It’s now or never for the G5 minus Shambo!

Slowly but surely the destruction of Galu is happening. For the FF4 to succeed they had to turn on themselves. Russell S. turned Shambo aginst them by sending her to Foa Foa twice, then Laura bad mouthed her because of basically culture differencs. Add 1 to Foa Foa and it’s the FF5 at the merge.

FF4 plans arranged by Russell to seek and destroy worked well. They learned and found a weakness. Natalie was able at the last moment to sway Galu to evict Eric, move of the game. Only bad move, The Gnome was scared and played his idol.

Henceforth and hereto what does Mr Munchkin do, he finds the new idol w/o any clue again. Must be his elfin power!

Laura was to be next because Shambo wanted her gone, however, grandma won immunity and Kelly was in the wrong place at the wrong time. (I was in the right place, but it must have been the wrong time….) So Kelly goes and now FF5 = G5 we are fit to be tied!!! Laura was unlucky, but her rift with Shambo was her downfall. If you still have Shambo’s trust FF4 might be FF1 right now. Too bad you couldn’t see past her idiosyncrasy’s and treat her as an equal.

Now with the FF5 they have the clear advantage unless they start to play an individual game. No one knows Pipsqueak w/a belly found the idol “AGAIN”!

This guy as I have said before is amazing. He has to have seen the show before because he understands that when they hide an idol there must be a landmark nearby so they no were to look, simple gamesmanship the the Lazy19 never even thought to do! Russell has continually stayed busy, even when it was messing with his own team. The man has not stopped playing this game. The early clip for next week makes it seem like they are after russell, BUT, we shall see. He be the MAN! 

More to come on the Texas Gnome.

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  1. Elizabeth, dont let Ted tell you not to use smiley faces alot of people do here. Were glad to be your friend here. even Ted is pretty harmless.

  2. ET… This blog is a continuation in part from Big brother 11 created by BB Blogger somewhere in Minnesota. Snakebit Sal has taken over the supervision of this Survivor blog and that means basically there is no supervision at all, just Sal’s opening remarks every day. Since Survivor only comes on once a week instead of three times for BB, we often stray from the intended subject in many sordid directions as I’m sure you have already discovered.

  3. Ted has issues he thought i was the little boy on the right.. lol! If he would have read my blog like he kept telling everyone else to do he would have seen a pic of me with my mom (adopted)

  4. Ag the good thing about my family is we have so many nationalities you never know whose coming to kick your ass… maybe a lil ol’ white lady with a cane who trips ya then stomps ya.. or could be an ol’ African lady with flashbacks

  5. Aggie… I will never be fuddy duddy. I just can’t get the image of One Horny Broad and a Van out of my mind. That is sordid.

  6. ET… We have 3 0f the 4 time zones represented here, from Ted, Starfish and Princess on PST, to the majority of us in the CST zone to Cynthia et al in the EST zone. No MST bloggers I’m aware of.

  7. I picked Barbie and Ken in week one and at this point, the Amazing Race is theirs to lose only if they make some major mistakes going to the final lap. I like the Glodetrotters, but they often make simple and stupid mistakes that, thus far at least, have not sent them home early.

  8. Our beloved Sal Pal has entered the building. Earlier Survivor intro provided by Sal’s AutoSend service…

  9. fp2… be patient, It’s Sunday… Sal has to organize his black and orange coordinating wardrobe for today…

  10. Sal… ET is having moderation issues. Can you do anything about her problem so that she can get back in the game?

  11. ET… You should only have to type in window, hit submit and your post should appear immediately. If you signed in with Facebook, uncheck the publish box by the submit button before you hit submit

  12. fp2… I like college football because the cheerleaders wear less makeup than the pros who often look like pros.

  13. Looks like only the nerds on Big Bang Theory have computers quicker than mine from what you guys are saying…

  14. wife is boss and commander in chief. I moved from Utah to Alabama because anything short of “yes dear” wasn’t working.

  15. ET… Could you be more specific about which cheerleaders suck? Any in Alabama? Close to Mobile? In Mobile?

  16. Good Morning Everyone… I see I have missed nothing

    Miss Tipton… I must clear one thing up… I have never thought you were a little boy. Oh yes, one more thing… never believe anything AGGIE says. In fact, the rest of them are almost as bad. You may rely on my comments as honest and fair.

