It’s Thursday, It’s Russell let the Fireworks begin!

Are the fireworks about to blast off? How much editing has been done to peak our interest? What bold move is  Russell (The Gnome Prince) about to unleash at the Tribal Council? Can Russell manage to survive two Tribal Councils in one night? Is his FF4 team ready to disband and take him out? Will Shambo see her use no longer needed and go on a Samoan Vacation? Who will have the best facial expression during a Tribal Council? May the countdown begin ……………. 13 hours from post time, the world will be watching!

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Coach  |  Monica Emerges as a Noble Warrior

December 9, 2009

Like the snakes of Medusa’s head that wriggle above her head so do the different strategies and shifting alliances writhe about in the game of Survivor. Sometimes they toil in agony and sometimes in pleasure coiling around the unsuspecting victim’s soul.

From a viewer’s point of view I have to say that this episode was so brilliantly put together with so many different people who could have been eliminated that I did not really guess who would be eliminated from this episode until the last vote was cast. Dave vs. Shambo, John vs. Jaison. Monica vs. the world. Wow what a gallimaufry!

The warrior’s code: Play the game with “Loyalty, integrity and respect.” Thus Monica opens the episode. In the dragonslayer’s blog after episode 10, did I not call the emergence of Monica as a noble warrior and ask her to be on my alliance? She is all the adjectives I have described and then some. I am not only including her in my warrior’s alliance, I would like to humbly ask her to be the leader.

My thoughts on the auction: you either come to play or you come with your hands in your pocket. This was by far the highest auction I’ve ever seen. Not one but two $500 dollar bids. Although I was surprised the Russell did not bid for the idol, the big time players going “all in” on their poker hands was Jaison and Mick, both for different reasons. And the first bid, 200 bucks, for the PB and J sandwich. Wow! Looks like most people came to play.

De-alliance time. I have carefully crafted my chosen ones so far and I think I am entitled to kicking someone out of the fold. Disappointment reigns supreme with Brett. You might go far and win this game by playing under the radar: BUT sitting on your hands, literally, at the auction was my last straw with you. What’s the matter! Make a move. Say something witty. Bid on a piece of pie. Do something! I’m voting you off my warrior alliance for now. I’ve never seen less action from a survivor in my life.

Shambo talking to the chickens. You grab for something out there, anything. You are starved, looking for affection. You know the animals won’t backstab you, so I guess I understand what she is going thru. But as Duk Koo Kim said before being destroyed by Boom Boom Mancini, it is “kill or be killed.” Thus the circle of life.

Dave vs. Shambo. Showdown at the OK corral. The chicken. The dream. The clairvoyance of Shambo. The madness of it all. As Nietzsche once said “There is always madness in love, but there is always reason in madness.” But looks like God did not give you that dream Shannon. Looks like you just made a major fool of yourself. Better luck next time writhing and squirming in the night with your dreams.

And Princess Debbie, I finally stand corrected when Jaison won challenge. In your own words “I finally won something” which I doff my hat to you; bow my dragon wing to say congrats on winning something finally. And the wisdom in talking to Mick about John and Shambo and Dave. Brilliant. You are finally starting to learn grasshopper of what it takes to be a Warrior in this game and not a bystander.

Jaison in the words of Ralph Marston: “Don’t lower your expectations to meet your performance. Raise your level of performance to meet your expectations. Expect the best of yourself, and then do what is necessary to make it a reality.”

Danger Dave: what a quote in tribal. “If things don’t go the way I expect them to go I will be shocked.” Such a double entendre in that one sentence. I loved it. And you were smart enough to escape the vote.

John I leave you with a quote. I am sad to see you go. Dennis Wholy once said “Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are a good person is a little like expecting a bull not to attack you because you are a vegetarian.” This move did not make any sense, but you can receive the satisfaction knowing that the people who repudiated you have shot themselves in the foot and they will crumble and fall like the walls of Jerricho.

May the Dragonslayer’s immortal words, quotes and adjectives live on forever in your hearts and minds…



Debbie  |  Mick and Jaison Finally Do Something!

December 9, 2009

Last week’s episode was just another clear example of Russell, at this point in the game, continuing to orchestrate every move in Samoa. Oddly enough, his mistake of telling John he had the idol, resulted in John’s elimination. When Russell admitted possessing the idol to John, I was shocked and wondered why in the world would he tell anyone? Obviously, Russell realized his mistake and quickly devised the plan to eliminate the “problem.”

