Is he a Devil with a conscience or A rude man trying to survive?

It now looks like it’s up to Russell to carry his Foa Foa team to the merge. They can’t afford to lose any more members of their tribe. Lose any more and at the merge the numbers will suck big time.

Lets see what Coach and Debbie have to say this week.

The Immunity Blog With Coach and Debbie



Coach  |   How Not To Be An Effective Leader

October 19, 2009

In addressing last week’s blog, yes Princess Debbie, true Samurais would have found a way to trap, kill, etc, the remains of the fowl in question. It seems that the true warriors in this game are either remaining hidden until their chosen time or they are few and far between. Which do you think it is?

Another Survivor…another food challenge. It always amazes me (having walked and crawled barefoot and naked across the Sahara Desert many moons ago) how starving cast members continue to complain about food in these challenges. People: trust me when I say it: this stuff is edible, and as aforementioned in some areas (like Samoa…DUH) a delicacy. When in Rome and all that. I would have asked for seconds. But I guess with bananas and coconuts back at camp things aren’t too bad.

Now let’s talk about what it takes to be an effective leader on Survivor. (Pay attention Russell S cause this ones for you and I know this from experience) The Dragonslayer says “the best leaders are the best servants and the power of positive reinforcement will succeed over the negative nuance of necromancy and near sightedness.”

Mistakes made in three minutes of pep talk with your tribe:

1. Cutting down Shambo for losing the chicken. Never talk smack behind someone’s back. It unsettles the rest of the tribe.
2. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. “She had to be punished” for losing the chicken. Wasn’t that from the Law of Moses? I think that went out B.C. pal.
3. Failing to start a fire.
4. Telling someone that they are all talk and no action when if you looked into a coconut mirror you would see that person starting back at you.
5. Not accepting a handshake from a fellow Survivor offering an apology.

Not sure how long you are going to be around with those actions.

After you tried to call out Dave for not doing anything about the fire I was literally shouting “come on Dave, be the fire…be the fire” Hallelujah! Lo and behold, like the Phoenix rising from the ashes he did it. And after kicking butt in the two challenges previously I am beginning to think that as long as the contrite Dave walks around camp (down play man, down play), he might be my new favorite dark horse. I might even give him a new nickname.

And speaking about dark horses, how about Brett? Lady killing smile. Laying low for the time being. Holds his own in the challenges. And my personal favorite? A possible Dragon Slayer in the making? “Handle the elements or they will handle you”. Let me tell you that night must have been miserable. Everyone was soaked when they came to the challenge and Brett is still a smilin in the morning. Doesn’t seem to faze him.

Speaking of braving the elements: Debbie…are you still really digging Jaison? There isn’t even a comparison of him and the other guys. Even our little fat Gollum is a better warrior than Jaison! I think your Yugoslavian coach needs to come and replace you sir!

Loved the immunity challenge because it combined skill, impeccable selection and brawn. Of course the poisoned team lost…again! When will Galu see the light?!!! But what a great idea to have a non-strategizing tribal. Whoever first came up with that was brilliant. It’s just too bad that the evil hobbits number didn’t come up.

Elizabeth you were an “animal” in the challenge today. That is of course the exact reason why your tribe would want to eliminate you. Better start listening to your gut? DO I NEED TO REPEAT THE FIRST DRAGONSLAYER CREED? “Trust no one…slay everyone.” Or if that one is too difficult to remember how about this one? “Never trust a smarmy, delusional, arrogant, short gnome.”

And poor Ashley. You were a resplendent, sweet, cute, felicitous and pulchritudinous young lady. Good heart, good mind but just not enough survival for Survivor.

Ha! I beat you this week Debbie. Get out your dictionary and thesaurus and have a go. This blog was even long winded for the fire breather. I am limping back into my cave to sleep for the night. More dragons to slay in the morning.



Debbie   |  She Has “Just Can’t Help it” Syndrome

October 19, 2009

I have to start this week’s blog with “kudos” to Coach. Your blog last week was short and to the point. I think my dialogue was longer than yours…Maybe I am catching up to you.

As I sit to write and reflect on this week’s show, several issues come to mind. First of all, good ole Mother Nature is now a major factor in this game. Due to the conditions, both tribes are truly miserable (MY goodness did you see those hands and feet!) and true personalities continue to show their ugly faces.

