It’s a game called Survivor, lets check things out.

Shambo is in deep trouble in her tribe. The girls are talking about how awkward she is socially, Russell is still pissed about the runaway chicken, even though no one got off their ass to go help catch it. C’mon Galu, get your shit together, your a tribe(team) lets work together. besides, I heard no one else volunter to take care of the fowl……

As the storm moves in the tide has gotten very rough, who has the surf boards??

Tree mail lets everyone know it’s reward challenge time. Gotta eat the Sea Slugs Guts to get Steaks and food for a bar-b-que. Galu sat out Kelly, Laura and John.

First up:  For Galu – Shambo        For Foa Foa – Jaison     Giant Clams & Jeffs Choice (Octopus & Sea snail)                                  Both finished 1 point each                                                                                                                                                                                      2nd group    Russell S.           Russell H.        Jelly Fish special                           Both completed   score now 2 – 2

3rd group       Brett        Mick               Giant Clam & Sea Cucumber              Both completed           score 3 – 3

4th group        Monica     Liz          sea Urchin     & Sea Noodle         Both completed    score   4 – 4

5th group       Dave       Ashley       Sea slug Guts w/water      Dave completed, Ashley – Quit!!        Galu wins   5 – 4

Shambo gets sent to Foa Foa because Russell says she lost the chicken and doesn’t deserve to get the reward, I hope she is still around at the merge and gets rid of Russell. Sham might have let the chicken escape but i saw no one helping to capture it.

Ashley is on the outs for not finishing her smoothie, strike 1.   Natalie trys to comfort her, bla bla bla …….

Shambo gets to Foa Foa camp and lets them know how pissed she is with her tribe. She is hunky durry in their camp, even gets a group hug!!!!

Back at Galu, Russell and Dave have an argument on how to light the fire, gee guys hits hot, just ADD wood, sheesh. dave thinks he is a miracle man, adds wood to fire and wa-la, bingo …. fire .

Shambo shared the HII clues with the entire Foa Foa tribe and she shows everyone where then Idol should be. Shambo thinks Ben had it and didn’t use it. Liz thinks Russell has it and confronts him about it, wrong, we don’t confront Russell, Strike 1 for Liz.

The rain is really taking a toll, their skin looks like mine when i used to go swimming all day at the pool, wrinkly, wrinkly, wrinkly.

at the Immunity Challenge is was all Galu. Russell and Liz were holding the ropes for Foa Foa, while Russell and Laura held them for Galu. Long story short …… Foa Foa sure never learned to play basketball, Galu had the nets full in no time and Russ and Liz dropped out, Galu wins again.

It’s raining so hard Foa Foa are all huddled in their shelter and can’t game play to who they will evict. Ashley struggled to get coconuts in the nets during the challenge, strike 2. Close to strike 3 and no other talk of someone going.

5 -1 vote at tribal and bye bye Ashley.

Next week looks like a med evac. Will probaly lose 2 people. One medical and one eviction. I tried to watch the highlights of next weeks show frame by frame. it will either be Russell H or a Galu member. I’ll keep checking to see whats up!!

Keep reading, a little history and some good videos after this.

snake got beer bitten last night, but feels ok today. 


The show strands between sixteen to twenty strangers in a remote location divided into two to four teams called tribes. Depending on the season, tribes are usually given a minimal number of tools with which to survive: commonly, this has included a machete, a pot, and water canteens to hold water from sources that vary each season. Tribes are encouraged to build shelters to protect themselves from the elements and to forage on the local flora and fauna for nourishment. In some seasons, tribes have started with food supplies (typically rice) provided by the show, while other seasons have given the tribes no additional help at the start of the game. Earlier seasons allowed players to carry one luxury item with them. Several seasons have brought the players into the game without preparation, making them start with only the clothes on their back along with whatever tools are provided, though they will often be given their running shoes for safety concerns for the players.