Once again, Shambo did not disappoint this week. She is such a card. I have to say, I felt her pain when the chickens were killed. However, when you are starving and food is clucking away, who could resist? I loved her comment, “Shannon has lost her mind- code red emergency alert.” Shambo’s lack of social skills continues to amuse me. She actually believes she is control of this game.

The Food Auction is such an exciting event. I was thrilled to pay big money for French Fries with ketchup and mayonnaise. Yes, at that point I could not even count by 20’s. Jeff marveled in that mistake! Heck, you see food when you are starving and nothing else matters. I will never forget those fries, and yes, I too had apple pie…guess it is easy to make on location. I also believe John should have made the switch and bought the full pie to share. However, with how things played out, it would not have made a difference.

Coach, did you see Jaison spend all of auction money for an advantage in the challenge? I jumped out of my chair cheering. I was thrilled to see him make a great move. Also, not only was Mick eye candy this week, he actually made some strategic moves. I believe Mick and Jaison will prevail and start controlling the game. Both guys are very intelligent and are finally getting their heads into this game. The previews hinted to this fact. I was ecstatic to see the glimpse of the two of them FINALLY recognizing the need to eliminate Russell. I have said all along, they should have blind-sided Russell much earlier when Jaison knew he had an idol. However, I have to admit, Russell is why I am on edge weekly. I love watching him play this game. I would actually hate to see him go. He is the entertainment. I am concerned how the show will play out without his weekly antics. Natalie continues to amaze me. Her little frame holding the log longer than most proved her strength and determination. I believe Natalie may be a much stronger threat than anyone is recognizing at this point. She is so sweet and quiet so no one is noticing the real threat she is in this game.

Two seasons in a row, blind-sides rule this game. John (and Shambo) was completely shocked, when Jeff read the votes. Great move by Russell! As I reflect, I believe he has masterminded each elimination of those on his tribe, and of course, the ones since the merge.

Will the tables turn on Russell next week? I can’t wait to see.


212 thoughts on “It’s Thursday, It’s Russell let the Fireworks begin!”

  1. I have removed the Google Chat box but for now I am going to leave the bottom footer Google friend connect. Please let me know if anyone is having issues with it.



  2. Hi BBBlogger, ok just read coach and all I can say is seriously,
    “GALLIMAUFRY”?!! Where does he get this stuff?

  3. Debbie thinks Jaison and Mick are gonna get together and get Russell out. I think Russell is too smart to let that happen!

    Sal, LOVE the tussle with Russell!

  4. I’m with you Liz, I think Russell would catch wind of it and put a kabosh on any plans they have and if he catches them scamming against him, look out! Wouldn’t want him to be mad at me!!

  5. Jaison and Mick are not game smart enough to get rid of Russell. .they are followers not leaders.
    knottylbc I agree that FF4 will not turn on each other until all Galu(including Shambo) are gone.

  6. Donna P, we are all in agreement, which makes me nervous! I want Russell to hang around, he’s the only entertainment we have!

  7. knottylbc what is your facebook name? Jane E. Tipton? Let me know.

    Sal, Ted…you guys are now ADMINS on the FACEBOOK PAGE! Make me proud!

    Peace, BBBlogger

  8. BBB i will start the thread whats your FB name… and I saw the Survivor Party listed but we should put the time zone for it or some folks (like me on the West Coast) may not have seen it before the comments roll.

  9. All set! However you want to run it is cool with me. If you keep it to ONE POST and just comment on the post on the FB page then spoilers will not scroll down someone’s wall. I don’t think FB is a good place to have a watching party…too many people do not want spoilers. hmmmmm??

  10. coach can’t talk without quoting someone else. I wonder at times if he really knows the history behind some of these ppl he quotes? if so, he is not as smart as he pretends to be.
    anyway i’ll just start skipping to debs part.
    i do a work out when i watch’d be better if there were no commercials and it was twice a week. (i’d be skinny) lol.
    looking forward to tonight.
    go Nat.

  11. all i can say i hope its not Mick tonight, if anything he is nice to look at, is it possible for him to look bad, also he seems like a good guy, we shall see tonight very interesting, I cant wait.

  12. Thanks Liz , i wouldn’t tell either. I was always the kid who’d unwrap my Cmas gifts and look at them then rewrap them without my mom ever knowing. lol

    see my grandson? i saw him yesterday so i had to put his pic up.

