It looks like a Shambo coup! A new leader in aiga?

Has Shanbo seized control of the tribe or has Russell set up  his next move. Has he put into play another one of his schemes. The chicken/s are loose, did someone see him do it? Is Shambo pissed off because he has done it? Did Russell lie and blame it on someone else? Where oh where is everything headed? The preview is more than likely misleading.

Info minus some spoiler  id’s by missyae from Survivor Sucks

Process of elimination starts to play a role in deciding who’s in the process of being eliminated. As has been spoiled by SurvivorsUnite and missyae, the final three appear to be *******, ******* and ****. And we’ve heard the fourth and fifth spots are taken by ***** and ******, respectively.
    So that leaves ******, ****, **** and ******. Of these, we think ++++ and ++++++ last the longest, so John and Monica, who have been trying to get each other voted out for quite a while, may actually finally see some success.

   Monica is probably Shambo’s choice for target, since she probably sees Monica as a painful reminder of Laura’s reign of terror (from Shambo’s somewhat delusional perspective). Also, Shambo is pretty sure John is her best friend. And since the post-Ep10 preview seems to show Shambo trying to convince everyone to vote someone off, that may be Monica (decoy boot?). She could go, although that doesn’t seem like the smartest move for Russell to make, since Monica’s not much of a challenge threat, and has only tenuous ties to Dave and Brett.

   John, however, just sold his Galu tribemates out for temporary safety from purple rocks. That seems unlikely to endear him to Dave and Brett (Monica was already not in his fan club). Since a Galu is going anyway, they’d probably prefer it to be him. And since he’s smart (or at least can recognize the idiotic moves of others) and a physical challenge threat, AND a proven flip-flopper, there’s no real reason for Russell to keep him around. We’d guess he’s the actual target.


Russell’s Pals!

Bretts view of HII hunt

Could this be a vision that might come true!

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  1. Unfreakinbelievable……….Maybe it pays to wait until after 6:00.
    41 degrees in St. Peters, Mo at 6:09 A.M

  2. Just read the actual SSB topic, lol… but its definitely John going.. just like you said a Galu has to go, and although he is smart and saw through his tribe, it was a little too late. Shambo is in charge of nothing, this is Russells game.

  3. Shambo was used as a puppet before and the something is happening again. The sad thing is that she does know it.
    Anyone watched the AMA’s last night..What a farce..No wonder the music industry is going down the drain when “singer ” like Taylor Swift is getting these awards for just being pretty..The girl CANT sing..
    And then there was Rihanna..WTF..Again can’t sing only easy on the eyes. Great to see Whitney Houston turning her life around and showing these little beauty contestants how to sing.

  4. While the rest of the west coast slept, ET somehow managed to illuminate a little corner of Long Beach at 4:18 am PST to sit at her computer and say Good Morning to the SS blog bunch, though for Aggie, it probably should have been Good Night.

  5. LOL PK its always morning for an insomniac like me…. DonnaP I watched part of the awards and fell asleep, AMA’s put an insomniac to sleep.. nuff said! I am watching Amazing Race now.

  6. DonnaP… As a former sometimes writer, arranger and producer, it is my opinion that the day RAP became an accepted form of musical expression was the day that actually being able to sing became optional.

    Taylor Swift’s Producers, promoters and record label have to be laughing all the way to the bank. Time for the sequel to “How to succeed in business without really trying.” It’s called, “How to succeed in the music business without really singing.”

  7. ET… I’m with Bruce Willis. I have a very high tolerance for all forms of pain except RAP music.

    I opted out of having kids in fear that they might like RAP or that some dumb relative would give them a drum set.

  8. Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye and Michael Jackson PLEASE return from the grave and bring back the MUSIC!

  9. aggie… Admit it… You play RAP music for testing purposes. If it gives you a headache you know you still have a few brain cells left.

  10. Hey aggie, Frannie sent me a nice pic of her. Now it’s your turn to squeeze all 5’10” of you in one “blonde” frame lol

  11. Aggie… Is it true that the last time you did the “bump” you actually sent the guy to the emergency room with a broken hip?

    Was it his not so funny blonde joke or was it the appearance of an “light” package?

