In Memory of the fallen Foa Foa members!

Lets hear from the fallen ones as they left!

OK,Ok …. so call me lazy, but the words are not in my mind tonight. I put together videos of the day after for each of the evicted Foa Foa gang so you could see them in a new light, or close your eyes and see them in a new dark!!  For your approval, the ex-Foa Foa!!!


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‘Survivor Talk': Liz calls Russell a “male chauvinist pig”


197 thoughts on “In Memory of the fallen Foa Foa members!”

  1. Well jumpin’ jimminy Christmas!! Would you look at that? I’m First!! Didn’t think I’d ever make it. It still counts even with the slight name change.. right? HAPPY HALLOWEEN GHOULS & GOBBLINS!!

  2. Also, don’t forget that we get an extra hour tonight. Turn back the hands of time!! (I wish I could turn back the years, but I’ll settle for an hour)

  3. HAPPY HALLOWEEN JT,. AND EVERYONE ELSE.BEN is looking hot, I have too say I always thought he was a good looking guy, no matter how grungy he got. Also nice blue eyes. Well ladies what do you think?

  4. JT, you win it! you’re first! that’s your prize for staying up all night!!

    Sal, Freda after your cashews? You better take care of your nuts, sweetie!

  5. Sleep?? Ghouls don’t need no sleep. I avoided bumper carts this weekend and went to the grocery store 5 hours ago. Talk about some scary folks there! I’d love to see them in a costume! :lol: I loaded up on Snickers, Butterfingers, and Almond Joys…. I forgot to get anything for all the kiddies! :roll: Actually, I only buy that stuff on Halloween… not because I don’t like it, because I know I’ll eat it if it’s here. Don’t buy it… can’t eat it! Maybe I’ll just leave my outside lights off and those pesky kids will get their goodies elsewhere! :mrgreen: Maybe a quick nap wouldn’t hur.. ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz

  6. BBBob… No fried gator yet but hopefully the Bulldogs will fry up some gator on CBS this afternoon.

  7. Just watched Dalton and Josh interview Liz… Great fun and insight on the game. I liked her description of Russell as ‘Diabolical’ and would suggest that is what we should call him, instead of the demeaning names some of you like to use. Let us recognize and honor true genius at work.

    Nice name change JT!

  8. Posted on previous post….DUH….didn’t even check to
    see if new post was up. Too many spider webs in the
    brain area.

    Ted……..SPOOOOOKY shit. Who are you supposed to be?

    AC…..That’s just evil looking.

    Don’t forget to set your clocks back one hour. We can drink
    for an hour longer tonight. Yea right…I’ll be asleep before

    I miss Saturday nights when the Three Stooges were on.
    Hell, I even used to watch wrestling on Saturdays. Does anyone remember Andre the Giant, Jake the Snake, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Rick Flair, Hulk Hogan? Many more that I can’t think of right now. That was fun to watch even if it was fake.

    Later all….Happy Halloween.
    Why didn’t the skeleton go to the dance?

    Because he didn’t have no body to dance with.

  9. Good Joke FP2… I should have gone as Diabolical Russell H.! I remember wrestling when it was Gorgeous George in B&W! We didn’t think it was fake in those days. I saw Roddy Piper on ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ the other night playing a… wrestler. I haven’t watched wrestling on TV lately… I’ll have to check it out again. I used to enjoy all those guys… I always liked the villains the best. But I did like the Hulkster!

  10. Hi AGGIE… how’s Chitown today… 54℉ Windy and Partly Cloudy in Friday Harbor! Are you in costume yet?

  11. ZZZzzzzz…. huh? Y-A-W-N… Uh, Is 5 hours considered a nap if it’s in the middle of the day? This could be tricky to get myself back on schedule by 5am Monday morning! I could never get into wrestling… I did watch a little in the 80s when Hulk Hogen vs Randy “The Macho Man” Savage (and Andre The Giant) was a big deal. Glad you like the name change Ted! I had to go through “moderation” to do it.