  13. Liz, I tried to email you to thank you for the funny Russian name thing you sent but their is something with your email addy, it did not go through.

  14. I was kind of hoping Shambo would win shambowling. Funny, Monica thinks she can sway Russell. Russell will do whatever is best for him.

  15. It looked that way aggie. But the predictions made here look spot on again!! How did they know Mick would win immunity? Hmmm.

  16. So Russell puts his immunity idol around his neck for the tribal council. I guess he is nervous that votes will be coming his way so he wants to discourage that. I don’t know if he’ll play it… but displaying it might be just as effective.

  17. It was an exciting show, but I wish we could see more strategy discussions. All CBS has time for is competition…. vote… competition… vote.. with very little of all the things in between that I find more intriguing than the actual vote.

    One minute we see Monica campaigning to save Dave and vote out Shambo… the next minute, we see her voting out Dave. I guess she realized it was futile and didn’t want to stand out too much.

  18. BB Blogger… Whatever you are doing with Facebook it is preventing me fro linking my Facebook to this blog.

  19. I agree Aggie, guess I’m just spoiled by 3 shows a week and 21 hour of After Dark. I like seeing all the events that lead to a decision as to who is voted out.

    After Dark is often boring as hell, but there are many game changing events and discussions that we get to see. Ted, if you watch After Dark for BB12, do as Dok said and record it. Then you can scan through for the important stuff and skip shots of people filling their face with junk food.

    24 hrs/week vs 1 hr/week (with CBS editing)…. no wonder I feel a bit short-changed watching Survivor…. still love the Russell show though!! ..I’m just greedy, I want more!!

  20. Night all… I had hoped that more than a majority of one would get Russell out while the getting was good. No such rational thinking amongst that Aiga numb nuts, however.

  21. I saw the message that BBBlogger left yesterday regarding the changes he made to BB blog. I was on there earlier today. I walked around, kicked the tires, looked under the hood, and took it out on the road for a spin.

    A few minor details to look at, but I love it. Only 7 months to go!!

  22. Aggie, I would love to take the best features from both shows and combine them.

    BB things to include. 1) 3 shows a week with after dark. Show is filmed in real time with live evictions (except when Chima happens). 2) Nobody can look up spoilers and know who final 2 are before the show even airs it’s first episode.

    Things I like about Survivor to include… 1) There is more incentive to get rid of weak players early. 2) I like seeing the jury members at Tribal… BB could do that. They wouldn’t bring them back to the house, but they could watch the feed from the jury house. It would be fun to see their reactions. 3) I also like the HII.. not sure how to translate that to BB.. maybe a hidden extra veto. Not every week of course, but maybe a couple per season. And they would have to be used in a set amount of time… like the Coup.

  23. We need another writer’s strike Aggie. I know a lot of people hated the strike, but me being selfish… loved it!! I don’t watch a lot of shows anyway. I loved having winter Big Brother!! It is my favorite show reality or otherwise.

    Aggie, do I remember correctly that you said you have netflix? If so, you should put season 2 of Dexter on your list. I know you said you liked season 1. Season 4’s last episode is Sunday. I didn’t start watching til season 3 … then I immediately ran (drove) to Blockbuster and rented seasons 1 and 2. GREAT show!

  24. Okay I’m here, sick g-baby, yuk! anyway, I thought the show was gonna be way better. The end result was good but Monica was like a little gnat trying to change what couldn’t be changed.

    Whoever said to tivo BB after dark was absolutely correct, tivo helps to get thru it fairly quick, no need to watch ppl sleep!

    Hi Aggie

  25. Well, I better go take care of a few things. Guess it’s time to dig out warmer clothes. -5 degrees this morning… we soared 10 degrees all the way up to 5 above!! Something just doesn’t seem right when you have to warm up 37 degrees…… just to get to freezing!! ….and it’s not even winter yet!! WTF? Oh well, I love it here.

    Bye Aggie (and anybody else reading). I’ll check back later.

  26. I’m back… just checkin’. Looks like things are quiet around here. I thought Ted would have a few comments… or is it still too early for the West coast?