Initial tribe divisions have been made in several ways over the years. Early seasons tended to feature tribes divided based on a roughly equal distribution of age and gender within each tribe. Several seasons have featured tribes split by gender, age, and/or racial background. Divisions are generally made in advance by production, however, some seasons have had the tribes selected in various manners by one or more contestants after the game starts.

Tribes are given unique names and identifying colors which are used on tribe flags, challenge courses, on-screen text and various other items. Each player is given a buff, an elastic ring of material generally patterned with the logo for the current season, that can be worn as an armband, headband, tube top, mini skirt or a bow tie. Players are required to wear a buff with the color of their tribe in a visible location at all times, allowing the audience to identify tribal affiliation. Upon switching tribes (due to a merge or tribe switch), players are required to give up their old buff and obtain a new one in the new tribe’s color.

The producers have generally made sure that all players will not back out prior to being stranded, and will generally have backup players on hand if they believe, from psychological profiles, that one or more will drop out. In the case of Survivor: Fiji, one contestant backed out the night before day one of the game. Since producers were not prepared for this turn of events, Fiji was the first season to feature an odd number of players, and subsequently required the production team to alter how the tribes w ould initially be divided. For more>>>>


Some information on the setup of Survivor Samoa.  The crew has to eat and man oh man what a  cooking deal there was! It is amazing how many people it takes to run this dog and pony show. And that doesn’t count how many locals they hired to help build the sets. I believe this is another reason Survivor is only 39 days long.

Survivor After Dark just wonldn’t work, one reason each show that airs averages 3 actual days of production. They don’t keep the cast-a-ways up for an AD show. Live feeds would only be 39 days but they wouldn’t be able to show it before each Thursday show.

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  1. Another great contribution to Survivor blogging. Thanks Sal, as always. Just for that you can repeat last night all over again.

  2. Cynthia, fp2, aggie et al… I am who I am and my “storied truth bests fiction every time” past is but a fleeting memory now, but I will admit that my past travels and adventures bring a big smile to this aging man’s face anytime I look back on that time that was long ago and will never be again.

    Still, I REFUSE, maybe, to revisit any of my “unbelievable” travels and adventures during my much shorter than planned European Junket with the Mormon Church picking up the Tab. I’ll just say that it ended in the Mormon Church Mission Mansion in Kensington near Hyde Park, London, England. I had been spotted entering the “Windmill,” a “gentleman’s” club where the lovely lady performers started with nothing on and stripped down from there. I thought it was really sophisticated, though the Mission president thought differently. An orchestra even played “My country ’tis of thee” which I later learned was “God Save the Queen” in England. Anyway, the mission president called me to his quarters (his name was Marion D Hanks if you really need to know) and he said, “Brother Knudsen, you appear to lack the necessary humility to be a servant of the Lord.” As I propped my wing-tips on his 18th century antique tea table just under one of the many crystal chandeliers, I responded, “Brother Hanks, you would be an authority on humility, right?” Well folks, I was at Heathrow the next day bound for JFK and the end of a much less than successful Mormon Mission.

    Too much fun in the summer of 61.

  3. I’ve always wondered about all “houses of god”, why does it seem they decorate with the most expensive artifacts and trinkets they can find instead of being humble servants of god and decorate modestly?

  4. Sal… My point exactly. And here I come Hell, when I went through the granite and gold leaf everywhere Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City there were actors playing the rolls of God, Jesus, The Holy Ghost, Satan et al instead of the film the Mormon Church uses now. Anyway, on the day I went through, nobody could remember their lines and the guy playing Satan had to keep feeding the others their lines.

    What made it worse, was that another guy going on a mission was sitting next to me in the temple at the time (Bob Huber) and when two guys anywhere start laughing one after another then together there is no way in hell or in the temple to stop them.

  5. PK….I have an ex sister in law that still lives in Mobile. You said
    your wife is 20 years younger than you. Her name isn’t Janet is it?

  6. Sal… I’m in Mobile, Alabama, on the Gulf Coast just across Mobile Bay from Point Clear, Alabama, where one of my old drinking buddies from the early 70’s, Winston Groom “Forest Gump,” lives part of the year now. He was a cub reporter for the “Washington Star” back then and we couldn’t buy a date for him (boney maroney) with any amount of money. He has done much better for himself since then and even gained some weight.