  12. Talk about creepy movies. That little girl in The Ring was the freakiest sh#t I’ve see in a long time!

  13. BaconStrips Bob, (Sorry Bob, I guess I should just stick to changing my own name!)…… No Frog Legs!!! Go TCU!!!

  14. Hi ted, CHI-Town is a bit nippy for the kiddies today ,its about 43 at least its not raining today, their has been alot of that lately.when i used wear a costume, it was always something simple like a witch or vampira, i have always liked vampires alot their is something kind of sexy about the whole vampire thing ,by the way is anybody a true blood fan I LOVE that show.

  15. JT, That was a creepy movie that young girl was too much, Probably the goriest i have ever seen is hostel1 and 2 ,You do alot of cringing during that movie, you sometimes have to close at least one eye.ALso the SAW movies are great, super gory I have seen all 5 of them ,Jigsaw the villian love that character ,i have seen that guy named TOBIN BELL ,in so many movies he always plays a bad guy i guess he has that kind of face.

  16. OK everybody, its agood day to start naming your all time great horror movies, and since I love horror movies, i have probably seen most of them.

  17. I’m not a huge horror movie fan… mostly because the acting and stories are so weak. But every once in a while, a great one comes along that surprises me. I mentioned The Ring, that has to be my favorite in a while. I also liked Saw.. only the first one though. Halloween, Fri The 13th, Nightmare On Elm Street were all good. Didn’t care for all the sequels though.

  18. I guess The Sixth Sense isn’t really considered a horror movie. But that’s one of the best in years. I like when a movie gives me something that I haven’t already seen a hundred times. I tend to like The Omen, The Ring, 6th Sense type movies more than slasher films.

  19. The Exorcist, Hallowen, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Nightmare on Elm Street, Night of the Living Dead

  20. All in all, I gotta go with Psycho. How good was Anthony Perkins in that!? One of the all time great performances. It’s a shame that Hollywood saw a need to remake that movie… blasphemy! Anything for a buck I guess.. right?

  21. The original ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’, ’28 Days Later’ and I did like ‘The Ring’. ‘Shawn of the Dead’ and ‘Zombieland’ are big faves.

  22. I used to watch Sauturday Night Wrestling w/Bill Cardill in Pittsburgh …… Bruno SanMartino, The Shiek, Toro Tanaka, George Steele …… The a double header on Chiller Theater

  23. I agree with JT, not much for the slasher movies. I like everyone Jt mentioned. How about our boy Jack in “The Shining”? Great stuff. Love to read Steven King too. The Sixth Sense yep, great!

    It’s 7:10pm in our little cul de sac and we’ve only had one twosome trick or treating so far. They just don’t come down dead end streets it seems. I’ll have to eat all those Peanut Butter Cups all by myself. :D


  24. starfish, that is very true about cul de sacs. Not many kids come down mine either. I have to give 3 or 4 candy bars to each just to get rid of them… then I still have a little left for me! :lol: I have lived here 13 years and it’s the same every year. Like clockwork, the kids show up between 6 and 8pm. Not before, not after. They’re punctual little sh#ts, I’ll give them that! It’s fun to see the cute little costumes. I did see Saw (but I didn’t teeter-totter…. ok, I’m sorry, I know that was lame!). I quit watching the Saw series after 3.

  25. I need to see the new Saw movie, have seen all the others.
    Not scary, but creepy … A Clockwork Orange

  26. “The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms” had me in nightmare mode for weeks in 1953. Ditto the original “The War of the Worlds” from 1953. I haven’t seen many blood and guts horror (how many teens can be brutally slaughtered in 120 minutes) flicks as an adult, but I did see “Carrie,” “The Shining,” “Halloween,” “The Fog” and some others that were pretty gruesome.

  27. I think aggie was a bit unfair calling me obsessed with sports. I can’t believe she stereotyped me like that. Pigeonholed. Just because I was watching Texas-Ok St split screen with the World Series… and had USC-Oregon on the small screen.. while flipping back and forth between the Wild-Penguins and the Gophers-Spartans game… it doesn’t mean I’m obsessed with sports!! Does It? Nevermind…. gotta get back to the baseball game, it’s starting to get really good now! :lol: :roll:

  28. The latest remake of House Of Wax with Paris Hilton…….. I was only horrified that I had spent my hard earned money on that piece of sh#t!! :mrgreen:

  29. In more spor…. errr, I mean Survivor news (yeah, that’s the ticket), It seems the blue tribe (Gotham) is making a comeback on the red tribe (Fily Fily). The red tribe was up 3 immunity challenges to 0. Now the blue tribe has 5 of their own. 5-3 for the blue tribe of 9.