Each week, I keep pulling for Shambo. She is not my favorite to win, but she is so much fun to watch. You never know what is going to come out of her mouth. I think she has the “just can’t help it syndrome.” However, arguing with Russell when he sent her back to Foa Foa was not a positive move. How easily she has forgotten that she lost the fishing pieces and the chicken! Shambo clearly has not moved to 90210 and has not become the cheerleader for her tribe. I do not see any efforts in her social game and connecting with her tribe. Eventually, I believe this will be her demise.

Well, I knew it would happen and I have to say- I called it! Galu is regretting that they did not choose the tarp! Did you see the nasty, soaked pillows and blankets? As I watched tonight I actually shivered. I re-lived my own experiences in Tocantins. There is no escape from the soaking wet feeling, the feeling of freezing to the bone and how your skin actually hurts when it is water logged. The cameras captured some great shots of the white, shriveled skin. Believe it or not, the most miserable physical times on Survivor, are the times that I remember so clearly and learned so much about myself.

Obviously, the weather was a big factor in the vote tonight. If Russell would have had time to scramble, I believe he would have gone after Liz. Liz is on to him; therefore, he needs to be afraid! If Liz can gain the respect of Mick and Jaison, I believe she has a chance to turn them against Russell. If given the chance, Liz will enlighten them on Russell’s game plan. Jaison already knows Russell has the idol and this knowledge will validate Liz’s accusations. Again this week, Liz played a significant job in the challenge. I really like Liz. I hope she can persuade others in Foa Foa to see the true Russell and not let him continue to control the game.

Jaison, my favorite on Foa Foa, is still standing strong. I like him more each week. It appears that he regained his focus and has accepted the elements and overcome the hunger this week. I still believe he is the strongest competitor for Foa Foa. Coach, do you agree yet? Mick still is great eye candy! How can he look better each week?

Ashley, if you could have swallowed your last swig of the Sea Slug Martini, you still might be in the game. I honestly did not see you make any wrong moves in this game. You were the most likely target for losing the food challenge. Plus, the contributing rain factor did not allow the tribe to scramble and strategize. Ashley was the easy vote. I’ll miss your upbeat attitude and sweet nature.

This game could turn in a minute. If the rain continues, strange things will start to happen. Living in these conditions can make anyone “bat crazy”. The more the weather conditions intensify the more the already miserable conditions worsen! I cannot wait until next week’s episode. The previews left us hanging.


68 thoughts on “Is he a Devil with a conscience or A rude man trying to survive?”

  1. Since we still have another day to wait for survivor, DWTS, both judges and voting audience, have apparently put former Olympic Gold medal winners on the 3 final winners is the limit so beat it list. Natalie and Alec leaving last night proves my point.

  2. OK, sleepyheads …………….. where y’all hiding today

    71º and Cloudy ….. waiting for rain to start and last through tomorrow

  3. GOOd Morning everyone, It is 8:05 on a pretty nice day at least its not raining, Liz is definatly a big target by Russell H. because she was foolish enough to accuse him of lying.Russell S is getting to be quite the control freak, theirs some definite issues between he and Dave, I could see Dave possibly trying to take over that group He certainly is smart enough to be a good leader.Also for the DWTS fans, I was sorry to see NATALIe AND ALEC go ,It was really undeserved It should have been louie or MIchael.

  4. Sal…. I always watch NCIS, BUT last nights episode was, shall we say, way too far over the top of the believable chart. Was far more of a trick than a treat.

  5. Sal… But I am not watching NCIS Los Angeles despite the fact that Linda Hunt is an great character actress. Frankly, “Robin” needs to call Bat Man back in Gotham City and hope he still wants or needs a side kick.

  6. I agree about linda hunt, being agreat character actress, I have seen her in a lot of movies ,The year of living dangerously for one, she played a man in that one, completely unrecognizable. I also saw her as a judge ,on the tv. show the practice.