  7. fp2… My wife is the Rebecca of the Glenda, Diane, and Rebecca Mitchell sisters. Don’t tell Ted, but I have “known” several Janets but none in or near Mobile. I’m only in Mobile because my wife says I have to be. The humidity sucks. Centipede grass sucks. Hurricanes, when the come, blow.

  8. fp2… My wife is 46, turning 47 on November 4. Wish I could find Janet though to hook her up with my brother-in-law to get him out of the house.

  9. Phillip, you crack me up. Write a book or two, I would read them all. Heck, I come to this blog everyday to read what you write. You write well and I know I am not the only person who thinks so. One thing about me I won’t lie and I may say something that isn’t with the rest of the pack, but you are a real interesting man. I may not be watching Survivor regularly, but I’ d follow any comment page you are writing on.

  10. we know all about hurricanes, huh Phil ….. we have the sucking humidity here, the painfully sucking fire ants, lousy damn mosquito’s and hot as hell weather
    my bd is Nov 10
    my in laws are all in Pa. and at least your not old enough to be my daddy :lol:

  11. Shelley… It really should come as no surprise that I primarily focus my attention on entertaining the women, and if the guys want to follow along that’s OK too. I adopted that attitude very early on in life, starting with requesting an anatomically correct doll when I was about 4 that wet its pants, could be bottle bed to supply the needed fluids, and was just like the ones the two next door neighbor girls, 4 and 5 wanted so that we could spend lots of time together playing INSIDE, not running tinker toys into the mud outside with the little boys. Oh, I forgot to mention, I was an only child as if you hadn’t already figured that out many, many posts ago.

  12. Hey Sal… when I drive to Utah and California, I always skirt I-10 in Texas until I-20 merges into it near El Paso. I do fly into IAH on occasion and have always wondered what the highway is called that runs from IAH to downtown Houston that resembles north and south extra wide airport runways that go on for miles and miles all the way to downtown?

  13. I-45 runs all the way thru down town and continues on to Galveston. The part from downtown to Galveston has had a least some part of it under construction since i arrived here over 20 years ago

  14. Sal… It was either sometime in 69 or 70 that I drove from DC to Pittsburgh for a Led Zeppelin concert at the Pittsburgh Civic Auditorium. The concert was oversold, and motorcycle cops were rounding up kids trying to push their way in like they were unruly cattle. Concert was great though. Bras and panties flying overhead in all directions and thick pot smoke rising all the way to the ceiling. Gotta love Pittsburgh.

    Now Johnstown is another story. I helped a friend move his MaMa out of an old “company” house there and that place ranked among the most depressing sights I’ve witnessed over the years.

  15. Now back to Survivor Samoa. When Chief Russell S. had the nerve to punish Shambo for losing a chicken after he chose comfort items over utility items (Samoa is a JUNGLE Russell) he gave hudspah a whole new meaning.

  16. JT… Russell S could have I suppose, but what kind of chief would abandon his tribe BEFORE he sees the cavalry riding over the hill?

  17. In this case it would have been a sacrifice rather than abandonment. Could have scored him some major points and made up for the bone-head choice of pillows…. now soggy pillows.

  18. JT… Russell S is an attorney and is, therefore, totally unfamiliar with the concept of sacrifice. Plus, he wants to know what his tribe members are saying and doing at all times. The old when the cats away the mice will play, you know…

  19. The Igloo, home of the Peguins, the roof opens, making the largest indoor areana that can open it’s roof! It is now the Mellon Arena!! It opened in 1961, and hosted the Ice Capades. In 1999 the Penguins signed an 18M – 10yr agreement to stay and play hockey and rename it Mellon Arena. The Penguins started playing there in 1967 and have won 3 Stanley Cup Championships since then ’91, ’92 & ’09.
    Concerts that have been there were, ’64 Beatles, Presley in ’73, Page/Plant concert in ’95. If you ever saw the movie Sudden Impact with JCVD climbed down thru the roof opening to get the bad guy(short explanation). Those among other major events have been held there. Just to show Pittsburgh loves its sports, the current address of the Igloo is “66 Mario Lemieux Place”. How about that for naming a local hero???