    Aggie, I don’t have netflix now. I had it for a while a few years ago and cancelled. Guess I always felt pressure to watch as many movies as possible to get my money’s worth…. kind of silly huh? I watched a lot of bad movies back then…. but I kept the turnover rate high. :lol:

    I have HBO and Showtime. I wish they would have True Blood on demand so I could catch up (it’s on HBO…right?). Maybe I’ll just check blockbuster. I hope you are right, I hope I like True Blood more than Dexter. That would be great. I’ll still watch both of course… two great shows to watch are better than one. As long as it’s not a soap opera with vampires… I’ll prolly like it.

    I must have misunderstood you aggie. I thought you liked Dexter. If you got tired of it then nevermind. It is definitely not for everyone, but Cynthia and I LOVE it. I figured after reading some of the things that you liked, you’d love it too.


  27. Jt, I dont dislike dexter, I watched the first season i guess i lost interest, Right now i really like trueblood probably better than anything, its areally popular show, not a soap opera ,i know what you mean about some of the other shows, i never watched them for that reason.I like alot of things girls dont like, im no t a chick flick kind of person.Michael C. Hall ,used to be in 6 feet under, I liked that show it had some pretty odd characters.

  28. JT, The best movie I have seen in a long time is called ORPHAN, Its so popular at net flix ,sometimes its hard to get it. I dont like to see movies over and over, but that one i could see several would not be disappointed.

  29. Damn… I was a little nervous… I thought they all might vote Russell and he wouldn’t use the HII!!! Great show… and again TGO triumphs!!! He does have the tribe under control… I have to watch it again!

    Didn’t Laura look great at the TCs? Can’t wait to see Dave at Ponderosa!!! Will be looking forward to some good quotes… but, I think he will be very philosophical about his ouster.

    Have been gone all day and couldn’t check in… Don’t think I like this spoiler talk that was going around. It would be like watching a football game or car race knowing who won.

    I see I have been drafted to prop up Sal and Liz on the fb page… should be fun and I know we will make it interesting for those here who are on facebook and join us and the other Survivor Lovers. I saw that Sal put ‘most’ of the contestants photos on, and I think Liz has done something fun, but I haven’t been able to check since I didn’t get home until after Survivor started back East and didn’t want to log on.

    I liked how BBBlogger came around for a visit this a.m. Did anyone say ‘ulterior motive’? We will have to quiz him and see if he really watches Survivor… I think he just watches old BB reruns…

    Coach is still an Idiot… using a thesaurus only works when you understand the word usage involved… and how to use it properly.

    Nice to see JT hack his way out of his ice cave for a visit… don’t think I will be complaining about being 20f as much… Interesting thoughts about combining some BB and Sur. tactics. I thought the jury did watch them voting on BB. Looking forward to it. I even joined the BB Blog in preparation.

    I highly doubt that Aggie sent Phillip any photos. That would require some skill with computers. And I am sure she would have wanted me to have one first.

  30. There’s our Ted. “Hacked my way out of my cave” huh? Ok, I’ll give you that one, it was funny. Lucky for you, I have a pretty good sense of humor….. but just don’t push it ferry rider! You won’t like the outcome! I can appreciate a dry sense of humor.. although some may take you wrong.

    You can complain about 20 degrees if you want. Depends what you are used to. We still have a whoppin’ 1 degree at this hour!! Woohoo!!

    This is not BBBlogger’s first run of Survivor. He has had a Survivor blog for years. It’s just that BB happens to be his fav (as it is many of ours too).

    The jury doesn’t get to watch the vote live, but each evicted houseguest brings a dvd for all the jury to watch. We don’t get to see much of the jury… a few little clips from week to week.

  31. On a more serious note…..

    It is December 11th so I want to wish princess a happy birthday. I know it won’t be happy though.. today is also her Father’s funeral. If my memory is correct, (from a conversation she had with kev11 on BB blog) this should be a special birthday. With the loss of her Father and the company going out of business, I guess her “special day” is about the last thing on her mind.

    princess, if and when you read this, just know we are all thinking of you. To say you have had it tough the past couple months is a gross understatement. I look forward to better days for you.

    Maybe some of my more skilled blogmates can work their magic and insert e-cards into their blogs. That would be nice. If I knew how, I’d definitely do it… but in the end, I am just a guy who is lucky to be able to even get on this site.

    Good night princess, even a strong woman like you has their limits. I wish you the best.

  32. Well how about that Survivor… Dave and Monica sent packing!!! Sorry for you JT… but look on the bright side… now you can see her at Ponderosa all clean and made up in nice clothes!!!

    Well got to retire… Night all!