  12. Good Morning from the Great Pacific Northwest… Well I see, typical to form, that MISS TIPTON and DONNA P are the only ones here that remember this is a Survivor Samoa site!!! I thank God every morning for their clarity! And I must include TENDR also… she is always focused and I hope she is doing well. I’ll be back tonight… Don’t work too hard FP2! Thank you SAL for starting us off this a.m. And thank you for the video clip.

    Oh, one other thing… Try to keep AGGIE & PK in line until TGO jr. returns!

  13. Don’t be fooled ladies. Ted is listed on page one of the dirty old man on the prowl list. Beware!

  14. Damn… Even my former 6 foot modern dancer babe in Virginia wore CFM pumps to drive me into a frenzy…

  15. Aggie… You might want to try when Ted comes to Chicago. Clue time. The C stands for “come” amd the M satnds for “me.” I’ll let you figure out what the F stands for.

  16. All fixed up. You guys are loving the blog way too much! :)

    Updated the banner, fixed the comments to all be on 1 page (up to 1000) and all should be good.

    Sorry for the delay! Loving Survivor Samoa!

    Peace, JP aka BBBlogger

  17. Survivor… Aggie and Ted have started a blogmance. Sal is doing a wonderful job as usual, JT continues to be Just, Frannie is acting like all girls when they finally get out of Catholic school with all the Nun supervision, AC keeps the night torch like even if nobody but Cynthia can see it as they pass in the night, we have a new bloggette Elizabeth who I thought was a boy in her avitar like a dummy but still hoping Ted would get blamed for saying it, and the rest of us, me included, are doing our best to keep on topic as the topic continually keeps changing unless Aggie is on and then the subject is always about sex.

  18. DonnaP… You were included in the rest of us, me included, are doing our best to keep on topic…. Impossible job but somebody’s got to do it

  19. Early night for me… Reb is tired after cruising Florida so keep Aggie under wraps so that our blog doesn’t blow up again. Tomorrow Frannie…

  20. Phillip
    I think I know what CFM pumps were, lol
    come F*** me, shoes, hope I do not get blocked with that comment
    just keeping on eye on all of you :)

  21. Who calls Elizabeth Et ,not me.The love God calls her Miss Tipton. What a phony he is. As far as Dwts Donnie and Mya in the final2 I hope Kelly goes tommorrow. Frannie ,Hi thereI will be on later i have something too do.

  22. I see my two faves… The Gold Dust Twins… are holding down the fort tonight! Ran through the comments and see I didn’t miss anything interesting… EXCEPT… a visit by the Supreme Ruler ~ SURVIVOR ~ It would have been an honor to meet him and give him a true and accurate report on the status of SSB. And, to thank his Benevolence for his wisdom in allowing our Fearless Leader free rein in controlling this mostly unruly mob.

  23. The football game tonight is a lot like this blog sometimes… lots of pushing and shoving! Good game so far… I’m sure SAL is on the edge of his chair… or bar stool. I’m rooting for the Texans too. That was a close call!!!

  24. Well I have to check my e-mail I guess… was hoping to see if anyone watched the latest installment of Ponderosa!!! Knew I could count on JANE or DONNA to talk Survivor, and PHILLIP has even been making some sense lately. And sometimes I can get FRANNIE to comment on the game. And AGGIE… well, we all know what she likes to talk about…
    Probably see AC after the game. And, I think you are right about Miss Tipton being called ET… Of course, you know who started that. Let’s ask her. And, speaking of T’s… where in the hell has JT been? Anyone seen CYNTHIA since the dust up the other night?

  25. Hey BACONBITS what’s happening? Wow, not your football week SAL. Sorry… I was hoping they could pull it off.


  26. So what happened from 9:55a.m. and 6:57p.m.? Site repair? It would seem… Hate to see Laura’s pretty face defaced by the Red Pen… but, she deserves it I guess.

  27. Not a damn thing this week… but, next week I’m sure The Great One will be orchestrating another brilliant ouster. Thinking it may be John.

  28. comment 192 slow night guys? I guess i will check back later. Ted, would you like to give Russell a nice sponge bath, i can see you frothing at the mouth now.I think your a little Bicurious buddy, you talk about sausages too much.