    Johnston was an old mining town the had a big flood back in the 30’s and never really recovered. Never was that big of an industry town that it could draw business and new residents.

  20. HEY.. WAIT A MINUTE!! The first time I read that, you excluded ’91… a little editing on the fly huh?

  21. PK, Good point about “While the cats away”. I just thought it would have been a great opportunity to regain some respect from his own tribe (if he could have sent himself). He probably doesn’t know about sacrifice though. I put people in some pretty tough spots at work, they do it without bitching because they know I have done and will do it myself if needed.

  22. From TribLIVE News Friday, June 21, 2002

    Led Zeppelin `fanatic’ seeks ’70 concertgoers

    Led Zeppelin played on a Monday night — March 30, 1970 — at the Civic Arena, Uptown. Security problems reportedly plagued the concert. (Tell me about it, lol)

    “Local news reports portrayed a tense gig,” Lambert says. “Apparently, the band actually walked offstage during their set to cool things down a little.” (They did, but since when do flying bras and panties translate to tense?)

    Led Zeppelin performed in Pittsburgh on several occasions, but “the 1970 date isn’t too well documented, which is why I’d like to gather as much information about it as possible,” says Lambert, a father of two employed by Actaris, a firm that sells metering systems, products and services for utility companies. (I was there, call me Mr. Lambert wherever you are in England

  23. Even with that loss to the Penguins, ’91 was still a pretty fun year around here. In a 10 month span.. we won the World Series, hosted the Super Bowl, hosted the NCAA Final Four, played in the Stanley Cup, and had a record (for here) snowstorm that was part of one of the systems that created “The Perfect Storm”.

  24. The Igloo was originally built to house the Civic Light Opera. Since then it has some of the big boys, Sinatra, Stones, Garth sold out 6 nights and PK, the Dead have been there also!!

    Oh no, I just saw where Ohhhhbama is in town!!

  25. Sal… Obama was just returning to the White House and AF 1 landed in Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Avenue, no big deal. Close enough

  26. Speaking of snow:

    Penn State Since this morning, national media attention has been focused on University Park and State College, Pa., because of the odd early snowfall. If you’d like to see some of the ongoing snowfall and its effects on television, this evening ABC’s …”World News with Charles Gibson” (6:30-7 p.m. Eastern time) plans to do a live spot from near Beaver Stadium, with perhaps some footage from around town and campus.Read More

  27. OK PK, explain this one!!!

    President Barack Obama’s plane is scheduled to land at Bush Intercontinental Airport at approximately 2:50 p.m.
    You can watch live coverage on

  28. Facionable Obama was at Eglin AF base just east of Pensacola yesterday making more promises, promises.

  29. Sal… I’d say that my explanation would be that if you posted at 2:56 PM CDT and Obama’s plane was scheduled to land at 2:50 PM, I missed the live coverage of the landing.

  30. Sal.. If I had a nut job dad like balloon boys, I would want a more secure place to hide permanently than the attic in the same house as his dad.

  31. Sal… That wife swap show is all extraterrestrials will even need to watch to avoid any contact with Planet Earth.

  32. PK, ever read “The 19th Wife.” Very interesting read and I just picked it up at Costco not realizing the information I would get from it.

  33. starfish… I’m not familiar with “The 19th Wife” but I suspect it is book about polygamy.

  34. evil, mad, sad, cry, mrgreen, twisted, lol, roll, oops, wink, razz, eek, grin, smile, shock (just put a colon on both sides and you are set)

  35. Well PK you certainly are prolific to say the least true or not. I don’t mean the producing offspring prolific. :) As I said before, you are most entertaining. Yep, we are peers but as for the rich & democratic, we part ways even though you don’t sound like you are thrilled with the current antics. I’m going indy. Let’s see, will you be giving 75% of your income in taxes now or being the intelligent person that I believe you are, you have off shore accounts well hidden.

