Hmmmmm, If your bored at this moment. This may…..

renew your interest for the next season. That gives you two views, if your really interested check out some of the others.

The calendar is a outline of the filming of SS20, click on the logo to view!calendar

Just as a reminder so you can compare is a list of probables on True Dork Times with the list below. <—– click on the link in the sentenace above for the list (SS20 Good vs. Evil)  

Listed by the Survivor episode they were in!

Not on: JT Thomas, Stephen Fishbach, Erinn Lobdell, Sierra Reed, Joe Dowdle, Spencer Duhm, Sandy Burgin
On: Coach Wade, JT Thomas, Tyson Apostol
Unclear: Taj Johnson-George (For)


  Not on: Bob Crowley, Susie Smith, Crystal Cox, Ace Gordon
On: Sugar Kiper, Randy Bailey
Unclear: Ken Hoang (Against)


  Not on: Alexis Jones, Erik Reichenbach, Ozzy Lusth, Eliza Orlins, Yau-Man Chan, Jonny Fairplay, Natalie Bolton
On: Amanda Kimmel, James Clement, Cirie Fields, Parvati Shallow
Unclear: Jonathan Penner


  Not on: Todd Herzog, Erik Huffman, Peih-Gee Law, Frosti Zernow, Jaime Huffman, Jean-Robert Bellande
On: Amanda Kimmel, Courtney Yates, James Clement
Unclear: ?


  Not on: Earl Cole, Yau-Man Chan, Michelle Yi
On: None?


  Not on: Yul Kwon?, Ozzy Lusth, Billy Garcia
On: Parvati Shallow, Candice Woodcock
Unclear: Jonathan Penner


  Not on: Aras Baskauskas, Terry Deitz, Shane Powers, Courtney Marit, Austin Carty, Dan Barry, BobDawg Mason
On: Danielle DiLorenzo, Cirie Fields
Unclear: ?


  Not on: Bobby Jon Drinkard, everyone except Stephenie
On: Stephenie LaGrossa
Unclear: ?


  Not on: Bobby Jon Drinkard, everyone except Stephenie & possibly Tom
On: Stephenie LaGrossa , Tom Westman
Unclear: ?


  Not on: Eliza Orlins, Twila Tanner, Scout Cloud Lee, Ami Cusack
On: Nobody?
Unclear: ?


Survivor 8:

Not on: Rob Cesternino, Richard Hatch
On: Rob Mariano, Rupert Boneham, Jerri Manthey
Unclear: Colby Donaldson (For), Big Tom Buchanan, Tina Wesson


  Not on: Jonny Fairplay, Christa Hastie, Ryan Opray
On: Sandra Diaz-Twine, Rupert Boneham
Unclear: ?

254 thoughts on “Hmmmmm, If your bored at this moment. This may…..”

  1. HI everyone, this is another dark dreary day inchicago 7:52 and no sunshine, damn it.Frannie GIrl, I heard you were sick I hope your feeling o.k.Phillip ,I hope you have some more cool stories to tell, man you even had SHELLEY impressed, and she seems to think everything is a snoozefest ,if you can impress her you got it going on.’

  2. aggie… Last night was date night so I left the blog earlier than usual. Now for today’s episode in the adventures of PK.

    Though not another salacious tale of derring-do
    at Niagra Falls more than water passes through.

    In 1981, I bought a slightly used black 1980 Ford F-350 4×4 with a tandem axle flatbed trailer for $7,000. Was a great deal even back then but it was the truck I wanted and I liked the 80 ford truck more than the 79 John Travolta had in “Urban Cowboy” which was the only reason I wanted or needed a truck in the first place. I bought the boots and hat too since “cowboy” bars were really hot in DC after “Urban Cowboy.”

    So my GF at the time suggested how I could actually put the truck and trailer to legitimate,sort of, good use and it involved a trip to Ontario, Canada, specifically Sauble Beach, Ontario, on the shore of Lake Huron. Her grandmother had passed away and my mission was to first spend some R&R time with her once we got there and before leaving, we would load the truck and trailer with very valuable antique furniture with all the large drawers stuffed with solid sterling silver items from tea sets to silver servings for 12. So everything is carefully loaded and protected from any potential bad weather and then off we go toward the US border at Niagra Falls. Once there, I stopped a safe distance from the 6 or so entry posts and carefully checked out each of the border patrol guys with my spy glasses. Not that I would ever engage in any form of profiling, but one guy immediately caught my attention as the go to guy. Turned out to be the right decision because when I drove up to his check point and he asked what I was hauling, I truthfully, sort of, said, “Just some old furniture and accessories from a beach house in Sauble Beach taking it to Virginia. He lifted the tarp, said, “looks old to me,” and sent us on our way. There is really no way of ever knowing what the actual duty should have been for transporting thousands of dollars of antiques and sterling silver from Canada to the US and I never asked. but it was probably the only truly useful thing my Ford truck ever did.