  33. Ted, I think you have me confused with AC. I think Monica is a very cute girl… needs to add some weight back on.. but still a cutie. AC is the one with all the Monica avatars however.

  34. Ted, I did send Phillip a picture ,he wanted one . JT, funny comment to Ted.I would imagine its pretty cold for you Ted as well, It certainly is in Chicago.Are second snowfall so far.Just got an email fro m Cynthia she still has trouble getting on the blog.

  35. Yeah, Ted gets a bit confused… but you’re right.. we still gotta love him.

    I was just playing around on that google chat thing at the bottom..

  36. She tried.. got too desperate though. Anybody (especially TGO) can see those tactics coming a mile away… someone always tries them though.

  37. I was nervous for Russell for a bit there too. I thought for a second that everybody got together and grew a collective brain… but I should have known better.

  38. Yeah she was annoyingly desperate… but Mick was getting suckered, lol!!

    You missed the washing her yellow panties shot? I was cracking up because I thought of you SSB guys immediately!!

  39. I did think it was funny when Jeff made his comment about Natalie trying to keep her clothes on during the competition.

  40. I absolutely love BB i watch after dark as intensly as the show…. I watch it on tivo while i am on puter my son thinks im nuts he’s like mom they are sleeping….

    I can’t stand when they eat on after dark… they sound like mad cows chomping!! Ugh!

  41. Oh yeah the comment on Natalie was kinda mean…. he shouldnt have called her out.. he didnt call Monica out for not being able to put 1 bag in during challenge

  42. It seems like they always schedule their eating right when BBAD hits the air! I know it is only 9pm there (11pm here), but still, isn’t that a bit late to be eating a whole meal?

  43. Monica was too skinny to get that bag up there. She would have had a better shot of tossing the bag and launching herself into the basket.

  44. I always record BBAD and usually watch about a half hour behind real time. Then I can skip the boring stuff and not have to wait til the next day to watch it.

  45. JT… the girls used to say that you liked Monica… yeah AC definitely does… Can you imagine putting one of the Survivors on as your avatar???

    Hi Liz… and Aggie if you are still around… late for you midwesterners! I don’t think the panties was such a big deal… she had her dress on… maybe I better go back and look again… Those were nice panties they gave her… yellow to match her dress. Wasn’t that something when Russell went off on everyone on Foa to find the traitor? That guy doesn’t screw around!

    Good job posting ‘funniest moments’ on the fb page Liz. That will be a good feature.

    Okay… now I am going to bed… see ya tomorow.

  46. Yeah right… BBAD should have eating restrictions… if you cant chew with your mouth shut… don’t eat… Im a B**CH I would have voted someone off based on the annoying noises they make!

    What do you think about this whole Jeff & Jordan Amazing Race thing next season?

    LMAO @ launching herself in basket!!!

  47. Oh, just read your comments above… So I assume they put up the ones voted off somewhere till the game is over? And after dark is the feed after the show.

  48. I just finished watching my first half season of AR. I will definitely watch J&J on there. I am not a big reality tv watcher (other than BB). But the people on this blog got me into Survivor and TAR.

    I do usually watch AI and AGT.

  49. The evicted go to a separate house. BBAD is 3 hours of watching the houseguests (that are still in the game) do whatever they do…. live.

  50. Agree with launching herself in basket… that statement may have to make it to fbSSB!(properly attributed of course)

    Yeah… we’ve heard all the girls oooing about this Jeff guy, who I think looks like a real jagoff. What’s your take JT?

  51. Well I am a Tivo King… so I’m game. I’ll have to go watch a show. What’s a good episode?

    Liz, I was busy working on fbSSB… what are we going to call it???

  52. Jeff is nothing special… he’s like Mick.. you can find him on any street corner in LA… and he’s an a** he actually told Jordan (very bad joke) on live T.V. he would wait to see if he’d continue their relationship depending on if she won the Money.

  53. I like American Idol too. Will be interesting to see what Ellen brings. I was getting a little tired of Paula.

  54. I liked the guy Ted. For me, I don’t like panzies that whine all the time. Jeff didn’t whine… he just went about his business and played his game.. not the game that CBS set up for him. I respected that. Some say he was a hothead.. I think he showed amazing restraint putting up with all the bs that went on in that house.

  55. Hmm… that may be… I only saw him in a couple clips… your description sounds like my kind of guy though…

  56. Is it just me or did Brett look really Cocky at Tribal tonight when he was looking at the Jury… and not individual immunity cocky, more like he really thinks he will go further in the game…. LOL, do they ever learn?