    I just reread the above and it’s all tongue-in-cheek but I thought I should clarify.

    “The 19th Wife”, is on mormon history (yes polygamy plays a part) and how this 19th wife killed her husband. It was shocking to my senses to read and thankfully, none of that is practiced now. Why couldn’t wives have several husbands anyway? Don’t answer that. :razz:

  36. starfish, about the Vikings… nothing is “for sure”, but the NFL has a perfect number of teams now.. 32. That’s what they wanted.. 2 conferences, 8 divisions each with 4 teams. They would rather move somebody than expand. The writing seems to be on the wall for the Vikes to move to LA. Hope not, but we will see.

  37. starfish… Mormon is my heritage, not my religion. We parted ways long ago. I, personally, feel that my greatest accomplishment in life was eventually after all the fun and games, finding and marrying ONE woman who I know as well as anybody can ever know anything will NEVER stab me, blow my brains out while I sleep, poison me, claim I ever abused her, or want to be anywhere other than where she is and with whom she is with.

  38. PK, probably. I’m sure AC can hook you up when he gets on here. The 15 codes that I listed upstream/upthread should tide you over for a while.

  39. starfish… I have no natural children, but I do have one step-daughter who has already promised me that nobody will ever be calling me Granddad in my lifetime despite pleas from my wife.

  40. FRANNIE, Did you see next week on survivor It looks like some body could be gone I wouldnt be surprised if its RUSSELL h, being that hes overweight.

  41. aggie… It just mught be Russell H. This is luau season in Western Samoa and the natives may have mistaken Russell for a nice plump pig while they were temporarily blinded by the torrential rain. It could happen…

  42. AN OPEN LETTER TO P K… Phillip, I am retracting what I said earlier, because I realize now that this site is populated mostly by reality show ~ soap opera loving women who revel in salacious tales of derring-do. And, I am not comfortable in raising their ire. I am also 66, and a product of the 60-80’s ‘fun’, having led a similar life. I will have to look you up on facebook and say Hi. I do think, however, that I would enjoy the company of your wife more, as she seems more politically responsible. I do enjoy your Survivor comments and think you have some good insights. I am not happy with Ressell H. bashing and do hope he is not the unlucky survivor next week. It did seem like it was a pretty serious injury from the look on Jeff’s face.

    And I must remember that we are all brothers under the Survivor Banner.

  43. WATcH IT TED, Dont be knocking the women of this blog. also PHILLIP ,who is one of the best people on here ,you are of course entitled to your opinion ,but I still have to say your being a little boring, we are only trying to have a little fun on here. chill man, ,just relax.

  44. P K… Forgot to mention that your comment about Russell S. the atty. was spot on!!!

    As far as Shambo trying to catch the Chicken… Eric and I think Kelly were helping also. Shambo just hasn’t fit in with those people and it is mostly her fault for having a strong (albeit inept) work ethic. It was unfair she didn’t get her steak because she was one of the Sea Slug Drinkers.

    Nice Recap Sal, you put Coach and Debbie to shame… and, Well Done with your Survivor 101 for newcomers.

    AGGIE & FP2… as for the girl in the picture with me… her name is Babe Ruthless.


    57 & Drizzly in Friday Harbor @ 4:43

  45. AGGIE… that’s Ellen Page in the Roller Derby Movie WHIP IT. I’m standing in front of the movie poster at the theater. It was Great Fun!

  46. listen closely I swear they’re true
    my salacious tales of derring-do…

    I’ll have to expand on that theme, Ted. It does have possibilities.

  47. PK you’re hilarious.
    aggie…porn star?? you always seem to shock me with what
    comes out of your mouth. hehehe

  48. Ted….correction, we are all brothers & sisters here,
    right aggie, starfish, princess, kinogirl, cynthia and
    anyone else I may have missed.