  7. Now for the how to totally screw up your career, your life and your family story:

    When I returned to DC in the late 60’s after my years at BYU, I drafted patent applications for an IP law firm while I was in law school. The first office action from the patent office generally was a rejection because I tended to claim the sun, the stars and the moon in every application. Since I was asked to be more specific in my patent claims, I frequently had to meet with the patent examiners who got their chuckles anytime they handled one of my filings. One of those examiners was Leon Gilden. He was one of the many recent Jewish law school grads from Catholic University (I don’t know why I always think that’s funny but I do) and he and I immediately hit it off inside and outside of the patent office. He was engaged at the time and his fiancee Kathy (also a Catholic University law school grad who met Leon at CU) saw me as a bad influence on her man since I already had a bad rap as a party animal even around the patent office. Leon and I did have one common interest though, and it was anything with a big engine in it. We totally restored a 58 Corvette and built some of the nastiest and fastest Harley’s in DC, selling some of the best of the best we built together to the Pagans, a misunderstood group of misfits even more deserving of “misunderstood” status than the Jets in West Side Story.

    OK, Ted probably won’t believe this, but mentioning West Side Story reminded me of just how much of a (you fill in the word or words) I was in High School. West Side Story, the movie, was premiering in DC and I had two tickets for opening night. But just being there was not enough. I was going to the opening with Victoria Elmendorf, one of my high school cheerleaders who was at least half Puerto Rican, but looked 100% Latino. For a moment in time we WERE “Tony” and “Maria” at the opening of West Side Story in DC and we did get noticed, lol.

    Back to the sad story. Leon and Kathy got married and had two kids, a boy Jeffrey and a girl whose name I’ve forgotten.
    Kathy taught law classes at George Mason and Leon eventually become a GS-15 primary examiner. But Kathy missed her rural roots and family in Idaho. Truth is, Kathy wanted to go home and if Leon wanted to be with Kathy and their kids, he would have to leave the patent office and start over in rural Idaho.

    Not many or any IP law firms in rural Idaho, so out of a need to pay bills, Leon sold his soul to American Inventors, a basement inventor ripoff outfit, in Massachusetts as legal counsel. Though he never told me exactly what he was doing when we would talk on the phone, one of the ripped off basement inventors contacted me to give my opinion regarding his patent application filed for him by American Inventors. I immediately noticed that Leon had written the “design” patent application instead of a utility patent application as the inventor had requested of American Inventors. Anybody can get a design patent and they are pretty much a waste of good paper to even file them. I simply asked the inventor how much he had paid American Inventors and that I would see what I could do about his situation. When he left, I immediately called Leon on the phone and asked him what in the hell he was doing, to stop doing it and to immediately send me the exact amount of money the inventor had sent to American Inventors. Leon did send the money, but I never heard from him after that. Leon, Kathy and the kids went on the run immediately after Leon was indited for mail fraud among other crimes. Sometimes we lose the best of friends in the worst ways. Google “Leon Gilden” and his wanted poster tops the list.

  8. PK….your memory is amazing. I can barely remember what I
    ate for dinner last night. You remember dates, details, and names.
    You must have a photogenic memory. I have some friends that
    want me to get onto facebook but I tell them I don’t remember
    many names from my past. I really don’t remember grade school.
    Maybe I just don’t care to remember. Who know!!! :(

  9. DWTS…No way should Natalie have gone. Many more worse than
    her. Louie was saved yet again. Melissa was by far the worst.
    What are people thinking?? Get rid of her happy a$$.

  10. Well since most of you guys are avid BB fans as well I thought I would share the news of Adam (Baller) Jasinski. Jasinski was charged on October 19th with possession of oxycodone pills with the intent to distribute and could be going away for a long, long time:

    Authorities say in court papers that Jasinski had nearly 2,000 oxycodone pills on him when he flew from his home in Delray Beach, Florida to Logan Airport.

    Authorities say Jasinski, whose nickname is “Baller,” flew into Massachusetts with drugs hiding in his pants. Jasinski allegedly confessed that he had been selling thousands of oxycodone pills all along the East Cost over the past several months, and had been funding his enterprise with the $500,000 price he won from the “Big Brother Season 9” show.

    If convicted, Jasinski faces up to 20 years imprisonment and a $1 million fine.

    It’s hilarious that they even mention his nickname. Well, if any past winner was sketchy enough to use the prize money to start-up a drug business I guess it’d have to be Adam “so the retards can get together” Jasinski.