  29. Now Now ROSE… not nice talk from Chi-Town! I guess FRANNIE went to bed. Me too soon.

    Just watched Brett’s interview… He called Russell… ‘Little Bubba’… that is hilarious! Think I will watch Jaison’s and go to bed.

  30. Be sure to watch Jaison’s interview… very articulate guy! Would love to see his dream come true… about the jury… TGO is still my hope for the mil, but Nat is second! Her interview was good too… she’s no dummy about TGO!

  31. Oh, I forgot to answer Rose’s question… No I would rather be water boarded than give Russell a sponge bath!

  32. Dm, im sure they did not mean anything by it, people happen to shorten everything around here, no one writes out words its just easier. thats what Fran said ,glad you cleared that up for our guy Ted, he thinks i do everything.have a good night .

  33. Well hello people. Just wanted to stop in & let you know the latest. First—TED—I’m fine. Ticked off beyond reason but fine. I also want you to know that I went against everything I was raised by & I spoke to a detective yesterday about my “problem.” I showed him the printed pages from the blog & everything. He told me flat out that there was NOTHING they could do about it. He said, “This could be anybody.” So I asked, “Well what if I had his IP number, could you trace him that way?” I KNOW THEY CAN!! But his response to me was, “Ma’am we have so many REAL threats to deal with that we don’t really mess with this kind of thing.” Then he told me & I quote, “Even if we could prove it was who you say it is, we’d almost have to arrest you too for what you said back to him.” Sooooooooooo—-so much for the police helping. I KNEW better than to go there but I was trying to make my Mom feel better. Because the other night, my brother immediately told my sister what he read & she can’t hold water & she let it slip to Mom & now she is all upset. THIS REALLY TICKS ME OFF!!! My Mom’s boyfriend is dying with Cancer—she’s already depressed & she sure doesn’t need this. AT ALL. Sooooo–I have made another decision. Since the “right” people won’t help me—-I’m going a different route. BUT I will say that you guys & gals can EXPECT an apology from Mr. Hellyen. I’m tired of the headache & I cannot take my Mom being upset like this. So this WILL be ending soon. My way. So Snake—if—-no—-WHEN you see him post—please let it through. It will most likely be the weekend.

    As for me—-I’ve haven’t been that embarrassed in a loooooooooong time. I am soooooooooooooooooooo very sorry it came out the blog like that. PLEASE forgive me. I was trying to avoid that. Never really thought he would find me since there are so many blogs about Survivor. But he did. And I’m sorry you people had to read all of that mess. I never wanted trouble here where I come to play & have fun. IT WILL BE OK THOUGH. THAT I PROMISE!!

    The only funny thing about all of this is that when I showed the printouts to the guy, Henry, that actually introduced me to Kevin—-he got upset because I called Kevin by HIS name—-not once but twice. LMAO I tried to explain that I was just so mad & embarrassed about it & I was thinking about Henry being the one that introduced us—that the name Henry just flew out before I realized it. :lol: He said , “Well just make sure everybody KNOWS that Henry is NOT stalking anybody ok?” But then he laughed it off so all is good there. THANK GOD!! :lol:

    Anyway—I’m doing good & I’ve been around reading. So just wanted to say hi & explain things. Be good & stay safe. Going to bed now.

  34. Yesterday was my first borns bd. I couldn’t get ahold of her so i sent her an email. many yrs ago she was born ON thanksgiving right at dinner time. Doc held her up and said “here’s your turkey”..
    This yr i guess i’ll be staying home since my car isn’t running.
    Maybe there’ll be some good tv?
    I just get reg channels.
    I’m so NOT ready for Christmas. Seems like we just had it. show’s coming on. the BB. :)

  35. I’m sorry Cynthia about what you’re going through. What if you changed your nick….would he know? just a thought. t

  36. No he probably wouldn’t know for awhile at least tendr—but I’m not hiding. Been there, done that. This will end soon. No worries.

  37. Cynthia, sorry about your problem, my sister had the same problem once ,the guy kept calling we almost had too change our number, he was basically a loser looking for attention.good luck too you.

  38. Cynthia…
    If anyone can take care of this, we all know that it’s
    you. I am putting my money on you for sure. Good luck.