  30. As far as scary movies go—I don’t get into the “slasher” types of movies. I like things like The Hannibal Lecture movies, 6th sense, stuff like that. Now those will really make the hair on your neck stand up. :lol:

  31. I worked on getting that right for 2 hours this morning AFTER I said I was leaving. SO I hope he knows I’m sincere.

  32. I agree. I like the suspense of what might happen more. Jeepers Creepers is a good example of that for me. I loved the first half.. all the suspense. Then it fell apart when the monster was always around. I could swear that I saw the zipper in the monster costume at one point! :lol:

  33. I also loved Gothika. That was awesome. But I also liked Perfect Stranger. But my all time favorite STUPID slasher movie is Scream. My favorite part in the movie is at the end when the tall skinny dude that has been going around KILLING people gets on the phone & WHINES, “My mom & dad are going to be so mad at me.” It doesn’t get funnier than that!! LMAO

  34. Well JT, my most recent horror film is Oregon beating the pants off USC. Good grief, 47 to 20. Those kids are celebrating their brains out. Good for them, they earned it, that’s for sure.

    As for being pigeonholed as a sports obsessive, it could be worse, you could be obsessessed with that thing my husband turned on called lingeree football league. We watched for a couple of downs and it was just plain funny with their butt cheeks & tatas hanging out. They did wear helmets and shoulder pads though. It was probably a better game than the one we just watched. :twisted:

  35. Like the name change JT. We have a house full of ghouls right now. But it’s winding down FAST. People are starting to go back out to the clubs. Which is where we started to begin with. But a fight broke out & we hit the floor & left. There’s nothing worse than watching 40something year olds try to fight drunk. They always want to go to their car & get weapons. Then you know it’s time to go.

    We don’t get trick-or-treaters out here. Never in I guess 5 or 6 years has one been at out door. People here take their kids to the malls & crap because of all of the sickos out there. Can’t blame them. But it’s sad. I remember when Halloween was the bomb, going from house to house, pulling pranks on each other, TOTALLY UNSUPERVISED. It was awesome. But that was many. many years ago & too much has changed for the kids to really have fun.

  36. frannie p2 October 31, 2009 at 2:55 pm

    you scared me with this one: read my post to snake last night… see if you can put it together…

  37. starfish, I was thinking about you while watching that USC game. :sad: Not that I would ever watch… but what channel is that lingeree football on? What days? Times? :roll: Do they have tight ends in that league? :lol:

  38. Well I take that back. The kids today PROBABLY do feel like they are having a blast. But it’s NOTHING compared to the good old days.

  39. Hi JT, I’m much better. Been sleeping most of the day. Caught up on all the posts i missed. not totally impressed with some of the things i read… seems a little quiet today, see what happens when i’m not around for fun!!!

    like your red and blue tribes reference. keep that up and i’ll understand football and you’ll understand DOOL!

  40. hi snake, sorry i had to jump off like that in the middle of a conversation, but i ended up in the ER last night…

    i’m ok now but i thought i better let you know why i disappeared mid-conversation…

  41. Don’t feel bad JT. I can’t either unless I want to wait for a couple of hours. Dial up sucks. I can take a shower, do some laundry, & other things before I can even begin to watch a youtube video. And even then it’s not always right.

  42. Oh, sorry ghoulette! I’m watching (don’t tell aggie)…. The World Series… Yankees-Blue (Gotham)… Phillies-Red (Fily Fily). NY leads 8-4 in the 9th and Margie is doin’ her Missouri happy dance!!

  43. that’s a different sport! never mind. red and blue make purple flowers. i can forgive you…

  44. Ahem.. hmm… Your Attention Please! I have something I’d like to say…. My name is Jeff, and I’m a sportsaholic. There, I’ve said it and I feel better! Sorry Aggie, you weren’t stereotyping me.. you were right on point! Admitting I have a problem is the first step. There are 12 steps… to the refrigerator to get another beer for the bottom of the 9th!!