    Just thought some of you would get a kick outta this!! Have a great day from your canadian friend!!

  11. Biggest Loser fans…I think the black team sent the right person
    home last night. Out of all of them, Dina is the one that will be able
    to make it on her own without Jillian. I think the rest of her team
    still have a long way to go and therefore need the help of the
    trainer and the gym.

  12. Phillip, I know this is not exactly in your wheelhouse of law maybe you can give me an answer. If someone tried to commit suicide by ingesting a caustic cleaner, and was physically ill with flu symptoms and rushed to the hospital with the police and paramedics wanting the person to be put on a hold (72hrs). Stomach pumped and released in less than 8 hrs with a premade ham sammie, and a bus token and he took a bus from Cinci to Ar on borrowed money 2days later and was happy and on the 6th day got up to go to the bathroom and keeled over dead. Could the hosp. who knew they messed up by releasing him be in any way possible culpable? True story!!! My friend died yesterday morning.

  13. Shelley… Tort law was never my area of expertise, but RES IPSA LOQUITUR – Lat. “the thing speaks for itself.” Refers to situations when it’s assumed that a person’s injury was caused by the negligent action of another party because the accident was the sort that wouldn’t occur unless someone was negligent.

    That is the test that must be met for your deceased friend’s family to have a legitimate civil cause of action against the hospital, paramedics or even the police.

    I always, in my mind at least, would ask the question, if not for “this,” the initial act (in this case the guy swallowing a caustic liquid), would that, that and everything that followed the initial act have occurred, negligent or otherwise? In your case, the primary negligent act was swallowing the caustic liquid. Sure, the paramedics and police said hold the guy for 72 hours, but neither has the authority to say who stays in the hospital and who does not. Were either of them negligent for not sitting outside the guys door to make sure he was not released before 72 hours? Probably not. Apparently the hospital pumped the guys stomach and afterward, when his vital signs appeared OK, somebody needed the available bed more than he did so he was discharged. Happens all the time. I s that negligence? Again probably not.

    I’m sorry for your loss, but it appears that your friend’s suicide attempt one day proved to be successful six days later.

    Cinci to Ar? I assume Cinci is Cincinnati, but where is Ar? Arizona, Arkansas?

  14. Thnx. Phillip it was Arkansas, my friend used to say people always thought Arizona but that is Az. My friend was layed off from K-Mart, collected 1 unemployment check and then was denied being told he was terminated/fired. His employer changed it b/c half the people at that store were collecting unemployment while working up to 22hrs per wk. So with my friend he simply cut his losses and told unemployment he was mistaken, he was going to be evicted, depressed wrote out his Last Will & Testament, I found it under a paramedics bag. My friend had ingested the cleaner, which he said did not taste lemony by the way and at the hospital said bottle was right next to him, he even joked b/c he was left handed and he had to sign a million papers that at any time he could have chugged the rest…didn’t. But b/c the liquid was in him for several hrs. the hosp was supposed to monitor bloodwork for signs of organ failure, they never drew blood, they never even took his temp…comedy of errors. He is in a better place and as for cause of death…UNKNOWN End of his life story

  15. PK, I’m and NCIS fan too. In fact left the blog last night to watch it. Good grief, it was a little too much for me too. Unbelievable for sure, ridiculous, absolutely. But I do love the show. NCIS Los Angeles, no opinions yet until I watch a couple more shows.

  16. Sunny and bright, no clouds, 70% so far in Dana Point, CA.

    Shelly, sorry about your friend. My brother swallowed anti freeze to commit suicide. From what I understand, once you swallow that, your insides start burning and that’s it. Can you imagine a more horrible death?

  17. Frannie, you’re a hoot. …the door LMAO I’ve seen Biggest Loser only a couple of times. It just seems too many of the shows I like are on at the same time so I have to choose. Thank God I can’t record more than 2 shows at a time or I’d never get away from the TV.

    It’s bad enough I trek back and forth from the care facility my parents are in taking care of business there. That takes up a lot of time.

  18. Frannie, you’re a hoot. …the door LMAO I’ve seen Biggest Loser only a couple of times. It just seems too many of the shows I like are on at the same time so I have to choose. Thank God I can’t record more than 2 shows at a time or I’d never get away from the TV.