  3. The master storyteller strikes yet again, SHELLEY thought you should write a book I agree, Very interesting maybe Ted whos aTad fuddy duddyish, will approve this time. I meant to ask you you said that you knew ANgela DAVIS, which was fascinating to me considering I didnt think she was abig lover of white people. how well did you know her, IF you say she was your girlfriend i will say shut the hell up.

  4. Angella Davis was not my GF, but we were together on occasion. I met her through Emily, the activist sister of the girl who inquired about how many time we could do something in a week. I even think Angela was with Emily and Judy when I was conned into going with them to a NOW convention in DC. “Too much information.” lol Funny thing, though, I had to laugh when I learned that once radical Emily was one of George W. Bush’s advisers.

    aggia, I have know many individuals in the black community over the years.

    Took my wife out to dinner after a Dillard’s spree before the store closed.

  5. I’m getting to like aggia, what do you think aggie? You never know what you might be able to do with one more syllable with an sexy Italian flair.

  6. When I added sexy before Italian, I forgot to drop the n in an to make it a. Oops… Also failed to ad an n to know to make it known in an earlier post. Must be lazy Saturday…

  7. Hey SNAKE.. don’t forget to give Ashley the ‘X’. She showed a lot class exiting the game. And, thanks for the ‘Dork’ site. That’s fun to see, but don’t want to see too much. Would be happy with all those people. Esp. Courtney and Rob M. Even Randy and Coach will be fun. Would love to see Stephanie again.

  8. Now, with pipe organ playing sustained minor key chord progressions in the background, I introduce you to the inspirational story for the day.

    It all begins in the latter part of the 19th century when immigrants from throughout Europe turned Ellis Island into a Tower of Babel epilog. One of the arriving families from Russia was named Joselevich with documents written in the Cyrillic alphabet. The combination of the prominent Star of David and a Russian name nobody processing immigrants could read resulted in Joselevich (Josephson in Russian) becoming Goldman before the family reached shore.

    The family settled in Baltimore and on the 4th of July, 1900, Leon Goldman was born. He had his many salacious adventures including a 50 cent hooker who dumped her waste bucket on him when at 14, he couldn’t stop laughing when she unhooked her whalebone corset and her previously slim body exploded outward in every direction, but this story is about the man Leon became and the man who also became one of my dearest friends.

    Fast forward to long after he lied about his age (was only 16) so that he could serve in the Navy during WW1, to when he opened his first clothing store and his first liquor store in DC immediately following the repeal of prohibition. He was very successful as a businessman and as one would expect, he became very wealthy in the process, owning several successful business ventures before he retired in the late 60’s

    It was after he retired that I got to know Leon. I had my designated table at the Hot Shoppes cafeteria in Crystal City, Virginia, with the prime view of all the passing pedestrians (Marriott owned, Mormon, my dad was one of JW’s first investors, hence MY table) and everybody from an 80 year old lady whose name I can’t recall with the most beautiful gray, non helmet, long wavy hair I’d ever seen and her son, to Hyman Rickover and his wife, to Tip O’Neal, to Liz Ray, to Jack Warden or James Caan when they was in town, and others and, of course, Leon Goldman. He just wanted to talk one day and we did from that moment on until the very sad day when he passed away.

    Now for the truly inspirational part. There was an open retail space at the lower level at Crystal Plaza that was perfect for a men’s store. There was already a ritzy ladies boutique so a men’s equivalent just might work at that location.

    Now for the next character to enter the story. His name was/is Jawad Kanawati, who along with his wife and daughters and his brother Abrahim, were looking for a new life in America after leaving their native Syria.

    Now is Kleenex time. Though Jawad was well educated and had some wealth, he had no clue how to run a business, men’s store or any other kind of store in America. Still, Jawad leased the space at Crystal City and hoped for the best when he opened “Cristal City Clothiers.” Unfortunately, Jawad’s best was nowhere near good enough and he was on the verge of losing the business when, you guessed it, Leon paid Jawad a visit. Nobody, but nobody knew how to run a successful men’s store in the DC area any better than Leon. Nobody.