  57. Never watched DWTS and SYTYCD. I like AGT because they have dancers, singers, magicians, and everything you can imagine.

  58. I’m a pretty simple man Liz. I never even blogged about anything before August when I found the BB blog. I will resist, but I have noticed a big change in this blog lately. Everybody is on facebook or somewhere else.

  59. Facebook is good because you can control your own page… its less of a blog more of an interaction… also you can delete your comments anywhere on the site. You can delete others comments on your page. I have 10 Brothers and Sisters and many cousins back home in Uganda and I can chat with them almost daily without having to worry about a phone bill.

  60. That sounds like a pretty good deal for you. If I had a sisilar situation, I’d prolly be on there. Delete others comments huh? Now you’ve got my attention!! BBBlogger, do you think we can get that here? There’s been a few comments in the past 5 months that I would like to delete! :lol:

  61. LOL!

    Tonight when Russell put that idol around his neck I think he told Foa Foa he was going to do it. I think he was being Cocky towards Monica to show her she wasn’t in control… but I think he clued his tribe in so they wouldn’t turn on him either… he may not have told him he wasnt going to play it though.

  62. See? That kind of stuff was my point earlier. One show is not enough.. especially when it’s a double eviction. Competition… vote.. competition… vote… doesn’t leave a lot left of 43 minutes to show what happened.

  63. I totally agree… i would have loved to see more behind the scenes.. now next week another double eviction 2 survivor samoas back to back and the finale on Sunday right?

  64. That’s the way I understand it.. one more show next Thur.. then the final on Sun the 20th. 1 hr show + 1 hr reunion.

  65. That has been my feeling all season. This is the first season of Survivor that I have watched since season 1. I like it a lot. But I do wish they could show more of those little moments that become the basis for someone getting voted off. I guess CBS needs to give them another hour… til then, they do what they can.

  66. Very true! I thought it was really funny how worried everyone was about Shambo freaking out after they switched votes on her last week and voted John out… did you see tonight in the first 30 seconds of the show Russell had her beliving he did it all for her, LOL!!!!

  67. There are still 6 ppl left. If 2 go next Thursday… they still need to get rid of 2 more.. right? Can they get rid of 2 more and still have the final vote all in an hour? An old line about trying to stuff 10 lbs of $hit into a 5 lb bag comes to mind. I suppose they’ll make it work… they always do.

  68. Yeah i think they are trying to do this so quickly to keep up the Russell momentum, and hopefully get a peoples choice award (which would be nice) as well…. they are setting it up for next seasons Allstars!

  69. Did she completely believe that? Or was she playing along to not make waves? Or is just the fact that I am asking these questions giving her too much credit? Hmmm

  70. Galu didn’t sound right to me for some reason. It reminded me of the old pizza commercials….. when they accused other manufacturers of using glue in their cheese! …”Gaaaluuue!”

  71. LMAO…. I looked it up online and I see the G is usually pronounced NG so maybe Samoan Islander Slang is total silence of the G? Very interesting… Yeah it didn’t sound right to me either.

  72. Well Liz, it was great to finally get a chance to chat directly with you. I noticed you slipped in here while I was AWOL for 2 weeks. You’re a great addition to our blog family! I can’t wait til BB12 so I can show you (and Ted) that I do actually know what I am talking about at times! …LOL

    I better get some sleep.. glad I don’t have to work today! Goodnight Liz (and anybody else still reading).

  73. Hey everyone,

    Great episode last night…..should make for an exciting finish!

    I have removed a few of the new things…Google Friend Connect bar at the bottom of the screen and the Facebook fan page button. Seemed those things caused some issues so all is good now. (knock on wood)

    Keep me (or Sal) posted if there are any issues with the blog. I am trying to keep it happy and AWESOME!

    Peace, BBBlogger

  74. Thanks BBBlogger….I was having trouble but now seems all is
    back to normal.

    Great show last night. The two I wanted most to leave have
    now left. Russell putting that II around his neck was priceless.
    Something only Russell could do.

    Where is aggie and Phillip after dark showing? Sign me up!!!!

  75. Snakebit Sal December 10, 2009 at 12:21 pm
    Prediction : Dave & Monica leave tonight, Monica in a blindside vote!

  76. Frannie… “Aggie After Dark” is pay per view. “Phillip after Dark” is actually “Golden Girls” with the TV timer set for 1 hour.

