It’s all a matter of taste!

A fine wine is supposed to be good, but to us non-wine drinkers, wine sucks. Unless it’s cheap and sweet, I can’t drink it, never aquired a taste for it.

Russell however has managed to hang around long enough that I have aquired a taste for his anticts. He played the idol just like your supposed to even though no one voted for him. On the other hand all but 2 players voted for Eric and he “didn’t” play his Idol thought no one knew he had and oops, home he went, with a minor stop over at “The Ponderosa”.

Love him or hate him, Russell has become the character who has been running the show. Russell now will have to depend on pure wit and wisdom to maintain his place in the game. TV editing aside, he sure looks like he will now need help to remain in the game. Can he convince someone into an alliance and make it all workout? He is a shrewed little man with a big heart who has played the game so far just like he said he would since day one
The majority of the old Galu tribe seem intent on getting him out of the game along with Jaison who seems ready to turn on Russell. I think Brett or John will see the wise decision would be to keep him until a later date and get rid of someone else. I still think the guys should get rid of at least 1 more girl before someone who can help take them further into the game.
Eric was a strong player, so now do they keep targeting the strong, does Galu target Foa Foa members or will some serious alliances start to develop and get some interesting game play get started?
Lets go Survivors, start playing for yourselves and kick some butt!!

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  1. Morning all…Sunshine! and 45d in F.H.

    Oh FRANNIEP2… I could never be mad at you! But, i was fooled and it was fun. I’ll believe what you say… AND… FP2. AGGIE, andPK ~ Leave the standup to professionals!

  2. Well look who decided to finally get up and join us..

    Russell is Survivor Samoa, if he is evicted this week the remainder of the season would be such a bore.yawn

  3. Hi DonnaP… in complete agreement about Russell! Not since Rupert has a player energized Survivor so. Admittedly in a different way, but he has infused a spirit into this edition that has been lacking by the other players. Now it is time to see them come out of their shells, or wherever they’ve been hiding, and start to play the game. I liked having a male and a female immunity last week. Nice twist. I hope Russell can win some this week, because nobody likes to be played for a fool and he has done that and they will resent it. We shall see.

  4. Sorry Ted and Donna BUT I’d rather have the cameras focus more attention on clueless and useless than toothless and ruthless no matter how boring repeated Tand A shots may become to some viewers over 39 days on the island.

  5. Ted you should know more than the rest of us that there is really no reason to “perform” until you actually see the light flashing on the camera. With Russell gone – won’t be too soon for me – others may finally get their chance to perform in front of the cameras despite whatever predetermined “reality” plot the producers had in mind during casting for Survivor Samoa.

  6. Keeping Russ is like saying “No Doc, I want to keep that mole because it’s on my face and gets attention. I know it’s getting bigger but until you know for sure I’d die if i kept it, let me keep it.”
    Russ makes me shudder. I hear dueling banjo’s everytime I look at him and it’s not really his looks but after he talked so horrible about the “dumb ass blondes”, he’s been nothing but ugly to me. Send the troll home.

  7. Same weather in Dana Point, CA.

    I can’t even imagine being married to that “troll”. Great name for him tendr! Can you imagine how that man could ruin a child. They would either be an a$$hole like him or scared of their own shadow from being bullied all the time. That’s what I think of him. Yes, he does give the show flavor but I agree with PK, others may show some personality once that up stager is gone.

  8. Sal…..57? Are you saying it’s 57 degrees or that’s how old
    you are? Google….google. How was that for you?

    Ted…..find a different person to root for. Russell is
    going home Thursday. Sorry to burst your bubble.

    Thanks Ted for forgiving me. Friends till the end.

  9. Hey Ted……the elimination for SYTYCD is on tonight.
    I like them all right now. Whenever they do their dances,
    I’ll think it was good, and then the next one is as good.
    This is a hard year with a lot of talent.

  10. Did anyone see Oprah today? That lady that was attacked by the chimp was on there. So sad….she is a very sweet person.
    My heart went out to her and her daughter. She took off the
    veil she was wearing to reveal her face. This is the first
    time she has revealed it to anyone except her family. They
    have a guard that stands outside her room so no one can
    sneak in and get a picture of her. I don’t think I could go on
    living with all the problems she has. She did say that she
    doesn’t have any pain. :sad: She is such a strong person.

  11. GUYS eRIK WAS OVERLY COCKY, look what happened to him, Russell is the same way ,he does have a huge target on his back, if he can survive that, he truly is the greatest player.