  49. Speaking of sisters.. where are all of the others that I thought were going to be here? Star? Margie? Kim? Donna Rose?.. all gave up on SS huh?

  50. Of course fp2… I was just making nice to PK, and wasn’t excluding you girls… for without you we are nothing.

  51. Sal, you need to send them all an e-mail and let
    them know anything goes here and we miss them.
    Well, almost anything goes.

  52. FRANNIE, I swear that is what she looks like, an overly made up person, She looks like shes asian ,and Ted says its actress ELLEN page, WHAT is she playing an ASIAN woman in a movie.

  53. fp2, I’m not really into Survivor either (only watched season 1). But I’m still here blabbing away about nothing. Glad at least all of you are here… otherwise I’d just be bloggin’ myself… not good. I am entertained by the show so far. Shambo is a bit of a mess, but I think she adds a lot of entertainment and would be sorely missed.. by me anyway.

  54. okay, so I know it’s only 8:02 here in St. Peters, Mo., but
    I think I caught some kind of bug. Today, I just finished
    taking antibiotics for 10 days and now I am getting a sore
    throat, have a headache, and my eyes feel like someone
    is forcing them to close. Probably sinus headache. I guess
    I’ll try to get a little shut eye. Maybe I feel better in the AM.
    I shouldn’t have any kind of infection going on since I’ve
    been on drugs. (legal drugs PK)
    Later brothers & sisters.

  55. hey aggie….good t see you here.
    I like Shambo…I think they are being a$$es towards
    her. She doesn’t fit in because of her age. Nothing like
    us older folks. Liz did great in the challenge.

  56. Does anyone else think Shambo looks like she has lost
    some weight? They always show Russell S sitting without
    a shirt on. He is a sight. Every time I see him like that,
    I have to laugh

  57. FRANNIE, Since TEd brought up ELlen PAGE ,A good movie I saw of hers one time was HARD CANDY ,IT was actually quite disturbing and controversial, I think that is probably why I liked it. you can catch it on cable sometimes or Im sure Net flix would have it.

  58. JT, the Los Angeles Vikings :?: It doesn’t sound bad but these things take time for everyone to get used to. What will you guys do? No football for you guys because it throws the numbers off to start a new franchise? That sucks. My hubby couldn’t think of a city except L.A. that had enough population to support a team and Anaheim CA. Both cities in CA could support teams. There, problem solved with 2 new franchises. :D

  59. PK, sounds like you found your perfect partner. Since she would never do the things you mention, it’s to your credit that she feels that secure and loved. That’s all it takes. You’ve made her feel secure in your love and you obviously treat her right.

  60. PK, my daughter is now 35 and has never, ever wanted children. I don’t know how old your step daughter is but last year my daughter decided she wants kids. Then, after thinking it over for a long time she is now wavering because raising kids in todays climate gives her chills plus and, this is the big one, her calm life will truly be unrooted. :eek: Decisions, decisions. I’m staying out of it. My son has 2 so I’m satisfied. :D

  61. We lost our Lakers to LA. We lost our Northstars to Dallas. We almost lost our T-wolves to New Orleans. Jackass Bud Selig tried to eliminate the Twins. Now the Vikes are looking iffy. We survived and still are one of very few markets that have a team in all 4 major sports. It’ll work out. You gotta believe that it is killin’ the big shots of the NFL to not have a team in LA… especially when they used to have 2.

  62. As far as getting used to things.. I think LA Lakers sounds normal now. I suppose it made no sense at all back when they moved.

  63. I did see the balloon family on ET tonight. They showed some clips of when they were on Wife Swap. That guy really is one major A-HOLE!

  64. Well my husband says the way things are going out here they’ll probably change the name to the L.A. Vaqueros instead of the Vikings. No racism intended, that’s just the way things are going. :neutral:

    You’re right LA Lakers sounds perfect and so does the LA Dodgers. I don’t know why but I remember the outrage when they moved from Brooklyn and I was young at the time in the mid or late 50s right?