  77. Wow it’s loud in here!!! Look who’s tooting his own horn… or should I say Tuba! You know I would never remind people if I had correctly predicted the outcome of not 1 but 2 Tribals.

  78. Some great late night chat going on w/ Liz and JT… couldn’t hang with them… you know how it is for us old people.

  79. Some good points from late last night…
    3:38a.m…. Liz ~ “I think he clued his tribe in so they wouldn’t turn on him either… he may not have told him he wasnt going to play it though.” I think you are right on with that. I think they all knew in advance. I also think they have known he has had it for sometime. He is a show off, and it reinforces his control.

  80. From JT comes… 3:42a.m. “One show is not enough.. especially when it’s a double eviction. Competition… vote.. competition… vote… doesn’t leave a lot left of 43 minutes to show what happened.” 3:55a.m. “I like it a lot. But I do wish they could show more of those little moments that become the basis for someone getting voted off. I guess CBS needs to give them another hour… ”

    I agree. The private moments between Survivors are the best with the interviews next.

    Last night, while a great show, was a little dissatisfying by trying to cram in 2 Tribals in 1 hour. I do applaud the producers for changing the format from time to time… it’s never stale.

    More than once a week would have worked about 16 shows ago… there’s just not the numbers now. I don’t know what the ratings are for BB, but maybe that’s why they only do it in summer and only once a year. Certainly another hour of Survivor would be better than some of the crap CBS puts on.

  81. I thought they all might vote Russell and he wouldn’t use the HII!!! Great show… and again TGO triumphs!!! He does have the tribe under control… I have to watch it again!

    Didn’t Laura look great at the TCs? Can’t wait to see Dave at Ponderosa!!! Will be looking forward to some good quotes… but, I think he will be very philosophical about his ouster.

    I see I have been drafted to prop up Sal and Liz on the fb page… should be fun and I know we will make it interesting for those here who are on facebook and join us and the other Survivor Lovers. I saw that Sal put ‘most’ of the contestants photos on, and I think Liz has done something fun, but I haven’t been able to check since I didn’t get home until after Survivor started back East and didn’t want to log on.

  82. I don’t know about Laura “looking great” but Monica is way prettier than I thought.

    Yeah Ted we gotta promote that page we need more members. I added Monica’s Ponderosa on it early this morning

  83. Frannie… Thanks for you pic too. You have lovely Italian features with olive skin and sensuous brown eyes… No pics to Ted though and that applies to you too Aggie.

  84. The big question that continues to linger for me is whether Russell is really all that brilliant at playing the game or whether he has simply been cast along with the dumbest, most naive group of tribe mates ever to appear on Survivor.

  85. Phillip… do not believe you about the photos… but I guess you did yank my chain enough to comment! hahahhaa

    Agree about Foa tribemates… looking that way more every week… I was giving them too much credit I think. Agree for sure he clued them in about the idol… but I think he told them he was definitely going to play it.

  86. Let’s see… Next Thursday 1 voted out… Sunday 1 voted out first hour and a threeway for Final Tribal Council.

    I am surprised they haven’t had a family reunion challenge… guess those budget cuts are getting to Survivor!

  87. Speaking of the family thing… I have never figured out why being away from family can reduce these people to such tears after only three weeks… and in some cases two. Suck it up and play the game! I would be delighted to leave home behind for a month.

  88. I would be delighted to leave home behind for a month.

    Ted… The citizens of Friday Harbor would like that even more than you, I’ll bet.

    Hey, I’d be happy to forward on to you the pics Aggie and Frannie sent to me, but they gave me strict instructions that they did not want you to have them under any circumstances. Something about stalking I think, but I’m not exctly sure.

  89. HAHAHAHAHAHA… I knew it! Still don’t believe you.. I don’t think either you or Aggie know how to send photos! What did you think of last night Fran?

    Liz… but I do like to see them cry. Of course one of the greatest Survivor Moments came when Jonny Fairplay’s buddy came to visit!

  90. FRANNIE… you are in MO not Vegas… you don’t have to keep it in the MidWest! Do not ever listen to someone from the South, especially when they are spawned by The Great Salt Lake!

  91. Ted… If Frannie and Aggie aren’t going to fbSSB, I’m not either. We stick together and share our photos freely as you already know but refuse to accept as fact. Even Frannie and Aggie told you so.

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