  12. Russell is not going home this week! Sorry girls. But, I do think he will end up on the jury… and that will be a sad day!!! And TENDR honey, the things you are saying about Russell… slanderous! PK… you are right in a way, but, except for Shambo, I don’t think this is too exciting or interesting a group (except for Russell, of course). Look at the characters we had on Tocantins. Russell got rid of probably the most interesting female on the first show. I was not happy with that, and I know AGGIE believes I think R walks on water, as I had picked her as one of my favorites. My favorite is Laura now… And of course Monica!

    FRANNIEP2… I did run through the dances quickly last night, because my granddaughter Isabel could not come over so I had to vote in her place. Very impressed with Jacob and Ashleigh! Fantastic number, so thats who I want now. Aheleigh is one she wanted me to vote for and also the couple at the end, the guy’s name is RUSSELL… so of course I’m now rooting for him. There is a lot of talent on that show and the choreographers are very good. The production values are better each year. A much better show than the ‘has beens’ on DWTS. I like the pros and a few of the ‘stars’, but for the most part I think the show is smarmy. AND I cannot stand Tom Bergeron… do love Samantha though.

  13. Seems like everybody is all talked out today! Come to think of it, I don’t have much to add myself…. as usual! :lol:

    I am looking forward to tomorrow’s show. Should be interesting to see if Russ can wiggle his way out of this one. He seems like he is in big trouble, but who knows?

    e you later…………..

  14. “Slap Happy” aggie had me laughing again! Aggie, you said you’d never slap me… now you’re trying to get fp2 to do your dirty work for you? (Thanks for not going along with her plan fp2… I apreesh) …. I know you were joking aggie.

  15. JT, What are you reading ,I didnt say i would slap you Iwas probably talking about Sal ,we were talking about him because he didnt have the blog up.

  16. Aggie, I was reading comments on yesterday’s post made while y’all were waiting on the new post. (I know y’all were bored and just having some fun… no harm)

    fp2…. (they’re) “young pups” ……@ 9:20am 11/11/09

    aggie…… (agree).. “young kids”… “couldn’t you just slap them” ………………. @9:24am 11/11/09

    With that cleared up, I know you were joking…. slap away! I’m really not that far behind you in age (44). Get your slaps in now, when I become a grandpa, slapping is off limits…. Nobody slaps Grandpa!! :lol: :roll:

  17. YEah you guys are the kids on here, thats why i said that, pure jealousy thats all, I wouldnt literally do it im always kidding around, Right Sal.

  18. Well it looks like I got here late AGAIN. Oh well, hope you all had a great day/night & I’ll “see” you today/tonight after the show. :mrgreen:

  19. Does anyone else notice how tame Survivor has become in the last couple of seasons. Survivor Africa had Tom washing bikini clad girls and pouring water down their tops and bottoms. Do you think they would show something like that now??? When did this change and why??? Please throw us a bone.

  20. good morning all…chilly here today. Had to scrape frost
    off the car windows. We have a garage but nobody uses it.
    Go figure. :roll:

  21. Ted….Last night on SYTYCD, Nigel was an ass. There was no reason
    for him to go off on Nathan the way he did. Saying he’s only getting
    the votes for his looks….not because he can dance. I felt so bad for
    him…we could just see his embarassment. I agree they should have
    been in the bottom three with them going home….but he was just so
    wrong for the comments.
    Your granddaughter just wants to vote for Jacob because of his
    looks. His partner is very good. She almost didn’t make the top 20.

  22. I see no one wants to come out to play so I guess I’ll do
    some work. Nah…..I’ll just surf the net. Later :sad:

  23. MURRAY… they haven’t really had anyone quite like Tom on since… He’s the good old boy sleeze type that can get away with it… I’m sure if another guy like that came along they would be all over it.

    FP2… Isabel likes Ashleigh… she is drawn more to the personalities than the looks I think. And yes, Nigel can get so full of himself! When he holds his little ‘court’ at the end he can be a jerk. That was mean and certainly not constructive criticism.

    AGGIE… your typing fingers should be washed off with soap! Or do you just use 1?

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  25. OK so i forgot the losers don’t go home but to the jury house.
    ew, are they all together?
    OH, i’d LOVE to see Russ on a Big Brother show…NOW I’D LOVE THAT.

    still a troll tho.
    OH, i heard him say, starfish, that he has twin daughters. Is that true or just another lie?
    OH….i feel for any daughter he’d have. How can a man call women dumbass’s (especially when he doesn’t even know them) makes me wonder how he treats his wife and children.

    so someone really slept with him?
    oh oh, i think i’m losing my lunch.

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