    First order of business, after Leon and Jawad started talking business, was to have Jawad lose the Jawad and become “Joe.” New store name became “Gentleman Joe’s,” stocked to the celing with top quality merchandise Leon helped “Joe” acquire and always Leon standing behind his new friend “Joe” every step of the way. What was Leon’s cut? ZERO! Leon was just being Leon and the fact that Joe was an arab was a big “so what.”

    Over time “Jentleman Joe’s” was the most popular men’s store in the area and Joe was still following Leon’s sage advice until the day Leon died in the 1979. I said some nice things at Leon’s funeral, but Joe’s eulogy to Leon brought more tears to my eyes than Leon’s initial passing. And who says Jews and Arabs cant get along? Not me, after my experience with Leon and Joe.

  9. Pk you are something else man. You have lived the kind of life that makes you sit back after you retire & just grin to yourself. LMAO That’s splendid dude—not many people can say that!!!

  10. Hey—staying on topic is not a bad thing either. That’s what this blog is for, most of the time. Well ok at least once a week, unlike the BBBlog.

    I think we should make a rule—are you ready for this??

  11. I think everybody that chooses to post must tell something personal about themselves—not like addresses & stuff like that—but something like age, what city you are in, married or not, male or female, real name(at least the first name), do you have kids —stuff like that. THAT way we get to know each other a little bit better.
    What do you think??

  12. BTW, I told you all I saw in the previews where they were eating nasty stuff. Too funny. But if you think about it—if you can eat sushi, you probably could have chugged that mess right down. I thought Russell H. was going to hurl his up, but he pulled through. I felt really bad for Ashley (I think that was her name) but they were making puking noises & that really got her. And when Russell S. sent Shambo to Foa Foa he said, “You have to pay for that chicken girl.” Paraphrasing of course–BUT I wonder just how Russell S. will like it when someone makes him PAY for those soggy a$$ pillows!!! Now that will be Karma.

  13. OK I give up. maybe this just isn’t my thing. You know—daylight & all. :lol: Oh btw, we FINALLY have a cool day here. Nice & sunny but with a brisk cool breeze!!! Hope it lasts.

    Catch you all later, unless you see me first —right?? :lol:

  14. Phillip Knudsen
    Born January 17, 1943 (66)
    Georgetown University Hospital
    District of Columbia
    Both parents originally from Utah but Dad called to Washington, DC in 1941 to assist in the war effort and parents remained in DC area until retirement.
    Married twice: Lynn Gegow, 1974-1976 Rebecca, 1999 to date
    One step-daughter Jamie, Rebecca’s daughter from her prior marriage.
    Have lived in DC, Maryland, Virginia, Utah, California and now in Mobile, Alabama since 2007.
    Acquired my truth bests fiction material salacious tales of derring-do all over the world. :)

  15. Thank you Pk. Maybe this will catch on. :lol: I posted mine the other night but I’ll do it again. Maybe it will catch on.

    Cynthia Johnson
    Born Novenmber 14, 1964 In St. Augustine, Florida.
    Never lived anywhere but Florida so far.
    Was married once for 10 years to a guy named William. His “pet” name for me turned out to be “bitch”. Mine for him turned out to be much worse. Divorced at 31. YES YES YES!! I had one adopted son who is now grown & never speaks to me. Last I heard he was living in Tennessee.
    I am (cough, spit, spatter) 45 years old going on 29.>8-} Ok honestly–make that 35. I refuse to grow up.
    Although my name is Cynthis I always wanted to be a “Sarah.” Don’t know why. I pretty much work when I want to because the one good thing about marriage is ALIMONY!! Trust me–I EARNED EVERY DAMN DIME I GET. But when I do work, I’m a Management Consultant, which is a fancy way of saying, when a company is having problems, I get to go in & fire people, among other things. Don’t get to make many friends on the job, to say the least. I would rather be working from home but can’t find a REAL way to do that yet.
    When I was younger I live wild & hard. But since then I have realized I CAN DIE :lol: so a lot of that has changed. I have a very weird, dry sense of humor. And the most important things in my life are my family (extended as well as natural) & friends that I’ve had since I was a teenager.

    So that is me.