  17. Damn…I was hoping Ted would still get the blame for the little boy comment. I can;t get away with chit on here.

  18. Yes PK’s tongue is forked… no alleys on this Island. FRANNIE… do not give AGGIE any fuel for her fertile mind… sometimes I wonder whose worse…

    I’m going to start a SSB Christmas Gift List… Send in your requests.
    Let’s see…I think I will start by googling Spellcheck and Dictionary!

  19. Well… this is getting interesting… ‘giving breakfast in bed’…Did not take Elizabeth long to fit in with this group! And Please…No Smiley Faces… intelligent comments, like you see here, are much more appreciated.

  20. ET… Since I’m the one who always gets the personal stuff started on here except for sex and that is aggie’s department ALWAYS, which African country are you from originally, how old are you now (early to mid 40’s my guess since you look to be 8 to 10 years in the avitar when you were adopted in the 70’s) and where is it going up to the 80’s today?

  21. Well FP2… I don’t see your cute little self on your avatar yet… you must consult your BFF to see how he did his.

  22. Hey that pic of the Allstars for next Season in Somoa.. yes Russell and Parv on the same team… Goosebumps, luv it! But I know I don’t see the other Russell the brother that went out for medical… He was so friggin annoying! Blah! And he was suppose to be the worst medical problem in Survivor history? WTF? Hello Mike falling into the fire Season 2 OUCH!!!!! I rather pass out 3 times then fall front first in a fire!!

  23. What kinda blog is this anyways where the newbie doesn’t give breakfast in bed?

    ET…. Are you serving breakfast or brunch? I’m still waiting…

  24. Good Call PK… Oh how the worm has turned… she has gone over to the dark side! What part of Ca? I’m from Sacto. Good, another West Coaster.

    PK… DONNA is in NYC… so with CYN that’s 2 on the East Coast. Speaking of CYN… I wonder if she spent the night in Jail for Assault and Battery? Isn’t TENDR in Chicago?

  25. Ted….whoever my BFF is…could you tell him he
    needs to come here to do it. I’m used to having things done for me.

  26. Or get Josh… PK is on a short leash.

    No I must go and check out what SAL has offered… I just saw my favorite female is in the video clip!

  27. ET… When you lived in Oakland, did you ever visit Canyon, an area in the hills east of Piedmint and the Oakland Hills? Back in the 60’s you could smell the pot coming from Canyon miles before you ever got there?

  28. You can still smell it all over the Bay Area, lol! But I actually lived on the border of Piedmont and Oakland. I loved Piedmont… what was the name of that Bagel shop? They had the best Pesto Bagels and Salt Bagels… I would always get onions, cream cheese, sprouts, and tomatoes…. ahhhhh the memories!

  29. I just got my marching orders. I am being deployed immediately to Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart. Later guys…

  30. Hi all,
    Woweeee, I have been absent for weeks and look at all the drama I missed. I tried to catch up on reading but to no avail.
    I kind of skipped around, but I see you all are stilling have lots of fun. Hey JT, my yankees did it woo hoo, I guess that is old news by now.
    Cynthia, I did see the posts regarding your “stalker” being an Italian for New York, I do (truly do) have a real cousin Vinnie from New Jersey, (straight off the boat, no kidding) if and when you need some help in the loser dept let me know, athough some of my own words can slice as thick as a switching.
    Hope the rest of you are all well, Snake keep up the great work, u r doing a fantastic job on the blog, hope to catch you all later, I frannie, Aggie and whoever else I missed oops u too JT
    ciao for now
    Mama Margie

  31. Well, I must say… While I always enjoy and appreciate SAL’s efforts each day, I am a bit taken aback by the slanderous remarks describing TGO!
    And I know who is getting a proofreader for Christmas. TGO is a master… in fact, that’s exactly how I would be playing the game… except far nicer in a Speedo!

  32. ET…I have to go for awhile… I need to jump in the
    shower (TMI) and get ready for some football.
    I enjoyed chatting with you. Please come back

  33. LOL! Young… that’s a first I’ve got four kids and they don’t hesitate to remind me how old I am… my 12 year old told me Facebook was a whack azz MySpace for old people… so i told him really well my whack old azz decided to stay on it tonight so sorry you can’t use the puter!