  65. A-Hole hits the nail on the head. That idiot even puts his kids in danger when he’s chasing storms. I wouldn’t be surprised if family services gets involved. What a dweeb he is. It wouldn’t surprise me if they planned this TV fiasco and if they did, that’s another reason for child services to get involved. He had all 3 kids lying if it’s true.

  66. It’s time to sign off, Nascar is over and Kyle Busch won. It makes me dizzy watching it in HD. We finally upgraded to HD and love it! nite nite

  67. May 23, 1994:
    The Minnesota Timberwolves are moving to New Orleans five years after joining the National Basketball Association as an expansion team – the second professional franchise in 13 months to leave Minnesota. :D

    Club owners Harvey Ratner and Marv Wolfenson said today that a group led by Top Rank of Louisiana will pay $152.5 million for the team and move it to New Orleans in time for next season. :D

    The matter now goes before the NBA’s franchise relocation committee, which is expected to approve the transaction. :neutral:

    Front page of newspaper:
    WE GOT EM :D 8)

    June 15, 1994:
    The National Basketball Association’s franchise relocation committee voted unanimously to block the sale of the franchise to the New Orleans-based group thus keeping the Timberwolves in Minneapolis. :evil: :mad:

  68. Hey AGGIE… You are right, HARD CANDY was an excellent movie. Not too well known though. Just saw WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE!!! Excellent movie and did the book proud. Who hasn’t read that to a kid. Well maybe not PK, but he will when becomes a Granddad! Drew Barrymore directed WHIP IT , and it’s kind of a predictable fun movie. Some good roller derby action too. Ellen is a pretty good skater too!
    For anyone who remembers Roller Derby from the old days, it’s fun to see again. Did anyone see the old Mickey Rooney R D movie? I’m trying to remember the name… Then, there’s KANSAS CITY BOMBER with Raquel Welch.

    Los Angeles won’t get a football team until they build a real football stadium.

    Say, what’s up with the count that’s going on?

  69. TED, Ithought that movie was pretty awesome, for someone to turn the tables on a pedaphile. Quite contrversial ,the girl had the face of an angel ,but the personality of a sociopath . It is not amovie for everyone, quite disturbing, she had me feeling sorry for the guy at some point. PK ,doesnt have kids. Also I did see kansas city bomber at one time, RAQUEL WELCH was really sexy woman in her day, she still looks pretty good now, im not sure her age but shes really up their.

  70. HI JUSTAGUY, Or I should say what a guy, You asked about the movie hard candy, I t was a pretty controversial movie, this young woman being ELLEN PAGE, turns the tables on a pediphile. It was actually pretty disturbing, in alot aways I talked alot about it after seeing it ,this girl would be apediphiles worst nightmare. she actually had me feeling sorry for the guy.

  71. Sorry Ted, I tend to do that when it’s quiet on here. I just look at the comment counter and add mine… is this 159?

  72. I think 316 is the record for SS so far. I know it was about 3 weeks ago before I went on all my overtime. I believe we hit 535 on the season finale’ of BB11…. not that anyone asked… or gives a sh#t! :lol:

  73. Hey AC, I still have the newspaper from that day (Minneapolis… not New Orleans). I believe our top headline was a bit different. “They’re Gone”.. or something like that.

  74. Thanks for the movie info aggie. It sounds like one I have seen, maybe I’ll check it out to see if it’s the one I’m thinking. Disturbing is ok with me.. as long as the writing and acting are good. “American Psycho” was disturbing.. but well written and acted. “American History X” was disturbing (in parts), but very well written and acted. The type of disturbing that I can do without is horse-sh#t acting and writing… now that’s scary! Just checkin’ in before bed.

  75. JUSTAGUY, I SAW American history x And americanPsycho, Both awesome movies .CHristian BALE and EDWARD NOrton are great actors ,You wouldnt be disappointed with hard candy, it is well acted, Patrick wilson is in it also.They once in awhile haveit on cable ,im sure net flix has it also.

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