    It’s bad enough I trek back and forth from the care facility my parents are in taking care of business there. That takes up a lot of time.
    Sorry, forgot to add great post! Can’t wait to see your next post!

  19. Shelley… In your last post you introduced additional information:

    But b/c the liquid was in him for several hrs. the hosp was supposed to monitor bloodwork for signs of organ failure, they never drew blood, they never even took his temp…comedy of errors.

    Sounds like what is happening in hospitals all over America because it sounds like your friend had no health insurance.

    Uninsured patient arrives at emergency room and hospital can’t turn patient away, BUT in your friends case, pumping stomach addressed the EMERGENCY and once the immediate danger was resolved the patient gets released without any additional testing. An insured patient would have likely received every test know to man and then some.

    And yes, I am a rich American who wholeheartedly supports a completely Nationalized Health Care System patterned after Denmark, Sweden, Norway, France, Germany, England, Canada and virtually EVERY other civilized nation on Earth save the USA.

    And ANY argument against eliminating the greed “trumps the Hippocratic Oath” for profit – lots of profit – hospital, doctor, insurance system we now have is out to protect their collective profits, not the heath and welfare of the American public IMHO.

  20. Just curious, did anyone actually read Coach & Debbie? I don’t see any reference to their commentary. I didn’t read it, at least not yet. Maybe never, we’ll see.

  21. PK, I believe you were a (fill in the blank) in high school. Many guys with the goods you had were, trust me, I know. In fact, some still are. I see them at the reunions I occasionally attend.

    Was your West Side story cheerleader date a girlfriend or justafriend? Inquiring minds want to know.

  22. starfish… Victoria Elmendorf, my half Puerto Rican date to West Side Story, was more than just a friend that night. I returned to my regular GF, Frannie McCollum, at school on Monday and never mentioned being with Victoria. I may have sneaked back to “Shark” turf on more than one occasion after that, but I probably should say I didn’t.

  23. starfish… My 50th High School reunion is next summer. I avoided the 10th in case Frannie showed up and went into her “you said you would love me forever routine,” avoided the 20th because of a beach party at Rehoboth Beach, DE, was back in Utah for the 30th, was in Chino Hills, CA for the 40th, and will be in Mobile, AL for the 50th. High school is best left as a fond memory of who were were than and the fun times we all had. That’s what I think.

  24. Starfish, Yes i did read the coach and debbie commentary, Im not a fan of either one of them, Debbie was the lesser of two evils. The coach what arrogance he had ,what an annoyance he was.

  25. Boy I hate it when people, especially me, mix up than and then. Second to last sentence in my last post should be then, not than. Slap slap

  26. aggie… I was not the stud. That honor was shared by Johnny Cashmere, Armand Curtis and Jimmy Moore. I was more like Ferris Bueller ahead of his time, or possibly an earlier version of Joel Goodson from Risky Business.

  27. PK, what about the “were were”? Sorry, couldn’t help myself since you mentioned the “than”. :razz:

  28. Aggie, I never saw Coach and Debbie as contestents and from what I hear Coach wasn’t one of the loved ones. But good grief they are long winded and it’s all I can do to read PK’s antics which are so much more entertaining.

  29. I guess one thing good about slow days… it’s a heck of a lot easier to catch up on reading when we aren’t even at 40 comments yet. Good thing we get another episode tomorrow.. maybe that’ll help. This is one of my 3 nights a week that I don’t have to turn the tv on (Wed, Fri, & Sat). Not into any shows on those night…. maybe a primetime college football game on Saturday from time to time.. that’s about it.

  30. I am not familiar with Coach and Debbie either. Debbie seems ok…. a bit wordy, but ok. Coach? He refers to himself as “The Dragon Slayer”? Where did that name originate? Please don’t tell me that he named himself that! That would really be pathetic.. and funny! Ego, Party of one! Isn’t it cute how the “Dragon Slayer” has all his little written laws?(LOL) Is it like the 10 Commandments of dragon slaying? Did he grow up playing Dungeons And Dragons? Did he grow up? I agree with y’all, he is long-winded. We have a name for those people… “Windbag”.