  16. Cynthia… The GF who went to Canada with me to retrieve the goodies was Georgina Oke. Her dad was a custom cabinet and chair maker who adopted the trademark, “Chairoke” for his business. Clever huh?

  17. Dammit man—this thing needs a spell check. :lol: My name is NOT Cynthis–it is CynthiA. And I liveD wild & hard.

  18. Since you are half American Indian, you should visit Gallop, New Mexico, sometime for the “Indian dances” where tribes from all over America congregate in July for the big “‘Pow Wow.” Too much fire water sometimes as memory serves me, but worth every minute until you pass out.

  19. The prominent tribe in South Alabama is the Porch Creek Tribe. They just opened a big “slot” casino in Atmore, Alabama.

  20. I would LOVE to do that one day. They have little Indian festivals here where they sell things made by them, etc. But the dances are what I LOVE!!! One time, my ex-husband actually took me to one & he got so embarassed because I was dancing around with them & chanting. It was wild!!!

  21. Out in the four corners area, the Indian situation is parroting capitalism to the letter. A few “chiefs and their selected few” are continually getting richer with the casinos, and to poor keep getting poorer. Gets really depressing seeing the horrible living conditions in certain areas of Arizona and New Mexico.

  22. PK as I said many many posts ago, a tell all book by you would be very entertaining. As for Arabs and Jews, it’s the same as with so many groups, i.e., the Croatians & the Serbians or the Balkans but looking at history, IMHO, it’s not the people, for the most part, but the religions that most wars are faught except Cleopatra of course. :lol:

  23. JT, WooHoo, your Longhorns won. I didn’t let my hubby know I was happy because he’s a Texan A & M man. Justoursecret. ;) shhhhhhh

    USC 7, Notre Dame zip in the first quarter. Will now go and watch my Trojans hopefully clean the Irish clock!

  24. Starfish… Wasn’t Cleopatra The Pharoah “Queen” who turned out to be a Royal pain in the Asp in the end?

  25. William (Bill) Thomas
    Beaver Falls, Pa
    Graduated 1970 Beaver Falls HS
    Graduated 1972 Community College of Beaver County, Monaca, Pa.
    Enlisted USN Sept 72 served 4 yrs until Sept 76
    Moved to Texas Nov 82 until present
    Have been through 2 Hurrianes and 1 Tornado
    Have been employed with the same company for 23 yrs.

  26. “Pain in the Asp”… gotta like that one. Now who’s snakebit? We had sunshine and 50 degrees!! It’s a heatwave! Forcast calls for 60’s the next few days. Not time to tuck away the convertable just yet.. woohoo!!

  27. PHILLIP,I knew Angela Davis wasnt your girlfriend. I remember JackWarden ,I thought he was a good character actor.SO, How did the now convention go? Did you know Jack GOrdon?

  28. aggie.. Too much girl stuff at the NOW conference for any true male to endure… I’m not familiar with any of the several Jack Gordons of note.

  29. Aggie… Got to go join my adopted family for the Alabama football game, but tomorrow I will tell you more about Jack Warden…

  30. Careful AC!! When Cyn gets on here in about 6 hours and finds that everybody else has left, she’ll be chewin’ you a new one for that.

  31. SORRY Pk, I dont know why I said Jack Gordon, I meant Jack Warden. I always thought he was a good character actor ,If you ever saw the movie ,and justice for all ,he was the suicidal crazy kind of judge. He could also be pretty funny at times, God rest his soul.

  32. Cyn… or “Sarah”, nice work… 21 posts in just over an hour! You can single handedly break the comment record. Enjoyed the Pink Floyd reference from last night… you seemed to be Comfortably Numb :cool:

  33. AC, you don’t miss a trick do you? Nice catch, I had to go back to see what you were talking about. November. :roll:

    Pain in the asp? LMAO

  34. Frances A. Pretz (nee Lucia-like Santa Lucia)
    St. Louis, Mo. at St. Marys Hospital
    grandparents on my mothers side came over from Sicily
    named after BOTH grandmothers(Frances),what are the odds
    Father died at 48 (I was 15) mother died at 81
    My father was a cook in the US Army
    I got married March 13, 1971 (very young)
    have 2 kids…Michele, age 36 and Christpoher, age 34
    1 grandson, 16….plays baseball & basketball (6’2 and wears
    a size 15 shoe (daughter & grandson live with me & Tim)
    divorced in Sept. 1985 (best thing I ever did)
    met Tim Gretsch in August 1985 (yes…before the divorce
    was final)….best thing I’ve done :)
    engaged to Tim in 1987 but never married…been there, did that…I don’t want to rush into anything. He was never
    married nor does he have any kids (that he knows of)
    worked for one bank from 1985-2007 and went to work
    for another bank 1 day after leaving. Still there….
    My fears…..bugs and flying (never been on a plane)

