161 thoughts on “It’s Thursday, time for FlashForward, ummmm Survivor?”

  1. Love the hottest survivors list..of course James is on it he can dig my grave anytime. Missing from that list is Brendan from last season.

  2. The women included in ‘Survivor’: 30 hottest castaways are OK and worthy of a second look, BUT if and when Laura from BB11 is a castaway on any island anywhere I will have a Yacht anchored just off shore with spy glasses always within reach so as not to miss a thing and a dinghy ready to go at a moments notice for her use only. :grin:

  3. fp2… Only my wife is hotter than BB11 Laura even now in her early 40’s but strange will always be strange and Laura if some very fine strange.

  4. I’ve been busy today too. I guess it’s because we were
    closed yesterday and now everyone is coming in today.
    I didn’t feel like working today.

  5. Wow, PK I think I have to agree with Frannie that you’re a dirty old man but props to you for getting a hottie/baby for a wife!!!

  6. Holley… Actually, I’m best described as a handsomely aging gentleman who got real lucky (after many, many years of getting lucky over and over again) for the last time I swear when I married my Southern Belle, Rebecca.

  7. i did, i did, same as on the Heinz bottle, which is the name for the Steelers Stadium ….. Heinz Field

  8. Captain Morgan may have pulled off the quietest and shortest-lived advertising ambush in sports history last Sunday. One that was almost universally unknown, barely noticed, and yet, promptly squashed by the NFL this week.

    Like the other 21.9 million viewers watching the Dallas Cowboys face the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday night, you probably missed it. But the brand name known for spiced rum achieved the rare feat of sneaking an advertising fastball by the NFL – in the middle of a nationally televised game, no less. During the third quarter of Dallas’ 20-16 win, Eagles tight end Brent Celek(notes) caught an 11-yard touchdown pass from Donovan McNabb(notes), then appeared to purposefully back up and align himself in front of television cameras. Putting his hands on his hips, Celek raised his right leg, mimicking a pose similar to the pirate on Captain Morgan’s label.

  9. I love “Sugar”. Always the classiest and cutest. And when she’d talk about her dady….
    anyway….survivor night..when i jump on my rebounder, watch the show and yell at the tv.

  10. looking forward to survivor, It could be Teds man crush tonight, I hope the others can still make it interesting ,because if toothless isnt gone tonight its only a matter of time.

  11. aggie,,, I inherited my horndog gene from my Viking ancestors who learned early on that only one thing beats plundering.

  12. Howdy everyone…..
    Survivor….Flashforward…..football…what to watch.
    Ok so I’ll watch SS, tape Flasforward, since I didn’t see last
    weeks yet, ad go to football during commercials to check
    on scores. I’m so busy….with TV that is.

  13. FRANNIE, I have never seen flashforward ,but i do like joseph fiennes, i think hes a good actor ,he has the same intensity his brother Ralph Fiennes has.

  14. Thanks for the ‘Hottest’ list SAL… except whose bright idea was it to include guys??? Missing was probably the hottest of all … CORINNE KAPLAN!!!

  15. I am enjoying Survivor more and more. Y’all were right (as usual), it get’s more interesting each week.

  16. Ted….why can’t us women have something good to look
    at too? Thanks AC. Didn’t your mother teach you to share?

  17. Does anyone know the score of the Bears-49ers game?
    Darn thing is not on TV. What’s the use of having a
    Thursday game if they don’t televise it?

  18. No spoilers….Does that mean I have to be quiet?
    I can’t shut my mouth for more than a minute.
    Diahrea of the mouth…. :lol:

  19. fp2 it is televised. NFL Network channel 212 if you have DirecTV if you’re on cable some have it, some don’t. Score is 7-0 San Fran with :37 left in the first half.

  20. never got a “posting too quick” note on webtv…. I have gotten a lot of “where the hell did JT go?” comments though! :lol:

  21. Boring football game….not much happening here…
    I’m tired of playing Hearts & Freecell… so I think
    I’ll go watch some news. Night all. :wink:

  22. Heeeeeey everyone—-I won’t say it out loud but DAAAAAAAAAAAMN what a show. West Coast get ready to be blown away. LMFAO It just gets better every week now.