  34. GREAT POST SAL… despite the tainted remarks… excellent links to TGO’s brilliance! “They’re crumblin’ like a bunch of cookies”. AND did you see Laura lying in the hammock? WOW!

    FRANNIE… who did you bet on today?

    Miss T… What in the hell is ^5?

  35. You know I always miss you. I’m watching the Seahawks and Vikes and the Colts/Ravens. Have to root for JT’s Vikes though. Procrastinating going outside.

  36. Never liked the Colts… Ravens even less. I must admit that Peyton is a damn good quarterback… but, I think he is a jerk with a lot of talent, like Kurt Busch, who tries to be cool. His treatment of a female trainer some time back was a prime example.

  37. Good Morning everyone..or is it afternoon.My head is throbbing like someone wacked me. Can’t believe its over 200 comments already..just checking in before I get some much needed coffee, I see the Gaints are leading the Falcons..yepeeeee

  38. Miss T… What in the hell is ^5?

    OK Ted, now it is certifiably official, you are a fuddy duddy for not knowing what ^5 means.

  39. No PHILLIP… it means that I am not one who expresses myself with emoticons and other childish behavior.

    Vikings 21-0… love it! Nice Sal! DONNA… Yes, I’m with you! When Ray Lewis does his little warm-up before the game just slays me! So I can’t root for either team.

  40. Ted…in case you feel the need to know, he will stay
    for dinner…5:00 or so…and then he will go home.
    He is coming because he heard there were steaks
    on the grill. Good thing I bought an extra one.

  41. Well I have to go… straighten my house up for my sister’s arrival tomorrow… Have to pick her and family up at Seatac airport… A round trip of less than 300 miles that will take 12 hours. Would rather stay for all the ‘pearls of wisdom’ this group dispenses, but my motto is:
    “A neat house is a sign of a wasted life!”
    And I have a lot of straightening up to do. See ya…

  42. No PHILLIP… it means that I am not one who expresses myself with emoticons and other childish behavior.

    Ted, you came to the wrong blog in that case. Though we do try to avoid emoticons whenever possible even though aggie swears she knows what they are and we give up, we have pledged unanimously to hold fast to our spontaneous and often childish behavior come wind, rain or Ted.

  43. SAL… My Condolences to our Fearless Leader! What a heartbreak! And of course Congratulations to JT and his Vikes… Brett is The Man! They steamrolled over the hapless Seahawks and Matt Hasselbeck… The only thing good about that loser is his sister in law Elisabeth Hasselbeck… Survivor Sweetheart of Season Two… The Outback!

  44. Hi DONNA… yeah what a surprise. Well at least one of the teams we don’t like lost… I guess I’m glad the Colts won, so as to increase the drama with N.O., who also won much to the delight of A C of course.

    And… Hey, your Giants won!!! That was close. I do like Eli.

  45. Ted:

    Fun? Not… Necessary… Probably

    Sam’s Club: Baby back ribs 3 pack, Rack of Lamb 2 pack, Stew meat, Roasted Chicken, Campari tomatoes, Tide he liquid

    Wal-Mart: Split chicken breasts 6 pack, potatoes, onions, BBQ sauce, French Vanilla liquid coffee creamer, bread

  46. Yeah it was very close game but the giants won.thank goodness.I like Eli too can’t say the same for his brother..he is pretty good though. My fav team is winning 21-0..they better make up for Bill Bellichek’s poor call last week.

  47. Ooh, those are good tomatoes. All that stuff sounds good… well, except the Tide liquid stuff. Haven’t been to a Sam’s Club since Chicago when they first opened. None up in this neck of the woods. What are you going to fix?

  48. Not dead yet, so can’t bury them …. Tomlin sure needs to chew some asses. Outplayed em, had the advantage even with all the turnovers. Let them hang around and payed the price!

  49. Ted:

    Tonight for dinner: BBQ Baby back Ribs with potatoes and onions wrapped in foil, seasoned and cooke on the grill.

    Beverage: 34 Oz each mugs of my “coffee” consisting of milk chocolate cocoa, powdered french vanilla Mix, Creamy chocolate mix, 6 glug glugs of french vanilla creamer and add Colombian coffee to fill mug and stir thoroughly.