  35. Yep fp2 my kids are 35 & 39 and they will always be my kids. The issue now is my mother is 86, dad 87 and I’m still their kid. Their generation was a different generation and hollering or yelling at me was what they did and on occasion still do. Makes me crazy. I have a totally different and much better personal relationship with my “grown adult mature children” than I ever did with my own parents. It’s wonderful.

    fp2, I’m sorry you lost your parents and your father so young. That must have been difficult for you.

  36. Starfish, you are very fortunate to still have both of your
    parents still with you. I know what you are saying about
    the yelling and hollering, but once they are gone, that is
    what you wish you could hear one more time.
    I truly miss my father because I feel I didn’t get a chance
    to know him the way I did my mom. I was too busy being
    a teenager.

  37. PK, Alabama won and I hope that made your family happy. It’s always good to have happy family. :D

    James Caan? Is it really Jack Warden? Anyway, he drove a silver Corvette and he pulled it over one day when my girlfriend and I were walking (strutting) down Beverly Blvd in Beverly Hills. He just jumped out and wanted to talk. yea sure. Of course we were in our boots and mini skirts and all that you know. We talked and joked but that’s all. Very cocky he was and surprised I think when we weren’t interested in a “ride”. Working in Beverly Hills had it’s perks though. Not much later he was on the Johnny Carson show complaining that his Corvette got wrecked. I forgot how.

  38. AC I was born in November, the Scorpion. Or in China —the year of the dragon.

    JT NO I don’t hold the record for comments. And if I do it’s only because no one will answer & I have to entertain myself. HINT HINT

  39. No the dogs didn’t wear me out, yes I spelled November wrong up there, & yes I was comfortably numb last night. The shrink prefers me that way—he says it’s safer for my loved ones. LMAO

  40. Ok—

    @fp2, wow your son wears a size 15 shoe?? Dang, I thought my brother’s feet were big. he wears a size 12 1/2 & I am always telling him to get his “skis” out of the way.

    Yes your kids will always be kids, even when they don’t speak to you for years. I spent a lot of money trying to keep tabs on my son until he caught on.

    I still have my Mother too. She’s 78. My Daddy passed away when I was 19. I was scared of him, well not really scared as in fear scared, but that man was HARD!! Now my Mom, she will tell you quick, she brought you into this world & she WILL take you out. LMAO

  41. FP2—it will catch on hopefully & more people will talk about themselves at least a little bit so we can get to know them. Isn’t that right AC???? :lol:

  42. Sorry “Sarah”, You’re a bit early tonight… everybody hasn’t gone to bed yet! I was watching baseball and messed up my Cynthia watch duties… Good to “see” ya :wink:

  43. AC is my little brother (40) in New Orleans.. he teaches me all the ins and outs of this bloggin’ stuff.

  44. Not at all Cyn… couldn’t be further from the truth. Some things are kept on the DL for good reasons.. we’ll figure out something.

  45. Hey—do you have to keep refreshing the page to see the new posts or do they just pop up there for you. I have to keep refreshing, what a pain. Well not really. But you know……..

  46. Ok I’m back in now. Still here? Hey it’s rather chilly outside. YES YES!! LOVING IT!!! Hope it stays like this.

  47. Hey aggie! I bet you got “chilly” in Chicago too… Let’s trade Cyn for some heat up this way!

  48. NO NO NO you can’t have my chilly. :lol: And yes Aggie they seem to take great pleasure in messing with my head. But that’s ok—I can feel the love :lol:

  49. Why is it that some people think he’s not being truthful?? Man–you never know what kind of life people have or are having—why would he just make chit up?? Ya know??

  50. Well I DO know that SOME people will go around just making things up, my ex-husband was one of those kind—but really–on a blog—what purpose would it serve??

  51. I agree with you on Winters aggie. I try to keep up my winter interests (skiing, snow mobile etc)… but each year they fade a bit.

  52. This might sound we todd did—but I’d love to get snowed in–well with all of the appropriate items at hand that is—for about 2 weeks. I’ve never seen a LOT of snow.