  31. Sal, I’m not saying to not post those.. they can be amusing. You do a GREAT job and I know it gives you a DESERVED break. I do actually laugh while reading them… not at their wit, just at them. Don’t change a thing!

  32. JUSTAGUY, COach was a total ego maniac ,you should have seen him in his season He constantly called himself the dragon slayer, he was one of those guys ,that basicly think his shit doesnt stink. he told some pretty wildstories which nobody believed ,but Jeff Probst had him take a lie detector test and he passed ,so who knows with him ,I know some people in his season thought he was crazy.

  33. OK, I’m going yo put my battle armor on before I make this comment.
    Survivor edits the hell out of things as we well know. if coach’s storys were not edited, I believe he would sound like a mild version of PK. Granted, we know either one very little but because of the forum we are willing to believe Phils storys. True we have more time to interact with our Pal PK, but what would his stories be like if I edited them to save time to fit it in to a 1 hour TV show? Coach was more arrogant than most people, but he did pass Jeff’s lie detector test. If he wouldn’t have made himself the self appointed “Dragon Slayer” and his stories were told in private to other cast-a-ways would we tend to believe him. Change the mans demeanor and do we have a believable character??? Thoughjts?

  34. Dang it!! I did have to turn the tv on tonight after all. I forgot that the baseball play-offs were on. Phillies-8 Dodgers-3 in the 7th. Now I can turn the tv off again.

  35. hey there JT, it definately is tough posting every day with a once a week show and as much as I like writing I have never been longwinded. Gotta get my material somewhere, you got something you want to post, send it this way!!

  36. Sal, “Self appointed Dragon Slayer”… I guess that answers my earlier question. I almost wish I could have seen this guy in action now.. could have been entertaining. As far as his stories go.. I don’t know what they were, but they probably were true… mostly. Most people have a tendency to embelish a bit, but generally true. Even at that, it’s the need to tell his fellow castaways that would have been the funny part. I have a work friend like that (Paul aka Paulie… Italian). He loves telling his wild stories of the late 80’s. I know he’s telling the truth because I was right there for a lot of them. Some of the stories have gotten more exciting over the years, but still mostly true.. it’s just funny to me. I don’t bother to call him out on added details. He was a golden gloves boxer. Funny how an Italian kid from St. Paul can go from that to being tied in with the Gambino family and sparring once with Mike Tyson…. all with the passing of time… and a couple embelishments.

  37. Like I said Sal… Don’t change a thing! You’re doing a GREAT job. I find DS & Deb amusing… now if they could just quit using all those BIG words!(LOL)

  38. Sal, when you say “we” are willing to believe Phil’s stories, I have to say, even though I adore there entertainment value and believe they may be partially true and some totally true and others…..; however, I don’t buy them in their entirety. I’m just not that kind of girl. How many women would buy those stories in their entirety and be mesmerized by them. Probably many! :razz:

  39. STARFISH, I guess im one of those women, I totally believe his stories, It seems like you and Ted on here are in agreement on this one.

  40. Don’t wanna close my eyes,
    Don’t wanna fall asleep,
    Cause I’d miss you Babe
    & I don’t wanna miss a thing!!! :lol:

    Feeling down tonight. How’s it hanging everyone?

  41. As usual huh? But I’m awake now. Don’t know for how long but I’m going to do my e-mail & try to catch the morning crowd. :lol:

  42. starfish… My memory of past events in my life as well as historical events in general even amaze me sometimes. I really don’t embellish anything and would have no reason to. I’m not always thrilled with some of my past behavior, but I can’t change the past, and probably wouldn’t change most of it even if I could. And I’ve only skimmed the surface. I am 66 now, you know.

  43. Don’t wanna close my eyes,
    Don’t wanna fall asleep,
    Cause I’d miss you Babe
    & I don’t wanna miss a thing!!!

    Though Aerosmith composed the music for and originally performed that song in the movie “Armageddon,” Steven Tyler could only write a lyric like that in his dreams. Credit the one and only Diane Warren with that incredible lyric.

  44. Morning all…it’s 7:05 here in St. Peters, Mo. with a
    temperature of 55 degrees. Calling for rain again. Well at
    least we had a couple of days of sun. Off to work again
    but I’ll check back later after reports and stuff are done.

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