    Anyway—BBL—gotta go check my e-mail. :mrgreen: May even watch SS again just for kicks. ROTFLMAO

  23. Ok now that the show is over on the West Coast also–I HAVE to say it—even though I don’t like his attitude—RUSSELL IS THE SHOW this year!!! He is the best player ever—well maybe not EVER—but you know what I mean. :lol: The only thing that really disgusted me about him was how he used “being a Katrina victim” as a lie. That is some messed up stuff you just DO NOT do. But the “dumb blonde” thing was pretty much true cause they let themselves be manipulated by him. And the rest is just true game play. He’s playing like a pro!!! LMAO@myself for hating on him earlier in the game!!! STIL don’t love him—but you gotta love his game!!! Goooooooooo Russell!!!

  24. OH wait—& Laura says, “He’s just stirred up a lot of hell”—-woman please—this ma was BORN in hell. hahahahahahahahaha

  25. Oh no—one more—did yo see on the previews where they are following Russell around & RUNNING after him in the woods?? LMFAO This will NOT stop this man. TOO F&king FUNNYYYYYYYYYY!!! LMAO
    OK for real—now I’m going. BBL!!!

  26. YES!!!! Russell’s the Man!!! Great episode. Now that was a blindside! And another idol goes in next week, so the have to follow Russell around now! Well, he better find it or win immunity next week. Now it is 5-5 if Shambo joins Foa, so just one of the Foa has to win immunity. Sorry girls… looks like Russell is here to stay!

    FRANNIE… I was just kidding about the hot list… I know you girls only watch Survivor to ogle the men’s bodies.

  27. Oh CYNTHIA… I see you have joined the ranks. I know FRANNIE likes him and AGGIE will be coming around soon. And all the West Coast girls love Russell.

  28. Is Shambo really that dimwited or is she just playing it that way. The puzzle was a kids game. She kept picking up that extra piece from the bag that didn’t fit anywhere and trying to use it. DUHHH

  29. I guess it’s safe to expand on my thoughts now. I agree with Cyn (and you too AC & Ted). I couldn’t say anything earlier…. but that RUSSELL is the sh#t!! His comments towards women and the Katrina story were uncalled for, but within the context of actual gameplay, I have to root for the guy. I didn’t hate him at the start.. didn’t like him much either. I thought he was just trying to be outrages to get his 15 minutes. He has more than proved himself in the game. Cyn, the “Survivors formerly known as Galu” chasing him around in the woods was too much. Those are the kind of players that I root against. (kind of like the ones on BB that sneak around and whisper and try to listen in on everyone). That preview for SS looked like a scene from Lord Of The Flies. Russell really got into their heads if they need to chase him through the woods. Reminded me of Gnat chasing Jeff around when he found the Pandora’s Box key! :lol: The show just keeps getting better.. and now, for the first time this season, I wish it was next Thursday already! If Russell gets knocked out next week, it’ll be a big letdown for me. I don’t think he can last much longer, but hope to hell he stays around for a while. Thanks to all of you for dragging me into Survivor this season…. I just may become a regular. :cool:

  30. With Russell still in this game, anything and everything can still happen. He is playing with a bunch of pansies. There is no one in this game that has their heart in it likr he does, his power to deduce where the idols are has been simply amazing and his will to survive is strong. Did you see the look on the Galu members when Russell played the idol. And, who was watching how much Eric was enjoying the tribal council? And like JT said, is it Thursday yet?

  31. My favorite funny shit from that show came this wek when his “dad” the ghost said “Dexter, he’s been killing innocent people all his life & now he can’t kill Bambi?? And THIS is your new role model—oh dexter!!!” I laughed so hard I almost died. Maybe my sense of humor is waaaaaaaaay off but that was a riot.

  32. AC, I never said Mick was my favorite player, He is just good too look at along with a few others on there. It figures Laura got immunity The girls lucky I will give her props for that, im not sure they will get rid of her.

  33. As far as Teds Man Crush Russell ,Hes got to be the Luckiest Bastard ever on survivor ,the look on the galu peoples faces was truly priceless, if Russell can manage to stay in the game, then he will be the greatest player ever. It looks kind of funny next week, it looks like the Galu people are Russells shadow, if he can manage to still get the immunity Idol that will be quite a feat.