  50. ET… If Ted has his typical salacious intentions on your moderation, you probably should keep it “awaiting” for as long as possible.

  51. ET… Ted would die before he would surrender his pen for the purpose of scratching out, x’ing or for any other manipulation of Laura’s face that would in any way whatsoever make her uglier than she already is.

  52. ET… After additional consideration, I am now amending my earlier post to delete “uglier” and insert “smuglier” in its place. The latter seems more appropriate for a Republican from Oregon (is that possible?) who thinks her chit doesn’t stink.

  53. Hi TENDR… yes that was neat to see… Cool fire dance… I’m sure Phillip has done that at one time in his storied lifetime. Laura looked very nice in the spaghetti top blouse and jeans…and of course Kelly is so cute. I enjoyed watching them dancing. I hope things are going your way TENDR.

    I have no control over the Red Pen, and apparently it is MIA, and Laura deserves it too. One consolation is that now I get to see her dressed up with make up on and looking so foxy at TC. So I guess it’s good she got voted off.

    Coffee Drink sounds good PHILLIP… the rest goes without saying!

  54. Frannie… A “Johnson” is just one of the many name associated with what Aggie likes to talk about most.

  55. PK… I don’t count calories… I gave up smoking and drinking… I’m not giving up eating! It sounds great! How were the baby backs?

    Hi FP2… Saw you talkin’ trash on our Fearless Leader!

  56. PK…Ted… Steaks, Baked potatoes, Salad, corn on the
    cob, and garlic bread. YUMMMM except not much for

  57. Frannie… Steak=tenderloin in the Knudsen house, but we really prefer baby back ribs, lamb chops, and BBQ chicken breasts more than steak…

  58. I could be a vegetarian very easily…cept I don’t like many
    vegies eithe. Don’t like fruit….bananas and apple pie. :lol:

  59. Frannie… fried chicken is fine for the picnic as long as you still can’t tell the difference…..

  60. No I am straightening… my house is always clean… and don’t be dissin AGGIE… she’s behaving so far.

    A R starting… I’ll have to go off soon so you guys can talk about it. At 8 in the midwest? I know Indiana is kind of screwed up but I think is the same with everyone at this time. That is one screwed up state. I used to live in Michigan for awhile.

    Hope the Globetrotters do well… but I do agree with PK that Barbie and Ken will win!

  61. PHILLIP don’t start with the Johnson thing.

    There are no franchise anything on this Island. Well there is a Radio Shack. That’s it but no food joints. No fast food at all. And that sucks.

  62. Sal…was I trashing you? Ted said I was but I don’t
    remember. If I’m going to trash….damn let me remember.

  63. Ted….I wasn’t trashing Sal because I said that. All I meant
    was he threw bad luck their. That happens to me all
    the time. Ted….Things are said a little different in the Mid-West I guess.

  64. Nope… don’t see it AGGIE.

    Well I’ll see you guys later… I’ve got to wrap my 1st wife’s birthday present. The girls are having a birthday dinner for her tonight and I’ve never been able to figure a way out of it.

  65. I see the same no pics everybody else sees other than Frannie and Aggie multi=tasking make believe

  66. Aggie… Wear 3″ heels and I would have no choice but to look at your eyes first unless you were the queen in which case I would probably bow and start lower

  67. You think….haven’t you ever gone to work right from
    a party…but first you have to wash the car (outside)
    drivers side window.

  68. Okay… AR was pretty good… not great. I did love the brothers stealing the cab. And when Barbie wanted to tell a lie about the antique car… love that… she is a sneaky one! But I think Ken is a jerk and I would love to cut off that stupid top knot hair. Am so sick of that one brother Sam or is it Dan… the baby… sick of his whining! But, I think he is the more honorable one of the two. Those challenges were a bitch. Still agree with PK that the blonds will take the prize, unless the memory challenge kills them, which could happen… I think Barbie would fold under pressure. So would Miss America, Big Easy and the Whiner Brother.

  69. Scanned the previous comments a little and see everyone was true to form as always. Well, got to catch an early Ferry tomorrow. See you tomorrow night.

  70. Did anyone watch that show “Find My Family” (i think that’s what it’s called…sorry if it’s already been addressed. I’ve been reading about CARS all day.
    I bet everyone’s asleep. I have my days and nights mixed up.

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