  39. BBL…going to watch Heroes that I taped from last
    night and then I guess I HAVE to go to go work.
    I hate that dirty four letter word.

  40. Good Morning Frannie…

    Wow.. Cynthia NO MORE blind dates for you and that’s final!

    When I was in college at BYU, I introduced the 5 second rule to be applied to ALL blind dates. When the blind date exited her dorm, I had 5 seconds to decide whether to greet her half way or put the pedal to the metal.

  41. Yes Frannie, you broke my heart, got married and changed your name within hours of claiming to be my BFF. Women!

  42. I have to walk out the door right now otherwise I will be
    late for work. Don’t want to keep anyone waiting. We have
    to enter the building under dual watch. That way if
    someone wants to rob the bank….the other person
    can run away. That’s what would happen….I just know.

  43. Aggie is in luck… Since her man Ted couldn’t wait to fly to Florida to kick some ass for Cynthia, just imagine what what he’d do for some…

  44. You guys have to stop calling elizabeth et, i dont know if you realize how weird that sounds, Et is an alien, as Dm suggested try calling her liz.

  45. Good Morning, I read that Thursdays recap episode will show not before seen footage of the first 27 days. I am not a big fan of the recap show but would like to see some of the new footage. Maybe we can get to know more about some on the other players.

  46. Aggie… Frannie and I have been sharing pics on Favebook now that we are BFF. I’d give you my new fax no. but the last time I did that you just sat you butt on your scanner and hit send to my fax line. Cute…

  47. Aggie… Too late. I already sent it to Ted and asked him to guess want it was a pic of. He thought it looked like a pic of the moon with a valley in the middle with craters everywhere surrounding the valley so he had no idea it was your butt so I promise after what he said that I will never tell him.

  48. Aggie… Yes I did, but I get the butt scan and the boob scan confused so I had to actually label which one was which

  49. Funny you call Rebecca Becky, other that me and her professional associates, everybody in her family and friends have always called her Becky.

  50. Aggie.. I only have one step kid and she loves the beach, loves bikinis and I’m sure waxes regularly…

  51. Aggie… When did you adopt your take charge attitude? Was it when ALL of the guys on the football team wanted to call the plays instead of you?

  52. So now I know if I see a detached weenie in rain gear lying on the side of the road in a Chicago suburb it was just Aggie taking charge. Pay attention TED?

  53. Aggie… No rain gear for me ever. But I’m 66 and had most of my fun long before STD’s were passed out more often than “Jesus Saves” leaflets here in Alabama.

  54. Stewball was a good horse, he wore his head high,
    and the mane on his foretop, was fine as silk thread.

  55. I’m busy, would either of you fine ladies like to give Sea Biscuit a hand? I heard he’s good for at least 16 of them when he stands erect fresh out of hie double wide stall.

  56. I have to go do some more work. It’s taking longer because
    people won’t stay away. What do they think this is…a bank?

  57. Aggie… Nope.. Why would I ever want dry and stinky when there is always an ample supply of wet and wild?

  58. For over the hill dried up 50ish Irish Blondes from the windy city, probably best to lube everything… LOL

  59. Ted only says I’m handsome because I am. Just tellin’ the truth.

    Make a note Ted. Bring your own lube or things could get very rough…

  60. Is she gone? Is it safe to come on? Hi PK… see you are doing your best to rile up our favorite Irish Rose.

    FRAN… why the name change? Still like Frannie though.

    SAL must be in mourning this a.m.

  61. See Aggie, BBML is more accurate since I knew you had to leave the computer and get made up for the day.

  62. Got to go, you guys have fun! Wouldn’t you know… my sister comes and I get a big job I have to estimate. Check back later.

  63. Sorry to here, Frannie… that’s what you get for going to work… Me Too… got to go fore sure now… Bye

  64. Frannie… Guys will do that anytime you don’t lick all the chocolate off your lips… Normal behavior usually.

  65. Hey PHIL… just saw this on the news and had to share… Google “knotty bodies espresso’… This is the latest craze in Coffee Crazy Seattle. I’m sure it’s not just here either. What about where you live?

    Tendr… like the new look!

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