  34. Russell and Shambo sitting
    In the grass
    Troll shows his idol
    Hidden in his pants
    Business in the front
    and party in the back
    I sure hope there’s no showmance

  35. Come on aggie….you have to love what Russell has brought to the show. That dude is ridiculous. I was not a fan before
    but now I have to go with Russell. Another blindsided vote
    off. You gotta love it. :lol:

  36. tendr…nothing wrong with a little showmance to make
    things interesting, but they won’t show us all the details…
    Dang regular TV.

  37. Good morning! 53 degrees in the Twin Cities…. WOW!, I got Frannie beat by almost 20! I’ll take temps in the 50s any day in November!

  38. Cyn, I did watch Dexter. Like you, I wouldn’t miss it. If your sense of humor is “waaaaaaaaay off”, then I’m right there with ya sister! James Remar was hilarious!…. “can’t even kill Bambi” :lol: :lol: I’ve never been a big John Lithgow fan. He has played the “creep” way to well, way too many times. Something strikes me as odd about that guy. But what the hell do I know? Maybe he’s just a really good “actor”…. Kill him Dexter!.. he’s a psycho!

  39. Time for breakfast…. y’all try to keep aggie in line today. (I guess it is funnier when she gets a bit out of control though) :roll:

  40. Ok, I guess I’ve put it off as long as I can… time to go play bumper cars. Ted, thanks for considering me a regular… a regular what, I’m not sure. :lol: I’ll be a regular Survivor watcher… instead of skipping 17 seasons of it. You never did answer the question about joining us when BB12 starts. I know you’re not a fan, but it’s like crack (feel free to add jokes here). You’ll get hooked on it in no time! I guess you have a while to consider it…. is it July yet?!!

    Have a nice day everybody… :mrgreen:

  41. Sal….did you hear this?

    This week, via his Twitter account, Ocho said he has something to send the Steelers secondary. “I got a nice present for the Steelers—sending them some mustard since they’ll never ketchup when we play Sunday

    Cocky ass… The Steelers are going to kick some Bengal

  42. Oh yea….waiting for the next blog. How can I ever be
    first if the blog comes up later? I have work I need to get
    finished before I can play.

    Catch ya’ll later.

  43. Russell’s biggest fan is in the house.Thats right he is the mothertucking man. How can you not respect his gameplay..he singlehandedly turn the game.

    Nice to see my man Erik enjoying tribal council at the expense of the Galu idiots. After they killed Erik last week they deserve everything that happened last night.

    @Ted Strutz, you are right it seems like Russ will be there for a long time..at least I hope so because he is Survivor Samoa.

  44. JT,the best Psycho Was Christian Bail in American Psycho, Loved that movie he was real scary to watch. I saw the first Season of Dexter Michael C. Hall is really good in it I dont know why I havent seen it this season. True Blood is my favorite show now, this season probably the weirdest season.

  45. FRANNIE, I gave Russell his Props, I always said he was good for the show, and i like how he is friends with Shambo ,Those two have an odd friendship.It looked Like Erik was pissed when his former galus were dissing him, it was funny how Erik got all excited when Russell had the idol, Those people were stunned by the whole thing, They will be following him everywhere now.

  46. Am I surprised that Russell H found the second idol? Nope! Where else would a troll look but under a bridge? Next week looks like the Survivor Samoa version of “It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World.”

    Even I must admit that toothless and ruthless is proving he can rumble in the jungle far better than any of the others. And PLEASE never put me in the same operating room with Dr. Mick. Hey Mick, the heart is up here and there are two kidneys and just one liver that all fit nicely in the abdomen in a particular order.

  47. Speaking of James Remar, I really liked him when he was on sex and the city. I have seen in alot of movies playing good guys and bad guys.a more notorious role was cruising with Al pacino, its interesting to see how much hes changed, in that movie he was an effeminate gay man he looked almost unrecognizable.

  48. OH Phillip, your gonna pick on my Man Crush DR. Mick, is anice guy, Not great at the show put his purpose was probably basically to look good.He accomplished that very well.

  49. Aggie… The Honorable Judge Mr. Learned Hand from The Southern District of New York and 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals has been dead for many years and as I recall, the cause of death was not whiplash. :grin:

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