking about Survivor! I’m sorry for Russell going out that way… I think it will haunt him forever. And the other Russell showed mind over matter. That guy is driven. And Girls… isn’t he starting to look cute now that he’s lost a little weight? I’m sure you wouldn’t mind cuddling up with him to keep warm out there. I do agree with JT about Erick being chief. Wonder what Dave will think of that? And Shambo… looks like she will live to fight another day. Those other women on Galu might be in big trouble. I was glad they didn’t have to vote anyone off tonight, and for a minute thought Jeff might pull a merge at TC. And SNAKE… as our chief… it’s time to get out the red pen.

  50. Thanks for the INfo Jt, I will check it out monday on fox then. Survivor is on 7:00 pm. in CHicago, im just wondering why no one comes on here after the show ? I dont know when its on in everyones time zone, but it comes on early here.

  51. TED, NO way would i ever want to snuggle with Russell H ,I think he is good for the show, he has proven himself to be atough guy, I tseems Ted you have a little crush ,you seem to like him more than anybody.I agree about nobody being on, i had just said that earlier.

  52. I was sad to hear that Soupy Sales, the rubber-faced comedian whose anything-for-a-chucklecareer was built on 20,000 pies to the face and 5,000 live TVappearances across a half-century of laughs, has died. He was 83.

    I met Soupy Sales in 1975 when he came to Sacramento to appear in ‘Funny Thing Happened At the Forum’ at the Music Circus. At the time I was hosting a TV show called ‘Right Here In River Cities’. It was a magazine type show and we interviewed all the celebrities. I was a bit nervous to meet him because I had no idea what to expect and was afraid he would make me look inadequate. I had only been on the job for six months and he was the biggest star yet. I picked up Soupy and his girlfriend at his hotel and drove them to the station. We did the interview, and I know he could tell I was a novice. He was very gracious and humble, and made me look like I knew what I was doing. After we were done, he said he wanted to see Old Sacramento and get a drink. Old Sacramento is a restored part of town… the first few streets actually, with most of the old buildings from the 1850’s saved. There is a restaurant that has some swinging saloon doors inside. I was late afternoon and we were the only ones there. After a few drinks he started making entrances thru the doors as different cowboy actors. When he did John Wayne we were on the floor. Then I took them to the theater for the show. I will never forget him.

  53. INteresting story TEd, I do remember SOUPY SAles HE seemed like a good guy to me, I had not seen him in years, I thought he was dead.It was good to see he had along life.

  54. Ha Ha… you would think, huh! I thought I would share something, since everyone is so interested in hearing stories. But back to Survivor… I thought there were some very interesting observations. I’m more impressed with John each week, and thought that was funny when he and Eric were telling Shambo who they were voting for without saying Monica’s name. I bet Monica won’t go next from Galu. AGGIE… I can’t hide my admiration for Russell. Best Survivor Yet, but I sure as hell wouldn’t snuggle with him either. See you tomorrow!

  55. 6:25 in St. Peters, Mo. with a temp. of 55 degrees.
    Rain is almost over. Got nearly 2 inches. (of rain)
    Should be heading you way aggie, if it’s not already there.

    Good story Ted….Glad to hear other peoples stories
    from their past. Eveybody has them if they think back.
    Usually when something is mentioned is when we
    remember. Loved to watch Soupy Sales. He played alot
    on game shows. I too thought he was already dead.
    He was someone we never heard much about in
    his later years.
    It will be a very sad day at our house when….Jerry Lewis
    passes on. Always like that man and what he does.

  56. I just love talking to myself in the morning. I should come on
    with another name just so I can carry on a conversation
    with myself. :wink: :lol:

  57. I hope you guys don’t take me serious….I’m just kidding
    around. Probably no one will even see this. Most are
    waiting for the new blog to come up.

    Later all….gotta get ready to leave for work. :sad:

  58. FRANNIE, your funny, yes unfortunately the rain is already here, its been dreary the last few days. its 8:03 hope it gets better later.That was something last night with Russell wasnt it ,I felt so bad for him nobody deserves to go out like that.

  59. In Russell S’s case, a muscular physique does not always yield better endurance, particularly when one’s body is under prolonged stress.

  60. Sorry to see Russell go out like that.
    I hope Erik in not the new leader of Galu because that will put a huge target on him. Hope it is Dave.

  61. Evil Russell is one tough little man. It seems like he is not afraid of anything except strong women who are not afraid to tell him the truth(Marissa, Betsty, and now Liz)

  62. Okay Ted from chicago, sorry about that Jeff and Jordan reference but if you read further you would have realized it was from Big Brother. A lot of people on this site were also BB fans so that was my little update and then Frannie outdid me with even more details! Back to survivor, what a bunch of bs that no one got pizza!! I agree it should have been pizza for all! The mere suggestion that we women would find that little schemer Russell even remotely attractive made me throw up a little in my mouth, YUK!!

    Forgot again, 52 degress and absolutely crappy outside! Later kids!

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