  53. Hey, PK came from a wll to do family and had the time to travel, wether on his own or part of a job. When you travel you meet people and have to have seen and heard many things, some more that others. You have to take people at face value unless some proves that they aren’t what they say. Someone had to be in those places, why not PK!

  54. I know allllllllabout winter. I spent 2 years in Newfoundland while in the Navy. Saw lots of snow and very cold weather, got so cold I saw the ocean freeze and expand so much it took out a small bridge.

  55. We don’t get as much snow as Chicago.. I guess I am on the “right” side of the Great Lakes as far as that goes… we make up for it with cold temps though.. at least North Dakota is one place that it gets colder than here.

  56. Hey I DID say—WITH ALL OF THE APPROPRIATE ITEMS NEEDED. I didn’t say I wanted to go out & play in it–well only for short periods of time—but then I want to come back in a be in a warm cocoon.

  57. That’s right aggie… kev11 left his 2 little brothers to fend for themselves. AC and I gotta stick together… thick as thieves!

  58. All in the name of FUN aggie. Cyn’s a cool gal. I can tell that she can take care of herself. Without Star around, we have to have a little fun at someone’s expense… right??

  59. THeir is aradio guy from chicago ,I dont know if you have heard of him he would do the same thing to people on the radio mess with them. his name was STEVE DAHL.

  60. Not really Cyn.. you just have a similar sense of humor as myself. It’s all in fun. I think it is funny when people make fun of me as well (just ask AC, Kev11, Star and others). I can dish it, I can take it… as long as it’s fun, count me in!

  61. I’m not upset though. Not at all. For real. :lol: Oh Lord if the things they did upset me—-I might as well lay down & let someone throw dirt on me. hahahahahahaha

  62. No aggie, I gotta disagree. Cyn just plays mad. It’s all part of the fun. If she were really mad, I’d stop.

  63. Aggie yeah I know the type.

    Jt yeah I can dish it & take it too. IF it’s all in fun. I’m very dry & sarcastic sometimes but I mean no harm.

  64. Aggie, The times that I laughed the hardest on here 1) Kev11 told me that his cat (Saki) said “FU” to me 2) AC told me to get “a real name” and a personality…. may sound odd, but someone ripping me like that is f’n hilarious to me… they mean no harm.. and I get the sarcasm. I think Cynthia does too.

  65. No I missed that from Shelley. For the last couple of times I’ve been on here I’ve been hunting these two jokers (yes you know who they are) cause they had my curiosity running wild! :lol:

  66. Oh yeah I totally get it—-like earlier when AC told you to go to the DEAD END—I told him I HATE YOU!! But in no way did I ever mean it.

  67. So Aggie, what was it that brought about the change in you since BB11 blog? I know more about you in a couple weeks here than 2 or 3 months there. You shoulda chimed in some of those latenights when Kev11, FRANKS, Star, and I were blabbing away. You’re not going to get all quiet on us again when BB12 rolls around.. are you?

  68. Oh wow—that’s a hard one Aggie. Probably I would just not get on here if I was mad cause I tend to be mean as hell when I’m mad. Or if I was already on here & got mad I would just leave for awhile. Or I’d really cuss somebody out. Basically I don’t know how you would tell. :lol: No—-definitely I would cuss someone out & probably be banned from the blog.

  69. well ladies and germs, (i forget who used to say that) time for wonder bread, oops, wonderboy to get a little sleep …. gotta work in the morning then the steelers in the afternoon. Don’t have too much fun without me!!
    take care of Cyn guys, she needs guidance, he he he he …. good night Cyn.

  70. JT, I guess it was something new for me, i have never been on ablog or chat room ,it wasnt my element, as time went on i got to know some people better. now it has become more fun.

  71. It was something new for me too. Never blogged about anything before August. Guess I just jumped in without checking the water….. I tend to do things like that. Leap before you look I always say!

  72. I never blogged either before this last BB. BUT I did use to go to chatrooms a lot & it kind of the same, well not really but sort of.

  73. Sunny and 60 tomorrow/today. Not gonna miss out on that this late in the year. Time for sleep. Til we meet again.. ZZzzzzzzzzz.

  74. I always read the blogs but I never posted until this last season of BB. BUT I use to go to chatrooms all the time. And it’s sort of the same, only with a topic.

  75. Ok that was a dry run!! :lol: Why do you do me this way. That was ME!! I thought I was getting something good. LMAO

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