  45. Sal, you probably saw the the Wild beat the Penguins 2-1 today… despite getting outshot about 3 to 1!

  46. cynthia, you were welcomed with open arms and trusted. everyone messes up now and then, but you attacked people i hold very, very dear. one directly. one indirectly. you are absolutely invisible to me at this time.

    when you hurt the people i care about, you’ve hurt me directly. i’m very, very hurt and unhappy right now. that may change, you may not care.

    please don’t address me again.

  47. my name is princess and i’m addicted to shopping, high heels, great handbags, clothes, and QVC.

  48. If you gotta curl up for there to be enough room… that’s prolly too close for comfort for both of us! Thanks, appreesh, I’ll wing it though.

  49. Although, the surround sound does sound good from out here. I bet the acoustics in there are awesome!

  50. That was my experience with my ex (among others). She flew… my foot to her ass on the way out really helped her distance!

  51. Happy November! except for princess, starfish, and Ted. Y’all will just have to wait a while longer.

  52. OK I’m sorry—I can’t let this ride. You, sweet pea, have stepped waaaaaaaaaay the hell out of line.

    You are soooo wrong— I DO CARE —-that’s why I have apologized MANY, MANY, MANY times. More than I have EVER apologized for anything in my life. But if I’m invisible to you, then so be it. :mad: I’ve done all I can do to say I’m sorry except kiss everybody’s A$$ & Lady that ain’t happening. I SCREWED UP. As you say—everybody does sometimes. Done. I’ve apologized beyond belief. What else would you like for me to do?? And anyway—it had NOTHING to do with you. I TOTALLY understand sticking up for your friends, but YOU have no business shunning me for anything!!!!

    Don’t address you again?????? No worries.

  53. Sal, princess is saying that if I ever tried to kick her in the ass… I better get it right the first time… or when my leg came back.. it would be a stump!!

  54. So…. Sal! Who the Steelers got tomorrow. We got the Packers.. I guess you knew that… not like it doesn’t get mentioned EVERYWHERE.

  55. Sal, do you take care of comments “awaiting moderation”? justaghoul only works for Halloween.

  56. JT, that lingeree football league is on a local channel called KDOC. You might try google. Oh, and from what I saw, all the ends seemed to be tight. :razz:

    We finally had about 5 trick or treater groups but they were all over 12 for sure. Cute kids (teenagers) nonetheless.

    Not November yet. Putting back all our clocks and going to bed. Still cleaning out the garage. So much fun. We should be done tomorrow. Nite all.

  57. starfish, you’ve been working on that garage for far too long! time you popped on, even if it was justto say goodnight!

  58. I’m back!! Feel like my old self again. Good to get out of that ghoul costume! I wonder if anyone recognized me? :roll:

  59. Hey PGA.. 2 night in a row!! You better not leave me hangin’ when BB12 starts. Remember, I need you to save me some typing and get the “truth” out there about the game!

  60. Well one thing that came of it was it made me find the mth. I haven’t been participating as much and had forgotten all about that :grin:

  61. I’m just sitting here trying to figure out what “mth” is in PGA’s post. I’m usually pretty good at reading (and making) typos… can’t get that one though.

  62. I meant to duck in long ago, but forgot due to not participating as much. The recent events reminded me so I called ONStar to find you :lol:

  63. I’m a fan, but clearly it’s not like BB with only one night, being taped, and no AD or live feeds. I had other reasons for not participating as much.

  64. I am watching again for the first time since season 1. I enjoy it, just never bothered to get into it much. I don’t have any GREAT insights on the game like I did on BB. :lol: :roll: :lol: I just make goofy comments and leave game analysis to Sal and the other experts. :cool:

  65. I just wasn’t “feeling” it with the blog (absolutely nothing to do with the job you’ve done Sal). I took a self imposed hiatus :grin:

  66. Speaking of soaps.. I heard that Jeff and Jordan were on one this past week. I’m surprised that nobody mentioned it.

  67. Well gang, I have turned my clocks back an hour…. and it’s still f’n late!! (can I turn them back another hour?). We all aren’t just 41 years old!! It’s been fun hangin’ with y’all on Halloween.. things even got a little spooky at times. Goodnight all! :mrgreen:

  68. ok, going to see if i can deal with the pain and get some sleep. got to get those precriptions refilled so no more ER visits. i hate pain. really.

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